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GFE Phone Sex Christmas with Big Daddy King

gfe phone sexThis gfe phone sex sugar baby got the Christmas party of a life at The Pleasure Palace this weekend. My Big Daddy King flew in to treat all the dancers to the best high-end holiday celebration in history. Only the biggest VIPs were in attendance. You have not been to a party unless Big Daddy King has thrown it.  He had bags of cash and jewels for all of us. He even brought another surprise. Kardashia, an MBA cheerleader turned stripper. She begged The Living Legend to dance at his club. She is a raven-haired beauty who will raise the stakes. Classy and hot! Tits and ass for days too. BDK knows how to scout the best talent around. The other girls were tending to our VIPs, while Kardashia and I entertained the best sugar daddy in the world in the vault room. It was decked out for Christmas with a bling tree. That means it was decorated in emeralds and rubies and diamonds. Kardashia and I doubled up as snake charmers because two big asses and two sets of big tits are still not enough for the anaconda. Kardashia was in for a treat. She had never seen a cock like the anaconda because there is no cock like the anaconda. Hands down, the best cock in the world ever. While other VIPS were getting the royal treatment, Big Daddy King was getting the royalist of treatments.  When the anaconda unfolded from The Living Legend’s pants, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year were spelled out on the man sleeve in jewels. Yes, the anaconda is THAT big. All these Big Daddy King wannabes can’t even fit Merry on their man sleeves! Kardashia and I were in awe sharing the most magnificent cock in history. We were vying over our King’s Billionaire nut sauce, but then we realized a cock that big with balls that full, there is enough nut sauce for us all. Kardashia and I screamed in ecstasy as we were anointment with our King’s love nectar. The other strippers took care of the VIP guests, while the newest stripper in the club and I took care of the only VIP that matters: Big Daddy King. This year, Santa came early, and he brought the best gifts ever, The Living Legend and the anaconda. #BDKChristmas #SugarBabiesforLife #TitsandAssesforTheKing #TheLivingLegend

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Phone Sex Fetish for Nylons

phone sex fetishDo you have a phone sex fetish? I am a fetish queen. Guys call me for all their kinky desires, especially those involving stockings and pantyhose. I like to wear hose. In fact, when I dance at The Pleasure Palace, I usually do one routine in a garter belt and stockings, or pantyhose because the fetish boys go crazy. I know how to make money. Fetish guys pay more. I think it just because they are so happy to find someone who understands them that they are willing to pay extra for their fetish. Jack is a long time regular at the club. I don’t dance as much as I use to since I am management now, but when he comes into the club, he requests me. I put on some silky nude stockings and danced like he was the only one in the club. After my sexy dance, we went back to the VIP room for a private show. He brought me some nice presents plus a stack of benjamins for my effort. I wrapped my stockings around his cock and gave him the biggest cum shot of his life. He can’t resist silky stockings or pantyhose wrapped around his cock. With Jack, it is easy money. I love giving foot jobs in silky nylons. What is your  fetish?

My First Big Tit Photos

big tit photosI remember when I was younger, the first time I posed for some big tit photos. I found a pic from my younger days. I was not as comfortable in front of the camera, nor was I doing professional shoots. This pic is from a shoot I did for a dirty old man. I was legal age, but I lacked experience in the industry, so I didn’t know what to expect. He told me he could make me a lot of money, put me in a nice place instead of a crack hotel and I believed him. Of course, the catch was I had to fuck the old geezer. He wasn’t going to go out on a limb for me for nothing and I had no money to pay him. I was sitting in his dirty living room posing like a deer caught in the headlights while he stroked his old dick. I needed money. I was living in a flea bag hotel, hooking on the streets to survive. I was a high school dropout and I had runaway from home. I was living on the streets and in crack no tell motels, so fucking a dirty old man was better than a life like I was living. I was surprised that he made good on his promise. Knowing what I know now, he could have been one of many perverts who promise a girl a career just to fuck her. He shopped my pics to some different outfits and a fetish model was born. I became known as the platinum blonde who did anything for a paycheck. Over a decade later, I am a phone sex whore, stripper and sugar baby extraordinaire. I live in my own home that I paid off already and I am not even forty. Sex sells and when you look like a blonde bimbo and you don’t mind being naked for dirty old men, you can go from rags to riches.

GFE Phone Sex: Two Dads I’d Love to Fuck

gfe phone sexI love being a gfe phone sex slut. I am naturally submissive, so it is in my nature to please men, especially older men. One of my best friend’s called me for helped over the weekend. It wasn’t for her, but for her dad. He needed some pretty women who could class themselves up for a charity event he was hosting to fund a Christmas food bank. Her dad is a total DILF. I have crushed on him since before I was legal age. I just needed to wear a white shirt and black skirt and help solicit donations. I agreed because she is my best friend, her dad is hot and as a stripper and a phone sex whore, I know how to make men feel special, so they will write those checks.  Layla and I worked the crowd like high priced call girls. We were raking in the donations for her father’s charity endeavor. I wanted to impress my friend’s daddy. Handsome, sophisticated older men have always been my weakness. Before I had a chance to make my move on her dad, however, another hot DILF approached me. He had an offer I couldn’t refuse. Now, he was handsome too, but I was not as attracted to him. My dilemma was that he was offering me a sizeable donation for a night of fucking. Is it really escorting if it is for charity? It wasn’t like I was keeping the money. I thought, I could have my cake and eat it too. I could fuck this handsome stranger for his large check, present to my friend’s dad and get a fuck thank you. I realize that makes me a slut, but I am okay with that. I had hot ass sex with two older men in 24 hours. Both men made me cum so hard. Both men I hope to fuck again very soon. I am going to be double dipping DILFs.

Phone Sex Sugar Baby Posse Keeps Getting Bigger & Better

phone sexPhone sex with the King is an experience like no other. He recently bought my strip club and renamed it the Pleasure Palace.  BDK is so generous on and off the phone. He had me call in my pal Selina. He wanted to offer her a sugar baby contract and a job at the club. She has boobs and ass for days. Just what Big Daddy King loves in his sugar babies. With his anaconda, it takes a girl built like Selina to satisfy him. It takes a village of stacked sugar babies to satisfy him because BDK is no ordinary man. He is The Living Legend of all things. I had Selina wear an animal print bikini because my King loves animal print. I knew she would stand out. She was super impressed with the club. She had never seen anything so amazing. Well, the high class club is nothing compared to BDK himself. When you are in the sugar posse, you are set for life. No one spoils his girls better than Big Daddy King. We get bags of cash, the best jewelry, spa treatments, fancy sports cars, exotic vacations and shopping sprees. We want for nothing. But all that is nothing compared to getting to worship the anaconda. No other cock will ever compare. Selina got to jiggle her big boobs and phat ass for Big Daddy King and let me tell you, she is one hell of a snake charmer. She made the anaconda come to life with one sexy twerk. I am not lacking in the ass department either. Two BDK bimbos are better than one, so we put our asses together and spoiled the anaconda in the Trone Room which is BDK’s private vault and befitting of the King that he is. Our asses swallow up most cocks, but the anaconda is not most cocks. It is the biggest cock around. There were still many inches of BDK’s monster cock standing above our scrumptious booty cheeks. Selina was the one auditioning, so she got the honors of Our King’s billionaire nut sauce. She got anointed with the biggest cum shot she has ever had. That is The King’s stamp pf approval. I am happy to welcum Selina to the classiest, hottest sugar gang ever. She already has her BDK tramp stamp and BDK tongue ring. It takes a harem of hot sugar babies to please The King. #BDKforLife #BigTitsandAssesforTheKing  #BestSugarPosseEver #TheLivingLegendofOurWorld

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Phone Sex in the Pleasure Palace with The King

phone sexPhone sex in the club is a whole new world now that my BDK owns The Pleasure Palace. He did a 25 million overhaul of the club. It was long overdue too since it was built in 1974. I no longer must dance if I don’t want to either. He put me in charge while he is gone. My King is now The Living Legend of strip clubs too because we had one hell of a launch party. We had a VIP launch party where only the finest girls worked for only the finest clients in town. All the wealthy fat cats and celebrities were on deck to launch BDK’s Pleasure Palace, even a few of my favorite college sports legends.  Everyone who is anyone was there. I had all the finest strippers selected for the VIP Party. Every girl was decked out in her BDK bling, showing off proudly their “Property of BDK” tramp stamps.

biggest cum shotLily, Destiny, Desire, Monique and I make up the Big Daddy King Sugar Baby Stripper Posse. That means we entertained the King in the Throne room. This is the most amazing of the VIP rooms in the Pleasure Palace because it was designed for only one VIP, The Living Legend, the VIP of VIPs. The room has gold walls and marbled floors. There is a bejeweled throne on a purple velvet pedestal. Stacks of cash are piled up in corners, and millions of dollars of jewels everywhere. Did I mention the bejeweled crown too? There is even a private bar with only the best booze and a diamond encased stripper pole for the King’s private dancers. Our King deserves the best when he is in town. While the other girls were entertaining our VIPs, my stripper posse was taking care of our King. He sat on his throne and I did the honors of unleashing The Anaconda, the biggest and best cock on the planet. Monique and Desiree had not yet had the chance to worship the King’s monster cock yet. They couldn’t believe how huge it was. There are big cocks then there is The Anaconda. Big Daddy King puts all other cocks to shame. The anaconda is more than enough cock too for 5 hot stripper babes.  We knelt in front of our King and worshiped The Anaconda. Not only does our King spoil us with loads of cash, he spoils us with the biggist cum shot ever. Billionaire nut sauce is the only kind we want. #ThePleasurePalace #BDKsStipperPosse #AnacondaWorshipers #PropertyofBDK

Wet Bald Pussy in the Da Club

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy was all the rage at the Pleasure Palace last night. Mondays you would think would be slow nights at a strip club, but they are the busiest. I think it because married men can say they are going to watch the football game with a friend and instead they come to the strip club to watch football and naked ladies. I learned a new trick recently. I can pick up tips with my pussy. A guy saw me do it, and he called me over for a lap dance. We got a little carried away, but I know the new club owner very well. He will let me get away with murder! We went into the VIP room. He laid on the private stage with hundred dollar bills in his mouth and I picked them up with my pussy. I made a grand in tips that way last night. I made a lot more, however, bending over one of the tables for a hardcore ass fucking. This gentleman is a big movie producer in town and just my luck, he likes blonde bimbos. I stayed the night with him in his hotel suite. Not because the fucking was that good. His cock was average, and he had old man problems. I was in it for the money and because he promised me a cameo in his movie. I am a great stripper because I make even dirty old men feel special.

Phone Sex in Da Club with My Big Daddy King

phone sexI was super sad the other day because Big Al told me he was retiring and selling the club. I have worked for Big All for two decades. I immediately called Big Daddy King because if anyone can make me feel better, it is the best sugar daddy in the world. When I told him, he asked how much Big Al was selling the club for. Being the most generous man on the planet, he tripled the amount and told me to just take Big Al a bag of cash from the vault to make Big Daddy King the new owner of the strip club. I was so ecstatic, I couldn’t wait to tell the girls. Big Al was so happy too, he didn’t even care that the new name of the club would be The Pleasure Palace. Big Daddy King is so filthy rich he can just buy a strip club with a bag of cash. I couldn’t wait for him to meet the other dancers. He knows my pal Destiny. She has been lucky enough to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce, but the others always thought I was fibbing because he sounds to good to be true. Big Daddy King is too good to be true, but he is real. He is 100% real and more of a man then all other men combined. When he came to the club to see his newest endeavor, he immediately made me the house manager and announced that I would oversee the day to today operations. Lilly is the newest girl hired, so I had her meet my beloved BDK. She was one of my critics who didn’t think he existed. Lilly is singing a different tune now. In fact, she is getting her BDK ink tomorrow. When The Living Legend undid his pants and the man sleeve came out, I knew she would be shocked. She fell to her knees like the rest of us and begged to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce. The club was full of screaming, love struck girls because that is the power of Big Daddy King and the anaconda. Big Daddy King is almost too good to be true, but those of us lucky enough to be a part of his sugar gang posse, know he is real. I couldn’t be happier that he is the new owner of the club! I have already told the girls he is the only VIP in the club who matters. They already have a bad case of anaconda fever. #PleasurePalace #BDKsClub #MySugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #BiggestSugarBabyPosseEver

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Slavery Phone Sex: I Only Worship Real Cocks

slavery phone sexSlavery phone sex is something I am good at. I love making men feel good.  I love to worship. Nothing gives me more pleasure than worshiping a cock. I mean a cock, not a clit. This high roller at the strip club Saturday night wanted to pay me to fuck. I like money like any other whore, but I won’t just fuck anyone. I was in my latex black cat suit because it was our Halloween party at the club. I looked like a bad ass mistress more than a slave. I know we are supposed to treat customers like they are the only man in the club, but Big Al lets me fuck who I want. I tried to be nice to the guy. Sure, he had enough money to keep me happy for a night, but not enough money to make me fake enjoyment for a two-inch dick. He knew he had a turtle dick, but he thought his money would trump his dick size. I turned the tables on him. Tied him to the chair and introduced him to my sexy dominatrix side.  Turns out he enjoys CBT games. I smacked his balls around. Teased his clit stick until it was blue. He was impressed in the end with my choice to chose pleasure over money. I drained his wallet, but not his balls. He had to go find one of the young dumb girls to get satisfaction. When you look like me, you attract all types of men, but not every man is worthy of this spoiled pussy.

Even a Strange Fetish Phone Sex Request, I Can Deliver

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I was working the club last night and a man came in with a fetish I have never heard of before. I had my first looner. I know, I didn’t know what it was either, but he was a rich fuck, so I acted like I could cater to his fetish. I looked it up on Google when he went to pay for the VIP room. It is a balloon fetish. He wanted to watch me blow up balloons then crush them with my high heels. He had a giantess fetish too. That one I knew all about. He was throwing $100 bills at me to blow up yellow balloons and crush them in my stripper heels. Whatever floats your boat, I don’t judge if the money is piling up. I told him he was the balloon and I was going to crush him under my big foot. He sat there rubbing his itty bitty nub. I was praying he didn’t want to fuck. Nothing makes the cash go away faster than telling a big spender his tiny turtle dick would fall out of your pussy. He was like some wild animal watching me blow up balloons and pop them with my heels. He was clearly a looney looner, but he was paying big money to get his fetish fulfilled. Big Al told me he has been in the club before, but no one knew his fetish. Their loss. Anything is a Google away. I was happy to improve my lung capacity and pop balloons with my heels while he tossed money at me. Fuck, if only every guy in the club was that easy. I didn’t have to get naked. I didn’t have to touch his little dick. I just had to blow up balloons and stomp on them with my heels. Easiest money I ever made. If you are a looner, or have a different fetish phone sex need, I am your fetish queen.

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