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blowjobs phone sexI am property of Big Daddy King! I love having his name written on my panties. I am decked out in BDK attire. I am so glad my King daddy is home from traveling! He is such a good sugar daddy that takes good care of his little sugar baby. I am going to drop down to my hands and knees and take his big fat throbbing hard anaconda into my mouth.

I love slobbering all over it and tracing every groove on his fat dick with my tongue. I make sure to fuck that big fat daddy dick down my throat till I have spit running down my tits. I am going to suck that million dollar cum right into my filthy little whore mouth. I worship that big king cock daddy king. Please let me drain those million air balls!


Cheating phone sex

cheating phone sex

 My daddy has this hot friend and he just got married! No fun normally. The good news is that  I can tell he is totally checking me out. His wife is not here and that makes my pussy super wet. My dad leaves to go do a beer run and I plop myself down on the couch to keep his friend company. We get to talking and I make the first move, I hope right onto his lap and straddle him.

His cock is growing underneath of me. I grind my pussy back and forth on him. I take my tits out and his cock and I get to stuffing his cock inside my pink bald tight pussy. I grab his hands and make him grab my tits as I bounce up and down on his shaft. He is so thick and hard. I got to make him nut before my dad gets home or before his wife calls his phone again to check up on him.

Hot phonesex

hot phonesexI skipped school to go hangout with this college guy. He has been wanting to fuck me, so I decided to give him exactly what he wanted. I got to his apartment and dropped my little shorts and took my tank top off. I got on my hands and knees and begged for him to let me whip his cock out. I put his big fat cock in my mouth and began to suck him in my tight little wet mouth.

The veins and groves on his cock felt so good in my mouth. It was making my pussy so freaking soaking wet. He picked me up and took me to his bed where I spread my pussy lips for him. I straddles his cock and started bouncing up and down his fat mushroom head. He was stretching me so wide. I could not help my squirting pussy. I soaked him in my pussy cum.

I love man cock!

Guided masturbation

guided masturbationI am such a dirty girl! I was with my best friends dad and we were in his room with the door locked and closed and he told me to start touching myself. I had short little shorts on and a tank top. I started grabbing my tits through my shirt and rubbing my clit through my shorts. I could feel my pussy so swollen and wet through my panties.

I decided to take everything off and get completely naked. I listened to him, whatever he told me to do. He wanted me to smack my twat and finger fuck myself till I was gushing all down my hands. He got so turned on watching me fuck myself that he needed to hop in my twat hole. He fucked his cock into my pussy and was slamming his thick cock deep inside of me.

I am going to fuck the cum out of his cock, until he blows!

Wet bald pussy for my big Daddy King

 wet bald pussy

My big Daddy King knows how to take care of his girl. He has a lot to offer besides the fact that he is on everyone’s mind and every girl wishes she was able to be on his cock- like I am bitches. My Daddy king has a big fat cock that he stuffs and showers me with. After I get him wedged into my pink little tight whore holes, he knows how to spoil me so well.

Not only do I get to strut around with his name on my pussy in diamonds on my pretty panties, but he spoils me by lathering me down in his hot cum that I get him to pour right out of his cock. It is like bathing in holly water. Please Daddy king fuck the shit out of me with that huge thick cock! My holes are aching for you to fill them.

Hot squirting pussy

hot squirting pussy I went to my boyfriends family party and it was fantastic, I got to meet all of his family including his really handsome father. He looked at me in such a way where all I wanted to do was squirt all over his cock with my wet tight pussy. I got a chance to get away from my boyfriend at the party by saying that I needed to go to the bathroom. I carefully walked into his father’s house and walked around until I ran into him. I pretended to spill wine all over my dress so I could get him to try to take me to a place more secluded. We walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind us and it was was on. He was kissing me up and down. He hand his fingers inside of me while we made out on the sink. We fucked all over that bathroom on the floor against the all in the bath tub on the toilet. There was nothing holding us back. I laid on the floor on all fours as he pounded my pussy in over and over again it was feeling so good! So great in fact that I did exactly what I said I was going to do, I came on his thick long dick with my tight wet pussy. He had no problem filling me up with his delicious warm sticky cum.

Cyber sex phone sex

 cyber sex phone sexI have a friend over and we decided to get super naughty and nasty. I popped open my computer and decided to skype the guys on the football team. I am completely naked and have my friend buried nine inches deep inside of me. My pussy was spread open around his cock as his hands were wrapped tightly around my hips.

His cock was pumping hard and fast inside of me. The guys watching me on cam were really getting horny watching me be a dirty little slut. I turned around and fucked his dick in my mouth and hand until he busted in my face. I loved him exploding in my face and saturating my face in his hot cum.

Now the boys are all headed over to get some of my holes squeezed around their dicks so that I can make them explode!

Rough sex phone sex

rough sex phone sex

 I was hanging out with my summer school teacher before school started and we decided to end the summer off with a big bang! He had me on my hands and knees and he wasted no time in shoving his thick cock into my little whore mouth. He grabbed me by my hair and roughly pounded his cock into my mouth.

I was tearing up and gagging all down my face, his cock, and my tits. I was soaked in my spit and eager to taste that pre cum. He bent me over his desk and shoved his cock inside my twat with a rough hard thrust. He grabbed my hips and pounded his cock inside of me. I begged for him to give it to me.

Hot ass sex

hot ass sex

I threw a party at my house while my parents are away at a resort. I was getting really fucking drunk and wanted to change into something more comfortable. I went into my room and started stripping out of my clothes when two of the guys on the football team barged right in. Looks like my naked body had far more plans then I did!

I got on my bed and offered up my holes to them. They both fought for their cocks to be squeezed into my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go and tried taking those big dicks as far as they would go in my mouth. One of the guys decided it was time to feel my pussy on his cock. He rubbed his cock in between my pussy lips while I sucked the other in my mouth.

He pushed his dick in my sloppy wet little twat hole. I sucked at the same speed that I was getting my pussy pounded. We all felt ourselves about to cum hard. I squeezed that cock in my mouth and tightened my pussy around that cock as I was cumming. Give me those juicy loads of cum!

School girl phone sex with big daddy king

school girl phone sex

I have this newly found bad ass daddy. He is the hottest Big Daddy King I have ever been associated with. I get the honor of following him around in my little cheer outfit showing him all around, not just around my holes. The rummors have been so true about him. He has the biggest sexiest king cock that I have ever got to put into my little whore freshie mouth. I am going to slobber all over that huge big daddy king cock. I need you to tonsil fuck me big daddy king. Let me stuff that big cock down my throat big daddy king. My pussy is aching to be stretched open by that big fat king cock! I need my pussy pounded open by that thick choclate cock. Everyone is so jealous that I get this amazing delicious throbbing hard sugar cock. The king cock of all cocks! #mykingcocknotyours #daddyking #lookatmydaddykingcock #sugardaddy


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