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Sometimes You Feel Like Slavery Phone Sex

slavery phone sexSlavery phone sex is something I am good at as a sexy little switch. My moods change with the wind. Sometimes I want to be spoiled and pampered. Sometimes I want spanked and tied up.  Last night, I was in a submissive mood. I put on my black latex outfit and went to this fetish club downtown. It is for the S & M crowd. It isn’t too BDSM; mostly bare bottom spankings and light bondage. There is a watersports room, but I wasn’t feeling that kinky last night. I know the owner well. I was his fetish model when he just had a BDSM online club. He decided there was more money in a fetish club than in fetish phone sex. I make a great living with the later, but I love his club. High end fetish club; everyone that is a member is fully vetted. No scrubs allowed. Only the hottest submissive women for the wealthiest of dominant men. I hooked up with Taylor. He was younger than me by a few years, but wealthy and endowed for a white guy. He is one of those Ivy Leaguers. He made millions off an app. He told me he was dabbling in 50 Shades of Gray. That movie is so tame to a seasoned BDSM babe like me, but I was down to play with the hunk. He wasn’t very good at securing me with rope. But, I acted like it was tighter than it was because it got his dick hard. I moaned, pleading to be set free as he rammed his cock in my mouth. He wasn’t master material, but I was having fun and so was he. He got to be Christian Gray for a couple hours. He came and had one of his fantasies come to life. I got tied up and spanked and tipped handsomely for my time. It was what you call a win-win situation. Sometimes you feel like a princess and sometimes you feel like a slave.

Cum Shots on Tits

cum shots on titsHot damn, I had some hot cum shots on tits last night. I went to Big Al’s to feature dance. I may be in my 30’s now, but I can work the pole better than any 18-year-old Al has ever hired. That is why I have been a feature dancer at his club for 15 years. I started when I was 18 working at his club. Now back then, I worked 6 days a week. I gained a fan base that still exists. One of the reasons I worked last night was because a guy who hired me when he 26 for his bachelor party, wanted me 10 years later for his anniversary party. Whenever his wife is away, he comes into the club. He has been a fan of mine for 12 years. Loyalty has its perks. I was in the VIP room which has a private stage to give him and his original bachelor party buddies time with their favorite stripper. Big Al lets me get away with murder in his club because my fans spend more in his club than any other girls’ fans in the club. I let Donnie and his friends cum all over my boobs. I was cock teasing them with pole and lap dances. The least I could do was let them squirt on my big tits. They were tipping me handsomely and making Big Al lots of money off the private room and the bottle service. Big Al likes happy customers, so he will turn a blind to sex acts in his club. I like pleasing men, especially ones who are tipping me well. Tit for tat, right? I left the club with the biggest cum shot on my boobs from a few men and a wad of cash. It was a good night.

GFE Phone Sex Date with The Living Legend

gfe phone sexI know gfe phone sex because I am a million-dollar sugar baby to the best sugar daddy ever. My Big Daddy King is the Living Legend for a reason. He is a living legend in sports, in business and definitely in sex. Not to mention he is a living legend of generosity. No one spoils a hot babe like BDK! I was extremely excited to discover that My King wanted me to be his hot date for a very special night! Seeing how he is a sports legend in both college and professional football, his old alma matter was dedicating a $10 million building in his name.  Big Daddy King is now extra legendary. Of course, he never spares any expense for his spoiled princesses. He paid for a high-end salon day, so this phone sex sugar baby would look perfect head to toe. He bought me a $5,000 dress for the evening and I was sporting $50 million worth of jewels he has spoiled me with over the years. And lets not forget my 2g’s pair of designer shoes. I got to fly on the private gold adorned jet to meet him and The Anaconda. I was taking to Instagram the entire time to brag about The Living Legend’s generosity to his sugar babies. Big Daddy King picked me up in style, like the class act he is. When I entered that stretch limo and saw The Living Legend in his expensive Armani suit, my pussy got wet. He is such a generous man that he made the anaconda dance in his pants to tease me. BDK was proud of his blonde sugar baby because he showed me off to the university president and all the folks there. I know there were jelly men and jelly women.  But last night, it was just him and me. I never knew a real man until I met Big Daddy King. We snuck away from His party to christen his new building. This blonde bimbo wanted some billionaire nut sauce from The Living Legend in the very building dedicated to his greatness. I eagerly watched the anaconda unfold from its bedazzled man sleeve.  I had my BDK tongue ring in, so I could worship the anaconda properly. My tongue was where it belonged! I begged, and I begged, but my King can’t deny me his billionaire nut sauce for long. I can’t believe he picked me out of all his sugar babies to spend this auspicious moment with; and as long as I live, I will remember this day and how handsome My King looked for the rest of my life. #BestSugarDaddyEver #HappyPrincess #LivingLegend #MillionDollarSugarBaby #BestNightofMyLife

Roleplay Phone Sex Humiliation

roleplay phone sexI love roleplay phone sex, do you? I get to be anyone you want me to be, anyone I want to be.  Larry’s fantasy wasn’t unusual. It was different for me because I am not normally dominant with men. He wanted a femdom call with a bad ass Amazon Goddess. I was happy to be his sexy dominatrix after he sent me a series of pictures showing off is tiny dick. He had a bow on his 2 inch nub. How fucking pathetic is that?  Larry has read my blogs. He knows I have a certain sugar daddy with a legendary cock. He selected me to be his phone mistress out of many others who are very dominant women at this phone sex company. Larry said since I know what a huge cock looks like, there was no better woman than me to shame his tiny dick. I love being a bad ass size queen. If Larry wanted me to shame his little dick, I was happy to appease him. What a loser, right? Larry paid me to tease, deny and shame his worthless cock. Good thing he has money because I wouldn’t give a tiny dick loser the time of day for free. By the end of our time, he was begging me to let him cum. He suddenly couldn’t take it any more and wanted to cum. Cumming is a privilege not a right. Little dicks have no rights. Wake up losers. If you have a small dick, humiliation is the best you can hope for. Rub your own little nub because I have real cocks to take care of.

Your Submissive Phone Sex Slut

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is what I was born to do. Being submissive can vary in style. Sure, some men like to hurt me, use me as a punishment whore, but my favorite way to be your submissive whore is to worship you in every way. I want to crawl to you and show you how greedy I am for your cock and your cum. I want to lavish your body with kisses head to toe. I want to devour you cock balls deep. I know most women can’t take you balls deep, but I am not most women. I am Cassandra, a big dick sucker and cock pleaser. I look like a goddess, but I bow to you and your cock. I don’t need to be your girlfriend. I am happy sharing you with your wife and being your dirty little subby secret. I will do all the things your trophy wife won’t, like take a hardcore ass fucking from your massive cock. I don’t ever need to be wined and dined. I am content hiding away in some no tell motel or a love pad, so none of your friends or family will know that you have a fuck doll to take care of your animalistic need to slap ass, pull hair, cum all over a face and ass fuck. What do you say? Ready to have your own slut who will worship you head to toe?

Phone Sex Orgy with The Living Legend

phone sexPhone sex sugar daddies are put to shame by The Sugar Daddy, Big Daddy King. He is more than man enough to handle three sugar babies. He is The Living Legend for a reason. Girls vie for his attention and men want to be him. Not every girl is as lucky as Lena, Loretta and me.  And no man can compete with BDK and his anaconda. We three hotties are his favorite sugar babies. I introduced Lena to him and she introduced Loretta and now we all three share the most amazing, legendary man in the world. Handsome, kind, filthy rich with a cock so big it belongs in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum. Lena, Loretta and I are not only prized sugar babies, we are snake charmers too. We knew Big Daddy King was coming back to the US and we wanted to surprise him. Loretta arrived in her Jag Big Daddy King bought her, Lena arrived in her Mercedes and me in my BMW. BDK spoils his beauties constantly. We were all freshy coiffed from a spa day to look our best for our beloved Legend. We were decked out in all the bling his majesty has bestowed on us over time and we were wearing our personalized BDK bedazzled bikinis. Only the finest jewels from the finest man in the world are on our smoking hot bodies. Big Daddy King spares no expense for his favorite sugar babies.

biggest cum shotWe all have a key to the palace, so we decide to surprise our King. We were jonesing for the biggest cum shot that only the anaconda can deliver. BDK was surprised and happy to see us. We pounced on our King the moment he entered his palace. We had the hot tub started and the top shelf liquor poured. First, we lavished him with kisses and hugs worthy of his King status. Then we took to Instagram to brag about the Living Legend. Haters gonna hate. Too many Splenda daddies in the world wish they could have our hot bodies. Too many skanks think they can have some time with the anaconda. Big Daddy King likes his sugar babies classy and nasty.

gfe phone sexAll three of us sugar babies begged to see the anaconda. Even a day away from the biggest cock and the best man on the planet seems like eternity.  When he unzipped his pants, I swore I heard a drum roll. The anaconda in its diamond encrusted man sleeve rolls out of our King’s pants like a red carpet. We gave the anaconda thousands of kisses. To give you wannabe sugar daddies an idea how big the anaconda is, Lena, Loretta and I can stack all thee of our hands on top of each other, around the anaconda (that is 6 sets of hands) and more than half of the anaconda is still flopping outside the last hand at the top. Like wild animals in heat, we took to worshiping the Living Legend of cocks. We idolize our King and his anaconda. He worships his three bombshell sugar babies too. We got jet blasted with billionaire nut sauce and it felt like we had been doused in gold that fell from heaven. Our Big Daddy King had more than enough nectar of the Gods to douse  three faces. What happened next, is something out of the tales of Sodom and Gomorrah. Legendary tales of sexual prowess that makes mere mortal men green with envy. Big Daddy King is no mortal man, he is a God, our GFE phone sex God.

fantasy phone sex

GFE Phone Sex: I’ll Make You Feel Like Royalty

gfe phone sexGFE phone calls are my favorite. I love to spoil a man. I love to cater to a man’s every need and make him feel special. I get a lot of practice with that at the strip club. Men come to Big Al’s because they are looking for a connection. They are looking to feel special. I know guys lie all the time at the club. They claim to be sugar daddy types with enough money to put me in a penthouse for life. They have dirt under their fingernails and drinking working man’s liquor like beer in a can and bottom shelf vodka. I have real sugar daddies in my life, I can spot a poser. But guess what? I don’t care because when they are in the club, they are king in my mind. I want to make them think that they run the world. I love building up common men, hard workers who barely scrape by. They come to the club to escape reality, much in the same way guys call for fantasy phone sex. I have real sugar daddies in my life who spoil me rotten and I have the pretend sugar daddies who just need to come to the club and think they are something special. In my mind, all men are special if they don’t act like tools. A guy with a 2 inch pecker claiming he is God’s gift to women, is going to get a wake up call and a lot of humiliation. A nice man who needs a break from his hardworking and boring life is going to be treated like royalty. Josh found out last night when he came into the club. I could tell he had a laborer’s job; his hands betrayed him. He said he was an investment banker in town for business. He bought me drinks and lap dances and likely maxed out his credit card to support his illusion. He was handsome and nice, so I indulged his illusion and gave him the best head and fuck he has ever experienced. For a few hours I made him feel like he really was the rich fat cat he told me he was. I will make you feel special too. You can be my phone sex sugar daddy.

GFE Phone Sex: I Know a Poser When I See One

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone calls. But I have been spoiled by the real deal, so I don’t want no scrubs. No Splenda daddies can get with me. I was working at the strip club last night when this fat cat rolled in. He was running up a big tab with bottles and lap dances. I didn’t believe he was wealthy. He was bragging about his Bentley and his mansion. He had dirty fingers. Laborer fingers. His hands were dry and cracked. He had a farmer’s tan. This guy did hard labor. Millionaires don’t do labor in 95 degrees because they want too. I know how to spot a sugar daddy. I also know how to spot a poser. My girls at the club thought that just because he had an American Express card and bragged about his riches he was sugar daddy material. I am a highly skilled sugar baby. I didn’t fall for his shit. The other girls fawned all over him while I told Big Al they better run his card because he was racking up charges I was sure he couldn’t pay for. Sure enough his card declined for the $1,200 he had racked up. The bartender ran a $100 first to make sure the card was good for the tab, then she was duped by his bells and whistles too. I told Al to let me handle him. I pulled him up on the stage and tied him to the pole. It was a packed audience too. I think he thought he was getting a pole dance from me. Nope. I yanked off his pants and exposed his tiny weenie. All the girls started laughing. I knew it. I have been a phone sex slut long enough to recognize a poser. He was acting like a fat cat when he was a broke ass loser with a tiny dick to boot. All the girls took turns laughing at him and shaming him in front of the real men. Big Al may never see his money, but that Splenda daddy will think twice before trying to fake his way in between a hot bitch’s legs again.

Phone Sex Whore


phone sexI love being a phone sex whore. How many jobs can you hang out naked playing with your pussy all day? I get paid to masturbate thanks to horny men like you. Although, I make ample money being a phone whore, I have a few other adult gigs. I look like a bimbo; I will never fit in at an office gig. I have tried to be a secretary, but the women all hate me because bosses and male employees love me. Anyway, I also do some fetish modeling and I strip at a local gentleman’s club that I have danced at for decades. I am not the oldest pole dancer at Big Al’s but I am a far cry from the youngest. I feature dance a couple nights a week or when Big Al calls me personally. He had some high rollers in from Japan. Asian men love buxom blondes. He considered it a personal favor to do a private dance for these out of town businessmen. I love Big Al, so I was happy to help. I love big spenders. I know Asian men don’t have the big cocks I am accustomed too, but I am a greedy whore. If men are spoiling me with big tips, I will act like their little dicks are amazing. These guys went crazy over me. I had not even taken my clothes off yet and they were throwing money at me. Asian women don’t look like me. They took some big tit photos with me. My boobs swallowed a few of the men alive! Instead of Godzilla, it would be my monster boobs that swallowed Tokyo.  They spoke very little English, but I understood boobs. I gave them all hand jobs. We were in a VIP room, so anything goes there. They were happy with blowjobs and handjobs thankfully because their dicks would have fallen out of my ruined pussy. My pussy is spoiled by huge monster snake. I only entertained them for a few hours, but they were buying top-shelf bottles and tipping well. Big Al was happy because that group of businessmen spent more money in 2.5 hours in the VIP room than the rest of the club made all day. I can make anyone feel special when they have money.

Phone Sex and a Big Snake on a Plane: My King Takes Me to Vegas

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby joined the only mile high club that matters! My Big Daddy King was fresh off a Japan trip and wanted to spoil his blonde bimbo Barbie with a Vegas trip. He is the Living Legend for a reason. He told me only to pack bikinis and lingerie. Vegas was in for a treat because my King is a high roller, the highest roller. There are wealthy Vegas rollers, then there is Big Daddy King. I packed a quick bag after I lavished my King with kisses and took to Instagram to brag about my Living Legend Sugar Daddy. I had to let the Splenda Daddies and white cock losers know I was about to board a plane to Sin City with one and only man that matters. Talk about a snake on a plane! I had to see the Anaconda. I couldn’t wait till we got to our Penthouse suite in Vegas. I am a snake charmer. I wanted my big black snake. I needed my anaconda. I begged Big Daddy King to let me worship his snake on his plane. He cannot deny his princess anything. I was on my knees waiting for the man sleeve to come out of his Gucci pants and belt. Only the best threads for my BDK. I squealed like those bimbos in the movie when they saw thousands of snakes. But I was not squealing from fear. I was squealing in delight as the anaconda made its appearance. Monster snake on a private jet. I lavished the anaconda in its diamond encrusted man sleeve with princess kisses. I gave equal love to my King’s billionaire balls. This million dollar sugar baby and snake charmer couldn’t wait to choke on the only cock that matters, the anaconda. The anaconda is too big for the cargo; almost too big for my pussy. Almost. I have years of practice being a top snake charmer.  I took a ride on a big old jetliner and got the kind of explosion that would make most planes explode mid air. Big Daddy King has no ordinary anything. His private jet can withstand his billionaire nut sauce exploding inside my million dollar sugar baby pussy. My King is the best Sugar Daddy in he world. I was treated like a queen and we weren’t even in Vegas yet. My High Roller and his princess are gonna tear Vegas up in style. Haters gonna hate. Splenda daddies gonna cry. But Big Daddy King and I are gonna put the Sin in Sin City.

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