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Hooters whore

young bald pussy

I was the only high school student who had a boob job. I was barely legal and flaunting my summer job savings right on my chest. If I was going to get plastic tits I wanted porn star ones. Pam Anderson like tits. It was a perfect time to be me. My tits were getting attention and I was the most seeked girl in school. The new hooters opened right across from school campus. It was perfect! Saving up for my tits made my dreams of having a brand new car a distant hope. I was sick of using my grannies passed down Volvo. When I saw I could apply I was all in to be a hooters girl. I knew the fact that I was still in high school and had a sweet innocent but slutty look would make those horny fuckers tip me like crazy. I also put my hooters uniform for good use and made a home video I was able to market online an make a pretty penny from. Being a young slut with a sweet young bald pussy comes in handy.

Halloween office slut

Married Men Phone SexHalloween is long gone but the fun time in the office party I had will stay in my mind forever. I finally was able to get my new boss to crack. My hot halloween costume had him having a raging boner. I teased him by “accidentally bumping into him” I could see his piercing cock wanting to jump out of his pants. I sent him a text and within minutes he met me in the utilities closets. I grabbed his cock and guided him inside me. We fucked till we both ended up cumming hard. I wasn’t done for the night. I ended up fucking the maintence guy too. He was cleaning up but I had one more mess he needed to clean up. I needed him to cum on me and suck it clean. I love seeing another man lick their own cum .

Delivery Dick

young bald pussy

I love fucking men in uniforms. I especially like calling up random delivery places and having them come right when I am rubbing on my young bald pussy. I knew the Coffee and Tea shop was doing deliveries. I knew the delivery boy was a cute young thing. I’m pretty young but this boy was even younger than my brother. I think this surely is his first gig. I spotted him and knew I wanted him. I waited a bit and made sure I was most likely the last stop. I wanted him all night. I waited for my delivery and opened the door in a slutty outfit. I was delighted to see his dick perched up at the sight of me. I invited him in and saw his nerves were shot. He couldn’t believe an older hot teen was giving him the time of day. I Wanted his young cock. I’m pretty sure he had no experience. This boy was basically going to have the best first fuck. I new right away he was a virgin. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. He was my prey and I wanted him. I seeked him and hunted him and gathered him. Now it was time to have what I longed for all night. He came so quick but we didn’t stop I was giving him a lesson he will always remember. By the time the sun came up he was a pro fucker.

Boyfriend fucker

hot ass sex I am not the greatest example of girl code. I have stolen all of my friends boyfriends! I like to conquer them and say hasta vista! I think it’s hot when you can cause some havoc. For some reason it always makes my pussy wet knowing I am going to have hot ass sex with someone I shouldn’t the prime example of this can be when I fucked my best friends soon to be husband! It was their wedding day and I went to him while everyone was busy. I knew he had down time and he was trying to focus on writing last minute vows. I was going to make the memory special by fucking him before he went to the altar. I had on my maid of honor dress and I was going to fuck my best friends almost husband. I always get what I desire so it was easy as pie. It was hard explaining the wet spot on the satin dress but I blamed it on the champagne 😉

Five star slut

wet bald pussyI knew getting into a situation with a guy who has a flock of hoes would be detrimental towards any type of budding relationship. Luckily I know what I am working with. My wet bald pussy keeps my fuck buddy coming for more. He is so addicted he has made me his only fuck slut. I knew it would eventually happen. Once I start fucking riding your cock and giving you everything you desire you won’t go back to basic pussy. My hot twat is all the rave. I like getting guys and girls addicted to it and love when someone is jonesing for my cunt. Never underestimate a hot slut with an even hotter sexual appetite. I can fuck for hours and I usually always bone till you are of energy. I like to drain you in all ways. Remember I’m the five star slut! 😉

p-cock lover

GFE Phone SexI knew he had an insatiable appetite for young girls. I could tell his love for ankle biters was written all over his face. I had no doubt in my mind I was going to be his accomplice. I couldn’t say no his desires. After all his desires are mines. I like seeing him rock hard and watching him get excited put a smile on my face. I like bringing over my young cousins and stripping them down. His P-cock gets huge and ready to rumble. I spread those tots twats and let him go to town. Its sick and twisted beyond wicked but it makes our bond stronger. I can’t deny his lust and need to cum for those young cunts. My pussy gets wet and I even enjoy it more than our gfe phone sex sessions. I like being the supportive perfect girlfriend willing to go to any length to make her guy happy in each and every area.

hot baby sitter

GFE Phone SexMy boss knew I needed some extra cash for school so he offered me a side job. If I baby sat his tots for a bit I could make extra pay. I thought it was going to be strictly business. I was wrong, My boss would stick around and while his wife was away he would make me pay with my hot twat right in front of him. I liked teasing him and making him want me. I would give him the best blowjobs while his family was in the next room. He would call me in his home office and make me strip. The door usually wouldn’t even be locked. We both loved the thrill and excitement. I like getting his cock deep inside. Knowing his family was a few feet away was hot as can be.


Hot ass sexI knew you wanted to have hot ass sex with my tight ass and you made it no secret. I riled you up so much that you decided it was time to fuck my ass. You were gentle and you didn’t go at my pace. I was struggling and whimpering but at the same time I was wetter than ever. I was a mix of emotions. I felt violated angry, but I also felt so pleased and excited. I was confused but loving it and at the same time I was plotting my revenge. After we both came I have to admit the anger wore off but I still wanted my payback. I was going to fuck your tight ass this time with a special toy I picked up.

Nympho Barbie

Adult Phone ChatLooks are deceiving. I may look like the perfect barbie and may seem like I’m sweet as pie but in reality I am nympho slut who will fuck anyone with a rock hard cock. During a family reunion I ended up marking my prey. I saw my cousins new boyfriend and saw how tall dark and handsome he was. I wanted him deep inside me and I always get exactly what I want. I made sure to tease him and made him follow me up to a vacant room. There was so many people at the party that no one noticed we were gone. I loved getting my cousins boyfriends big cock. I could hear all the noise downstairs and didn’t care the deeper he went into me the more I wanted him not to stop. After we were done we exited and made it seem like nothing happened.

Got a bed with your name on it

wet bald pussyI invited my new next door neighbor over. He was a tall dark handsome fella. My wet bald pussy was aching for that precious big chocolate cock. I knew I was going to get every inch of it deep inside my tight ass and pussy. I had my bed with his name on it already. I made sure he knew I was game for some hot fucking. I was trying to be hospitable and a good neighbor. I asked him to come have a cup of tea or coffee with me. His name was Rodney. Rodney was about 6’4 and I could tell his dick was enormous. I was a tease and rubbed up against him. I felt that huge cock rise up and needed it instantly. I got acquainted with him and you can say we are great neighbors.

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