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An Innocent Slut


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I want a hot pussy slut to fuck all night long with my strap-on. So I was invited to a party where the guys get really fucking unhinged I had to bring somebody though someone special an innocent. My innocent was my little sister still a virgin with a pretty little bald pussy she was going to be the belle of the fucking ball. My little sister is a boiling cunt slut she just doesn’t know it yet, but after tonight she’s going to remember it forever. Yes I need to be controlled but lucky for me and the guys at the party I’m not getting controlled anytime soon I’m going to be out of control instead, and I like it. Bitches don’t know the half of my creativity I do it all. My sister, she’s so cute with her unassuming attitude and her very trustworthy ignorance it’s so appealing to the guys that I know. My innocent little sister the fruit that doesn’t know she’s a freak yet all the guys go crazy over those type of bitches. I cannot wait to get my sister on the menu in the beds of some of the wealthiest perverts known to man. I am a hot freaky slutty bitch who just can’t help myself but love situations of horniness and satisfaction for myself at the expense of others. My little sister is perfect she’s a virgin she’s never been touched by one cock in her life that means she’s really tasty. Hot whores like myself we know what to do we always know what to do. Are you important? Do you want to come to this party? Would you like to see your cock going in and out of a little tight bald wet cunt over and over again until you spray your juices all inside of that wet pussy? I have got the best treat she’s a little really little the kind of P-loving little that guys like you adore. I want you to wake up all of your demented nasty vile, perverted activities going on in your head I want you to wake them up and let them loose. I can’t wait to videotape you having that pussy.

True Confessions from Vegas


Fetish Phone Sex

Strange things happen in Vegas, and usually, it stays there, but today I think I’m going to tell you a story. This story is right out of the pages of the beautiful erotica that happens in late night bars on the Vegas Strip. I took a trip as a teen to Vegas with a very influential older man will call him Mr. Wells. Mr. Wells set up pretty little virgin pussy teens with other influential wealthy older guys for nights of no taboo allowed sexcapades. In other words, if they have the money, they could do with us whatever they wanted. There was this one guy Mr. Cook is what we’ll call him, and he was vital in Vegas he owned several nightclubs. Mr. Cook had a fetish for cuckolding he also liked to watch the whole thing in one of his many bars. My job what’s the sit at the bar while he slipped away for a moment. When he was gone three guys were to approach me, and I was to flirt with them one guy was to put something extra in my drink that made me happy. I was too then allow them to make me the center of attention. One guy sticks his tongue down my throat while pulling my dress up and ripping my red lace panties off and shoving his big fat dick inside of my wet throbbing pussy. As that one guy is pouring his monster 10-inch cock inside of my wet soaking dripping pussy another guy walks up to my back and starts to shove his cock inside my gaping asshole after raising my dress. He starts sucking my neck from the back as the other man is pushing his tongue down my throat another man comes he stands on the bar he takes my face away and shoves his cock deep inside my mouth choking with his colossal fat cockrod. I’m taking everything and loving it as the client is watching from a table afar, jacking his cock creaming over and over. That’s one story straight out of Clarke County from me about that guy I call Mr. Cook, and Mr. Cook is still an outstanding client.

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I Beg Him for Cock


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Punish me with your big substantial, beautiful white cock I need it for real and so bad my love. I am so hot right now my pussy is on fire all I can think about is your body next to mine taking me over and controlling me. I love your hard solid cock bone inside of me, we can do anything you want anything at all that you desire is what you can have with me. I want to suck your cum dripping cock all the way to the balls anything and everything for you, I worship you. I wish you, my sexy daddy, all the time, and I’ve been needing you all day long now I want you to give me your body and I’m begging, please. I only want to ask you for your firm, solid cum-filled cock, I only want you to suck the cream from your delicious cock monster and stroke your cock inside of my juicy creamy wet pussy. I have been thinking about you all day and night, and I can’t stop. I know that your wife is going to be angry at us, but I don’t care about that ungrateful bitch. I love working for you; I love being your maid, but I love sleeping with you and being your lover even more. I know that you’re ugly wife doesn’t want me around she says that I do a shitty job. Your wife only talks about me because she’s jealous of our love. I hate your wife because she gets to sleep in your bed with you at night and touch your body, when I know that you love me more. I know that you want my body more because I’m sexy all the time for you and I put on sexy negligees for you. I know that you want me more than you want her and I love you.

Mr. Touchy Feely

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He’s always at the park looking at little girls walk by, I called him Mister touchy-feely. Mister touchy-feely dreams about fucking little girls, he dreams about putting them in his car driving off with him taking them to a secluded place and touching them fondling them making them feel as nasty as he is that is what he says. I’ve got a secret from Mr. Touchy-feely it’s going to satisfy all of your dirty thoughts one day you’re going to know that I’m nasty and I’m always ready to go. Mr. Touchy feely needs a special little girl a little girl that won’t cry a little girl that won’t run that’s me. I love my Mr. Touchy Feely I get really raunchy whenever I think about being bad. I can’t wait to let you defile me I want to be fondled by you and touched in a very pea rock way if you know what I mean. Let’s get rated XXX let’s do all of the nasty things that you’ve been yearning wanting and needing to do for so very long. Don’t hold back with me, Mr. Touchy-feely don’t hold back at all give me all you’ve got. I want you to bend my soft puckered ass over and stuff your fingers inside and move them around until I feel all creamy inside. I won’t tell anyone it will be our little secret and I will love every moment of it. Come on don’t be afraid come on come into me. I want you to blow your big fat load all inside of my little girl pussy, please.

Sister Freaks


Black Girl Phone sex

My sister and I we love to get kinky we can’t help being nasty freaks. Our pussies are so wet and gushy we prefer to be fucked by the same guys. Can you come over tonight we’ve got a surprise for you we’re going to treat you right I can’t wait for you to show up we will be naked ready to fuck? My body wants you I want you right now why don’t you do what you need to and come on around don’t you want to fuck us don’t you want to make us feel free. I hope you come over my sister misses you I miss you too we’re both in love you know we can’t help ourselves. We like to call you Chief we like to call you Mr. President because you’re just so good at blowing our pussy boxes up. Mr. President we will vote for you put your card inside of our boxes right now, you’re the chief you rule it all you do everything amazing, please give us your fucking sexy body. You’ve always been important to us, and we will keep your secrets we don’t care what anyone else thinks of you we know you like to get real kinky, a little pee has never hurt anybody that’s what me and my sister say all the time. Your wife has no idea that you really like us we smile in her face but we hater she’s so lucky, and we know it.

Cuck and Stuff

Cuckolding Phone Sex


He wants me he thinks I’m unique no games and he is after every part of me he wants you to fall though. This game you love so much fuck and brag is for losers and dammit he doesn’t like playing games. My lover has no shame he’s brilliant big and beautiful in every way. I can’t get satisfaction when I’m with you, Reginald. Bradley, you’ll be everything I could ever need my husband he doesn’t know that you were my fantasy before you became my reality. I dreamt about this man all the time. He penetrated my soul, and he fucks me so passionately. I couldn’t wait for him to see just how amazing he was making me feel, so I brought him home last night. Reginald, you cannot please me not like he can you can’t give me what I get with him not even if you tried. I don’t want your dirty fucking hands touching me the only thing I can see myself doing is letting you devour my pussy. The only thing I can see you doing is cleaning up my lover’s cock juice out of my wet cum-filled cunt. I know you are my husband and I get mad every time I think of it because you and your two-inch cock doesn’t deserve a woman like me I don’t care how much money you spend. I am going to make you watch a real man fuck me into submission like you have not ever seen for yourself by your doing. I hope that he makes you cry I hope that when you truly understand how I can feel good like a woman but it will make you drown in your tears. You’re going to watch him mount my tasty sexy tight ass, you’re going to see him put his massive cock inside of my tight wet pussy. I want you to look at my lover fill me with his cum penetrate me deeply and enjoy my tight pussy. And the most ironic part of it all is that my pussy is so tight because your cock is so fucking small. Bradley it’s getting to enjoy a pussy that you whenever be able to enjoy it again. Remember you’re just a cleanup boy now.



Fat Cat Brina

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Big fat bitches like to fuck, and I’m going to tell you a story about the girl who walked up to my boyfriend and said, “I’m going to get you, Craig and I’m going to take that cock from you and you better not say no to me.” I went to visit my cousin Jamie and her big fat sister Brina, unfortunately, I went with my boyfriend, and Brina is a horny fat bitch who takes cock from the guys that she wants. Brina has big fat triple D tits, and she has a big fat wide open pussy. When Brina saw my boyfriend she got hungry and it looked like she was going to lose her mind. Brina started licking her lips looking all hungry like she wanted to take my man and eat his cock Raw. Brina is a fucking whore and she threatened me she told me that she was going to beat my fucking ass if I didn’t let her fuck my boyfriend. I weighed my options I looked at Brina I saw how big she was and I said beautiful bitch have at him you can fuck him if you want to fulfill all of your rape fantasies. I know y’all might call me bad or scary because I just gave my boyfriend up but Brina is huge and dangerous so I felt like I had no choice. Brina told me that she was going to tape it all and send me a tape of my boyfriend getting devoured by her nasty raunchy gross ass. When my boyfriend found out I was leaving him there for Brina he got kind of upset but I don’t care I’m not getting beat up for any guy.

Pauly Cuck


Hot squirting pussy

I’ve been a witness to great sex before, and I just have to say Paul is a great sex partner because not only do I get to fucking I also get to fuck in front of him too. Paul loves to see my body oiled up my big strong hard cock guys. Paul pays outstanding amounts of money to get me all dressed up super sexy with silky lingerie. I would think to myself if I didn’t have this man what would I do because I’m incredibly bored with plain and simple guys. Ever since I’ve had Paul, I’ve known that I can’t go back to a regular relationship, I have to have something open interesting and all-inclusive when it comes to cock that is. You could call me a whore if you wanted to after all my friends and family members the love calling me slut bitch and all sorts of other demeaning names. The thing that gets me about my family and friends though is vaping that shit hurts my feelings when I actually love for guys who are fucking me to call me those very words ever really makes my pussy squirt better and longer and harder fuck yes. Paul, he calls me his super freaky special girl and believe me I love being special so I live up to every word of it. One-time Paul got me this tremendous strong, tall football player black guy, and he had an 11 and a half inch cock that was fucking bone hard as soon as I walked into the room the first time I met him. The black guy’s name was Jerome and Jerome was so Husky and beautiful, and that cock was fear-inducing, but for me, it was just fucking yummy in every single way. I ate Jerome’s cock all the way to the balls I sucked and slobbered all over his big hard knob until he sprayed cum loads in my face that would like 3 oz of creamy hot sultry cum. Even after he came such a huge load his cock stayed on hard and he just fucking dived and into my pussy hole fucking me hard, fast and so fucking rough, it was terrific. That’s the reason why I love Paul because Paul knows how to please me completely.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex


No Good Girl’s over Here


Fetish Phone Sex

All I ever wanted was something real something that feels great something that is valid. I’ve not even been able to have something real the only thing, I’ve been able to possess was big dick strangers fucking me until I was exhausted, plowing me with their cum-filled stiff cocks and guys disrespecting me every time afterward. I know what the walk of pure shame looks like after all like my grandfather said I’m built for the walk of raw, pure shame. I’ve had guys older than me attempting to fuck me since I was a little girl showing me their rock solid cocks and jacking off in front of my face having no respect for me whatsoever. I’m sure no one was surprised that I turned out to be a slutty cum guzzling slut whore, after all, that’s what my trifling mommy is. Well, my filthy scum bucket mommy does crack, and I was her ticket to a free high she sold me to the crack dealer on more than one occasion just so that she could suck that glass dick. Now I have no respect for myself I’m just a fucking disaster and guess what, I’ve learned to like it more than a little bit. I take a hard dick in all of my nasty whorish holes. I’m the girl in the corner choking on somebody’s husbands 10-inch cock gagging slurping and slobbering. I’m the girl in the trailer park being passed around like a bottle of Gin. My uncle brought there after midnight to fuck three racists he’s a fucking shit bag, and I’m being called nigger and pooch face. I’m everything no good girl wants to be I’m that good girl’s nightmare I’m the truth.


Phone sex fetish

I Can’t Say No to You


Cum Slut Phone Sex

I dreamt an utterly super sensual dream about you where you made mad crazy love to my mind and my body, I knew you would never do that, but I still wanted to tell you about it even though I know you have no fucking love or concern. My dreams must have called you because when you showed up at my doorstep, it still made my pussy soaking wet. All I ever yearn for is you to treat me like you genuinely want me and lust for me. I could suck your huge throbbing cock all day long with no issue what so ever. The only thing I have wanted these past weeks was your big fat dick to be stabbing my throat and feeding me your creamy cum. I want you to suck this cum-dumpster cunt all night long until the crack of dawn. You and I can do the most intense 69 that you have ever had in your life. What I most desire is for you to show me how much I mean to you. I will ride your face while I suck your cock so good your cock better than a porn star in heat. You are so fucking tasty to me; I merely am addicted to choking on that big white cabbage head cock of yours. I need for you to see that beautiful cock rod of yours filling my mouth up completely. Babe, I’m in love with your big thick hard solid cock I love it so much. You can have this cum-guzzling cream filled cunt bunni pussy whenever you want. As long as you know that you can have all of my sweet chocolate pussy I also want to see that you will give me your huge fuck pole. I will forever obey your desire to dominate my slutty cunt without question and if you crave to fuck me doggy-style that is what you will get. I dreamt of my legs being up in the air as you drained you cum soaked cock into me forcefully. Every single way we fuck is right to me I’m going to turn around, and I’m going to let you mount my back and drill my asshole doggy style. I need you to blow my gaping asshole into oblivion. And at the end of the day, I will always require you to know that no matter how mean and distant you are with me I will submit to you.

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