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Cum slut phone sex

cum slut phone sexI am such a dirty girl! I am sneaking over to my daddy’s friends house. He offered to take me on a shopping spree. He picked me up and bought me a bunch of things so I decided to repay him with all my holes. I get on my hands and knees and suck his cock down my throat. I have long hot pink nails that he likes looking at as I squeeze my hands around his cock and jerk him down my throat.

I am going to take so many cum loads from him. He shoots his first warm wad of cum right into my mouth. I then get completely naked and spread my little pussy apart. I tell him that his cock belongs right here inside of me. His cock got so big. He brings his cock near my pussy and I wedge it right inside of me. I love bouncing up and down that cock, making it shoot hot jizz in all my holes.

Bisexual phone sex

bisexual phone sexI was at a girlfriends house and she was making moves on me. I had my hands in her shirt grabbing her titts and she was playing around in my pants fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. She told me her boyfriend was coming over, but he was late so we started having some fun of our own. Things got really heated. We both had our clothes off and were getting ready to eat one another sloppy pussy’s.

Her boyfriend walked in right in time. He saw our naked bodies grinding and rubbing on one another. He of course took his clothes off and came to join us. We shared his cock, slurping on every inch of it. She is going to watch me take his cock as I eat her pussy out. I love being a kinky bitch that is always horny.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

naughty neighbor phone sex

My neighbor has been wanting to fuck me for so long. I am outside tanning and I decide to take off my top in hopes that he will see me. Sure enough it takes no time for him to see my hard nipples and naked body. I hear footsteps coming across the yard. It is him. He hops over the fence and offers me a fucking yard stick for a dick.

I have him lay down and I get on top of him, ready to suck that cock into my mouth. I lick all around that dick, teasing it with my wet tongue. He starts grabbing my face and thrusting his huge cock to the back of my throat. I am so glad my parents are not home to watch me be a dirty little cock sucking slut.

 I make sure that dick is sticky wet and ready for my tight pussy to ride it. I squeeze him in and out of me. I am going to milk that hot sappy cum.

Smoking fetish phone sex

smoking fetish phone sexI was with my neighbor and we decided to smoke and get high. He had a bong, and I figured that would not be the only thing I will be sucking. I put my lips around it and inhale every bit of hot smoke. I hold it in my mouth and give him a kiss, shotgunning all the smoke to his mouth. We swap the smoke back forth for a bit.

I realize his cock is growing hard and thick so I decide to unleash it out of his pants. I slurp him into my mouth, tugging on that fat cock. I take my clothes off so that he can see my naked body in front of him jerking him off. I am going to suck the hot cum from his massive nuts. I love being a little slut.

Guided masturbation

guided masturbationI got some tutoring from this hot older guy. He taught me some things but not about academics. He told me to lay back and unbutton my shorts. He told me to put my fingers on my clit and rub it back and forth as I fucked my pussy with my fingers. He then told me to take my shirt off and start squeezing my tits and nipples.

I could see the bulge in his pants growing long and hard. I was fucking myself so hard, and getting so sloppy and wet. I told him to take his cock out and stroke it for me. I imagined myself fucking that cock inside my pussy, stroking long strokes of his cock inside my pussy hole. He beat his dick as I came all over my fingers.

I need his cock to fill me up. I want to see that cock squirt out hot cum! I talked dirty to him watching him fuck his cock. It made me so wet, I think I need to help suck that cum out of his balls.

Bisexual phone sex

bisexual phone sex

I love cock so much! But in between getting fucked in all my holes I sometimes like to have a dirty fun time with a pretty girl. I am having a sleep over with one of my hot friends. Things got heated tonight and when we were in her room we started making out. Our soft lips were getting so wet in between kissing and rubbing one another. We got completely naked and started to rub up on one another.

We started licking one another soft wet pink pussy lips at the same time that her brother walked in. He had a raging hard on while me and his sister got down right dirty. He took off his pants and joined in on the fun. I got his hard cock inside my pussy while I was on all fours making his sister squirt in my mouth. I love sleep overs.

Rough sex phone sex

rough sex phone sex

 I love getting a rough fuck. My parents are not home so I am having a older guy friend come over. As soon as he walks through the door I drop to my hands and knees and give him an early Christmas present. I suck his dick into my mouth and slobber all over that bare fat dick. His balls tighten up and build up with cum.

I rub his cock head up against the roof of my mouth, letting him feel all the grooves. I tease the lip of his cock with my tongue and play with those slobbered on balls. He is going to give me my first load of cum from him right into my mouth. He shoots out the biggest clump of sticky ropy cum.

After I swallow every drop of his load he grabs me and throws me on the couch. He spreads my thighs and rams his fat cock right into my pussy hole. My pussy clenches around his cock and he pumps himself in and out of me. I can not wait to get another load of his.

Phone sex with my sexy BDK

phone sex

My big daddy king spoils his little sugar baby so fucking good. My favorite part of him is his big fat anaconda that I get to stuff into all my fucking holes. I love to let the world know that his cock is so long and thick! I get to smack it on my little cum loving face and against my tongue, making it sticky wet.

I got my branded BDK panties on and my sugar baby pussy lips are aching to be stretched out by that King cock. You own my pussy Big Daddy king. All day, every day I will make that cock happy! I am so lucky to be your cock loving whore. After he gets done fucking my pussy, I am going to jump down on my hands and knees to get that millionaire cum juice.

I am going to stroke that long rod and suck him into my throat until I am coated and glazed in that cream! Thank you big daddy king!

Exhibitionist phone sex

exhibitionist phone sexI am such a freak. It does not matter where I am, if there is a dick around I am ready to blow it and fuck it until I get that hot nut. Today during black Friday me and some friends were in a line and of course I was being a good little bitch. I had my skirt hiked up and one of my friends dick buried into my pussy hole.

We were acting like nothing was happening in a line full of people. He was pumping himself hard and deep inside of me. I finally could not take it any longer and needed something in my mouth. We went behind a random car and I bent over to suck my other friends cock into my mouth. He was getting good deep thrust down my throat while my other friend kept plunging his cock into my pussy.

We are getting stares, but as long as I get their cum loads it was all worth it.

Blowjobs phone sex with BDK

blowjobs phone sexI am property of Big Daddy King! I love having his name written on my panties. I am decked out in BDK attire. I am so glad my King daddy is home from traveling! He is such a good sugar daddy that takes good care of his little sugar baby. I am going to drop down to my hands and knees and take his big fat throbbing hard anaconda into my mouth.

I love slobbering all over it and tracing every groove on his fat dick with my tongue. I make sure to fuck that big fat daddy dick down my throat till I have spit running down my tits. I am going to suck that million dollar cum right into my filthy little whore mouth. I worship that big king cock daddy king. Please let me drain those million air balls!


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