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Hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy I went to my boyfriends family party and it was fantastic, I got to meet all of his family including his really handsome father. He looked at me in such a way where all I wanted to do was squirt all over his cock with my wet tight pussy. I got a chance to get away from my boyfriend at the party by saying that I needed to go to the bathroom. I carefully walked into his father’s house and walked around until I ran into him. I pretended to spill wine all over my dress so I could get him to try to take me to a place more secluded. We walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind us and it was was on. He was kissing me up and down. He hand his fingers inside of me while we made out on the sink. We fucked all over that bathroom on the floor against the all in the bath tub on the toilet. There was nothing holding us back. I laid on the floor on all fours as he pounded my pussy in over and over again it was feeling so good! So great in fact that I did exactly what I said I was going to do, I came on his thick long dick with my tight wet pussy. He had no problem filling me up with his delicious warm sticky cum.

Cyber sex phone sex

 cyber sex phone sexI have a friend over and we decided to get super naughty and nasty. I popped open my computer and decided to skype the guys on the football team. I am completely naked and have my friend buried nine inches deep inside of me. My pussy was spread open around his cock as his hands were wrapped tightly around my hips.

His cock was pumping hard and fast inside of me. The guys watching me on cam were really getting horny watching me be a dirty little slut. I turned around and fucked his dick in my mouth and hand until he busted in my face. I loved him exploding in my face and saturating my face in his hot cum.

Now the boys are all headed over to get some of my holes squeezed around their dicks so that I can make them explode!

Rough sex phone sex

rough sex phone sex

 I was hanging out with my summer school teacher before school started and we decided to end the summer off with a big bang! He had me on my hands and knees and he wasted no time in shoving his thick cock into my little whore mouth. He grabbed me by my hair and roughly pounded his cock into my mouth.

I was tearing up and gagging all down my face, his cock, and my tits. I was soaked in my spit and eager to taste that pre cum. He bent me over his desk and shoved his cock inside my twat with a rough hard thrust. He grabbed my hips and pounded his cock inside of me. I begged for him to give it to me.

Hot ass sex

hot ass sex

I threw a party at my house while my parents are away at a resort. I was getting really fucking drunk and wanted to change into something more comfortable. I went into my room and started stripping out of my clothes when two of the guys on the football team barged right in. Looks like my naked body had far more plans then I did!

I got on my bed and offered up my holes to them. They both fought for their cocks to be squeezed into my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go and tried taking those big dicks as far as they would go in my mouth. One of the guys decided it was time to feel my pussy on his cock. He rubbed his cock in between my pussy lips while I sucked the other in my mouth.

He pushed his dick in my sloppy wet little twat hole. I sucked at the same speed that I was getting my pussy pounded. We all felt ourselves about to cum hard. I squeezed that cock in my mouth and tightened my pussy around that cock as I was cumming. Give me those juicy loads of cum!

School girl phone sex with big daddy king

school girl phone sex

I have this newly found bad ass daddy. He is the hottest Big Daddy King I have ever been associated with. I get the honor of following him around in my little cheer outfit showing him all around, not just around my holes. The rummors have been so true about him. He has the biggest sexiest king cock that I have ever got to put into my little whore freshie mouth. I am going to slobber all over that huge big daddy king cock. I need you to tonsil fuck me big daddy king. Let me stuff that big cock down my throat big daddy king. My pussy is aching to be stretched open by that big fat king cock! I need my pussy pounded open by that thick choclate cock. Everyone is so jealous that I get this amazing delicious throbbing hard sugar cock. The king cock of all cocks! #mykingcocknotyours #daddyking #lookatmydaddykingcock #sugardaddy


Mutual masturbation phone sex

mutual masturbation phone sex

My summer teacher is so smoking hot. He has been so nice to me and been eyeing me all day every day so I decided to give him a treat. I wore a short jean skirt and a tank top with no bra. I also made sure to put on the cutest lacy panties that I have. I sat down at my desk and let him get in front of the class to lecture.

I spread my thighs as he was talking so he could casually peak under my skirt. I reached under my desk and started rubbing my clit getting it nice and hard. He watched me while he was teaching the class rubbing my pussy until my face turned red from it feeling so good. He could not fight back the boner in his pants any longer.

He called for everyone to go take a break and go to the bathroom. I waited for everyone to leave the room, spread my legs even wider. I was so sloppy wet. I told him to jerk his cock for me. He took it out and started rubbing away at that huge swollen cock. We both are going to rub away and cum all over the place before anyone comes back in.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

naughty neighbor phone sex

I have been crushing on my next door neighbor for quite some time now.Every morning I make it a habbit to open my blinds so he can watch me undress my self. I like to pretend that I have no clue that anyone is watching, as I get completely naked. I begin touching my soft bald pussy, just enough to make me crave a nice hard cock. I decided to be risky this morning as, I opened my window and waved him over. It took less then ten seconds to have him inside my room. I felt like such a nasty whore since,I had his pants down, and his dick in my hand, with a mouth full of precum all with in a minute.The more I stroked his shaft the harder and harder it got. He looked down at me as I kept swallowing his huge penis, sliding it deeper into my throat.His cock was feeling so great that he had no problem blowing his load. I smiled at him as I swallowed every drop of cum that spewed out of his gaint suasage. I was tossed on to my bed with my legs spread apart. He climbed on top of me and began shoving his huge fat cock head into my tight tiny bald pussy. I couldn’t help but cry since I had never had a cock hurt so much before. My pussy was so tight around his sausage that it kind of suction cupped. My neighbor kept smiling at me telling me how he has never had such as tight pussy before. I tried to smile but his huge meat stick just kept poking my cervix. The harder and faster he fucked my pussy the more sore it became. My ankles were pushed to the back of my head as he fucked me harder, pounding his way inside of me until finally he came deep inside my wet pussy. I could lie and say that was the end of my morning fuck but in reality it was just the begining.

Voyeur phone sex

voyeur phone sex

Me and my much older friend were at the beach with some of our mutual friends. It was super fun since we scored some alcohol since he was old enough to buy it. We were bathing in the sun and getting really frisky with one another. We were way to comfy because of how drunk we were. Long story short I could not keep my hands off of his sexy manly body. We started off in the water.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I teased his cock by slipping my hand in his bathing suit. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it and rubbing it up against my bikini bottoms against my pussy. I whispered in his ear how badly I wanted his cock in every hole that I have. He was getting really turned on with how dirty I was being.

Our friends came near us so I jumped off of him. I pushed my ass up against his waist and took his cock out. I wedged his dick right in between my ass cheeks and begged him to fuck my ass hole. We held a conversation with my friends as his dick went balls deep into my ass hole stretching me wide open around his dick.

Any place and anytime I am down to fuck a grown mans cock!

Golden shower phone sex

golden shower phone sex

There is this dude I really want to hook up with. He has a huge cock always popping out of his pants. He is my daddy’s friend and I decided to find him on social media and message him. He seemed really happy to hear from me and told me he could teach me things that I would never learn with a boy my age.

We decided that I would skip school tomorrow and come over to his house. When I was there, I immediately offered up my whore mouth and got on my hands and knees to suck his cock down my throat. He pumped himself in and out of my mouth. I loved feeling his big hard dick growing s hard and heavy in my itty bitty little mouth.

He told me to et ready to swallow. I thought it was going to be his cum but instead it was a big load of warm piss that shot down my throat. He told me to gurgle it and swallow it like a proud piss whore. He certainty does have a lot to teach me, this is why I love older men. I will do anything for his cum load to come out of his balls.

Home invasion phone sex

home invasion phone sex

 So these hot guys from school that I have been teasing gave me the surprise of my life tonight. I was in my bed being a naughty girl rubbing my pussy to one of them. I was thinking about their cocks entering my holes and thrusting deep inside of me. I was really wishing that they were here penetrating me hard and fast. All the sudden four guys all in black with masks where in my room.

They jumped on top of me and covered my mouth to muffle any screams or moans I was going to let out. They forced my thighs apart and took advantage of my complete exposed bald pussy. They took turns holding me down and thrusting their dicks into me. The first guy finally jerked his cock off and wanted to blow all in my mouth.

He made me swallow his cum and the other three fucked all of my holes. My ass, pussy, and mouth was completely full. They came and squirted their loads all inside of me. After they were done they pulled their masks off and revealed to me that it was them. I was in shock, and so happy that I finally got their cocks and cum.

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