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Dream slut

princess phone sexPrincess phone sex is what I can say is my specialty. I love being your dream girl, More than a dream girl your dream slut: the lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. I have an appetite for men that know how to work my body. You can bet I will deliver so much bliss to your life. There is no other that can ride your cock for hours on end. I can’t wait to hop on your cock and make you cum over and over again. Feeling your dick pulsate in me while you fill me with your cum is what makes me so addicted to you. You can bet on it that I will be the perfect girl for you. I will have you feeling your best. There is nothing I won’t do to keep your cock happy.

Big tit photos were a hit

big tit photos

I sent in a ton of big tit photos to an agency and I was excited to see I got a call back. I didn’t mind doing soft core nude photo shoots. I was all in and ready to make it happen. I brought some more pictures and made myself available for the first available opening spot. I walked in and was greeted by both the talent scout and casting director. Both men were in their fifties and eager to see what I was working with. My cunt was slippery wet from playing with myself earlier during the day.

One thing about me is I can go on and on and stay ready for orgasms all throughout the day. They introduced themselves and asked me why should I get cast as a spokes model for their nude agency. I didn’t hesitate I showed them my fabulous pair and played with my twat till I climax right on the casting couch. I was moaning like a professional. It didn’t take long for them to have hard ons. I surely did get the job.

Hoochie Mama

Blowjobs Phone SexI got downtown to get my fix. I like getting so trashed and dressing up as the whore I truly am. My holes getting filled by big black cocks is all I want. Tyrone and Darwin are addicted to me. They love to pass not only the trees around but also my ass around. I like being their hoochie mama. I have no limits and am willing to be the bukkake slut they need. I am all about blowjobs phone sex. Blow jobs galore please. I like inviting all my hot friends over and together we are the cum dump of the hood. Making all the brothers feel good and taking those chocolate dicks. Sharing is caring after all. Me and my girls share it all even dick.

My big tit photos landed me on the naughty list

big tit photosI have earned my spot on the naughty list. I sent my boss my big tit photos. We will get back to that. Lets talk about why I don’t deserve to be on the nice list. I have done it all from stealing my friends boyfriends. To sleeping with my stepdad. There has been no shortage of bad deeds on my part. I have tried to stay good and be a perfect girlfriend but in reality I want to be bad. It makes me feel so good to do everything that I shouldn’t. I especially loved fucking my little brothers band mate. His young cock inside my twat was magical. It was a sure way to get a one way ticket to hell if you ask me. I have corrupted so many relationships and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I have fucked my way to the top at work and school and I am damn proud of that. I never said I was going to be an angel. I knew I wanted to ruin my bosses marriage. Once he fucked me in more ways than one it was on like donkey kong. He promised a promotion and didn’t fulfill it so I went and did damage and that’s how I got what I wanted. I may have ruined his year but thankfully for him 2018 will be in the past soon. Happy holidays and hopefully his New year is less destructive.

Office Christmas party

hot ass sexI had a blast at the Christmas office party. I didn’t forsee the night ending the way it did but there I was competing for a promotion with one of my coworkers. It was a fun competition. It was hands on and it both of us taking a series of big tit photos for the boss. He had to see who was the best option. It was a tough choice so there we were battling it out with our young twats. A sexy threesome only a couple feet away from the party. It was such a good time we both made the boss man cum multiple times he couldn’t choose so he gave us both the promotion. All it took was some team work with the both of us. We were the perfect duo. Deepthroating and fucking like perfect sluts.

Girls night in

cheating phone sex

Cheating phone sex is fun because does it really count? Well I have my fair share of escapade that are pretty raunchy. My friends and I have all been bad together. Who needs to go out when you are all about bringing the fun home. My best friend was ready to make me feel good. My boyfriend was away at a work trip and she had just broken up with hers. There is nothing better than a hot slut that is just as sexy as you are willing to tongue fuck you till your legs shake and pussy quivers. What are best friends for anyways? Girls night in never sounded better than it does when it means I get to swim in the lady pond.

Blonde ambition


wet bald pussySugar Daddy mike is a bonafide hefner wannabe. I can’t deny his lust for a wet bald pussy. I know a couple white lines and some Giuseppe on my feet will allow me to share Papa Mike. I however may play nice but I won’t be dethroned. I will always be the best sugar baby ever. The things I do to keep his dick rock hard are things you can only dream off when it comes to a fuckslut. See mike loves when I take him in every hole for hours and he does like to invite some of the junior sluts to join in for a hot threesome. I play nice but I know no one makes that cock ejaculate like I do. He maybe surrounded by hot blondes and some cute brunettes and a red head or two but I will forever be his favorite blonde bombshell. I never say no to the things that cross his mind and that right there separates me from the rest.

Snowed in with my stepmom

big tits phone sex Big tits phone sex is pretty addicting with a hot blonde like me. I have all sorts of fun times being the big tit slut I am. One of the funnest times I have had has to be this past week visiting my new mom. I traveled to the Midwest to visit my dad and his new wife. This was wife number five. I had been so desensytized to even trying to get to know any of the women in my dads life. They would come and go in a flash. Of course my luck runs short and I am stuck with Tara. Tara was hot and had young ones of her own but they all lived with their dad. I wondered how fucked up she could be. Well I spent a lot of time with her. My dad was away for a quick work trip and there was a snow storm keeping us inside. Tara was so handsie with me and wanted to know about my fake tits. She was trying hard to get my attention. I knew she had a girl crush on me. I must of been hornier than I lead on because I wasn’t stopping her from groping me and making out with me. She became my scissoring step mom. My new mommy wanted me more than anything and she was going to make me remember this christmas forver. I loved feeling her flick her tongue on my clit and letting my cunt cum all over her face.

Breaking all the rules

Adult Phone ChatAdult phone chat makes you do some pretty naughty things. Well, I have done my fair share of nasty things. Most recently the naughtiest thing I have done thus far is seducing my best friends guy. It wasn’t planned, but once I took a good look at that huge BBC rod, I knew I had to have it inside me. My friend happened to be my roommates as well, and I knew she was working late and wouldn’t be home for a while. When her sexy chocolate boyfriend came over to drop some of her stuff off, I invited him in and made my move. I didn’t have to try too hard. My daisy dukes and hot crop top were getting all his attention. I playfully reached down south and told him a bad girl like me deserves what he was packing. He couldn’t resist me. It is not his fault! I mean who can say no to such a hot piece of ass willing to do it all? I played with his cock till I got that cream out. Chocolate and cream always are the best. My cravings were met, and I had no complaints. I needed it more than I could ever admit. I think we will eventually get caught because we can’t keep our hands off each other. 


GFE Phone Sex

Phone sex is fun when you have two sluts competing for your cum at the very same time. I think we all have that one competitive friend that tries to outshine us. Mines happens to work at the strip club I dance. Who was going to take center stage and make the most cock cum in one night? It was a competition I wasn’t willing to lose. For weeks we both tried to outdo each other. I accidentally let it slipped Princess hope was a coke fiend, and she didn’t mind putting me on blast. I was fucking a couple of the other dancer’s boyfriends. After a dueling match, we decided to let bygones be bygones and fuck our way to the top. It was on! we agreed on a friendly competition who could make the boss cum the most. Our boss is a short Italian guy who isn’t appealing to either of us. We had realized our mistake instead of fucking Little mike we put our heads together and made him our cbt toy. Luckily he was all for it, Two hot young sluts ruining his cock and draining his account was all he wanted. We put on our dancing stilettos and started to walk all over him and his cock. In the end, it takes two to make a thing go right and we both ended up with over the top center stages. Little mikes secret is safe with us  and we are both the belles of the ball every night at the pussycat lounge.  



Phone sex

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