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Oh, my lover, I need you to fuck me so bad I need you to give me all of you I miss you so much. My sweet darling if you could be here right now you would make me more than happy I would be ecstatic. I wish you could see how much I really need you I wish you knew how much you really mean to me baby I need your love in my life all of the time. If you knew that I was your true love would you always be here by my side I’m so in love with you and everything you say and do? You’re the only man like yourself there is no other in this world you mean so much to me and, I just want you to know. You will be my special lover I want to lay in the sun with you we can go anywhere and do anything as long as I’m with you I’m satisfied. I love you more than you will ever understand you bring joy and peace to my heart. All the other guy they are so fucking torn apart and distracted they call me names while you lift me up. The other guys they break me down they tell me apart but you-you put me back together You Are My Sunshine in Stormy Weather. I just want you to know for the record I know how important you are you’re everything to me and you make me feel like a star. I know that sometimes I’m over the top but believe me you are my prince you’re my knight in shining armor I want to be the princess you say I love you more I want you to know you don’t go unappreciated I love you so much I truly love you so much. You know who you are this letter is for you I want you to feel it straight from my heart you are so important I always love talking to you.

Primed up and Ready to Go

Babysitter Phone Sex


I know that I owe you money and I couldn’t pay, but now I’ve got a bigger plan to pay you off today. I can give you a good time if you give me what I need and that’s free rent. I can share something no other girl is willing to share with you. I promise you will be happy with the gift I’ve got for you. Do you like young fresh virgin pussy? You can answer my question I don’t have any judgments and I don’t have any taboos we can do whatever you’re dreaming of doing. I’ve got some little ones who are all primed up and ready to go they’re going to satisfy your every desire. I think that’ll do you understand what’s on my mind and if you do then maybe you will give me what I need and that’s cash. If you give me some money and also give me free rent, you won’t forget the good time that you’re going to get in return. You can teach my little ones how to be slutty nasty sexy and good in bed I will let you and I will guarantee that you get off. Don’t Be Afraid everyone here can keep a secret. I know you’re a, businessman but you need to be a pleasure Man Too. Is your dick getting hard from the thought of my hot little ones? Would you like some pretty pink pussy today? Touch your cock is it ready to get out of control? Those are the questions that I want you to think about. I’ve got you I can please you I know I can when I get done with you-you’re going to give me whatever I want. I’m waiting just said up the date, and we can do the most profound things that you’ll ever fantasize about.

I want to get Nasty

Anal Phone Sex

My kitty is very hot, and it is pretty too. I can’t wait to fuck like a fucking slut. I’ve been horny all day long, and I cannot wait for some cock. Will you please fuck me now and give me your big fat dick I needed more than anything. I am such a slit my mother knows my father knows my whole family knows and guess what, they taught me how to be as slutty as I am. Bitches like me can’t wait to get real nasty we do everything including eating your ass, I love the taste of a nice asshole my tongue goes deep inside and licks all night long. Let me be your ass licking slut I love when my tongue is in your butt. I am the one you want, and you know it so don’t deny yourself anymore. I am a whore I am a cunt, and I am always horny I am so hot my pussy is wild just like a beast in the forest. Take me and fuck me on a tree I love that treatment more than anything. I can take dick all night long I’m right not wrong. I want it strong so give it to me now. I’m waiting on you I want your cock your thick solid cock in my asshole. I can toss your salad, and then I’ll let you give me a rim job too, and you don’t have to pay me because I do it all the time for free. I’m a nasty fucking whore try me out have some fun I’m sure you will. My pussy is hot wet and ready to go I will fuck hard more than any other whore. Call me now pick me up we can do some sexy role-play the best you’ve ever had in your life. I aim to please I know how to make your cock cream everywhere.

Fuck Big Daddy For The Rent


Cum Slut Phone Sex

I’ve got to earn the rent this month, so that means that have got to give big daddy a blowjob. I call my rent man Big Daddy it’s what he likes. Big Daddy gets turned on when he comes to my house, and I’m waiting in a negligee with a cunt bunnie look. I need to fuck you right so that you can let me go on the rent for this month because I don’t have enough money Big Daddy. I want to suck some dick for my mother fucking rent and let him eat my ass out before he shoves his big dick inside of it. I am a little fucking cunt whore I’m a cum dumpster I like to fuck hard it’s my way babe. I have got to fuck my rent man hard for that fucking rent money I’ve got to give him exactly what he wants. I am ready to suck his cock when he eats my cunt, and I’ll let him suck my asshole hard. I’m even willing to do more in fact whatever he wants he can have. I am a nasty fucking whore who’s ready to get wild.

Free For All

Phone sex fetish

You want to cum inside of me you want to fuck my ass hole. I want you to fuck my asshole I want you to drill me. I want your cock deep inside of my asshole fucking me like a very horny lover over and over again. I want you to give me your big fat cum-filled cock. I love for you to have me in every position, you always have a rock hard cock that I love. All I can think about is your bone hard cock and want you to force it inside of my slippery wet cunt. I just want to keep begging you to please me. I want you to cum inside of my hot wet pussy so bad. I want you to keep cuming inside of my delicious cum dumpster pussy over and over again. I need your hard cock, give me the best fucking cunt creamer feeling ever. You are the only cock that is in head right now. Lover, fuck my pussy and fuck my asshole for me. I want you to put me on my back and dominate me. I want you to put my legs up in the air and fuck me harder than ever. I need you to force your dick inside of me and make me feel it, show me just how strong you are. Don’t you want to have your way with me? Don’t you want to have your rape fantasies handled with me? If you want to take my pussy you can. I will let you suck my hot cunt however you want to suck my delicious hot cunt. I want you to suck my pussy so good for me. I desire for you to fuck my slutty honey pot, suck my candy spot, eat it lick it show me everything. Only whores like me taste as good as I do, my candy cunt tastes better than sweets babe. My pussy tastes just like ice cream with apple pie, and if you want to have fun, I will let you do whatever you want. I will never say no to you I will always say yes. I need you to fuck me; I am yearning for you to fuck my pussy with your cock and tongue. I don’t know if you could handle me though babe, but I sure want to handle you. I will do anything for you to lay me, I want you to shove your big fat cock deep inside of my mouth. I want to suck your cock and have those balls of yours pleased, let me play with them you know that I love it. I want to be your nasty fucking freak you can do whatever you want to me there are no rules. I’m going to make you love me, babe, because I already love you.

An Innocent Slut


2 Girl Phone Sex

I want a hot pussy slut to fuck all night long with my strap-on. So I was invited to a party where the guys get really fucking unhinged I had to bring somebody though someone special an innocent. My innocent was my little sister still a virgin with a pretty little bald pussy she was going to be the belle of the fucking ball. My little sister is a boiling cunt slut she just doesn’t know it yet, but after tonight she’s going to remember it forever. Yes I need to be controlled but lucky for me and the guys at the party I’m not getting controlled anytime soon I’m going to be out of control instead, and I like it. Bitches don’t know the half of my creativity I do it all. My sister, she’s so cute with her unassuming attitude and her very trustworthy ignorance it’s so appealing to the guys that I know. My innocent little sister the fruit that doesn’t know she’s a freak yet all the guys go crazy over those type of bitches. I cannot wait to get my sister on the menu in the beds of some of the wealthiest perverts known to man. I am a hot freaky slutty bitch who just can’t help myself but love situations of horniness and satisfaction for myself at the expense of others. My little sister is perfect she’s a virgin she’s never been touched by one cock in her life that means she’s really tasty. Hot whores like myself we know what to do we always know what to do. Are you important? Do you want to come to this party? Would you like to see your cock going in and out of a little tight bald wet cunt over and over again until you spray your juices all inside of that wet pussy? I have got the best treat she’s a little really little the kind of P-loving little that guys like you adore. I want you to wake up all of your demented nasty vile, perverted activities going on in your head I want you to wake them up and let them loose. I can’t wait to videotape you having that pussy.

True Confessions from Vegas


Fetish Phone Sex

Strange things happen in Vegas, and usually, it stays there, but today I think I’m going to tell you a story. This story is right out of the pages of the beautiful erotica that happens in late night bars on the Vegas Strip. I took a trip as a teen to Vegas with a very influential older man will call him Mr. Wells. Mr. Wells set up pretty little virgin pussy teens with other influential wealthy older guys for nights of no taboo allowed sexcapades. In other words, if they have the money, they could do with us whatever they wanted. There was this one guy Mr. Cook is what we’ll call him, and he was vital in Vegas he owned several nightclubs. Mr. Cook had a fetish for cuckolding he also liked to watch the whole thing in one of his many bars. My job what’s the sit at the bar while he slipped away for a moment. When he was gone three guys were to approach me, and I was to flirt with them one guy was to put something extra in my drink that made me happy. I was too then allow them to make me the center of attention. One guy sticks his tongue down my throat while pulling my dress up and ripping my red lace panties off and shoving his big fat dick inside of my wet throbbing pussy. As that one guy is pouring his monster 10-inch cock inside of my wet soaking dripping pussy another guy walks up to my back and starts to shove his cock inside my gaping asshole after raising my dress. He starts sucking my neck from the back as the other man is pushing his tongue down my throat another man comes he stands on the bar he takes my face away and shoves his cock deep inside my mouth choking with his colossal fat cockrod. I’m taking everything and loving it as the client is watching from a table afar, jacking his cock creaming over and over. That’s one story straight out of Clarke County from me about that guy I call Mr. Cook, and Mr. Cook is still an outstanding client.

Fantasy Phone Sex


I Beg Him for Cock


Cum Slut Phone Sex

Punish me with your big substantial, beautiful white cock I need it for real and so bad my love. I am so hot right now my pussy is on fire all I can think about is your body next to mine taking me over and controlling me. I love your hard solid cock bone inside of me, we can do anything you want anything at all that you desire is what you can have with me. I want to suck your cum dripping cock all the way to the balls anything and everything for you, I worship you. I wish you, my sexy daddy, all the time, and I’ve been needing you all day long now I want you to give me your body and I’m begging, please. I only want to ask you for your firm, solid cum-filled cock, I only want you to suck the cream from your delicious cock monster and stroke your cock inside of my juicy creamy wet pussy. I have been thinking about you all day and night, and I can’t stop. I know that your wife is going to be angry at us, but I don’t care about that ungrateful bitch. I love working for you; I love being your maid, but I love sleeping with you and being your lover even more. I know that you’re ugly wife doesn’t want me around she says that I do a shitty job. Your wife only talks about me because she’s jealous of our love. I hate your wife because she gets to sleep in your bed with you at night and touch your body, when I know that you love me more. I know that you want my body more because I’m sexy all the time for you and I put on sexy negligees for you. I know that you want me more than you want her and I love you.

Mr. Touchy Feely

Black Girl Phone sex


He’s always at the park looking at little girls walk by, I called him Mister touchy-feely. Mister touchy-feely dreams about fucking little girls, he dreams about putting them in his car driving off with him taking them to a secluded place and touching them fondling them making them feel as nasty as he is that is what he says. I’ve got a secret from Mr. Touchy-feely it’s going to satisfy all of your dirty thoughts one day you’re going to know that I’m nasty and I’m always ready to go. Mr. Touchy feely needs a special little girl a little girl that won’t cry a little girl that won’t run that’s me. I love my Mr. Touchy Feely I get really raunchy whenever I think about being bad. I can’t wait to let you defile me I want to be fondled by you and touched in a very pea rock way if you know what I mean. Let’s get rated XXX let’s do all of the nasty things that you’ve been yearning wanting and needing to do for so very long. Don’t hold back with me, Mr. Touchy-feely don’t hold back at all give me all you’ve got. I want you to bend my soft puckered ass over and stuff your fingers inside and move them around until I feel all creamy inside. I won’t tell anyone it will be our little secret and I will love every moment of it. Come on don’t be afraid come on come into me. I want you to blow your big fat load all inside of my little girl pussy, please.

Sister Freaks


Black Girl Phone sex

My sister and I we love to get kinky we can’t help being nasty freaks. Our pussies are so wet and gushy we prefer to be fucked by the same guys. Can you come over tonight we’ve got a surprise for you we’re going to treat you right I can’t wait for you to show up we will be naked ready to fuck? My body wants you I want you right now why don’t you do what you need to and come on around don’t you want to fuck us don’t you want to make us feel free. I hope you come over my sister misses you I miss you too we’re both in love you know we can’t help ourselves. We like to call you Chief we like to call you Mr. President because you’re just so good at blowing our pussy boxes up. Mr. President we will vote for you put your card inside of our boxes right now, you’re the chief you rule it all you do everything amazing, please give us your fucking sexy body. You’ve always been important to us, and we will keep your secrets we don’t care what anyone else thinks of you we know you like to get real kinky, a little pee has never hurt anybody that’s what me and my sister say all the time. Your wife has no idea that you really like us we smile in her face but we hater she’s so lucky, and we know it.

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