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Biggest cum shot for a new car

biggest cum shot

I let my uncle paint my face when I was a youngin. Its one of the nastiest things I have ever done. i had an uncle

Who owned a car dealership. I wanted a new car and knew he was the way to get it. I went after school to see if I could get a good deal. To my surprose my uncle was offering me a brand new car if I did something he wanted for a while. I was wondering what could be… Before I asked he made his way over to me and guided my hands on his cock. He wanted the biggest cum shot on my face…. A cum shot for a new car. I didn’t think twice I went to work and kept it between us.

Promo prostitute

hot ass sex

There is nothing I will say no to if it advances and benefits me in some sort of way. When my new professor got the hots for me and offered me up a deal I couldn’t turn down I was all over it. My professor offered me a paid internship if I let him borrow my young pussy for the weekend. How could I turn down his Daddy dick. To be honest I was playing hard to get and actually had a crush on the old geezer. Men of a certain age kind of turn me on. Call it Daddy issues but my twat twitches for a big mature penis. I like to get that big dick deep in all my holes and it coming with a couple perks was just the cherry on top of the sundae. I had no issue spreading my twat for that advancement. It was a great opportunity and I got some good fucking on top of it all.

Brothel slut

hot ass sex

I was in Europe for the summer.I got into a crowd of party whores like me. I enjoyed learning the ropes and being a complete slut. I was blowing tourist and having hot ass sex with all the guys that caught my attention. I just wanted to get laid. I wanted my mouth and ass and cunt filled.

I want to be a nasty whore who fucks till her twat is sore and squirting nonstop. I want to be the best fuck slut. I took a job at a brothel and let the guys use me till I was basically crying. I never knew I would love rough sex so much. I liked the experience so much I extended my stay.


Our hands in the sugar bowl

hot ass sex

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Trista and I are total babes and we always end up getting exactly what we want. We like fucking men with big cocks and men who know how to please us. Sadly most the times men with big cocks can only provide just that. We have been sugar babies for a while and we have recently scored a billionaire daddy together. We sealed the deal with a live action show just for that man in the suit. We will call our new sugar Daddy john. John has made sure to secure our futures but we have to give him the best service. We definitely did that when we showed him how nasty both Trista and I could get. John was enjoying two whores making each other squirt and show out. Two blonde bombshells ready to cum hard for the benjamins baby. Trista rubbed my wet bald pussy while I sucked on her tits our new Sugar Daddy couldn’t withhold himself and came on the spot. I think we both can get use to this gig.

July 4th with our perverted boss

biggest cum shotMy boss treated the girls and I at the office with a fourth of July getaway. We thought it was all so nice.We should of known he had ulterior motives. we went on this cruise but it ended up being a cruise filled with super dominant men who treated their female employees like slave pets. We were assigned a suite and all six of us had to fuck him nonstop. We were all so opposed but with the raise he was promising and the way he was using us we ended up being like melted chocolate in his hands. We just wanted the biggest cum shot from his balls. It was insane how we went from not wanting in to basically fighting for his attention.

Young dumb and full of cum

wet bald pussyCreampie Phone SexThe college budget living wasn’t for neither of us. Hope and I wanted to make our cash flow abundant and working as exotic dancers were barely scratching the surface. We ended up taking pretty good money for the average person but we wanted more, and we both agreed we had the goods to go pro in porn and to use that wet bald pussy to make what we were blessed with work for us. The casting audition went more than well we both had to show off our twats and make sure the camera got its money shot. We had to improvise and make the casting director know we both film gold. Hope and I ended up in one nasty threesome scene with the casting head.  we drained his balls and shared his cum loads. Cum swapping and being drenched in his creamy cum had him exhausted. Neither of us wanted to stop. We kept going load after load being young dumb and full of cum. He was sure we would be AVN winners in no time. Who could blame him? 😉

Getting out of that DUI

big tit fuckingI was a dumb slut and didn’t realize I had one too many drinks. I wish I would have paid much more attention and perhaps I wouldn’t have been in the bind I put myself in. I was behind the wheel after a couple of shots and smoking pot, I thought I was okay to drive, but I was wrong. I was pulled over and panicked because I wasn’t even twenty-one to be drinking. The officer was ready to make his arrest and report, but I guess he liked what he saw. He gave me an alternative option. I would have to have my car driven by someone sober, but I would have to provide him with a special thank you for letting me off easy. I agreed. I couldn’t turn that down. I ended up giving him big tit fucking extravaganza. He was in love with my huge jugs and wanted his cock deep in them. I gave the best blowjob I could I made sure to show the officer how thankful I was and how much of a freak I could be. I learned my lesson for sure.


female bondage pet

Female bondageI got a girl fired at work she was a hot latina, and I was over her flirting with my boss. I wanted him to myself, and I planted some faux evidence of her stealing some office supplies and cash. One day I was locking up, and two mask guys grabbed me. I awoke with Maria right over me. I had a gag in my mouth, and her brothers were the ones who caught me and brought me to her. Maria had something in mind since I screwed her over, she was going to screw me over and let me in on some female bondage. I was maria’s slave pet for the week. I kept getting her strap daily. My ass was beet red, and her dildo used my mouth. If I wanted to sit, I had to sit on a butt plug. Maria had a field day using my holes and putting me in my place.

Teaching her well

Young bald pussy

I had a college roommate who was shy and didn’t have much experience in anything. I could tell she wanted to know more about how to be more sexual and how to be a bit on the wilder side of things. I asked her if she ever used any toys, She had no idea what I meant. I had to show her my favorite toy and I had to tell her how to use it. It was interesting to see how submissive and willing she was. I taught her the ins and out of how to play with her young bald pussy. It was fun to see her break away from her shyness and see her willing to do anything I suggested. I surely used her for plenty of wild threesome nights after I broke her out of her shell.

back Alley BJ

wet bald pussyI took a stroll late at night couldn’t think had way too much coke and needed to walk it out a bit. I ended up in a back alley and didn’t think twice. I had a strange older guy approach me, and he made me strip. I was following all his orders. I was giddy high and horny. I couldn’t believe I was all about it. I guess being under the influence of coke will make you a loose hoe. I liked it I was stripping for him, and there was no one around. He made his way to my twat and started to play with it and made me blow him. After he came, he was long gone. It was for sure fun.

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