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Beat Me Make Me Your Slave

Dominatrix Phone Sex


There is a guy named Dexter I know, Dexter is really fucked up he loves sadistic behaviors. Dexter began buying me gifts about three months ago expensive gifts. My girlfriend’s say not to accept his gifts they said he seems crazy. It doesn’t concern me what my friends say I like nice expensive things. I love guys who shower me with fine expensive possessions. About two weeks ago, Dexter asked me if I would do something to him that was a little bit risque. I was concerned but I wanted to know more, I wanted to keep receiving nice clothes too so, I told him to tell me. Dexter began to inform me about his fantasy of being beaten by a black girl. I asked him why did he desire to be beaten by a black girl he told me, he wanted to pay for all the beatings his ancestors gave my ancestors. When Dexter said that to me he peaked my interest, I wanted to feel like his owner for a few seconds. I agreed to beat Dexter maybe he should have thought about what he was asking me to do. I put mine all into Dexter’s naughty little fantasy. I honestly think that I’m fulfilling a fantasy of my own as well when the two of us are together. Now, Dexter buys gifts for myself and gifts for him he bought a nice leather “cat-of-nine-tails” and a host of leather Raw belts. We have a great time with each other. When I’m feeling kind, I like to tickle my pain lover then beat him it makes his cock erupt.

I’m the New Mrs.



Fantasy Phone Sex


He wanted me to take off my clothes and dance for him in front of his wife, I couldn’t believe he was telling  me to do such a thing after all the freaky shit he and I had done over the years with him in his wife’s bed and all over her house whenever she was out. There he was screaming at her telling her she was a boring good for nothing piece of trash. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to him and told her, “I’m leaving you bitch” he told her he was going to be with me because I knew how to satisfy a man and make him feel needed. She started crying but I didn’t feel sorry for her because this white bitch always called me names and did berating shit to me when they came to the store that I worked at. Yea whore that’s what I said I wanted her to know I had been fucking her husband and sucking his cock like a porn star. I wanted her to know that I loved driving her fucking cars when she was out of town and now I’m the wife.


Don’t walk into a trap Kitty

Party Girls Phone Sex


My girlfriend Kitty is having issues with her pitiful ghetto life and I love it. I pretend like she is the belle of the ball I pretend like I’m on her side while I pawn over her wretched existence. Her old man is a waste of space but she can’t get enough of his abuse so I am a cheerful audience member of her public downfall. Some fucking stupid bitch who she doesn’t even know though is getting in the way of my fun this skank is trying to steer Kitty into positive thinking and shit well I am going to fix little miss save-a-hoe and teach that bitch that she can’t stop the flow of money I plan to make from Miss Kitty. Everyone should know Kitt is a sexy little skank who knows how to suck dick better than she can breath and all the ghetto bugs love her. My plan is to get that bitch on camera giving head to like 20 or more guys and then have her social media sites hacked where the whole cum guzzling, whore slashing, torrid acts can be there for all her fan base to see. She will blow up but that self-esteem will fall like panties in summer, then she’s mine. I’m the only only one she will come to and you know I gotta tell her to just sell that ass and fuck them other hoes, ching. And that dizzy self righteous bitch who keeps trying to get in the way, I’ve got plans for that whore that will keep her out of my business and plans. That bitch is no saint and I’m going to prove it.

Dollar signs and dark roads

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexI work at a place that most women would consider vile and mentally disruptive. I work with people that are hideous to put it nicely this job that I do is a full-time mental imprisonment. But guess what I like it I like exploring the most adventurous uninhibited fantasies possible. Some women, most women call me a nasty fucking Tramp who will do anything to make that dollar. My girlfriend tells me you’re all about dollar signs and dark roads you don’t care where those roads take you, I laugh at her because she has no idea how my mind works. For instance even my girlfriend as we talk to each other I think about the beautiful rape fantasies that fill my head up and she has no idea at all. I guess my job has gotten the best of me it’s made me look at everyone as pieces of meat that I could use and abuse and have so much sexual fun with.

He Pays to Hate so Good

Financial Domination Phone Sex


Mr. Davis is a strange man to say the least he has a fetish for treating Black women of substance like slave trash. When I meet with Mr. Davis he loves for me to be dressed in business wear, he says it adds to the ambiance of his fantasy. I get paid well so I deal with this one fetish and make it good for him I really make it better than good. I walked into his office for  our business meeting with my paperwork in hand wearing a sleek light grey pant suit a pair of pearl earrings and a beautiful pearl necklace that he bought for me. Our meeting intels how to contribute to the Black movement, he always starts the same he shares a few ideas and then asks me to elaborate on my thoughts of his ideas. I begin to tell him how I love his ideas and how we can get the ball rolling. He comes from behind his desk asks me a series of derogatory questions, 1. Do you think that Slave Patrols made runaway slaves suck their master cocks when they caught them? As he stands over me with his cock growing in his pants he needs an answer to understand the pains of blacks at the hand of white slave masters. I respond by saying I’m sure they were sexual deviants and they forced the slaves to perform all sorts of compromising acts.. 2. Do Black people dream about being raped by their White masters and do they like it in any twisted way? His dick by this point is rock solid but he wants me to try to ignore it and answer his questions. Mr. Davis I do believe that Blacks are affected by thing that happened to their ancestors but I don’t know that we all dream of such acts.. 3. Can I take my big white dick out and shove it in your nigger mouth and make you fucking gag on it? Mr. Davis, what are you saying do you know who I am.. Your the Nigger I will be giving 50K to for your dumb ass cause and you are also the Black whore that is going to shut the fuck up and earn this money. At this point we start to get into gore of it all…

Let me Strap-On and Strong Arm You

Strap-on Phone Sex


You always fuck me and you have such a good fucking time it’s always amazing for you even when it kills my pussy and makes me scream. Well I think I’m ready to do something different I think I’m ready to make you scream and run from a rock hard pole that is out to bang bloody murder. I want to strap on this twelve inch huge black cock and make you pay for all those nights of pure sexual punishment. You love to choke me and pull my hair when your stuffing your gottdamn huge white mushroom head into my stomach. You have made me into an animal and I am going to ravish your fucking booty like a pirate so get ready you fucker!

I know you want a Black Slave Whore 

Cyber Sex Phone Sex

I had some problems this month with my rent and my rent man seemed really nice about it, it was strange because he came right over and had a conversation with me. He said he wanted to tell me a few things to ease my mind. When he came over I noticed he was wearing cologne I even told him it was nice he said thanks we walked in my dining area and sat at the table. He said to me Dana I know you are having some issues paying and I really like you as a tenant so I’m going to give you a little time to pay you rent. I was very happy of course I thought he was talking a few weeks at the most but he said what about 90 days. I looked at him and said I could get it paid before then but that was really great. He said he could give me more time to pay or I didn’t have to pay at all. I looked down and noticed his dick was bone hard, he said to me that he had been having dreams about me being his nigger slave whore. I told him I was not really into that then he took a hold to my hand and forced it to his cock he looked at me in my eyes and said I got a big fucking dick and I want to stuff it in all your pretty little nigger holes now do you want that deal or do you want to get evicted?

You dirty little nasty thot

Toilet Slave Phone Sex

Webster is the guy who lives across the road from my grandmother’s house he’s really weird too. Webster is around 50 ish he could be older though And he’s a grouch. he’s always screaming out of his door at me calling me names like trifling. Nasty slut and so many other names I look at him and laugh. You old motherfucker you don’t know me that’s what I shouted out to him. One day he looked at me and said bitch I know you I know you’re a your a trifling thot and you don’t hide it well. I laughed at him and pointed the middle finger at him I said fuck you old man you don’t know me you don’t know anything about me then that old bastard said I’ve got $300 tell me how good I can get to know you for $300 you fucking slut. I laughed at him then I walked to his front door he said no come in bitch I want to get my fucking dick sucked so I fell to my knees I told him to give me the money And I grabbed his cock and started sucking it like a fucking whore. He was telling me I told you you were a fucking whore you’re just a thot suck my cock bitch and I sucked his cock until he spewed juice all over my face. So I guess I am just a fucking thot

Silly Black Slut

 Humiliation Phone Sex
 Last night I had a John who said he likes that dark meat he told me that he wanted to get real wild with me and explore his fantasies of being a master. I was in I guess you know and he wasn’t interested in hurting me he was more interested in making me feel like he ruled over me it really turned him on. He even paid me to dress up in a slave girls outfit with my head covered and everything it was weird but hey he paid me extra for that. He kept telling me to call him Mazza it was a challenge but what the fuck I felt like I was doing an award-winning acting job. The motherfuker even kept telling me how he wanted to take me out to the country and have me pick cotton in the fields while he drinks lemonade with his grandpa. The things that this man did to me were beyond what I can blog about.

Mommy and her New Old Bow

Cheating Phone Sex

My mom recently married the guy she has been taking care of he’s about 75 years old and he is in the early to mid-stages of Alzheimer’s. My mother on other hand is a piece of slutty work she is out in the open about it too. Now since she is the old geezer’s wife she says no more caretaking she wants to give that job to Oliver and Oliver is more than happy to take care of things in my mom’s new husband’s house. I came over to bring my mom some of her mail from her old place. I had a key so I let myself in only to find my mom sprawled out on the carpet Oliver mounting and fucking the monster shit out of her while my new father in law was forced to sit there and watch. My mom is a piece of slutty cum guzzling work and I love her more than anything.

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