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I had been playing drinking games all night, so I decided let’s make this more fun, as my friend Ashley and I got up and push Derek on the bed. We started kissing him on his neck, “pick your poison,” Ashley said .”I can’t decide, I want you both”. Ashley and I looked at each other, “ok, then.” We started taking each other clothes off and making out. Ashley began to rub her clit. I pushed her on the bed and started eating her beautiful, tasty cunt out. Derek then grabbed my ass spit on my pussy and shoved his big cum guzzling cock in my tight wet pussy. “No, not there!” I screamed. I took out his dick dripping wet with my juices. “here,” I said as I slowly put his roaring cockrod in my ass I wanted him in my guts. I was so horny I couldn’t contain myself fingering and sucking on Ashley’s clit until she squirted in my mouth. She tasted like sweet honey, while Derek was pounding my ass grunting. Ashley got under me and fingered me until I squirted all on her face. Derek pulled out about to cum, and Ashley came from under me and let him squirt all on her chest; I grabbed Ashley’s face and licked her face clean and gave her a kiss.

So Nasty


Cum Slut Phone Sex

I need to get some big fat cum filled dick in my hot wet cunt tonight. My dirty girl pussy is dripping wet, and I’m so fucking turned on I need to be fucked right now. I want some massive fucking guys to drill me in my pussy and also in my asshole. I am a fucking freak and a cunt on a mission. Can you give me what I need you know that I am just so fucking needy right now? I need about 15 guys to fucking do a gangbang on my pussy tonight. If you think that I’m a slut, you’re totally correct because I am the worst that you have ever met. I am your mother fucking lot lizard prostitute. Give me what I need. I’ll give you everything you know that you can count on me. Can you put your big fat cock in me can you spray me down like I really want you to? I am the one where are you right now there’s no other slut that will be better than me. I want you to be the king, and I can be your sex, Queen. Push your cock deep inside of me and don’t hold back at all.

Grown Up Fun

Fantasy Phone Sex


I love you, I just want to say that to you every once and awhile. I feel like you need to know that under all the Glitz & Glam under all the crazy fantasies there’s me. I want you to know that I’m always going to be here for you-you can talk to me about anything I’m going to be here. I love you that’s no joke the snow game that’s just simply the way that I feel. You can depend on me; I won’t judge you; I won’t be ignorant of your Humanity. I am always going to respect you, and you can trust that. Believe me, I don’t care what we do in bed, and we do a lot of things I’m still going to be everything you need. I’ll be here temptress when you’re horny I’ll be your sadistic lover when you’re feeling like you need to be trained, and I will be your therapist when you want someone to listen to you and help you sort out a way. I ‘m in love with you. I’m in love with the highs and the lows and everything in between. Whenever you need me, I want you to know that you can always call me and I’ll be there for you.

I always have a great time with you

Cuckolding Phone Sex

I always have such a good time with you, and today was no exception. I love when we talk because we can and do talk about a broad scale of things, and you captivate me every time. I can honestly say I am bedazzled and refreshed by you because your not the average. I love our minds together it’s a feast of sexy activity, to say the least. I am crazy about you, and I wouldn’t have the feelings I feel for you any other way. I know it’s a fantasy, but you and I really move each other. You make me cum whenever you want to that’s a gift you have when it comes to my body. I dream about you and wake up wanting to go back to sleep because I want more. I think to myself, how if only I could dream and be close to you for a few more hours. You make me more than happy, you’re handsome, your giving and so smart. I want you to know that I love it.

I’ll Be Your Dream Girl

Biggest cum shot

Are you a nasty fucking bitch that wants to get wild and out of control? I am a cum guzzling slut who knows how to please a real kinky horny man. I know how to make that dick let loose of the juice. When I am through with you, your dick will be exhausted your mind will be happy and your sexual desires will be finally satisfied. I can give you what you need. I know I can there is no doubt in my mind. I don’t have the problem of taboos I don’t have the issue of judgment I am just what you need to satisfy your carnal desires. We all have fantasies some of us unwanted imaginative more Vivid than others, but we all have our kinky twist it secret fantasies. I’m here to get you off to give you an experience you won’t forget me either. I can make your dick rise and get hard I can make you feel like I’m right there in front of you slobbering and sucking on your hard cock. Close your eyes and hair my magical voice travel through the phone lines and then to your home right in front of you pleasing you satisfying giving you everything you need. I know how to worship your cock. I know how to take that shaft in my hands while I suck on that head and prep it for my throat. Let me give you a good time let me do what you’ve been wanting and lusting for all day long. I want you cum load all over my face dripping off of my lips and my chin I want it to be explosive and out of control. Call me.

I Lust for more of You

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex


I woke up with you on my mind again it was amazing. You really do something for me, you move me, and I like the movement. I dreamt we were walking along Laguna Beach; we were holding hands, and we were immensely enjoying each other’s sounds and content. You attached your eyes to my eyes, and I submitted to you in the most enchanting form of romantic ways. I was weak in your trance, and you did that to me. You said to me in the column is the most secure voice, I love talking to you. I must admit I couldn’t contain my nervous captured smile, I responded, I love talking to you as well. I want to display us on a billboard “How Imperfect Perfection Looks.” I love talking to you. I love having the thought of you as my mental protector my friend my therapist my imperfect perfection. You make me happy, and when I’m happy, sunshine appears on the day especially in the summertime. I love sharing I deep conversations with each other we are amazing together at least I fantasy I mean I would write about us. If I were witness, I would love to tell our story how you the sophisticated unsophisticated highly educated underrated capable Carpenter. I would write about us, about how we long to be in each other’s arms. I would write about us. I would write about the woman who lives and rides miracles like cartoon cars on rainbows. I would write about us for sure. I love the way you make love to me in my dreams. You take me over and make me come so hard. I want more of you each day. I’m thinking of you right now.

GFE Phone Sex


Slut Time


Phone sex fetish

My body feels so sexual I feel like I can do all the nasty things that you want me to. I really am willing to do everything I’ve ever thought that I could do and more than that I am a beast in the bed. I fuck you like a pornstar I’ll suck your dick like you don’t understand you’re going to pop that load inside of my mouth and I will drive you crazy when you do. I am a cum guzzling slut I will leave and let you fuck me in my butt Yes my ass will be your very best friend if you need it. I love to be a freak you better believe I do can’t stop no bougie little bitches acting like they can’t be nasty. I want you to fuck me in the back of the car we can do it in a fucking Park we can make our dreams come true I can’t wait to get with you. Can you fuck me, perfect babe, can you pour your cock inside of me? I really want you to be nasty as can be my body needs it. I need you to do it to me like you need to. I can’t wait for you to come over tonight boy. Call me, and we’ll set it up we can be some nasty fucking twisted motherfuckers. All I need is to relieve some pressure, and I know you need to do the same let’s get started right now don’t feel ashamed. I will not let anyone judge us I don’t care what the world thinks it’s just you and me when we’re getting hot when we fucking hard babe.

My Guy is Best


Black Girl Phone sex

Oh, my lover, I need you to fuck me so bad I need you to give me all of you I miss you so much. My sweet darling if you could be here right now you would make me more than happy I would be ecstatic. I wish you could see how much I really need you I wish you knew how much you really mean to me baby I need your love in my life all of the time. If you knew that I was your true love would you always be here by my side I’m so in love with you and everything you say and do? You’re the only man like yourself there is no other in this world you mean so much to me and, I just want you to know. You will be my special lover I want to lay in the sun with you we can go anywhere and do anything as long as I’m with you I’m satisfied. I love you more than you will ever understand you bring joy and peace to my heart. All the other guy they are so fucking torn apart and distracted they call me names while you lift me up. The other guys they break me down they tell me apart but you-you put me back together You Are My Sunshine in Stormy Weather. I just want you to know for the record I know how important you are you’re everything to me and you make me feel like a star. I know that sometimes I’m over the top but believe me you are my prince you’re my knight in shining armor I want to be the princess you say I love you more I want you to know you don’t go unappreciated I love you so much I truly love you so much. You know who you are this letter is for you I want you to feel it straight from my heart you are so important I always love talking to you.

Primed up and Ready to Go

Babysitter Phone Sex


I know that I owe you money and I couldn’t pay, but now I’ve got a bigger plan to pay you off today. I can give you a good time if you give me what I need and that’s free rent. I can share something no other girl is willing to share with you. I promise you will be happy with the gift I’ve got for you. Do you like young fresh virgin pussy? You can answer my question I don’t have any judgments and I don’t have any taboos we can do whatever you’re dreaming of doing. I’ve got some little ones who are all primed up and ready to go they’re going to satisfy your every desire. I think that’ll do you understand what’s on my mind and if you do then maybe you will give me what I need and that’s cash. If you give me some money and also give me free rent, you won’t forget the good time that you’re going to get in return. You can teach my little ones how to be slutty nasty sexy and good in bed I will let you and I will guarantee that you get off. Don’t Be Afraid everyone here can keep a secret. I know you’re a, businessman but you need to be a pleasure Man Too. Is your dick getting hard from the thought of my hot little ones? Would you like some pretty pink pussy today? Touch your cock is it ready to get out of control? Those are the questions that I want you to think about. I’ve got you I can please you I know I can when I get done with you-you’re going to give me whatever I want. I’m waiting just said up the date, and we can do the most profound things that you’ll ever fantasize about.

I want to get Nasty

Anal Phone Sex

My kitty is very hot, and it is pretty too. I can’t wait to fuck like a fucking slut. I’ve been horny all day long, and I cannot wait for some cock. Will you please fuck me now and give me your big fat dick I needed more than anything. I am such a slit my mother knows my father knows my whole family knows and guess what, they taught me how to be as slutty as I am. Bitches like me can’t wait to get real nasty we do everything including eating your ass, I love the taste of a nice asshole my tongue goes deep inside and licks all night long. Let me be your ass licking slut I love when my tongue is in your butt. I am the one you want, and you know it so don’t deny yourself anymore. I am a whore I am a cunt, and I am always horny I am so hot my pussy is wild just like a beast in the forest. Take me and fuck me on a tree I love that treatment more than anything. I can take dick all night long I’m right not wrong. I want it strong so give it to me now. I’m waiting on you I want your cock your thick solid cock in my asshole. I can toss your salad, and then I’ll let you give me a rim job too, and you don’t have to pay me because I do it all the time for free. I’m a nasty fucking whore try me out have some fun I’m sure you will. My pussy is hot wet and ready to go I will fuck hard more than any other whore. Call me now pick me up we can do some sexy role-play the best you’ve ever had in your life. I aim to please I know how to make your cock cream everywhere.

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