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Road trip fun

hot ass sex

Hot ass sex after a long road trip in the car wasn’t what I had planned. I was teasing you and even giving you road head. You couldn’t keep your hands off me. We were swerving all over the place, and it was like we had a death wish. We finally decided to pull over out of the freeway and onto one of the stops. We didn’t care who was watching we were going to release our built up tension. We had a little fight and ever since then we both have been on edge. We are so sexual that our arguments lead up to make up sex that is so good and out of this world. It was not unusual for us to fuck the brains out of each other. It was the first fucking on the side of the road in broad daylight. It was so taboo and so much fun that I was dripping down my thighs. I had never come as fast and as frequent as I did. Who knew a car fuck could be so good.

BJ in the PJ

hardcore ass fucking

Hardcore ass fucking is my sugar daddies specialty. I am one lucky girl, and I always make sure to thank him in every way I can. My sugar Daddy gave me full access to his private jet. All it took was a bj in the pj. I invited all my hottest friends for a Vegas getaway. We were with a real high roller so why not? We hit up all the top-notch designer brand stores. We aren’t coach girls we don’t do coach in airlines and in our lifestyle. It’s private and either Prada or Gucci, or we don’t want nada. Period point blank I get everything I desire. Fuck bitches make money is the motto, and if he wants me to be his little freak and genuinely get the production business venture going, I am so in for that.


While in Dubai with Daddy the idea sprung on him. I mean I am a hard critic, and I bring top quality babes around only. Bad bitches only 😉  He is the epitome of a genius. While most men lose their train of thought while getting head my big poppa gets ideas flowing and comes up with all the ways to make his sexy snow bunny happy. I am all for princess phone sex since I get treated like royalty anyways. My standards are much too high for the boys my age. I “crave money cum” the kind of cum that has me on yachts and private jets and endless fuck sessions.


princess phone sex

30 minutes or less

hot ass sexwet bald pussyHot ass sex wasn’t in the plans for girls night. Then again the best times happen to be those that are spontaneous. After some time having fun and chit chatting we decided to order some food. We agreed on some Pizza and wine. There was a whole schpeel on how they guaranteed a 30 minute or less delivery.

We went on about gossiping and catching up that we didn’t realize over an hour passed on. Then it was a second hour. We were angry at this point. We waited a bit. Lone and behold the delivery boy showed up. We gave him some hell and teased him. We could tell he was nervous and worried. Great minds think alike, and we were all in synch. We were famished, and we wanted meat. We played around with him and had him begging to be taunted by us.

This young fucker enjoyed our attention. We were rubbing on the delivery boys cock together. I wanted a taste of that cum. I licked the tip and tasted all his pre-jizz. I smeared it right on my lips like lipgloss and worked my way to his balls. We passed him around like a hot potato. Not even his wildest dreams he would think this would happen. I was more than happy to have him explore my wet bald pussy. Girls night at home was quite satisfying after all.


We got our answer as to where he was the before making it to us. Our delivery boy was getting some pot and lost track of time — rookie mistake. After all of our fun, he left knowing he got the best tip ever.



gfe phone sex getaway



GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sex is the best with a sensual sweet but sultry young girl who knows what she’s doing. I have been nannying for a bit now for my boss. I am not only the secretary but now I am their vacation nanny. I have been living a double life with him. We both can’t deny what we want. My body craves his hands all over me. I can hardly wait to have him sneak over to my cabana and make love under the stars. My body is ready to go. There’s only so much satisfaction I can get from rubbing my clit and climaxing alone. I am ready to rock his world and make him content. I drive him wild how I get on right on his cock and guide it inside me. I first start kissing him and rubbing his dick outside of his pants. I have been ready all day. I have grown green with envy watching him play house with his wife and being jetlagged and horny isn’t a great combo. All I have been envisioning is him sneaking out in the middle of the night and making it to me. I am ready to love on him and make him mines for the night at least. I love being his little girlfriend. He may be twice my age but he knows how to work my young bald pussy.


young bald pussy

we belong together

Fantasy Phone SexHow perfect is Fantasy phone sex with the new hot blonde at work? I came into those double doors as the hottest girl you ever have seen. My new internship led me to you and ever since I made my way in you can’t stop thinking about me. We make small talk, and I get all touchy-feely with you, You try to shrug it off as if I am polite. In reality, we both know how bad we want to let all our fantasies happen. My young cunt is oh so very tempting. But you have a family at home. You have a nagging wife, and you have tots too, How could you possibly fall under temptation with your intern student

? I’ll show you how. Do you think my many selfies and nudes make it on to your computer on accident? Oh no, I plant them there. You even commented without thinking how amazing I look in a two-piece. I let you in on my secret. I want you to lose control and fuck me in the office, fuck me in your car, fuck me in your bed that you share with your wife, fuck me here there everywhere. I want you all to myself. As soon as the inception of our tryst occurs, you know you are bound to stick around me. I am forever your girl. You have realized You can’t live without me: my perfect body and my sensual kisses. You have realized my wet bald pussy is all yours. We belong together.

wet bald pussy

Valentines with my boss

hot ass sexThe last few months have been exciting.  My boss and I have gotten close. Unfortunately for his wife, he spent valentines with me. I enjoyed all the lavish gifts he gave me and all the roses. Most of all I was a sucker for the sex I ended up having Hot ass sex in every room in his house. I liked that he sent away his family to a Disney cruise. So sneaky but yet so intelligent. I enjoyed being in their bed and being worshipped and taken out and being shown out too; He says I am the perfect arm candy. My new fling maybe twenty years older than me and also signing my checks but that won’t stop me. I am addicted to silver foxes who know what they want. My cunt is perfect for guys who have a little more experience than the boys my age.  Call it Daddy issues if you like but it won’t stop me from getting what I want.

Can’t keep my hands to my self

hot ass sexI could keep my hands to myself but what would be the fun in that? I like trouble and enjoy making men weak int he knees for me. I have been having some serious hot ass sex sessions with my best friends new husband. I should go by girl code and never break the rules but that would be no fun. I have even been so conving that I fucked her husband on their wedding night. Who would of thought that I could of done such a thing on busy day. I guess bridemaid privledges come in handy. I know what I like and I always get my hands out it every single time. I have a feeling I am about to have a repeat because of my sisters new fiance. My future brother in law is looking very tempting. I have a thing for temptation and never say no to what is calling out my name. I am into spontaneous hot fucks and I never will be against what make my cunt slippery wet.

Romantic phone sex for you

Romantic Phone SexRomantic phone sex is the perfect way to kick off February. I enjoy being a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. The way you look at me when I jerk you off under the table at dinner. We are out in public, but I ever so gently make my way to your cock. I like being able to make you cum even in places where I shouldn’t. Quietly and discreetly I get you off, and I love that I make it hard for you to control yourself. My ways are like no other. There aren’t many hot sluts willing to make their guys happy. I never say no and oppose the things you want me to do. I was born to make you happy. I can’t go without making you shoot. You take your pick how do you want it tonight?

Cum princess

hot ass sexHot ass sex with cum princess? Sign me up! I wouldn’t have it any other way if I were a red-blooded male. Most girls are so prissy and picky. Women who can’t do anything other than lay on their back suck. I am all for a woman who likes all positions and likes to ride a cock. I keep it hot and spicy and most importantly yes I do take that sticky icky cum in all the places your significant other won’t Call me the Princess cum slut. I am that freaky whore who will get on all fours and keep begging for more. Why wouldn’t I want to be filled and stuffed? Feeling the creamy concoction drip down my thighs will have me wanting more. Load after load I want to be your sweet glazed girl. Rub it all over me and watch me lick it off entirely.

Biggest cum shot ever for the slut

Biggest cum shotI’m such a filthy whore. I was at the state fair and noticed this guy staring me down. I was one horny slut for some reason and followed him into the portapotty. I was down to blow him and get his cum. It happened so fast I walked right in and grabbed his dick. I had his cock in my mouth, and I was sucking it and going to town on his juicy meat. As soon as I stopped, he started to tremble he was about to unload. I kept teasing him till finally, he blew the biggest cum shot on my whore face. I walked right out and could hear him call for me. He didn’t even know my name. I walked off and listened to his hey’s disappear. I got what I wanted from him, and that’s not where it ends. A bit later I saw my second victim. I was in the bowling area and saw a guy who wanted to fuck me. I guess blowing a stranger made me want to fuck one too, I went ahead and gave him the green light. We were in the empty blowing area and got down to fucking. I felt his load about to pop. I grabbed it out of my twat and started stroking it till it unleashes in my hands. 

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