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Never trust an Asian sitter.

Babysitter Phone SexOk, so I admit it. My brat sitting gig is just a cover up for abusing some young pussy and dick. I was sitting since I was a youngster myself so parents trusted me. What they didn’t know was that I drugged and violated every one of them. If I got caught, I’d fuck the daddy too. This youthful experimentation led me down the road to my own massage parlor and to becoming a predator. A very young and innocent looking one, at that.

What better way to get my freak fix than to get into flesh peddling. I thrived on the fear in their faces, the tears and whimpers. Then I realized how much  I actually enjoyed the evil that I did. So I teamed up with others like me and started this club.

Walking down the aisle of large dog crates, I checked out my merchandise. My buyers had done well. I had little sluts of all sizes. Dirty faced angels who would soon be making me money. I’d clean them up, teach them some English, give them some lessons, and the men would go crazy. I want to share my stories but they are way too wicked and naughty for these blogs. You’ll have to hear them in person.


Training and Knocking up the fresh meat

Impregnation Phone SexTime for some cum dumping  Impregnation Phone Sex at my massage parlor. I have a fresh batch of meat in and they need some serious cock training. I bounced happily on your shaft as I told you about my new girls. You had the perfect cock. Thick with a mushroom head but not too long. A juicy, pre cum oozing fuck stick that would look amazing thrusting in and out of a little Asian yummy box. You were close to orgasm when I popped the questions. “Will you fuck and break my little whores?” You blasted my cunt so full of cum. I knew you got excited about the idea of tight bald pussy.

First, my slaves had to be sorted. The ugly ones would become breeders. The pretty ones that looked like China Dolls would be sold to the highest bidders. The average girls who were enthusiastic would work for me. Many times a homely obedient whore would be one of my best money makers. Men liked a girl that they could abuse. The strong willed ones would wear strap ons and service panty boys. Nothing is wasted in this business. I liked having a variety of worthless whores for my clients.

Stop by anytime and tell me your wicked desires. I’m sure I have just the piece of gook fuck meat to please your cock.


Dirty little massage whores

barely legal phone sexYummy little barely legal phone sex sluts are what you’ll find at my parlor. You know it’s actually a front for something much more evil and sinister but who’s gonna tell. Not when all of you love my young pussy that I keep hidden in a secret dungeon. Oh, I may look like a nice Asian girl. But I’m a flesh peddler. A young P-mama, mistress of many young girls. I cater to the pervs and pedos of this city, offering the most tempting, tasty treats. Come whisper your wicked desires to me. I have exactly what you want and need.

Let the training begin. Just as my own grandmama trained me, I shall train these Asian trash pussies to do as they are told. I may giggle sweetly but the smell of cunny lingers on my breath. Taste it on my lips and tell me that you do not crave it too.

Lie back on my massage table and let my soft hands unleash the tensions that run inside of you. I will reach into places that you never knew that you wanted touched. I will bring to life pleasures that will release the cum from the deepest recesses of your balls. You will be back for more.


Sex on the Beach

babysitting phone sexYou loved my babysitting phone sex so much that you took me on vacation with you as your nanny. I was so excited. It was the 4th of July and I had a brand new bikini. I was hoping to meet some guys and get some new cock. But once we got there I found out that the only thing I’d be sitting was Daddy’s cock. He sent the wife and brats off for sightseeing telling them he had some work to catch up on.

“You didn’t think this was a pleasure trip for you, little gook. I hope not. I pay good money for you. I expect a return on my investment. ‘ He pushed my head down into his lap forcing me to suck his fuckstick. I could still taste his wife’s pussy on it from last night. Once I drained his balls, he left me alone.No wonder his wife fucked around.

That’s when I got an idea. This island is loaded with horny daddies in need of some babysitting. Their wallets are loaded with vacation cash and they are more than willing to spend some of it on a little entertainment with an Asian whore like me.

Asian Tease needs some discipline

barely legal phone sexI may be a bit old for barely legal phone sex but don’t think that I don’t love it.  I’m very tiny and petite and  most people mistake me for a teen. This leads to some very fun adventures as men try to pick me up.

Sometimes I dress up like a young schoolgirl and go out walking. This guy pulled over in his car. He was driving a nice Mustang. He asked if I needed a ride. I was feeling so naughty and horny. He was older, obviously married. I told him that I wanted to go to the mall. He pulled out a flask and offered me a drink. I pretended to choke on it like an inexperienced teen. He put his hand right on my thigh and asked if I was a virgin. I giggled and told him yes. I could almost see the bulge in his jeans begin to swell.

He pulled into an industrial area and pulled me over to kiss me, his hand sliding up under my skirt. I felt his fingers slide around the crotch of my cotton panties and touch smooth pink flesh. He got kinda pushy then, unzipping his fly, pushing me back on the seat. “This is going to hurt a little.” he whispered. He pushed into my tight slit…. and you’ll have to wait for the rest of this story. Call me and be my older lover. How would you punish a naughty teen slut?

Little breeder whore China Doll

Babysitter phone sexBabysitter phone sex is always hot but it’s extra hot when you hire an Asian girl like me to take care of those brats. Let’s pretend  that I’m a local foreign exchange student. My time is up in the United States and I dread going back to China. I’ve been doing some babysitting in the neighborhood hoping to save enough money to return after I graduate.

After a few times, I realize that I can do so much more. These daddies love looking at my tight  petite little body, my small tits, round ass, and sexy eyes. I began dressing to tease them. The school girl look with cotton panties seems to make them all lose control.

You are the worst so I set my sights on you. You are a very dirty daddy with some P-Daddy desires. I let you touch me some and allow you to become bolder. I play very innocent and soon you are forcing me to suck your cock. Even as your wife gets dressed, you are pulling down my panties and touching my bald pussy.  While you are gone, I hide a camera. I know you and your wife will come home drunk. I will spend the night. Sometime during the night you will come downstairs and violate my young body. You’ll pin me down and stuff your fat meatstick into my small Asian slit. I will struggle hard as you put your hand over my mouth. I will make you fill me with much cum as evidence.

I will not be returning to China, Daddy. With my video and my pussy full of your cum, I will threaten to tell the police and your wife. You will pay me well for my silence. I will empty your wallet and drain your cum. Soon I will tell you that I am carrying your little one.

Cock hungry Asian Slut

ethnic phone sexYou hear how us Ethnic Phone Sex whores have special skills to please a man. It’s true. One of the reason I run a massage business is so I can have unlimited cock. From a young age I learned to please a man in every way. I can suck the biggest cocks. You like to have asshole licked? I will give you best rim job of your life. Let me lick every secret place. I will find where you are sensitive and make you moan.

Get on your knees. Let me knead those tight muscles. I wish to relax you. Feel my hands slide over your body. I knead your ass cheeks and separate them. Feel my tongue gently touch you. Your body tenses and you arch as a shock wave hits you. I give you a rim job, licking you, fucking your hole with my tongue to bring you pleasure. I slip a finger into your pucker hole. Slowly, I press, searching for your special place. You gasp as I discover it deep inside of you. My other oiled hand moves to your man meat. You are throbbing as I stroke both places in unison. your hips buck, wanting more. Your thigh muscles tremble as orgasm rises from your toes. Pleasure washes over you as you spurt great gushes of cum into the air. I catch some in my mouth and lean over to kiss you on the lips. It is good for a man to taste his cum.

Please cum again and play with your favorite Asian massage princess.


I spit on your tiny cock

Small Cock Humiliation Phone SexSmall Cock Humiliation Phone Sex is about the only reason I would ever enslave a man. There’s just something too funny about a man with a tiny cock. I mean, can you even call him a man or that tiny thing a cock. He is just a boy with a weenie.

I am a small Asian girl with a tiny pussy. Even my pussy will spit out such a miniscule penis. One of my clients recently hit on me. He grabbed my ass and flashed open his towel, showing me his teeny excuse for a manhood. It piss me off. I laugh at his worthless worm. Then I grab my hairbrush with the sharp spikes in it.  I whack him right across his nut sac. The look on his face is priceless. I laugh at his pain. He falls back on the massage table in a fetal position. I toss the hairbrush aside and grab my crop.

This is the same crop I use to flog my girls when I train them. I order him to move his hands. Instead he flips over on the table. His scrawny ass is sticking straight up, just begging for a spanking. I thrash him once, twice, three times as I belittle his pathetic dicklet.

He is crying now, saying that he wants to be one of my girls and service cocks. I pull out a pair of panties and a strap-on. Let the sissy training begin. His cock is worthless but many men will pay me well for that virginal man-pussy. Let the games begin. I pull out my phone and call some of my clients. Someone is getting their faggot hole stretched tonight.

Well trained Asian Slave

slavery phone sexIt’s been going on for generations. Slavery phone sex for young Asian girls. In our culture, girls have little worth. Many are sold as slaves. Others are sold for sex.  Tiny little fuck dolls trained to be obedient and rented out to wealthy old men. I was one of them. My parents wanted a boy. When I was born, they sent me to live with my strict grandmama. She is an old school Chinese woman who felt that women were put on earth to clean and please men.

“No, grandmother. Please don’t make me dress this way. I look like a harlot.” I sobbed. “You are a harlot. I’m getting old and you must care for me.” she retorted, slashing my legs with her whip. “Now put on your uniform like I told you. We have a guest coming.”

I dressed slowly, easing into the matching panties and bra. She had left thigh high stockings and high heels on the bed  beside a mini skirt. A dab of perfume and I looked into the mirror. I looked like a full grown woman instead of a young schoolgirl.  I decided right then that I was going to own this. I would not be like other Asian girls.

Today, I have my own business. I buy young girls for my business. I train them just like my grandmama did. We Asian girls have a purpose, to please big strong American men. To suck a cock like a pro. To tickle that prostate. To be little breeder whores and cum dumpsters. Come use my tiny sluts as you please. Breaking them in is half the fun. What kind of wicked taboo fun is that cock craving? We can accommodate your special needs.



Enslave a Chinese slut and have your way.

age play phone sexI know what you have on your mind tonight. Age play phone sex with young Chinese girls. Am I right? Those itty bitty bodies, so smooth. So petite that you can pick them up and carry them off. I’m so proud to offer the finest tiny sluts in my massage parlor.

They may be young but they are so well trained. I break them down and then program them to be real cock pleasers. It takes hours of training to properly educate a worthless piece of Asian trash. Not even her own parents want her.

So, I own her for a few dollars. I train these sluts just like my Chinese grandmama train me. Caning, starvation, and caging were common. I beat them until they learn to be obedient servants. I keep the good ones, sell the worthless ones to factories.

Cock training and massage is next. An Asian girl knows to bow down to a man and receive what he gives her. Maybe you wanna come help me do some training and show these trainees how to take care of a man?

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