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My friends boyfriend

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A girl sometimes just wants to fuck. I was bored and decided to hit up some of those hookup apps. To my surprise I just spent hours on end trying to talk myself out of it. Sometimes the vagina wins and there’s nothing you can do especially when you have cravings for some hot ass sex. I got matched to this guy and he came over right away. It took a couple seconds to realize that this guy coming over was actually one of my friends boyfriends. I was stuck in a place of wanting to get laid and trying to be a good friend. Unfortunately I had to betray my friend and I just needed to fuck her new boyfriend. It sucks that I knew, and he had no idea because we had never met, but I have seen plenty pictures. My friend was already deep in lust with this one. She probably showed me so many pictures I should have been able to swipe left immediately. It’s too bad, and my pussy just wanted his big rod, and I got his big dick at my service. How can I turn down good cock?

Now every time I see him, he looks down and gets nervous that I’m going to tell. I whisper in his ear and let him know he’s safe. I think about him just bending me over and giving me his dick everytime we cross paths. Sorry, not sorry because well sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get fucked even if it means betraying someone.



Girls Night out

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After a long night out with my best friends and roommates I ended up coming home super late. My roommate and I were very much still up and wired. I guess we were just looking for a good time. When she was in the living room she started to get completely naked, I can’t deny I was enjoying the view because I was just thinking about some nice hot ass sex with her. The feeling must of been mutual because she came over right to me and started to unzip my tight leather dress. She made her way to my pussy and spread my legs and started to eat me out. It was such a hot experience that I almost felt like I was in some sort of dream. You know those dreams where you don’t want to wake up because its so good. I of course wanted to and I didI return the favor and got on my knees to eat her pussy too. The next day everything was back to normal no strings attach just how I love it. Well, until next girls night out. πŸ˜‰

Five star pussy

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I have the Million Dollar Pussy. Every guy that ends up getting a piece of this tight young pussy ends up hooked. I love to see a guy get so obsessed with it nothing just needed more and more. When you have a hot young thing like me writing you crazy, there’s nothing that is better. My tight pussy craves and nice big dick. If you love young voice phone sex, you will love my hot young voice. I like to hear that you release your nut hard. It’s my kryptonite; I am addicted to making a guy fall in love with my young pussy. I always get in so much trouble for being the one to make a guy fall Head Over Heels for me. I fuck so well that they got hooked. I’m a sure whore. IΒ  love to get it in all my holes. The more, the merrier I can never say no to a big juicy rod. I want to be a little cum whore for life.


BBC fuck buddy

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My friend was telling me all about this app that I could download and end up hooking up with practically can hook up instantly. I never have an issue catching a dick. I have the bad luck of having guys fall head over heels for me. I’m a hot commodity. I can’t help my charm; It makes everyone pretty weak. I love to get a cock super hard and ready to fuck. I have no issues fucking and going on with my day. I’m a cum slut, so when I got to the app, I made sure to check the ” No strings attach box” I am not looking for Mr. Right, I’m looking for Mr right now. I downloaded it and quickly had a ton of advance. I picked this one guy Derwin, He was tall dark and had a long chocolate dick. Derwin snapped a picture and sent it, and I needed it so bad. Cum slut phone sex with him was fun too, but I was thinking about some physical fun. I kept thinking about Derwin fucking me mid-air and making me a spinner on his big meaty black dick. I love how power big cock is. Chocolate has always been my favorite.

Yes daddy

hot ass sexLike being a good slut who loves to obey her master. I have dabbled in the sub-scene and have figured out that I love getting my pussy and ass played with after I have had some fun discipline sessions. My new sugar daddy is one who doesn’t like vanilla sex all the time. Yes, we do all that lovey do very shit but a couple of times out of the week we pull out the toys. It started one day just hanging out playing with my daddy; He wanted to spice up the mood a bit, so he pulled out a whip and a paddle and started to hit my tight bum. It was getting me all worked and up and ready for some hot ass sex with him. It drove daddy crazy how wet I had become. My pussy juices just started to run down, and my legs were open sesame. I couldn’t wait for that daddy dick. Daddy shoved me on the bed and begun to take what he wanted. My sweet pussy was being pounded inch by inch. I was all flustered and had become warm with the rush of being spanked that I was feeling rush. My ass and pussy were burning and pretty much beet red at this point. I could feel the wetness everywhere, and daddy could get too. I was such a perfect princess for my sugar daddy. I think I made daddy very proud.

Cum loving slut

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I was watching some hot porn with this guy I was dating we were just messing around, and we thought we should enjoy some naughty movies together. We had been many miles apart and had a ton cum slut phone sex. He knew what the deal was with me I was all about being cum drenched and taking loads left and right. I was a cum loving slut, and he knew it. While we were watching the flick we heard a knock it was a group of guys that seemed familiar. I opened up, and sure enough, it was his best friend and cousins coming over to enjoy the show. They were coming over to cum on me too. It was about to go down. This was all set up, and I honestly couldn’t have loved it more. I was excited to feel their cocks pound me and fuck me hard and I loved the fact I would enjoy the grand finale a ton of cum shots all over my slutty body.

Big daddies barbie

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Older guys know how to treat women way better, I have been fucking this guy who regulars the club for a while now. I just love how good he kisses me; He knows how to grip me and pulsate that dreamy cock nice and thick in me. Guys my age don’t ever last and are just minutemen when it comes down to it. I can’t help myself around a guy who knows how to fuck and make love. Even when he’s not around, we have a ton of passionate phone sex, and he just makes me climax so well. I need his dick deep inside I find myself craving it, and I can’t believe how well he knows how to handle my body. My new daddy knows how to work my pussy and knows my g spot so well.



He has more stamina than guys half his age and the best part is he knows how to spoil his young fuck slut. I will forever enjoy that daddy dick. I feel so comfortable giving him all my tight holes and letting him fuck me however he likes.



He knows best, and I just love his company.




A virgin for our master

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Our master loves having two hot sluts doing everything and anything he asks. So we brought the perfect gift we know how much he loves turning Lexi and me into the total little sluts. We knew he couldn’t possibly wait for another addition. Shes perfect shes cute young and still has her cherry. I can’t wait till we help you corrupt this little teen slut.

cock controlWe dressed her up just like you like. We got her ready to fulfill all your deep dark fantasies. We know how much our masters does love our teeny twats. Its like we were born to serve him and make him the happiest master of them all. As soon as we brought wendy over, we could see the excitement in his eyes. What’s better than two obedient sluts? Three is the magic number. Three charming sluts ready to bend over and take that big daddy cock

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Think master was really pleased fucking us hard in front of Wendy. Pay close attention from now on you will be masters personal slut. There isn’t anything that gets my young bald pussy ready to go then seeing our daddy excited and ready to explode. hot phone sex

BBC ballplayers for me

wet bald pussyThis stripper joint has all the best clients in town. I can even vouch and say the best on the west coast for sure. I am so stoked to be part of the team here. When I see my favorite rappers walk in I automatically cream my tight panties. My wet bald pussy can’t handle it. I just love making those BBC happy. This past weekend I had some ballplayers from the east coast celebrating a big win they had. My panties were soaked. I took some over to the VIP section and worked my magic! I went on to grinding my body on them one by one they loved my little barbie charm. I had all of them go to the secret room and gangbang me and show me not to tease grown anacondas. I came on strong and felt them pound me. Girls that tease eventually get what they ask for. No complaints here daddy. I love it and want it, My pussy and tight ass will handle whatever you bring my way. Those balls were so awesome to play with, and they kissed on my big fake tits and licked my twat and ass too. They showed sportsmen ship and were team players on my body.Β 

Kitty kat lounge

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I have gravitated toward two of the girls at the strip club. I love bitches who know how to party and enjoy to hustle. We get into a lot of wild things together. One of our favorite things to do is serve the strip club owner. All of us at the same time. I like watching them take charge while I sit back and get the best view in the house. I can’t figure out which one is the better cocksucker. Hope knows how to make big poppa tense up and ready to shoot, but I think no one can maneuver that dick like Debbie. It’s only my second week, so I watch like hawk, A bit timid but so turned on. Little sluts should have no time to be shy. I quickly get in the game and begin to do exactly what I’m instructed to do. I take that cock inch by inch like the little slut that I am and end up making him blow his load. Cum shots on tits is a beautiful sight.

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