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Hot Ass Sex with an Old Rocker

hot ass sexWhen you look like me, hot ass sex is all you have. I did a gig at the strip club Friday night. This big spender was enamored with me.  He seemed oddly familiar to me. He was much older, but nice. I agreed to go to his hotel room with him. He gave me $1,000 just to show up at the door. Promised me more if I entered his room. I am not a hooker, but money is nice. He seemed like a lonely old man. I knew there was a chance he could be jack the ripper or something, so I asked Big Al about him. He was surprised I didn’t know who he was. He was an aging rock star past his prime. Music of my parents’ generation. I knew this band’s big song as soon as Big All started singing it badly. He was playing a gig in town I guess and popped into the club to end the night on a high note. He is no billionaire. His band never had success past the 60s and 70s, but he was nice and monopolizing my time all night, so I agreed to go to his hotel next door after my shift. I don’t know if he took Viagra or what, but for a 74-year-old man, his boner was impressive. I saw the wad of cash on his table for me. It looked to be a couple grand. I was flattered he wanted to pay me, but this was a man no longer rich. He had more money than a phone sex slut does, but he had a nice cock for any age and he was a really sweet. I told him I felt bad taking money for something I would do for free. I had him keep his wad of cash and I fucked his sizeable old boner for well over 4 hours. I mean if he did take a Viagra, I wanted him to get the most out of it. Two days later, my pussy is still sore, and I can’t get his band’s song out of my head.

Hot Ass Sex in Da Club

hot ass sexIt was a hot ass sex weekend in the club. I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday per Big Al’s request. He had many a big group booked for the VIP room and he needed a seasoned whore like me to milk them dry. There was also a best Tits and Ass contest. I have the best T and A in the club. It is one of the many reasons I make bank at the club. Once I got up on stage in my bikini and flaunted my tits and ass, I was crowned Miss T & A. Once that happened, all the guys in the club wanted me in the VIP room with them even more than they did before. Some girls thought it was rigged, but Big Al don’t pull games like that. The men in the club selected me the winner because I am a stacked Amazon goddess.  The guys at Big Al’s Gentlemen’s club love me because I make them feel special. What younger strippers lack is the ability to make men feel like they are the only ones in the club. These young girls think the men should crawl to them. That is not how to line your pockets or get spoiled. I think submissive women do better in strip clubs because we know a man’s needs come before our egos. I was busy all weekend with lap dances, bottle service and stroking cocks and egos, but it paid off well. I came home with more money in my pockets than all the young strippers combined.

Submissive Phone Sex: BDK Owns Me for Life

submissive phone sexMy Big Daddy King knows I have a submissive phone sex side. I can’t help but want to be on my knees when he is around. He owns me. Body and soul and of course my pussy. Sometimes, I am a bad sugar baby and I need to be punished. Punished by the anaconda!  I have not seen The Living Legend in a week or so, which makes me long for his touch; long for the only man who can break me.  The only man who truly owns me. He called me up, gave me specific instructions to dress sexy, display my tramp stamp that says, “Property of BDK” and go to this nearby bar. My King spoils me so. He arranged for all my drinks to be paid. Only top shelf drinks for his blonde sugar slave. Men were vying for me at the bar. They were buying me drinks, but I sent them back. I don’t need losers or Splenda daddies buying me cheap ass well drinks. I also don’t need any losers trying to get into my panties. Even my sexy underwear says, “Property of BDK.”

phone sexThere was this one phone sex guy who recognized me from my pictures. He was trying to be all suave coming up to me with cheesy lines. As soon as he started talking, I knew who he was. I was not going to taint my owned body with imitation white meat.  I had no idea if my master and owner, BDK, would show up, but on the off chance he might, I was not settling for cut rate cock. That is when I felt someone press against my back. I felt the anaconda, so I knew it wasn’t any loser barfly. It was my King. I fell to my knees in a public bar and started kissing just the outside of his pants. Rainbow kisses for the best cock in the world. I begged to see the anaconda. I wanted all those losers who were attempting to get into my owned pussy to see why I denied them. Girls lucky enough to be in BDK’s exclusive and elite sugar gang, don’t soil their hot bodies with little white dicks. All the losers watched in shock and dismay as BDK, my owner, bent me over a table and pounded his pussy. My Big Daddy King is an amazing sugar daddy and master. I begged for his billionaire nut sauce while others watched. Splenda daddies and wannabe suitors need to understand not only who owns my pussy, but who is worth waiting for. Hint: It is not little white dick.

black cock phone sexMy Big Daddy King is The Living Legend of my World. I will do anything for him. I will do anything he tells me to do. I will only obey the best! I am his OG Sugar Slave for life.

Phone Sex Sub

phone sexI am a phone sex switch. I have my days when I want to be spoiled and pampered, then I have my days like Saturday when I want to be spanked and treated like a dirty whore. I was feeling fetish kinky over the weekend. I wanted something more than a good fucking. I dolled myself up in my best latex cat suit and went looking for trouble at a new underground fetish club. I never have to look far for trouble, it is my middle name. I was the center of attention the way I was dressed. Guys weren’t sure if I was a bad ass dominatrix or a submissive whore. Saturday night, I was all submissive whore. I went from room to room until I could find just the right man to handle an Amazon goddess like me. Terry towered over me at 6’6. He had Alpha male written all over him too. He had me at the crack of his whip. I fell to my knees like a trained dog and started sucking his hard cock. It was more like skull fucking. He rammed his cock in my mouth so deep, I gagged. Very few dicks ever make me gag. I am a cock sucking whore. Terry never even spoke to me after he told me his name. We didn’t need words. He was communicating with his body language. He was not done with me after he came on my face. He wanted to spank my perfect ass. I do have an ass built for spanking phone sex. I was wet with anticipation of his strong hands smacking my bare ass. He was the perfect man for a pain slut like me. He made me count every whack until I couldn’t keep the counting straight. He was done with me after a few hundred whacks. Three days later, my ass is still sore, and my pussy is still wet.spanking phone sex


The Sugar Gang and Their King

gfe phone sexOur favorite GFE phone sex caller is The Living Legend of many things.  BDK is almost too good to be true, but me and my sugar baby BFFs Lena and Loretta know he is real. No one spoils his sugar babies like Big Daddy King. My King called me and had me rally up the sugar gang. He had a huge surprise for us, and it was’t the Anaconda.  He was flying us all to a tropical paradise for a sugar baby shoot. Big Daddy King is the The Living Legend of Sugar Daddies and the outfit that crowned him last year wanted to do a tropical photo shoot with his favorite sugar babies.  They were paying us handsomely too. Lena, Loretta and I were in agreement though, we would do it for free just to be with our Big Daddy King and the anaconda for a weekend. Of course, we hit up our social media to brag about our King and make all the Splenda daddies jelly.

phone sexWe packed our bikinis and our BDK jewels and hopped a luxury plane to a tropical paradise where we would pose with our Big Daddy King. He was waiting for us in a white robe. The spread was fit for the King he is. There was a bejeweled throne, crown and specter just for our King. He looked magnificent. The sugar gang swooned, but we weren’t the only ones. The staff of the magazine doing the photo shoot was in awe of Big Daddy King and the attention he commands from his sugar gang. We love to worship Big Daddy King. This time, we worshiped him on film. Our tramp stamps proudly showed we are the property of The Living Legend. We had to see the anaconda. When our King derobed, there was the anaconda in its diamond encrusted white man sleeve. This sugar baby grang knows what to do. We lavished the anaconda with rainbow kisses and begged for some billionaire nut sauce.  We didn’t care tat the cameras were rolling. Whenever we are with our BDK, the resort of the world just doesn’t matter. We had a wonderful few days in paradise with the King. He is the Living Legend for a reason. No man could ever treat us better. #BDKs Sugar Gang #PapiKing #LivingLegend #PropertyofBDK

biggest cum shot

Fantasy Phone Sex in Italy with The Living Legend and his Sugar Babies

fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex gets taken to a whole new level with our Big Daddy King. I had the pleasure of spending the day with the Living Legend on his birthday. My friend and fellow sugar baby, Loretta, was not as lucky and she was sad. I could hear it in her voice, but I had to pry it out of her that she thought our Big Daddy King didn’t like her anymore. I knew that was nonsense, so I called The Living Legend himself to confirm. Big Daddy King doesn’t like any of his sugar babies feeling down, so he told us to hop on his private jet and go see him off the coast of Italy.
gfe phone sexLoretta and I packed all our BDK jewels and nothing but sexy outfits. Big Daddy King flew us in style on his luxury private jet. Of course, we took to social media to brag about the best sugar daddy in the world. We are proud gfe phone sex babies. A private stretch limo was waiting on us as we stepped off the jet. OMG, the view of the Italian coast as we drove to his private mansion on a large vineyard was almost as amazing as the Anaconda. BDK was very happy to see his prized sugar babies decked out in designer duds and all the bling he has bought us. He looked like a king because he is The King. He is the king of high-class sugar babies like Loretta and me.
wet bald pussyWe showered BDK in hugs and kisses. Loretta immediately perked up when she saw the Anaconda in its diamond encrusted white man sleeve. That beautiful huge cock always gives me a wet bald pussy. I let her have the first honors, even though the Anaconda is more than enough cock for two sugar babies. She was talking in Spanish, which was so sexy, as she gave sugar baby kisses all over the best cock on the planet. When she pulled off the man sleeve, I got weak in the knees. I fell to the ground to help my fellow sugar princess worship The Living Legend’s cock. We begged for that billionaire nut sauce like starving sugar babies too. That is because a woman can never have enough of Big Daddy King.
phone sexWe spent the weekend worshiping the Anaconda and being spoiled and pampered by the best sugar daddy in the world. Loretta was cheered up instantly knowing her Papi King still adored her. Our BDK is loyal to his sugar babies. He treats us better than any man can or has. We are forever loyal to the best sugar daddy in the world with the best cock on the planet. All other men are just Splenda daddies in comparison. #SnakeCharmersinItaly #PropertyofBDK #TheLivingLegend #LaLeyendaViva

Biggest Cum Shot in the Club or at Least That’s What I Tell Them!

biggest cum shot

I went to the club last night to pick up some extra cash. I have a spending problem. I like to live beyond my means, but when you look like me, getting cash is never an issue. I may be in my 30s, but I work a stripper pole better than 2 20 somethings combined. Big Al lets me feature dance whenever I want and that pisses off the younger dancers because they get bumped to a less favorable time slot. Big Al and I go back to my barely legal days. He was a savior to me, but I made him lots of money and helped him build his gentlemen’s club empire. I was loyal to him for a decade, he is loyal to me still. The audience was filled with a bunch of wealthy Japanese businessmen visiting the nearby Caterpillar plant. Asian men love a tall buxom blonde. I was making serious stage money and I had not even started the lap dances or gone into the VIP room yet. It was like no other girls were in the club. I was the queen stripper. After my stage show, I went to the VIP room to make the real money. I will act like those tiny Asian dicks can give me the biggest cum shot in the world for that green. The key to making money in a strip club is making every customer feel like he is the only guy in the club. That is a skill Big Al taught me and it has been making me money for over a decade now. I let the Asian businessmen play with my big boobs and stroke their cocks. I even let a few of the more well-endowed guys fuck me because rent was due, and I still had other bills to pay. I walked out of the club with more than enough money to pay my bills. Those Asian men will be talking about the blonde giantess who rocked their world for years to come.

Blowjobs Phone Sex for Daddy

blowjobs phone sexBlowjobs phone sex is what daddies want and it is what daddies get with me. I love age play calls. I put my hair in ponytails and look sweet and innocent or daddy. I was trained young to be a great cocksucker. I am still a good dick sucker.  I have all sorts of callers, but even though I am a decade plus past school girl age, guys love a subby daughter sucking them off. They also love fucking their baby girl in her tight little girl ass. I have always been a good girl for daddy types. Daddy John loves fucking my tight baby ass because at a certain age, all bottoms feel the same boy or girl. I am a good girl for daddy. I suck his dick to get it good and hard for my ass. Sometimes daddy is gentle on my young ass, sometimes he is rough. Last night he was rough. He skull fucked my mouth first, then with no lube he rammed his daddy dick up my asshole while pulling my hair and calling me names. I was in pain, but I loved every moment because I was pleasing daddy. Can I lease you too daddy?

Birthday GFE Phone Sex with The King on Dalmation Island

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex guys have nothing on my Big Daddy King. He is the Living Legend of Sugar Daddies. All men want to be him, all women want to be with him. I am his Sugar Baby OG. When Big Daddy calls, I get wet. He wanted to spend his birthday with his first sugar baby. I felt so honored and privileged that I took to Instagram to brag. Not only did the greatest man on earth want to spend his birthday with me, he wanted to take me to Dalmation Island, an exotic island with miles of private beach front land that Big Daddy is buying. He is going to turn it into an exclusive resort area. He is the King of all things. I took to Instagram again to let all the Splenda daddies know what a bad naughty sugar baby I am. BDK owns my tight wet bald pussy. I even had his initials in diamonds on my black bikini bottoms as proof. Big Daddy King and I strutted out onto the white sands like a King and his Queen. When I took off his silk robe, there he was like a work of art standing under the sun. The world belongs to my Big Daddy King. The rest of us are merely players. When the natives and tourists saw him in nothing but a white bejeweled man sleeve, the gasps could be heard in heaven. The inhabitants of the island had never seen a man like this. I had a special birthday cake for my king. First, I had to put my rainbow lips all over the man sleeve. I couldn’t wait to see the anaconda. When thirteen inches of thick dark meat made its appearance, some natives fainted. The anaconda is a work of art. I lathered the best cock in the world with the birthday cake and gave new meaning to the phrase “Let them eat cake.” I sang happy birthday to the King while worshiping the anaconda. I am no singer, but I am quite the snake charmer. This blonde sugar baby worshiped the anaconda on the white sands of Dalmation Island while natives watched in awe. I licked off all the frosting I smeared all over the anaconda just in preparation for the best frosting in the world: My King’s Billionaire Nut Sauce. I was jet blasted with so much yummy snake cream. I didn’t care that we had a crowd watching us. It was a nude beach until we turned it in to a snake pit! None of the folks there had anything close to what my King, the Living Legend, has packing between his legs. The onlookers will never forget being that close to greatness and seeing how this OG Sugar Baby worships the royal cock. #Island Paradise #Lucky13 #BirthdayCakeSnake #SugarBabyOG #TheLivingLegend #HappyBirthyMYKing

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex and Small Dick Humiliation

smoking fetish phone sexHe wanted a smoking fetish phone sex call. I don’t always smoke, but when I am drinking, I can’t help it. All my friends at the strip club smoke. I pick up nasty habits easily. Well this dude wanted me to shame his little dick. He has read my blogs and knew I was a size queen. He also knew that if I can handle an anaconda, I would know his little shrimp dick doesn’t measure up. He sent me pictures. I don’t wear glasses, but I needed a pair of those magnifying glasses to see his shrimp dick. It was so tiny. I took a deep inhale on my cig and blew smoke rings around his pathetic wiener. The smoke made it disappear completely. I couldn’t believe this loser was paying me to laugh at his sorry ass excuse for a manhood. How fucking pathetic must a man be to pay for small cock humiliation phone sex? I told him he couldn’t touch his little wee wee or I would flick my ashes on it. My cigarette was longer and about as thick as his pencil dick. I should have charged him double the normal rate. You know, like an annoyance tax or something. I was happy to laugh at the images of his nub that he sent me and puff of my cigarette. I couldn’t contain my laughter, however. Loser. It turned him on to know that I wasn’t being nice because I was getting paid. I was giving him my real reaction to his small dick. I hope I never have to meet a man in person with such a little dick like his. Wait, if I did, it wouldn’t be a man. A man has a real dick. This guy was a boy at best, maybe even a male barbie doll. Most satisfying thing about that call was my cigarette.

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