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I’m the Teacher

Dominatrix Phone Sex

I met this guy who really had it bad for me. As soon as I undressed he was hard and up.  This guy fucked me like a jack rabbit.  You can tell he never had pussy before.  He didn’t even have his dick inside me just started humping.  I had to tell him slow down and place his dick inside of me.  He tried to act like he had pussy before but you can tell it was his first time.  I had to laugh to myself when he asked if he was hurting me.  It’s so cute when he kept asking if he was hurting me.  Teaching a guy how you want to be fucked is a long process but once they get it. It is so worth it.

Towed Away

fantasy phone sex

Of all days for bad shit to happen to me. I was on my way home from being out of town and my tire blew out.  I called a tow truck to come help me.  When he arrived he asked how do I plan on paying for him to tow my car.  I handed him my credit card.  Without even looking at it he said it was declined.  I asked him if this was a joke.  He said no it’s not a joke he does not accept credit card payments.  I reached in my purse and asked him how much.  He said my cash would not be accepted either.  So I was like well how do you want me to pay.  He stepped very close to me and whispered in my ear he only take pussy payments.  We get to the tow yard where he lowers my car off the lift.  He takes me in the office and says it’s now time for me to complete the payment.  He bends me over the chair and begins to fuck me.  He was very forceful almost taking it from me.  It didn’t take this fat fucker long to cum he had started moaning once he got his fat sloppy cock in.  This slob of guy act like he hasn’t had pussy in years. Immediately after he wanted me to sit on his face.  Ass first he was really into sniffing my ass and licking it too.  I could not cum at all because of how gross he sound licking and sucking on my ass hole.  It didn’t help he was old fat toothless sloppy guy.  On a good note he changed my tire and fixed my breaks.

Gifted Hands

Fetish phone sex

It was great running into my old friend. Never knew it could be this good. He invited me to his house for a drink and to catch up.  Never wanted him to know my ass was horny as fuck.  He look good as the old ones would say body cut up like a bag of dope.  He had broad shoulders abs and a perfect V cut waste line. The sweat pants didn’t put any shame to him at all.  His print was showing through and I was getting so wet looking.  Thinking I’m playing things smooth I checked him looking too.  My ass was looking right so I knew where his eyes was wondering too.  I asked what he did for a living he said he can show better than he could tell me.  He went in his back room and brought out his massage table.  God blessed him because my body was like putty in his hands and he was molding me.  He rubbed me in all the right places.  He started at my neck and worked his fingers all the way down t to my toes.  He told me he can definitely give me a very happy ending.  My pussy was dripping wet from the way he was massaging my ass and pussy at the same time.  I began to shake and wet the sheets.  I wanted him so bad I could feel it inside of me.  I had cum about three or four times and was begging for the dick at this point.  He told me not this time I needed a reason to come back.  I was so relaxed, satisfied and fulfilled.  I know I will be back because if his hands could do that to me that dick will definitely have me wanting more.

A real pain Freak

Pain Slut Phone sex

He like to choke me as he fucked me hard. Long deep strokes.  He would tell me my pussy felt like a warm gushy tight glove.  We could go for hours, and I loved it.  He and I both are some pain freaks.  Kissing and biting turns us both on.  When he would force cock down my throat causing me to gag would get my pussy so wet.  He loved the war wounds I would give him.  As he fucks me I would dig my nails in his skin biting his nipples. When he would eat my pussy he also would pierce me with his teeth.  I would cum so hard with him hurting me like this.  His load was intoxicating as he would explode all over my face and mouth. The pressure and force he applied while pounding my pussy and ass would make me cum so hard I would soak the sheets.

Pistol Play

Pain Slut Phone sex

Like all men they loved their toys but this guy was into guns heavy. He had a huge collection of guns from civil war collectable to today’s 9mm.  When I would come over to help him with some of his inventory we would always flirt around each other.  His wife was a real prude so I know he wasn’t fucking at home.  We would close the shop early sometimes if she wasn’t there with us.  He has never physically cheated on his wife.  So I loved teasing him. You know showing him what he can’t have, but he really wanted.  Today I got on top of his desk and took his hand and let him feel my wet pussy.  His whole face turned red.  We both laughed but today we was going to take our little show and tell up a notch.  With my legs spread open I pushed his face close enough but not into.  then I pushed him away.  Lean over the desk I saw the bulge in his pants.  He wanted me bad.  For me the teasing was getting me wet.  He reached in his desk and pulled out his prize revolver and cleaned it. As I sat on his desk and played with my clit.  He then slid it inside of me.  Stroking me so slow and deep.  The cold steel inside of my pussy made me cum so hard.  He fucked me so good with his prize pistol we both started to cum.  Can’t wait to try other new things with the boss.

One Night Stand

Cheating Phone Sex

I like it really rough and he gave it to me just like that. We had no time for conversation or even getting to know each other.  This was the ultimate one night stand.  I doubt if we even exchanged names.  I saw him I wanted him I got him.  He took me to a cheap motel near his house.  As soon as we entered we started undressing each other.  His dick was hard as a rock and my pussy was soaking wet.  Ready wasn’t the word for us.  He was balls deep in this pussy and was not stopping.  He was pounding the shit out of me the head board was hitting the wall, it sounded like a drum.  We started off missionary then I rode the fuck out his dick reverse cowgirl and all.  Then he started hitting it doggy style.  We fucked for hours and hours.  He finally put his load all over my body.  We cleaned each other off.  No good buys or I will call you nothing cold just like that.

A night alone

Mutual masturbation phone sex;

It’s a terrible storm coming this way. I’m not in the mood to go out or be around any one right now.  I just want to give myself pleasure.  I pulled out my box of toys put on some slow jams.  I started with my clit cream which makes it very sensitive to the touch giving it a tingling feeling.  From there I used my nipple stimulators that had my nipples hard as rocks.  I started slowly massaging my clit with my jack of all trades vibrator.  Moving it up and down on my clit causing me to get very wet.  I put it on the pulsating mode and started stroking my pussy.  This toy also massages my ass hole getting me moist in all my exotic areas.  I was going at hard for every bit of twenty minutes.  I started to moan more and my body started to tremble.  Yes I was climaxing and I started leaking from all my holes.  My night alone was just what I needed.

Fresh out of the Slammer

pain phone sex

He wasted no time with the soft gentle touches.  He went straight in and we just started to fuck.  He forced his dick in my ass.  Held my face to the ground putting all ten inches of his thick cock in my ass.  There was no time for me to say stop it hurt.  I’m not a Bitch I can take the pressure.  His strokes was hard and forceful.  I was his first since he came home from jail.  Taking dudes asses while locked up was nothing for him.  So to have a bitch like me come along that is ready for whatever.  Was exactly what he needed for his first night out.  My pussy is just as tight as my ass and when he got up in this pussy I had to throw it back at him. Oh he was killing this pussy. He was digging deep in my guts like no other has ever done before.  I love that rough fresh out the slammer sex.

Pleasure is pain

Fetish Phone sex

I always like to feel a little pain growing up.  My fetish is pain. So it was no surprise that when I was younger I had to get some piercings.  Fast forward today, I will be getting my Wale inspired Lotus tattoo on my pussy.  He had a song called Lotus flower bomb and that song just turned me on.  so I was thinking how amazing it will be to get the Lotus  on my pussy.  When I went to the tattoo shop my pussy was so wet thinking about how good it was going to feel to have the needles penetrating the flesh of my flower.  The artist doing my Tattoo was more excited to actual tattoo my pussy than I thought he would be.   When I spread my legs open so he could place the tensile down to create the magic that was about to happen.  I couldn’t help but notice that his cock was getting hard as rock.  Why not have a little fun before the pain begin.  He moved his rolling chair closer to the table and said “I have to wipe you down”.  I told go ahead I didn’t mind.  It made his cock even harder feeling how tight and wet this pussy is.  He said he need to make sure I’m all the way relaxed before starting this tattoo.  Cleaning me off turned to a good finger fucking pussy eating good time.  Now if my tattoo turn out as great as he ate this pussy I knew I would be satisfied.  After I was relaxed and all cleaned up the fun had began.  He started drilling those little needles into my pussy and it had me feeling amazing I had to be held down and gagged.  Not for the pain but for the fact I was actually climaxing the whole time.  My moans could be heard throughout the whole shop.  I didn’t make this much noise when he was eating my pussy .

Sugar Daddy

adult phone sex

I pride myself on being an around the way girl.  Growing up with my mom I learned quick to use what God gave me.  All my wants and needs are  met with this body.  The way I can command a room without saying a word is one of my greatest talents.  I learned how to please a man early in life.  Back in high school I had a real good sugar daddy.  Yeah he was sexy as fuck to be a old guy.  Everyone thought he was my uncle.  He taught me how to please him and I was eager to learn.  Think back on the first time I gave him my tight pussy.  No I was no virgin just never been with a grown man before.  Yeah the other young ones in the neighborhood I let them have it but none of them knew what we was doing.  I saw him watching us from his car as we would sneak off to go fuck.  One day he called me to the car and that is where it started.  He would buy clothes and keep me in all the latest in fashion.  Learning how to work my mouth around that sweet cock he had made my life great.  The better I got the more I got.  He would finger fuck me in his truck as he drove me home from school but when he really want me that’s when he would take me to all these fancy hotels.  He showed me how to work my pussy on his dick.  How to squeeze his dick while it was inside of me.  I learned how to move my hips and isolate my pussy to keep in rhythm with his strokes.   I learned to keep swallowing while he fucked my face. The more pain I could take the more he would put on me. He would come so hard once I learned to make eye contact while blowing his dick.  I had a great teacher now any man I want I know I can get.

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