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revenge is a dish best served cold

Hot squirting pussy This hot squirting pussy will never be yours to enjoy again. I love that you are so invested in trying to get me to be back with you. I had to do what was best for me and get some revenge. You thought you could just drop me and forget about me? You soon realized what a hard task that was. How could you not see what an idiot you were? I love seeing how desperate you are to get me back but you will never see these cute lips wrapped around your cock ever again. I love that I am fucking your best friend and I get to rub it in your face. Who would have thought that your best friend just happens to be your pathetic wife’s brother? Gee this circle is getting so much smaller. You can expect to see me in short little outfits and really making your life difficult not only at work but now in your family life as well. 😉

Naked teen pictures equals trouble

Naked teen picturesNaked teen pictures equal trouble. It started it out with me giving you a ton of naked photos. We had lots of fun fucking but of course you had to freak out and bail on me time and time again. Even though I know your weakness and know that you can’t resist me. I got pretty upset you had been ignoring me but its alright because something I have begun liking way more than forbidden sins is revenge. I have been the sweet side piece for a while giving you everything you need all that you desire. I know how much your wife neglects you and I tried to be an escape but I am done trying I am ready to get even, so I have done something you are probably going to hate but I am pretty pleased about, I have fucked your best friend and made sure you have all the evidence. I can’t wait to see how upset and hurt you get when you see me riding your best friend live on video. I wanted you to see what you are missing and boy did I waste time with you, He had such a nice cock and was the best fuck I have had in a while. Who knew something so beautiful could have such an evil side. Roses have thorns too baby doll.

big tit photos for the boss

Big tit photos Big tit photos for the boss. I sent them and have no regrets after our Halloween hook up we had plenty of hot fuck sessions. He became so obsessed and addicted to fucking me he decided to avoid me all together. He went to the extremes of even changing schedules and shift just so I don’t have to tempt him anymore. I am not taking no for an answer I always get what I want and hes whats peaking my interest right now. Maybe I am being a little rebellious and kind of on the dark side lately, but I really don’t care. I know how to get him back and I will make sure he realizes what a mistake he made avoiding this hot piece of ass. I know what makes him weak in the knees. So i planted a trap, I put some hot photos and videos of me that will have him crawling to me in no time. He just needs this tight pussy and that’s why he is freaking out. He knows im the best cum-slut ever.

Hardcore ass fucking with my best friend

Hardcore ass fuckingHardcore ass fucking with my best friend and her boyfriend was an experience for the books for sure. It started out a couple weeks back when my best friend lynsi was just throwing out hints and little clues about how bad her boyfriend wanted both of us at the same time. I laughed it off and thought okay she is totally pulling my leg, besides me and Lynsi are known to have lots of fun together we make out and fuck here and there. I know how territorial she is over not just me but her boyfriend too. I reminded her how insane of a plan it was but she still wanted it just as bad as her boyfriend James. This past weekend It finally happened! We were all hanging out and I and Lyns started to play with each other like we always do and James took his chance and decided to participate. I can’t lie the best feeling in the world is getting fucked while you are eating a nice tight pussy. After a long fuck session that included us getting all our holes filled and maximum orgasms we decided this was an activity we needed to participate in a lot more.

Guided masturbation fun with the boss

Guided masturbationMy boss and I have been sneaking around lately and sometimes we are a bit impatient when we can’t meet up. So I came up with a way to keep us both really pleased. It actually came about one day we were fucking. I asked him if he masturbates when we aren’t together and of course I knew the answer was yes. He’s not fucking his wife so he is thinking about me. I told him everytime he cums he has to think of me and shoot me a text while he is doing it. A bit of guided masturbation fun together. It’s so hot to now he is getting off thinking about all the times he has fucked me right next to his wife. I love being able to control his headspace. When we aren’t together we are surely thinking about each other. I love sending him pics of me and my toys just to show him how excited he has me.

Hot ass sex with my boss

Hot ass sex with my boss has me feeling all types of ways. All good for the most part. Do I have just a bit of guilt of course but the sex is so amazing. I have never felt such a nice cock in me. He has by far the prettiest cock I have ever laid my eyes on. It is not only pretty decent in size it’s so thick and looks so good. It’s total Eye candy. I have never seen a such a nice cock. I’m kind of hooked on it. It is totally way better than I could have ever imagined. He has got such a nice mushroom head and it is so meaty. I get so wet just at the sight of it. After the Halloween party we ended up hanging out at my apartment and things got pretty intense. As soon as he whipped that 8-inch cock I was a fan. I kept my composure but I was definitely enjoying it and getting hooked.  Hot ass sex

Married Men Phone Sex

Married Men Phone Sex is a topic that turns me on. I like to talk about the things I have experienced, Case in point I have the cutest boss and I love to flirt with him and make him turn beet red.

One day I was home bored and decided I had to be bold and do something I probably shouldn’t have.

 I sent my cute boss some nudes and I knew the moment I was taking them it was a bad Idea. The thought of knowing I was going to get him all nervous and excited pushed me to do it without listening to my conscious.

I knew I was going to see him at the Halloween staff party that very same night. I was aware of what I was doing. I’m not even going to try to play dumb. I got ready right after the nudes were delivered. I got my sexy kitty outfit on. I got my high-heeled all black strappy stilettos and unzip the top and showed of huge tits. I was ready to go to the party.

I got them and of course, I got the attention of nearly every man with a pulse their but I wasn’t happy.

My boss was completely ignoring me I panicked and then I could see why he was avoiding me like the plague his wife was with him.

I was upset and embarrassed and ready to go home. I went to leave some stuff at my desk. I was packing my stuff and heading out but then I could feel someone coming in. I froze, it was him, I was mortified and worried I’d be suspended from work because of Inappropriate conduct.

He asked me “Cody where do you think you are going, little girl?

Seconds later he started to feel up on me and told me what a bad girl I was leaving him with a hard dick all night long. Right then and there I unzipped him and took his cock whole in my mouth I made sure he would always remember me. He told me to meet him in 2 hours. I had the biggest grin ever.

Married Men Phone Sex

Young bald pussy that will keep you cumming back

young bald pussyYoung bald pussy that will keep you cumming back for more. I like to have a good time when I’m fucking, I’m not a selfish lover I love to make sure you are having a good time. I know how addicting my body is and how much you are turned on by me, So you probably expect me to leave all the work to you, I’m probably one of the best you will ever have, for one I don’t believe in random hookups that just not me I like to build a bond and be something more than a one night stand, I like to be the perfect girlfriend for you, even if you have a wife, there’s nothing wrong with a side piece that’s way better than the entree. My sex is so addicting you will eventually just need to have me all the time, cause honestly, nothing compares to me. I have everything you want and way more than you can ever dream off.

2 Girl Phone Sex fun

2 Girl Phone Sex2 Girl phone sex fun with me and my best friend lynsi will have you begging for more. Sit back and relax as you watch both of us get each other off. You sure do love hot young pussy especially the ones that know how to work each other’s pussy out. I never knew fucking another girl in front of a guy would be so much fun until I met my boyfriend, We were having a rough patch and needed to spice things up. I like variety and love to keep my guy on his toes, I need to make sure I am getting him off and he is getting me off, Traditional boning is fun and all, and I do appreciate all the vanilla stuff, but nothing beats having a hot girl to share, I am a little stingy  I first have to make sure you are teased before I let you join in, you have to watch her eat me and fuck me first then you may possibly come and join.

2 Girl Phone Sex with hotties

2 Girl Phone Sex2 Girl Phone Sex with hotties like me and my best friend Lynsi, I can tell you all about the naughty things we do. We have always been pretty close and have always had a way of seducing different guys whenever we want between both of us there’s no challenge we can take on where we would end up coming shot, every time we set out to do something we get it done, even more so when we come in a package deal. We went to this concert and were having the time of our lives, She had set up a challenge in her head, She wanted to see if we could seduce the stage manager and score some VIP backstage passes, We had it in the bag we strut our cute bodies and giggled and flirted and score, After a long night we got home and got in the shower together of course had a little bit more fun and called it a night.

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