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I Love When He Chokes Me

Creampie Phone Sex

He came into the front door ready to take advantage of me and I was ready to take whatever he was giving. He grabbed my face and pulled me close to his face and threw his tongue down my throat and pushed me into the bedroom he forced me to the floor and drove his rock-hard cock into my mouth telling me to suck this stone rod bitch and I sucked it with passion. He ripped his cock from my mouth and drove it into my cunt doggy style he grabbed my neck and began to squeeze while fucking me like an animal. Oh, my goodness I was being fucked in my ass so rough and good his dick mounting my squishy plump pussy meat. He told me I was his sex slave and I made his dick feel like a master fucker. We were in a sex slave slut fest, I started crying in joy and pain he fucked me harder each time I cried out. He looked at me as he was cumming and said, “Tell me you like when I choke you” I soaked his dick because I over cam the reason, I love when he chokes me.



Open Me Up

Babysitter Phone SexI love the way he smells next to my skin when he hugs me, I love the way he looks at me when he’s thrusting his huge girthy cock sausage into my slippery wet steaming hot cunt. I love how he tells me he loves me more than he ever loved his good for nothing ungrateful wife. He soaks my bed while asking me how long can I hold my breath and fuck that sends me into the most intense sensual spirals. I love the way his big beautiful master meat makes me so thirsty for the cream that erupts from it whenever my dick sucking lips take the wheel with no hands. I can’t control myself when I am sucking that delicious steel lollipop I worship his thick juicy jerky until it blows all over my ebony bronze honey glazed tits then he sucks the jizz joy right off my nipples.

Walter The Family Friend

My Aunt brought me over to Walter’s house, so he could see me in my beautiful pink bunny Halloween costume. I was so excited to be going trick or treating for the first time and Walter was going to give me my first piece of candy. Walter is the family friend that has been in the family for more years than mother has lived. My aunt was one of my grandmother’s special ones, so she didn’t think very deeply if you know what I mean. I think Walter got a hold of her when she was my age at the time and he broke her wires. She started taking me over to Walter’s house and leaving me there alone while she went to spend the money he would give to her. While my aunt was gone Walter did things to me that were disturbing to say the least. I remember how the days looked the weather, the temperature outside, his soft yellow sheer curtains with threaded Designs. I can’t forget even though it was so long ago. I used to touch myself like he would touch me for a long time until I got braver and started wondering over to his house alone.



Daddy’s Horny Again


The first-time daddy did it I was shocked because didn’t know I was going to be so good like mommy, but daddy said I was much better than mommy at it. Daddy said he wanted to see my pretty powder pink panties that mommy bought he said, look you’ve got them on how did I know. Daddy sat on the bed with his robe on. Under daddy’s robe he was wearing pretty pink panties too just like mine. Do you like when daddy wears mommy’s pretty powder pink panties like yours, yes daddy I responded. Daddy explained to me that he loved how soft mommy’s panties felt against his firm penis he asked me how do your panties feel on you. I said to daddy that I like the way my panties feel he put his two fingers on the outside crotch of my pretty powder pink panties and started to gently rub while asking does it feel soft now.. My eyes began to close, my entire body activated I laid back for daddy as he kneeled to the ground and lightly pulled my panties to my thighs I trembled then suddenly I felt a warm stiff but wet sensation on my smooth bald clit, it was daddy’s tongue sliding into my fat tiny tight pussy. MMM he hummed as he dipped his tongue in and out of my silky cherry pop. Daddy lost control that night I mean he lost his mind the things that he did and the way that cream kept shooting from his love gun.

Suck Star

submissive phone sexI have been dreaming about the neighbor’s husband he is a big football player cornfed jock with a big fucking cock print in his gym shorts when he goes for his early morning jog. I keep telling myself the next time he jogs past my sidewalk I’m going to ask him to fix something for me and then I will get the sweaty slutty sex that I crave so badly. I can see myself wearing my favorite yellow teddy with the cock hole. I can offer him some sweet hot pussy for breakfast I got it and I’m more than ready to give it up. I’d love to deep throat suck his huge swollen dick that waves yes to me when he’s jogging. I keep picturing myself bending down and touching the tips of my six inch stilettos while he comes up behind me with his raging hard on. I imagine him thrusting his rock solid hard baseball bat into my fat wet sweltering candy spot pussy, melting as he fucked me hard and harder. I know he’s married but my pussy seems to not be so concerned with that fact, she just wants to pounce on that monster in his pants and ride it like a porn star. My nipples stand up like it’s 20 degrees outside every time I see those gym shorts approaching the corner of my block. My good fuck star this man is dripping in pheromones I would fuck him right there in the streets in front of my house.    

Fuck that Hott Wet Virgin Pussy

phone sexWhen I was still living with the family my brother brought this guy over he said he was a buddy from the service. That guy kept looking at me like I was sweet meat he was sieving over me. Finally, after about a week of peering at me, he got the nerve up to tell me what was on his mind. Dana, he said, ” I would love to stick my rock hard white dick inside of your tight wet black pussy and I don’t feel like playing games so I will pay you $1,000 to do whatever I want to you just for one day.” I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to fuck my barely hair there yet pussy. I was more surprised that he was brave enough to say so because I was that j-bait back then you know.

Todd, was his name big beautiful aquatic green eyes, 6’4 about 200 pounds. Todd had huge strong hands and big feet like a Texas farm boy my little virgin slit would drip at the sight of him. I knew we couldn’t tell anyone because of our age difference and all. I said yes I mean that’s the kind of girl I wanted to become and after all is said and done that’s the kind of girl that I am now. I didn’t know exactly what Todd had in mind but I was soon to find out. My service boy Todd took me to a motel room where there was a woman in her mid-twenties way older than me she was tall, blonde, thin and had a nice bubble ass.

Todd said this is my friend Melissa and Melissa will be instructing you on how to please me. Well I was a virgin after all I guess I did need training and Melissa is the best teenie trainer around. She knows how to get the best work out of brand new pussy. Melissa told me it might take 3 days to open me up and make me slut ready and that meant I was going to get more but I was going to have to do more too.

First Todd had to work my tight wet pussy into complete submission. Melissa guided his hard dick into my beautiful luscious supple naive lips telling me to open wide and let him stuff his cornfed rock hard steel in my future cum hole. It felt good my tiny fat clit started to throb as I sucked him off and Melissa was so proud of my work being that I was a beginner and all.

Todd and Melissa had me in their care, their sexual care for at least 5 hours it was so amazing and that was the beginning of the era of slutty Dana. Now I’m wide open after doing so many naughty things with Todd and Melissa. I feel like I am a pro satisfaction specialist. Those guys really taught me how to be a fucking brave bold salacious sex-filled cum dumpster whore.

Come Dump Your Cum in Me…

I’m the Teacher

Dominatrix Phone Sex

I met this guy who really had it bad for me. As soon as I undressed he was hard and up.  This guy fucked me like a jack rabbit.  You can tell he never had pussy before.  He didn’t even have his dick inside me just started humping.  I had to tell him slow down and place his dick inside of me.  He tried to act like he had pussy before but you can tell it was his first time.  I had to laugh to myself when he asked if he was hurting me.  It’s so cute when he kept asking if he was hurting me.  Teaching a guy how you want to be fucked is a long process but once they get it. It is so worth it.

Towed Away

fantasy phone sex

Of all days for bad shit to happen to me. I was on my way home from being out of town and my tire blew out.  I called a tow truck to come help me.  When he arrived he asked how do I plan on paying for him to tow my car.  I handed him my credit card.  Without even looking at it he said it was declined.  I asked him if this was a joke.  He said no it’s not a joke he does not accept credit card payments.  I reached in my purse and asked him how much.  He said my cash would not be accepted either.  So I was like well how do you want me to pay.  He stepped very close to me and whispered in my ear he only take pussy payments.  We get to the tow yard where he lowers my car off the lift.  He takes me in the office and says it’s now time for me to complete the payment.  He bends me over the chair and begins to fuck me.  He was very forceful almost taking it from me.  It didn’t take this fat fucker long to cum he had started moaning once he got his fat sloppy cock in.  This slob of guy act like he hasn’t had pussy in years. Immediately after he wanted me to sit on his face.  Ass first he was really into sniffing my ass and licking it too.  I could not cum at all because of how gross he sound licking and sucking on my ass hole.  It didn’t help he was old fat toothless sloppy guy.  On a good note he changed my tire and fixed my breaks.

Gifted Hands

Fetish phone sex

It was great running into my old friend. Never knew it could be this good. He invited me to his house for a drink and to catch up.  Never wanted him to know my ass was horny as fuck.  He look good as the old ones would say body cut up like a bag of dope.  He had broad shoulders abs and a perfect V cut waste line. The sweat pants didn’t put any shame to him at all.  His print was showing through and I was getting so wet looking.  Thinking I’m playing things smooth I checked him looking too.  My ass was looking right so I knew where his eyes was wondering too.  I asked what he did for a living he said he can show better than he could tell me.  He went in his back room and brought out his massage table.  God blessed him because my body was like putty in his hands and he was molding me.  He rubbed me in all the right places.  He started at my neck and worked his fingers all the way down t to my toes.  He told me he can definitely give me a very happy ending.  My pussy was dripping wet from the way he was massaging my ass and pussy at the same time.  I began to shake and wet the sheets.  I wanted him so bad I could feel it inside of me.  I had cum about three or four times and was begging for the dick at this point.  He told me not this time I needed a reason to come back.  I was so relaxed, satisfied and fulfilled.  I know I will be back because if his hands could do that to me that dick will definitely have me wanting more.

A real pain Freak

Pain Slut Phone sex

He like to choke me as he fucked me hard. Long deep strokes.  He would tell me my pussy felt like a warm gushy tight glove.  We could go for hours, and I loved it.  He and I both are some pain freaks.  Kissing and biting turns us both on.  When he would force cock down my throat causing me to gag would get my pussy so wet.  He loved the war wounds I would give him.  As he fucks me I would dig my nails in his skin biting his nipples. When he would eat my pussy he also would pierce me with his teeth.  I would cum so hard with him hurting me like this.  His load was intoxicating as he would explode all over my face and mouth. The pressure and force he applied while pounding my pussy and ass would make me cum so hard I would soak the sheets.

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