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Vampire Roleplay Phone Sex

roleplay phone sexRoleplay phone sex lets us be whoever we want. I had a hot call last night working the graveyard shift. He wanted a True Blood kind of roleplay fantasy. For those of you who don’t know, that was a vampire series on HBO. I loved the idea of being a sexy vamp. Vampires cannot deny their masters, the ones who turn them. When he told me, he wanted a younger version of me as a plaything, I went hunting at night at the local mall. Dressed in black, I spotted the perfect little angel. She appeared to be a hot teen slut. Part of the selfie generation. I spotted her taking about 300 selfies till she got one she liked. She was the queen bee of her group. Perfect for master. Perfect for her too. She would never grow old. She will always have her looks and always have a tight young bald pussy. That was what master really wanted. A pussy that felt new and unused every time his monster cock penetrated it. I am a hot looking woman, so I was able to lure Miss Selfie away with the bullshit line that I could get her a casting call with a director for an upcoming horror film. She bought it hook line and sinker. She did have a casting call for a horror movie.  It was just one for the afterlife. She thought she was auditioning for a vampire movie. When she realized she had really been bit, my pussy got so wet. I watched her die and be reborn as a teen slut for eternity. She should be grateful to me. She will always look hot. She will always be tight. She will never grow old. Master was quite pleased with her tight pussy too. Fantasy phone sex can be so much fun. What is your ultimate fantasy?

Phone Sex Switch

phone sexI am a phone sex switch. That means I can be a bad ass dominant bitch who laughs at your tiny dick and turns you into my private sissy slave or I can be the submissive slut who begs for your cock. I lean towards submissive because I am a cock pleaser. Nothing more gives me pleasure than giving a man pleasure. Emphasis on man. This hunk picked me up yesterday afternoon at my local watering hole. He was out of place in a dive bar, but he was visiting family nearby and needed an escape. He had a watch on that cost more than my car. He was in clothes that suggested that he had money. When we left the bar, we were in a car that cost more than my house. I was hopeful that I could be his part time sugar baby mistress. He tried to hide that he was married, but the white mark on his ring finger gave it away. Men think they are so sly. His idea of foreplay was spanking and rough oral. I am no stranger to either, however, you must have a big dick for rough oral with a girl like me. I can suck an anaconda. This guy may have a good job and a good income, but he was sporting a 4 inch dick. He would have needed to use his fist to give me a hardcore fucking in any of my holes. He was not happy that I wasn’t gagging on his dick. I tried to be the slut he wanted, but he lacked the dick I needed to be a good little whore. I came clean. If you enjoy humiliation phone sex, you would have loved the litany of small dick slams I hurled at him. He ended up running out of my house on the verge of tears. Poor little small dick loser. You want to dominate me? You need a huge cock for that privilege.

Hot Ass Sex Cheating

hot ass sexWhen you look like a blonde bombshell, hot ass sex is what guys want from you. I could have gone two ways looking like me. I could have been a classy socialite who married well and never worked. Think trophy wife. Or, I could be classy when I must be, but a bimbo most of the time. I think bimbos have more fun. We certainly get bigger cocks. I could be a trophy wife, but I enjoy being a stripper and dirty chat operator. It allows me to be me. I don’t have to pretend to be monogamous and worry if I will get caught cheating and make my pre nup null and void like my best friend. She married a much older man who is rich as fuck. He has an old dick that rarely works. She is in her sexual prime and needs to fuck. She uses my pad as her cheating palace. Her and her latest boy toy were over last night while I was at the strip club. I came home and noticed a car I knew parked a few houses down. Took me a few moments to remember that the car belonged to a private investigator. He was watching me a few years ago because I was banging some wealthy married man and his wife wanted to catch him with his mistress. I may be a bimbo, but I am smart. I drove past the car discreetly and pulled around back. I told my friend and devised a plan. She took my car and I went out front with her boy toy, so it looked like I was with him.  I gave him head in my driveway and fucked him in his car. It was after 3 am, but I put on a good show for the PI. I am an exhibitionist anyway. The way it would appear was that my friend was spending the night, but the stud belonged to me. The PI knows I enjoy fucking, so he could report back to my friend’s hubby that the I am the dirty whore, not his wife. The truth is we are both dirty whores, just I am the one not married. I plan to keep it that way so I can fuck who I want when I want.

Living Legand GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexIf you are into gfe phone sex, you have serious competition. Just saying because there are sugar daddies, then there is the The Living Legend of all sugar daddies, Big Daddy King. Our sugarversary is quickly approaching and like the legend he is, he paid me a surprise visit in between business deals and satisfying porn stars. Big Daddy King is the King of my pussy. The King of my world. Before him, my life was full of Splenda daddies. My relationship with My King has lasted almost three years. He calls me his anchor. He is my rock. He is my everything.  I wanted to take a ride on the sugar stick the moment he arrived home, but he blindfolded me for a special sugarversary surprise. He never stops spoiling me. I was in a white bikini showing off my tramp stamp. My bikini was adorned with diamonds that spelled BDK on my big tits and my pussy. Why? Because this blonde bimbo sugar baby belongs to BDK. I want all the haters, all the wannabe sugar daddies and all the sugar baby rejects to know I belong to The Living Legend.  I almost passed out when I saw my special gift. A custom made black and pink Mercedes. I have the best sugar daddy on the planet! He is legendary for his riches, his kindness to his favorite girls and because of the anaconda (#LivingLegendDaddyDick). This was a super fine car from a super fine man. The best man in the world with the best cock in the world knows how to spoil his sugar baby princess.

hot squirting pussyWe have all seen the video of Tommy Lee steering the boat with his cock, but not even Tommy Lee could shift gears with his cock on my new Mercedes. My King can though. He is that Huge.  I took to social media to brag as I washed the car with my bedazzled boobs. I could see the bulge in My King’s pants as I soaped up my awesome sugarversary present. I begged to see the anaconda. My wish was granted. It is a royal cock. As I unzipped his pants, out fell the anaconda in it’s glory sporting a white bejeweled man sleeve that said Big Daddy King The Living Legend. There was still room for more because the anaconda is a monster cock. My ruby red lips began to kiss the head of the greatest cock in the world. The tip is bigger than your cock! I was jonesing for my million dollar medicine. I sat on the hood of my hot new ride and worshiped the anaconda. It was the perfect christening for my sugarversary present. Before long, Big Daddy King was giving the blonde anchor of his stable, his anchor. I squealed in such delight, I am sure they heard me in the next county. I never really had cock, until I met my King.  His billionaire nut sauce is better than the best champagne around.  BDK always gives me a hot squirting pussy.  I am still glowing in the aftermath of yesterday. Best Sugar Daddy ever. Best cock ever. He is the Living Legend for a reason. Thank you, My King, for the best suagarversary ever.  #you wishhater. #splendadaddiesneednotapply. #BigDaddyDick. #thetipisbiggerthanyourdick. #thekingofmypussy.

Hot Big Tit Photos

big tit photosI take a lot of big tit photos because I am proud of my fat titties. I started out in the adult industry doing nude modeling, fetish modeling specifically, but turned out guys loved my big tits more than anything. Over the weekend, I featured danced at a club. I have danced a few nights a week at Big Al’s for years. When I was 18, Al hired me because I looked like a bad ass biker babe and his Harley riders would love me. Some of those bikers still come to the club over a decade later just to see me. Big Al made a rare appearance at his club on Monday night. I know you are thinking Monday? Believe it or not, it is a good money day. Weekends at strip clubs are filled with frat type boys and drunk rednecks, neither tip well and neither have the money for VIP rooms. The Monday crowd is motorcycle boys and out of town businessmen. Both of those groups have money to spend on a hot bitch like me. Big Al is in his 60s, but with Viagra he still can get a boner. I have always been his favorite stripper because I have never cheated him out of money and I am good at what I do. I love teasing men. I love pleasing them more, so what ever they want, I deliver. I am a big money maker for him. I didn’t have a chance to remind him Monday, because he bought all my time for the night. Now, I made money, but he was out of money! The other girls at the club were jelly because the club owner only had Cassandra on his mind on his rare appearance in the club. I am used to jelly bitches.  I gave an old man boner after boner Monday night. Al has been good to me, so I was good to his cock. He compensated me well too. Not only did he eat my pussy for hours, he tipped me $10,000 for the night. A hot squirting pussy and a wad of cash is a good night at the club.

GFE Phone Sex: I Want a Sugar Daddy, Not a Splenda Daddy

gfe phone sexI love GFE phone sex. Of course, as a sugar baby to the Living Legend, I am spoiled. I find that most guys who say they are sugar daddies, are Splenda daddies instead. They can’t measure up. I met Troy at the gym. He is my personal trainer. He talks a mean game. He knows who I am and he knows what I do for a living. A girl like me craves attention. He has been lavishing me with it too. So, I caved finally and agreed to go out on a date with him Saturday night. He knew I was the high-end GFE type. He knew he had big shoes to fill. We were at this exclusive new restaurant in town. The restaurant was on top of the building with a 360 view of the city. My menu had no prices. We had a great dinner. Enjoyable conversation too. He still couldn’t compare to what I am accustomed too, but he was not a Splenda daddy. Well, he wasn’t until he went to pay the bill. I know what you are thinking. His AMEX gold card declined. It is worse than that. The AMEX gold card was in his mother’s name. This loser tried to buy me dinner on his mother’s credit card. The waiter couldn’t run the card because he was clearly not Estelle. I was mortified. I excused myself to the bathroom and never came back. I hooked up with the waiter instead. At least with him, I knew what I was getting. He was a broke ass waiter, but he was honest and had a big cock. He had a silver tongue too. He worked magic on my pussy. In fact, I had a hot squirting pussy from a tongue. Usually, only an anaconda can do that to me. I don’t know how my loser date paid for dinner, but I was not going to front the money. I assumed he called his mommy and she okayed the charges.  His loser ass is gone, but the night was not a wash. I did get to cum about a dozen times with a 22-year-old waiter with a 9-inch cock.

Hardcore Ass Fucking When Your Pussy is Ruined

hardcore ass fuckingI needed a hardcore ass fucking. Sometimes I just need a hard cock up my ass. I have always been an anal whore, but more recently because some guys say my pussy is not as tight as it should be. Yes, I have a high mileage pussy. I have entertained a lot of cock over the years, but I have a sugar daddy with a huge monster snake cock. Some lovers think he has ruined my pussy for more average dicks. In those cases, I offer up my ass. It will always be my tightest hole. Trey was handsome, but averagely hung. He wasn’t going to stay in my pussy. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I wouldn’t have trouble shaming a small cock if it were less than 4 inches or the guy was a tool, but Trey was nice. He didn’t treat me like a bitch or a whore. He treated me like a princess. I was embarrassed that my pussy was not tight enough for his cock. He wasn’t small as in need of small cock humiliation phone sex, but he was no anaconda either. We returned to my place after a nice dinner and dancing. I poured some wine and we made out on the couch. I felt like a young girl again. This was real date. Our third date. It was time for me to put out instead of playing hard to get. Honestly, I would have fucked him after date number one, but I suspected his cock would be disappointing. True, it is not what my pussy is accustomed to these days, but it was no shrimp dick either. He was happy to fuck my ass. Most women don’t give up the booty easily. I am not most women. I am an anal sex whore. My pussy may be ruined, but I still have a tight ass for men like Trey.

GFE Phone Sex for The Living Legend and The King of Cocks

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex has been ruined because no one treats his sugar babies better than Big Daddy King. He is no Splenda daddy. He is the living legend of sugar daddies. He is the King of Women. He is the King of Cocks too. He has been in Europe on business. He has lots of sugar babies, but we all only have one King. Big Daddy King. He is more than enough man for any woman, so he needs a stable of beauties. When he told me, he was coming to visit me, I knew I had to throw a party fit for a king; a party fit for The King. It takes a village of hotties to welcome home royalty.  He wanted me to spare no expense, so I took a duffle bag of his hard earned cash and pampered myself. I wanted to look beyond my best for my King’s return. When he came home, I was wearing a gold bikini with gold glitter on my body. Not just any gold, real gold. My bikini was little but made of real gold. My body was glistening with gold flecks from BDK’s gold reserve. His welcome home party was streaming live too. DJ Khaled was spinning tunes, hot strippers and porn stars were dancing and white losers were forbidden entrance into the party of the century.

phone sexIt is well known that hot white women like myself only want black cock. My King has a posse of wealthy, alpha black athletes, so my bitches would be taken care of in the fashion they deserve. The hot tubs were rocking and the pool was ready. When The Living Legend entered his palace, all eyes turned to him. I placed a gold crown adorned with fine gems on his head. He is the King, he needs a crown befitting of his stature.  A few of my hot bitches helped me undress him. He had a special surprise for us: a new man’s sleeve with flashing disco lights. Only the anaconda is big enough to spell out anaconda on a man sleeve! It took 10 hands to hold up the King of all Cocks. It was time for some Anaconda kisses. I fell to my knees and worshiped the greatest cock in the world, the biggest cock in the world too. I had another surprise for my King. A crown for the King of Cocks. The anaconda is big enough to wear his own crown!  I begged for some billionaire nut sauce. Since his homecoming was being streamed live, I wanted the white losers and sugar baby wannabes to see how great The Living Legend’s cock really is. I could hear the whimpers of Splenda daddies and I could feel the green eyed jealousy stares of unworthy women from all over the world as I basked in best nut sauce around; as I basked in the aftermath of the best phone sex ever; as I basked in the glory of the King of all Women, my Big Daddy King.

Cum Shots on Tits from a Small Cock

cum shots on titsI got some nice cum shots on tits at the club last night. I am a featured dancer at this local high end club a few times a month. A fat cat hired me for the VIP room. If the money is right, anything goes in the VIP room. The owner of the club only allows certain regulars to rent the VIP room. Technically, money for any kind of sexual encounter is illegal, so he vets the big spenders. He doesn’t want his club shut down for illegal prostitution. It happens in every club, but the key to getting whatever you want in a strip club is money. If you are a broke ass loser, you can’t get anything but a smile from a sexy stripper with your wad of singles. Demetri is some oil magnate. He owns several oil fields like Getty. I was down for some fast cash. The club owner lets the girls keep 70% of whatever we are paid.  I thought he would want to fuck me. I was surprised when he wanted small dick humiliation from an Amazon goddess. He did have a small cock, not super tiny, but no anaconda either. Usually, wealthy men want to fuck, even ones with small dicks because their money trumps their dick size. I will bark like a dog, if the money is right. I had no problem laughing at this pathetic white dick. He was turned on by my insults. I got another surprise. The biggest cum shot on my boobs from a rather small dick. He was small, but his balls were full of jizz!

Adult Phone Chat: I Can be Your GFE or Your Bitch

adult phone chatDo you like adult phone chat? I am a chameleon of sorts. In this business that means I can be any kind of woman for you. I have a strong submissive side to me. That goes way back to my daddy when I was a little girl. I still gravitate towards dominant men. I guess you could say I have daddy issues. But there is this GFE inside me too. A girl who loves to be spoiled and pampered. I am very lucky that I have the best sugar daddy in the world, who treats me like royalty. He has shown me that I can be more than someone’s slave. I can be the woman who caters to your ever desire, even your dark desires. Or, I can be your princess who you spoil and pamper. Either way, I never mind some rough sex or a spanking. I have a body that can handle some hardcore fucking. And it is no secret that I can take an anaconda in my fuck holes. My two sides make me the perfect GFE. We can be making sweet love one moment and the next moment, I could be screaming for mercy when your big fat cock is tearing up my fuck holes. So, what kind of woman are you looking for today? A sweet GFE or a bad ass submissive bitch?

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