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Got a bed with your name on it

wet bald pussyI invited my new next door neighbor over. He was a tall dark handsome fella. My wet bald pussy was aching for that precious big chocolate cock. I knew I was going to get every inch of it deep inside my tight ass and pussy. I had my bed with his name on it already. I made sure he knew I was game for some hot fucking. I was trying to be hospitable and a good neighbor. I asked him to come have a cup of tea or coffee with me. His name was Rodney. Rodney was about 6’4 and I could tell his dick was enormous. I was a tease and rubbed up against him. I felt that huge cock rise up and needed it instantly. I got acquainted with him and you can say we are great neighbors.

Groupie slut

Roleplay Phone SexI love rolepay phone sex. I have had some crazy real life events that I like to talk about. One of my favorite things to reminsice about is when I had a huge black mamba in my mouth. Long story short I got to blow my favorite rappers of all time. He had a huge pecker and I knew getting dressed up like the perfect bimbo would get me noticed in no time. He spot me in the crowd and sent over the stage manager to grab me. I was looking hot as fuck in my short skirt and heel boots. I knew I was going to get to hang out in the V.I.P section. All I had to do was earn it and I surely did earn it with my cute mouth. He was was so impressed by my blowjob skills he invited me over to stay in the tour bus and that where I was able to get some more of that famous nut. I also inspired a few of his new hits.

got milk?

Cocksucking Phone Sex

I have been such a bad girl. I notice my roommate had an insatiable appetite for big black cocks. To be frank, I hadn’t been with one just yet. I have to admit I was losing my battle trying to fight off the urge to fuck my roommate’s hookups. I know she wouldn’t mind, but I believe in girl code. Even if its a one night stand, I don’t want to impose. Well, One night she brought home a guy with a dick bigger than my forearm. I knew I couldn’t resist. I had to have it in all my holes. I was practically gasping for that chocolate magic stick. My roommate gave me a wink, and I knew I had the green light. Something came over me, and I decided I had to have my chocolate. I went up to him and got on my knees and performed the be fellatio ever. I got cock cream all over my face. I also got fucked till I orgasm and squirted. I think I picked up a new appetite. 

Fucking a nerd on be kind to humankind week

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Sometimes the dork might have one of the biggest dick you have ever laid your eyes on. I learned this early on when I was working at this strip club a couple of years ago. I was fresh out of my senior year. I wanted to skip college for a bit. I stalled and was able to get away with it for a while, but eventually, I had to get into college before my parent’s found out.
While I was stripping, I saw so many things. One of the things that stood out to me was undoubtedly my clients. I learned from the other dancers and got to see the good the bad and the ugly. I did explore my sexuality and had plenty of fun with a lot of my co-workers. I enjoyed banging on some of my clients.

Sometimes it was because I was turned on other times it was cause I was bored horny and could use the extra cash. I did have limits and wouldn’t fuck anyone I was not  attracted too, and I need to feel some chemistry. If I’m going to give you the goods you better believe you need to earn them. I had this one client who would spend thousands on me. He looked like he was either a trust fund baby or a young rich dork. I’m sure he made plenty with his line of work. He would talk to me and tell me about how he was killing it in the tech field and had a couple of apps hitting the mainstream. I knew he was a smart cookie. I didn’t understand why he was wasting time and money knowing very well I wasn’t going to budge. It went on for months. One night I was tipsy and needed the 10k he was offering. It was also be kind to humankind week, and I thought I’d throw him a bone. I gave him a special show in the VIP room. I told him there was no way I was going to give him the goods but I would give him that BJ he wanted. Once I pulled his cock out I looked in dismay at his dorky face. This fucker had the biggest monster cock I had ever laid my eyes on. His smirk was so annoying along with his buckteeth. I didn’t care I wanted his big dick in my young bald pussy. It’s crazy how a hideous guy can have such a huge rod and automatically get all the pussy he wishes. If you have a big dick, the world is your oyster.

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Celebrating Women’s Equality Day with hot ass sex with my friend

hot ass sexHot ass sex with my best friend is not what I planned for on Women’s Equality Day. A couple too many sangria’s and mimosas had us feeling frisky. I ended up attending an event at a college campus and my best friend Lyndsi had on one hot jumpsuit and I was wearing a short white dress. We were touchy-feely. You can see from a distance we were feeling each other out and being more than friends. We had both ended relationships and we were exploring men together but we had never explored a hot fuck session between the two of us only.
This day changed that! We got to my house and I said I felt like a bubble bath Lynds said she did too so we both decided to enjoy a hot bath and things escalated. Her body is out of this world and she has always been fond of mines. My huge tits turn her on. We lathered each other up and went all in together. Her hands wrapping all over me feeling my silhouette was making my twat tingle. I couldn’t take it any longer I needed her tongue deep in my cunt. I was feeling her fingers find their way deep in my cunt. I followed thru doing the same. Her body felt so nice up against mines. This wasn’t the last time we had fun with each other. This was only the beginning. We were bound to fuck and have a good time Our bodies were so in synched we had plenty scissor sessions together. I truly think this was the best way to celebrate Woman’s Equality Day. Why not spend it with your best girl and celebrate girl power together. We surely made our lady bits happy with each others company. Bubble baths have never been better.

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Indecent Proposal

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My mom introduce me to her new fiance and this is probably her 6th engagement. My mom sure has a broken ticker. She can’t seem to chose them and I can’t blame her I always tend to pick wrong men too, Her new man was a creep from the start. At dinner all he kept doing was checking me out. I went out for a second and was arguing with my roommate over the phone when I looked over my shoulder there he was. His grin drew me mad. I knew he was eavesdropping and what happened next was something I wish I could forget. He whispered in my ear that he could make my troubles go away with some big tit photos and a jerk off session. I may be a blonde but that was something I wasn’t going to turn down. I need a couple G’s to stay afloat. Did I feel guilty? A bit, but these double d’s ain’t paying themselves and this baby needs rent money.

Men in uniforms

GFE Phone Sex

My doorbell wasn’t working so I put in a request for the maintence staff to drop on by. They usually send a text notice before they come over. I was in the shower and I could hear some noise. I figured it was the tv. I went to my room completely naked doing my hair and just enjoying my day off, When I hear someone behind me. I look over and its actually two of the maintence guys. They couldn’t keep their eyes off my hot naked body. I saw both their hard ons pop thru their uniforms. Well, This girl has a weakness for men in uniform. I rubbed it and unzipped it and pulled out his cock. I signaled for the other one to come hither and I had some fun with the maintence men that night. I purposely kept them preoccupied and made them forget about the doorbell so they could come over for an encore cause  I do want more.

Groupie whore

GFE Phone Sex

Ever since I got my new pair of tits I have flaunted the hell out of them. I like being eye candy and there is something about being checked out that gives me a natural high. I like the power I process and enjoy getting whatever I want. I have used my looks to get me out of speeding tickets and have used my looks to fuck whoever I felt deem too fuck.

I have been lucky enough to fuck my favorite rappers and rock-stars. It makes my twat wet and wild whenever I see a dick I got to have. It doesn’t take much for me to make those cocks cream. I don’t mind being a groupie fucking my favorite musicians and getting spoiled at the same time.

Bonafide blowjob Babe

hot squirting pussy

School is just starting up and I am so excited. I have fucked the dean and my professors but I am always down to get my hot squirting pussy going at all times. I have a serious cock addiction. Giving blowjobs is something i have excelled since I was a youngin. My first experience was with my brothers best friend. I was at the table having lunch and I ended up grabbing his cock and giving him a handjob. It didn’t stop their when we were alone while my brother was in the shower I decided to put his cock. Deep in my mouth and show him that I am much nastier than the older girls he entertained. I quickly became him go to cocksucking slut. The good whores start young.

Naughty student

Blowjobs Phone Sex

I like when the school year begins I usually come back from months of partying and hooking up. I like to see which professor will fall into my trap next. I enjoy being the center of attention and being able to cause trouble. This year my eye is on my sociology professor. I see that he has a wandering eye and all though he is married he can’t help but check out all the girls on campus. I get him right where I want him. After we have a moment alone I notice he is leaning against me and is searching for clues and signs. My naughty pervy professor is trying to see if I give him the green light. I make him think I was his cock then I turn him away. I get him in a weak spot and I have a year full making him my bitch. I pass with flying colors and don’t have to study one bit. Instead I spend my school nights getting dicked down by guys that actually make my twat wet.

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