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The perfect girl

hot ass sexI know you crave me. You have tried your hardest to not fall into temptation, but I have caused you to lose all senses. You need something other than your boring wife. I can give it to you all night. I like feeding your addiction and making you happy. I can make your cock cream in no time. I know what hits the spots for you. I listen, and I make sure you are treated like the king you are. I won’t ever let a load go to waste. I make sure I swallow it whole, or I get it deep inside my bald cunt. You will be obsessed with hot ass sex with me. I give you everything you need and more.

What are big sisters for?

Young bald pussyWhen my little sister wanted to know how to reach the perfect climax, I had to show her. What are big sisters for anyways? I have an array of toys and love nothing more than using them. I want to give her the same satisfaction and shower her how her young bald pussy will reach the highest peak of pleasure. I know her little clit is filled with so much fun and feels she needs to explore it every bit of that delicious nub. My hot sister has a perfect pussy like mommy and me, so I know she will be all about fun and fucking, of course. I like to show her all her holes are a treasure, even her bumhole. I will spend my time helping her explore her raging hormones.

Sleeping with the enemy

wet bald pussyWho would have thought I would end up boning someone I hated. Hate fucking is fun after all. I can’t stand my lead. I ditest when he acts like he is a supervisor. I  can see him always trying to one-up situations, and I certainly roll my eyes so hard I can see the back of my brain. One day at an office party things took a turn between us. Usually, I avoid him, but this time the alcohol was winning. I wanted to face off with him and give him a piece of my mind. They do say drinking brings out the truth. I got into a heated argument with him over his demeanor and walked away. I ended up joining some other coworkers at a bar, and without missing a beat, he came along as well. I got so fucked up I could barely remember my name. One thing led to another, and I was making out with him and letting him take me home. Hate fucking and sleeping with the enemy wasn’t too bad. All that cocky attitude came with a thriving dick after all.

Hot phonesex will spice it up

Hot phonesex

I find that hot phonesex with other guys spices up my relationships. I am sure it does the same for you as well. Having the auto pilot redundant events will have you wanting to have fun. I love talking to other men and getting them off and hearing the moan and cum super hard. I care only about what’s happening between us at that moment. Hearing you ready to climax has me thinking about getting fucked raw and hard tonight. A good whore with no limits is what I will be tonight. I want to make you think about me when you are at work and you get a flashback to us fucking in the car in a full parking lot. My cunt can’t help but get off that way.

Barbie whore

I love hot ass sex with my boss. I give him the satisfaction he craves. I am his dream girl from head to toe. I do it all, and he loves me to pieces because of all I do. His pathetic wife will never compete with me. I am his barbie. I dress up in all his favorite things. I can be his hot naughty school girl or his sweet blonde bimbo. High heels short skirt. I wear whatever he wants me to wear and will do whatever gets his cock off. I am a no limits kind of girl, and I love doing whatever will make his cock explode. I know fucking on the desk was his biggest fantasies. I came to the office with nothing but a trench coat on and high heels. I was ready to make his wildest dreams come true. hot ass sex

Slutty study buddy

hot ass sexAfter a few glasses of wine in and a long study session, my friend and I got a little drunk and freaky. One minute we are going over the law of physics the next we are jumping into human anatomy. I felt her hand find my thighs. I thought she was playing with me, but soon enough I felt her grip my cunt. I whimpered a bit because she was a bit rough. At the same time, she was seductive. I could feel her and knew she meant business. I was going to give her a lot more than a study session. I could feel her take control of me. She spread my legs and rubbed on my bald cunt. My sweet holes were dripping for her already. I could feel her long strokes of licks on my clit, and I was anticipating her clit on clit action. My cunt and hers kissing and having hot ass sex was the best part of my day. I think I can get used to this.

Groupie whores

wet bald pussyMy friends and I get ready and target all the bands that come into town. We love being groupie whores and getting our cunts used. I like sharing a dick with my best friend. Together we work cocks together like no other. We are pro hoes, and we don’t deny that. No dare is too risky. I have been proud of getting cum shots by all the band mates at the same time. I like the attention I get. My wet bald pussy gets filled and stuffed. Cock after cock goes in and out and on to the next. Big tits whore with no limits whatsoever. Sometimes we go ahead and go city to city to see all our favorite rockstars. We are crazed cock bitches.

Spring break orgy

biggest cum shot

I love spending time with my friends. I like spring break because I always get in all kinds of trouble. My slutty holes crave new meat everywhere I go. Springtime in Oahu brought an array of fun. I never thought I would be in full on orgy with all my closest friends. Undressing each other and rubbing suntan oil on each other got us all hot and ready. We invited some college boys to keep us company. Girls just want to have fun. Sharing dick isn’t anything new. We have all done it since we were youngins. Rubbing on each other’s clits and licking each other slits had us all ready to go and to climax all together as if it were a sweet symphony.

My friends little brother


cum shots on tits

When I hang out with my friend Jessica, she always is so annoyed by her little brother. I find him cute and playful, but she can’t stand the sight of him. He’s only about four years our junior, but he’s always all over our space. I think he has a crush on me. I know for a face he does. I see him still staring at me. I made his dreams come true this past week. I went over for a study session, but Jessica was running late. There I was listening to her little brother talk nonstop. I peeked over to him and realized he was blabbering because he was nervous. It was quite cute to see the bonder growing in his shorts. I don’t know what got into me, but I decided to flash him and give him a hand job and even let him fuck my big tits. I saw that he loved cum shots on tits not that long ago. I was peeping his stuff and saw plenty of cum shot porn videos around. I was making his dream cum true literally. 

Cum watch me

naked teen picturesWhen I get bored and horny, I tend to send a ton of naked teen pictures and get into some trouble. I love being able to be watched by randoms on the net. I like undressing and revealing myself. I know I will never know who is watching and that is quite alright. I want to play with my cunt rub on my clit and tits. I like to be able to get off and be watched. There is something about my most valuable moment being spied on that turns me on. I could be being viewed by people I know even family members of mines. I don’t care. It turns me on so much and makes me feel like a slut.

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