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Raiding mommies toys

Young bald pussyI never knew how horny a growing slut could get til the time I was home alone and my parents were away at a vacay. I was watching movies keeping busy as much as I could when I was surfing the web and came across a ton of porn that made my young bald pussy so wet. Even till this day, I have to admit that feeling of horniness is like nothing else. I was just getting so excited and making my way to my little skirt. I had become quite a pro at playing with my pussy and clitty. I saw something in the video that caught my youngin eyes. It was shiny dildo that the slut in the video was enjoying. I was growing so jealous watching as she was pleasuring herself with that vibrating cock, I had to get one of those, I had no idea how I would get away with it. Something came to my mind, My momma is home alone a lot when daddy is away, I’m sure mommy has a toy or two hidden somewhere. I went looking for adult toys like a madman. Bingo I got it after some time looking I saw a nice dildo and vibrator the perfect duo. It deep in my mom’s drawer. I got primped up and started to use it. I took turns with each toy, The more I fucked myself with mommies toys the more I thought about the porn I was watching. I was thinking about being stretched and fucked like I never had before. I was loving these new gadgets and there was no way I was going to orgasm without them from this point on. I even brought my friend sommer to play with me atermy toy revalation.

Girls night out

2 girl phone sexI once dated this guy who was pretty dickish and we were living together in a small apartment in the city, I was taking a quick break from school and really frustrated with the way this relationship was going, I wasn’t happy about some news he laid on me. He told me his sister was going to crash with us for a few weeks till she got a new apartment. I always was pretty sure his sister didn’t like me much so I was in for a nightmare. His sister Mandie came and made herself at home, She was pretty attractive and I knew she was sexually fluid she has had guys and girls and was pretty open sexually,

One day after huge blow out fight I was pretty upset Mandie came out and told me we should hang out, I was taken back a bit I didn’t expect it. I was actually down to hang out because I needed time to forget about the bullshit at home. We went out for drinks and got buzzed it was a fun night out. We were joking around and started to talk about how sexually frustrated we both were.  I felt her hand rub against me, I was stuck thinking is she really coming on to me? I was feeling her feel up to me and I was getting so turned on. I felt a rush of mix feelings I was so turned on but knew it was wrong.

The more I thought about how wrong it was the exciter I got. One thing led to another and my clothes were completely off. I felt her sucking on my nipples tracing down my body and working her way down my pussy. I felt her eating my pussy I could feel her rubbing me and making me cum. I was getting so worked up and wanted to scissor her so badly, I had seen plenty of lesbian porn, I even had 2 girl phone sex before with a friend of mine. I was totally curious and open to everything that was going on. I just couldn’t believe it was happening with my boyfriend’s sister. I was loving it and It was making the experience so much better. All the emotions that were going thru my body were making me climax harder than I ever had.

naughty assistant

I’m a naughty assistant, I like to seduce marry men and make them mine. I have gone from the mistress to the girlfriend real quick, Once things get serious I like to move on. I think I’m addicted to the thrill of it all. I am sweet as pie and pretty sinister deep inside. Not that I’m a nagging girl, Its just I get very bored very easily. I like variety and I like the newness of each affair. I like being able to seduce you and make you drop to your knees. I like when you gawk and stare at me and think about fucking me while you are fucking your pathetic wife. I like wearing all types of hot outfits in your office and when you feel me press up against you its not by accident at all. I want you to feel me and let your mind roam of how amazing my young bald pussy is. young bald pussy

your little secret

gfe phone sexI was at my friend’s house over the weekend. She was having such a good time for her birthday we were drinking and having some good fun. I didn’t realize she had knocked out but her husband was coming on strong and I was so horny I couldn’t turn it down. Next thing I knew it I was on my knees being a bad girl and taking his cock in my mouth while my long time bestie was passed out a couple feet away. There is something about doing something so risky that makes things so much hotter. I liked how bad he wanted me and I was determined to make him never forget about me. I gave him the best deepthroat I have ever given. I practically made him scream and moan so loud I’m surprised my friend didn’t wake up from her slumber. It was hot to do and it was exciting to know we could have gotten caught at any moment.

Hot ass sex with friends

Young bald pussyEvery once in a while I like to hang out with the girls and have a total girls night. I eventually get so drunk that I fuck whatever eye candy is in sight. This time I got to fuck my best friend Jenny and her boyfriend. We had hot ass sex together. He walked on both of us going down with each other and was enjoying the show. She was using all her toys on me and getting me off with them. He got to see both of us scissor and orgasm together. He seemed a little intimidated by us fucking so hard. He couldn’t resist and had to join in on the fun. It was hot to climb on his face while Jenny rode him hard. We must have spent the whole night fucking because we were at it for hours on end. I love fucking my friends and their boyfriends. I love sharing cock, especially with my hot sexy naughty friends. Cumming together brings us closer always. 🙂

Hate fucking

hot ass sexI have one thing I love more than passionate lovemaking. There is something about hate fucking that drives fucking wild. I love being able to have a full fuck-a-then after a huge blow out fight. I am guilty of starting up a ton of fights just to reap the benefits of a hot passionate fuck fest. Its so hot when there is tension and the only way to get the tension out is a nice hard fuck. I love feeling a guy pound me hard and make me his cum slut. I love the hot ass sex I get from a make up session fuck. It is by the far the hottest thing ever, It is so intense and so delicious. It’s like the release of emotion transports into an intense orgasm like no other. If I am nitpicking and being a little whiney its just because I am looking forward to a marathon of hot fucks with you:).

Hot ass sex with a BBC

Hot ass sexEver since  I have had a nice chocolate cock I can’t stop wanting and craving them. It is so hot to have and I just love to be filled with a nice thick BBC. I have devoted a lot of time to watching hot BBC porn. I love seeing how hot it is when wives cheat on their husbands with guys who are so much bigger and better than they will ever be. I love how the bigger cock a guy has the more power he essentially has too. I love seeing a girl become so submissive to a nice rough fucking. I like to see the pleasure on their faces and how bad and desperately they need it. I can’t wait to get my craving fulfilled later on this weekend. I am looking forward to some hot ass sex. I am ready to become a submissive sweet slut to a big cock. I’d love to have more than one big cock.

New year adventure’s

biggest cum shotThe surprise I got this year was unlike no other, I got to fuck a nice hard cock and it wasn’t just any it was a big thick chocolate cock. I never had one so big and thick, It was crazy big like over 12 inches and the girth was nice. I just loved how nice it felt on my hands it was smooth and ready to go. I like to think of the new year as a time where you can start to assess and begin to draw up new goals and new adventures. My goal this year is to be even freakier and kinkier than ever before. I am ready for a blast and to be a sexy slut and just make many more adventures happen. I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for me. I’m almost sure it’s going to be even bigger and better and freakier circumstances. I am excited to unleash a little sluttier version of myself with no regrets of course.

Office fuck revenge

wet bald pussyAfter the Christmas party, I decided I would go in a little early. When I say a little I really mean a lot early. I was having a blast and rubbing my pussy that night thinking about how I would get my boss to fuck me raw and fill my wet bald pussy with his load. I picked out a hot little dress and began to think how could I break him and make him my little bitch. I was getting so excited and wanted some revenge, He played coy and like he was a totally innocent person when we were around people but behind closed doors, all he wanted was to ram his cock in me, It was time to set him up and record our little rendezvous. I set everything just perfectly I was going to make him catch the bate live in camera then I would send a copy to the wifey. It was a perfect plan and I was on board to drain his cock and his life 🙂

Christmas office party

big tit photosMy job had another office party once again. I would love to tell you all about the naughty things I did. So why don’t you call me when your wife is away shopping all the big sales after Christmas. You know very well she’s going to be gone for hours on end. I’d love to fill you in on all the things I have done. I have been such a naughty little slut this year, Santa would be a little upset with me but I know you will love to hear about the ruckus my big tit photos made. My boss can’t get rid of his fantasy he just is reminded of how much he desperately wants to fuck me. I have slipped him a ton of nudes and each time he has resisted but on Friday he couldn’t take it anymore. We fucked right in his office. I got his cock poking out and decided it was time to suck and drain the cum out. Cody always gets what she wants. I got my Christmas gift alright, I made my boss weak and I got a promotion and a raise all in one day. I think it was well worth it. What will be the cherry on top this year would be making you cum and helping you jack off hard

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