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Cum shots on tits are the sexiest

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits are the sexiest. My English professor got a great view of mines. I was sending in my late work and was reminding him and I had to send him a picture of my work. I accidentally sent him a picture of my tatas covered in cream, I was mortified and tried my hardest to get out of his class for the rest of the semester, Unfortunately, I had to face him the next day. To my surprise no one was in class  I was relieved and thought yes this is heaven sent. Not so fast Miss Cody. I heard him. He had told me he was waiting for me. He quickly informed me he canceled class for everyone but me. I was scared I was going to be in deep trouble I quickly apologized for the picture. He told me he wanted to recreate that shit with me. Next thing I knew I was blowing my English professor and taking all his load all over me. It was a surreal but exciting experience.

young bald pussy being fucked

young bald pussy young bald pussy  being fucked hard is my favorite, It is a sure way to keep me thinking about you. I have been fucking this older guy and I love that I am all he thinks about. He texts me all day sending me pics of how hard I make him. I like making getting him turned on. I sometimes even send him so sexy nudes too. I like that he is hooked on me. I think its hot being able to make someone seek out your attention and just spend endless hours worshiping you and wanting to feel you and touch you. I think I have that effect on many guys. I like being the dream girl they have always needed. I like being the freak in bed and being so classy out in public. I like to make all your fantasies come true and I like to make you fall so hard for me. I like to invade your thought process. Dominating your daily thoughts makes me one happy girl.

Guided masturbation with Cody

guided masturbationGuided masturbation is my specialty I love making my guy feel super special even though we may be far away when he’s on business trips I like to keep things hot and love to dominate him and tease his cock even though we are many miles away from each other most of the time, I like being able to call the shots and I love how he listens to me so well. There’s nothing I love more than making him crave me and want me right then and there. It turns me on to hear how worked up I get him when I send him pics of my tight little body. He gets them unexpectedly at all hours of the day. I even like messing with him when he’s on long conference meetings with huge bosses around. I like sending him a ton of naughty pics just cause I can, It gets me so worked up to make him addicted to me and my commands.

Hot squirting pussy on a Monday morning

hot squirting pussyHot squirting pussy on a Monday morning that’s how my day began. I had my neighbor help me out today. I just woke up with such desire to be fucked hard and that’s exactly what my mission for the day was. I’m not regularly  a squirter, by all means, Actually, the only time I have really squirted was at an orgy party, a couple years back. My freshman year in college to be exact. I  was being fucked by two huge cocks at the same time one in my pussy the other in my ass when it happened. Let’s just say I started to tense up and lots of liquid came out! I thought I had pissed myself but the guys assured me I was just squirting. Since then I haven’t really squirted up on til today. My neighbor was built like a stallion and pounded me so hard that it just happened instantly. I had quite the morning and I got my fix for fucking for the day. I am excited to have him again. I think I found a new fuck buddy that truly delievers.

Big tit fucking

big tit fuckingBig tit fucking is exactly what I love I love seeing you so turned by my body. The other day I seduced my professor. He was just staring so hard at them I had to show him exactly what I was working with. I had my professor fucking me hard and long right in the middle of the same classroom where he does all his lessons. Now he was giving me a hands on a lesson . He was rubbing on my clit so hard that I was wet everywhere. I couldn’t believe how quickly things were escalating one minute I am just asking for my make up work and figuring out my new schedule the next minute my professor is fucking me like the little slut that I am. I definitely enjoy being the professor’s little helpers. I am so excited to make up all kinds of work, Especially if the payback will be this great. I loved feeling him deep in me and teaching me how to take it.

Big tit photos to unleash your desires

big tit photosBig tit photos can unleash your desires instantly. I mean don’t they just make you horny just looking at them. They sure do get all the guys excited at work. Yesterday I had my co-worker Vinny try to feel them up. Immediately he got so rock hard it was so exciting to see. I gave in and let him feel them up a bit. I just loved seeing how horny he was getting just from feeling the firmness. He even begged me to let him suck on them. I was a little surprised but I said what the hell. He might as well do it. Of course, that was a terrible idea because I started to get so wet, there was no turning back at that point I was just ready for him to play with cunt. Right there behind the file room, I was letting this obnoxious kid finger me and get me off. He definitely was doing a great job. As soon as I got off I left and didn’t return the favor because I felt like I could so I did.

Cum shots on tits: Cody’s favorite

cum shot on titsCum shots on tits are so hot. I love it and it’s my favorite place to have a load dispense. I love being your cum drenched whore. I was sucking my boss cock in his office. It happened so suddenly that I am still shocked it went down. It happened right after I was late for my shift. I was running late after coming from class. I rushed and clocked in. I was then called to the main office and my boss was not having me being 30 minutes late. I tried to excuse myself and told him campus was super packed and there was traffic. He said he would let it slide if he could slide something on me. I wasn’t sure what he meant. He proceeded to whip his cock out and told me to suck it. I quickly did so, I have no idea why I was being so obedient but I was. I took it in my mouth and he instantly shot his load all over my boobs. 🙂

Cum Slut Phone Sex : Cody

Cum Slut Phone SexCum slut phone sex has been on my mind lately. Don’t you just love cum on a slut? I definitely love it all over my body rubbing all over and feeling that hot load in my tight holes. I have really been trying my best to orgasm at least five times a day. I like to feel good and really just let my cunny get off at all times. I’m working on squirting as well it’s my mission to make my cunny explode in ways it never has. Cunny cum camp is kind of my mentality. I have been pushing the envelope with my cunt and have been training it to cum all day. I get so upset if I don’t reach my 5 point mark by the end of the day. I hope to double it very soon. I just want to be trained to get off at all times of the day. Wouldnt you love a hot slut who cums nonstop?

GFE Phone sex with cody

GFE phone sexGFE Phone sex is what you crave. I know how boring it gets to deal with the same routine. I like making you feel like you can live all your fantasies with me. I know how bad you want to touch my hot tight body. Play with my sexy breast and work your way down to my pussy. You dream of getting a hot sexy girl like me fulfill you and make you happy. I’m the girl you have been fantasizing about. You desperately want to feel me and I want to feel your throbbing dick in me. Making my pussy super wet just by feeling you and stroking you. I get so horny just hearing how turned on you are. I want to feel you deep inside me and I want to make you cum all over me. I know you want that too. So don’t waste time and just fulfill what you are yearning for. Let me help you escape and relax.

Possible threesome with my roommate

hot ass sexMy older boyfriend told me something earlier today and it has been on my mind ever since we got off the phone. He asked me If I wanted to have my roommate join us. At first, I was wasn’t too keen but then suddenly images of my roommate started flashing in my mind. She does look amazing walking around half naked. I also hear her fucking her boyfriend and can tell it’s really a good time. It’s actually so sexy to hear her and her boyfriend fuck right below me. I have been guilty of eavesdropping and getting so riled up that I have to immediately get myself off. Maybe this is a really good idea. I think I will try to make this happen. I have seen plenty of threesome porn to know it’s a hot experience. I have also had quite a few but I think having one with my roommate and older boyfriend will be quite the good time. I might just have to talk to her tonight.

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