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Get Her Back

Mistress Phone Sex


I’ll let you live at my house you nasty dirty bitch and what did you do in return. I can’t stand the bitch like this horror she has no morals at all she’s a dirty freak who tried to steal my boyfriend. I hate a nasty whore like you when I caught you in my bed with my fucking boyfriend I wanted to drive your head through the fucking wall. I already knew he wasn’t faithful and you would tell me all the fucking time that my dude was doing me wrong, I had no idea that you were a part of it. I’m so disappointed in you dumb bitch that’s why I’m getting you back. I’m going to make sure that I fuck your father in your mommy’s bed. You’re no good at all bitch you deserve whatever you get, and I am going to give it to you. You need to clean your fucking house you dirty whore your shit looks really fucked up anyway and didn’t your little one eat a roach yesterday. Your home is fucking disgusting you are damn nasty, everything about you is so fucking severe. So my boyfriend told me you were after him, he said you really wanted to suck his dick you have been begging him for months. Really whore you’re no good at all, I let you stay at my house because you’re lights were out. You must have been fucking your father I wouldn’t be surprised if you did that you’re a fucking cunt slut bitch. You know the worst thing about it all, your mother has to pay for your bullshit. I’m going to fuck your daddy, and maybe that’s going to hurt your daddy lover feelings too. I’m sure you’re fucking daddy the way he pops you on your trifling little ass I’m sure he’s getting in that. You’re a disaster tramp bitch you’re nothing you’re lower than shit, and I just want you to know that when I get your father, I’m going to videotape the whole thing.

My Good Friend Lot Lizard Linda



Cocksucking Phone SexLot lizard Linda is a lot of fun she likes to do nasty shit right in the open. Like yesterday at the baseball field this bitch went out, and she sucked some guy’s cock she was really fucked-up nasty and wild uncontrollable. Nasty Linda was a fucking sleazy slut. I got to watch and film her being more than XXX rated she was taking cocks right in the middle of the diamond two cocks in her asshole two cocks in her pussy two cocks in her mouth and cocks jabbing at her stomach in her face and her cheeks slapping her with man meat, it was beautiful. Lot lizard Linda is a fucking tramp whore who cannot be contained everytime I see her I know it’s going to get real Shameless. This girl is a fucked up bitch she does the most all the time wow I love it I can’t help myself. I love her she’s nasty a nasty whore just like I like so much. On the beach she’s a real piece of work she lets guys lineup and fuck her right out there in the sand she lets them film her without a care that’s my good friend Linda over there. Take that cock in her wet cunt. I love you, Linda, I want to kiss your pussy when they cum in it and suck all of that cum right out. I don’t like most whores because I don’t like confrontation but this bitch I love her so much she’s wild like a beast or a female Barbarian. If you want to talk to lot lizard Linda with me you should connect, and I’ll get you set up with her and me, and we’ll have a fucking disastrous orgy good time.

Let Me Rub Your Back

Black Girl Phone sex


I want to rub your muscular body down because you look like you’ve had a hard day and you need to give in to the desire in your life. You need me to message you starting with the temples on your head, rubbing you round and soft. After I’ve gotten your head all relaxed, I’ll run my fingers down to your shoulders and your neck and rub firmly and tenderly. I ‘m so turned on by you the truth is, you run my mind wild. The emotions that you pull from me makes my body shake and shiver in pure pleasure. The way that you treat me is the reason why I want to attend to you like the king that you are, recognize sweetheart I am your concubine servant here to please you without limits. I’m everything that you’ve ever dreamt about and more. I want to reach you with my pulsating monotone sound waves. I want to cause your body to erupt in yummy, creamy white sunshine. I love making you feel good that’s why I won’t forget to rub your back upper and lower and then I’ll go even lower, but this time I’ll be using lips tongue hands and my beautiful imagination. You know I need to satisfy you, and you have been waiting too long you are in definite need of me.

Why I love Talking to Guys on the Phone

Cum Slut Phone Sex


Being a phone sex address is invigorating first I get to fulfill all of my nasty sexual fantasies in my head. I get to explore others that are nasty like me and that just turns me on and keeps my pussy so wet. I love talking to people men and women about the things that we don’t talk about on the surface. I love delving into the private pulsating passionate psychology of sexual fantasy. I’ve been this way for a long time longer than I can say that’s why being a phone sex actress is needed for people like me. It’s therapeutic to unleash your desires from your head and get a reward of cumming in the process. I’m an exciting woman to say the least and I like to share my experiences with others, most people tell me that I talk too much in real life so I gather that they can’t handle some of the subjects that I talk about so this job makes me feel like letting go completely. I get to be myself Wild free insanely sexual Without Borders or perimeters or boundaries I get to be uninhibited and that feels powerful. I guess you might say that I love being a PSO because it’s powerful yeah and I like power almost more than sex. I love blogging about my fantasies and my sexual experiences I love when guys get a huge fucking boner from the sight of me and the sound of my voice and the thoughts in my head. Sometimes the thoughts in my head or Beyond devilment but the guys that I talk to they love it, so I just get buck wild.


Cocksucking Phone Sex

My Pussy is Ready

Fantasy Phone Sex

My pussy is as wet as a lake, and I want to drown in you tonight. I’m a freak who loves to eat dick and balls, and your dick and balls are on the menu for me baby. Can you fuck me like a slut that I’ve always wanted to be? I promise I’ll please you I’ll do anything to please you I’m a come guzzling slut puppy who loves to be fucked real hard. I want to be your Masterpiece tonight I want you to come and control me we can make some holy fucking music. I’m ready to break all of the rules I love being evil. Hungry girls like me we eat meat raw, and that’s just how I want to eat your meat absolutely raw until it creams in my mouth. I want your cream to overflow from my throat to my chin. I love you, baby, I want you bad you’ve got to fuck me and please my body. Kiss me where it’s always wet, downtown I just need it so bad. Let me be your Cookie Monster I want to eat your sweets while you eat my sweet pussy. I can already feel your cum loading in my throat and falling into my belly. You know I want you-you realize I need you, I’m your cock sucking slut. I want you to cum all over my face I need it, I want it I desire it right now. I just can’t wait any longer I’ve been waiting all day already.

I am going to fuck Your Man

Cheating Phone Sex


I have been trying not to fuck this girl’s boyfriend, but he seems to not understand that I don’t have a boyfriend and I might just fuck him. He walked up behind me in the corner store and grab hold of my waist he told me that it was so fucking sexy and he started to laugh. I turned around, and I smiled at him, but I also saw his cock was rock hard. He asked me if I would let him come over later to chill and watch Netflix. I looked at him and smiled; usually, I wouldn’t do such a thing because I was trying not to fuck her man. He is a tall black slender big dick monster. He has wanted to drill his fucking cock into my cum guzzling pussy forever now. For some reason, Tonight is the Night I am going to let him fuck me uncontrollably and have his biggest cumshots ever. When he walked up behind me and grab me by my waist, my pussy started to drip. I just want to fuck him so, and I can’t fight it anymore. If he tries me one more time he’ll be 10 in deep in my hot wet cunt making me moan and scream and passion. Even at this very moment, I’m fighting myself, but I can’t resist anymore. I have got to wrap my lips around his big fat black cock. He has been dreaming about me he has been thinking about fucking me. I want him to imagine about me I want him to have rape fantasies about me. I can’t help myself I can’t fight it anymore I’m going to fuck your man.

Bonnie The Cunt

Blackmail Phone SexI found out that my boss Bonnie liked to do some things that open my eyes to her. Bonnie is a real fucking bitch she’s a racist whore. Real fucking, “think she’s too good,” bitch. Bonnie is always around the office talking shit, telling people how pointless they are. She’s still making sneaky little remarks about me and how I look. One day Bonnie had the nerve to say to me my blouses show too much cleavage. She also tells me how my skin color is too dark as God left me in the oven for too long. I know that bitch is racist but her father owns the company so what can I do if I want the job. I dream about making that fucking cunt pay. If I could have her in my world for one day, she would never forget I am royalty. To me, Bonnie is a fucking peasant even though she treats everyone else like they’re lower than her. I hate that bitch, and I want to rain on her parade. Last week Bonnie was in the break room doing some bad things, and I caught her. Bonnie was sniffing lines of Coke, and I don’t mean Coca-Cola I’m talking about cocaine, good old white girl fairy dust. I started to record that bitch with my phone recorder, and she had no idea. Now I got her just where I want her in the palm of my hands. I let her sniff all the coke up she wished I didn’t give her notice was there or that I was recording so I got everything. After Bonnie was all coked up, I walked over to her, and she had the nerve to get spooked. This cunt fucking bitch told me don’t sneak up on her and called me a fucking nigger. I slapped her that’s right I hit Bonnie’s white trash pretentious cunt face. Then I looked a right in her eyes, and I smiled, before saying I’ve got you on camera sniffing Coke you fucking Coke head bitch and now you have to do everything I tell you. I let her know that I was going to bring this company down because the embarrassment of the owner’s racist daughter being a cokehead whore you’re mine now cunt.


Before showing Bonnie the cunt my video, I made sure to let her know that she could try to take my phone but I had already sent the message to myself in an email. I looked at this racist whore I told her I want you to meet me tonight at a bar. Bonnie, I want you to wear the sluttiest outfit that you have because you’re going to be fucking toyed with tonight and if you don’t come well let’s see how Papa likes is cocaine had in the news. Needless to say bunny the Trashy fucking Tramp or that I hate made it to the bar. I had 16 guys waiting ready to do my bidding. Miss Bonnie was wearing a nasty little fucking latex skirt a Paris thigh high boots and a cute tight little bustier. Now don’t get me wrong Bunny’s a fucking fat pig bitch, and of course, she was wearing a girdle she didn’t look sexy at all, but I loved it. Bonnie looked like a pig in a blanket, and I was about to punish this fucking animal. I greeted Bonnie I said to her you see disgusting I like it. She couldn’t say anything to me because if she did, I would remind her that she was doing this for the company and she had an obligation to save the company. I told Bonnie that she was disgustingly ugly I let her know that these guys were going to have their way with her and she’d be doing a lot of fucking. I made her open her mouth I wanted her to taste all those big fat black cocks. That was just the beginning I’m doing so much to Bonnie now. Guess what Bonnie she likes being treated like a fucking trashy piece of shit I never knew it, but she wants it. I also get all kinds of gifts now it’s like I’m the boss’s daughter now. The moral of this story is, don’t fucking touch it to people if you’re going to be a fucking dumb ass and do Coke around them when you’re not supposed to. I love my job these days. Wait until you find out what the guys did to Bonnie they got wild.

Beat Me Make Me Your Slave

Dominatrix Phone Sex


There is a guy named Dexter I know, Dexter is really fucked up he loves sadistic behaviors. Dexter began buying me gifts about three months ago expensive gifts. My girlfriend’s say not to accept his gifts they said he seems crazy. It doesn’t concern me what my friends say I like nice expensive things. I love guys who shower me with fine expensive possessions. About two weeks ago, Dexter asked me if I would do something to him that was a little bit risque. I was concerned but I wanted to know more, I wanted to keep receiving nice clothes too so, I told him to tell me. Dexter began to inform me about his fantasy of being beaten by a black girl. I asked him why did he desire to be beaten by a black girl he told me, he wanted to pay for all the beatings his ancestors gave my ancestors. When Dexter said that to me he peaked my interest, I wanted to feel like his owner for a few seconds. I agreed to beat Dexter maybe he should have thought about what he was asking me to do. I put mine all into Dexter’s naughty little fantasy. I honestly think that I’m fulfilling a fantasy of my own as well when the two of us are together. Now, Dexter buys gifts for myself and gifts for him he bought a nice leather “cat-of-nine-tails” and a host of leather Raw belts. We have a great time with each other. When I’m feeling kind, I like to tickle my pain lover then beat him it makes his cock erupt.

I’m the New Mrs.



Fantasy Phone Sex


He wanted me to take off my clothes and dance for him in front of his wife, I couldn’t believe he was telling  me to do such a thing after all the freaky shit he and I had done over the years with him in his wife’s bed and all over her house whenever she was out. There he was screaming at her telling her she was a boring good for nothing piece of trash. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to him and told her, “I’m leaving you bitch” he told her he was going to be with me because I knew how to satisfy a man and make him feel needed. She started crying but I didn’t feel sorry for her because this white bitch always called me names and did berating shit to me when they came to the store that I worked at. Yea whore that’s what I said I wanted her to know I had been fucking her husband and sucking his cock like a porn star. I wanted her to know that I loved driving her fucking cars when she was out of town and now I’m the wife.


Don’t walk into a trap Kitty

Party Girls Phone Sex


My girlfriend Kitty is having issues with her pitiful ghetto life and I love it. I pretend like she is the belle of the ball I pretend like I’m on her side while I pawn over her wretched existence. Her old man is a waste of space but she can’t get enough of his abuse so I am a cheerful audience member of her public downfall. Some fucking stupid bitch who she doesn’t even know though is getting in the way of my fun this skank is trying to steer Kitty into positive thinking and shit well I am going to fix little miss save-a-hoe and teach that bitch that she can’t stop the flow of money I plan to make from Miss Kitty. Everyone should know Kitt is a sexy little skank who knows how to suck dick better than she can breath and all the ghetto bugs love her. My plan is to get that bitch on camera giving head to like 20 or more guys and then have her social media sites hacked where the whole cum guzzling, whore slashing, torrid acts can be there for all her fan base to see. She will blow up but that self-esteem will fall like panties in summer, then she’s mine. I’m the only only one she will come to and you know I gotta tell her to just sell that ass and fuck them other hoes, ching. And that dizzy self righteous bitch who keeps trying to get in the way, I’ve got plans for that whore that will keep her out of my business and plans. That bitch is no saint and I’m going to prove it.

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