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Wet Bald Pussy in the Da Club

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy was all the rage at the Pleasure Palace last night. Mondays you would think would be slow nights at a strip club, but they are the busiest. I think it because married men can say they are going to watch the football game with a friend and instead they come to the strip club to watch football and naked ladies. I learned a new trick recently. I can pick up tips with my pussy. A guy saw me do it, and he called me over for a lap dance. We got a little carried away, but I know the new club owner very well. He will let me get away with murder! We went into the VIP room. He laid on the private stage with hundred dollar bills in his mouth and I picked them up with my pussy. I made a grand in tips that way last night. I made a lot more, however, bending over one of the tables for a hardcore ass fucking. This gentleman is a big movie producer in town and just my luck, he likes blonde bimbos. I stayed the night with him in his hotel suite. Not because the fucking was that good. His cock was average, and he had old man problems. I was in it for the money and because he promised me a cameo in his movie. I am a great stripper because I make even dirty old men feel special.

Phone Sex in Da Club with My Big Daddy King

phone sexI was super sad the other day because Big Al told me he was retiring and selling the club. I have worked for Big All for two decades. I immediately called Big Daddy King because if anyone can make me feel better, it is the best sugar daddy in the world. When I told him, he asked how much Big Al was selling the club for. Being the most generous man on the planet, he tripled the amount and told me to just take Big Al a bag of cash from the vault to make Big Daddy King the new owner of the strip club. I was so ecstatic, I couldn’t wait to tell the girls. Big Al was so happy too, he didn’t even care that the new name of the club would be The Pleasure Palace. Big Daddy King is so filthy rich he can just buy a strip club with a bag of cash. I couldn’t wait for him to meet the other dancers. He knows my pal Destiny. She has been lucky enough to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce, but the others always thought I was fibbing because he sounds to good to be true. Big Daddy King is too good to be true, but he is real. He is 100% real and more of a man then all other men combined. When he came to the club to see his newest endeavor, he immediately made me the house manager and announced that I would oversee the day to today operations. Lilly is the newest girl hired, so I had her meet my beloved BDK. She was one of my critics who didn’t think he existed. Lilly is singing a different tune now. In fact, she is getting her BDK ink tomorrow. When The Living Legend undid his pants and the man sleeve came out, I knew she would be shocked. She fell to her knees like the rest of us and begged to be anointed with billionaire nut sauce. The club was full of screaming, love struck girls because that is the power of Big Daddy King and the anaconda. Big Daddy King is almost too good to be true, but those of us lucky enough to be a part of his sugar gang posse, know he is real. I couldn’t be happier that he is the new owner of the club! I have already told the girls he is the only VIP in the club who matters. They already have a bad case of anaconda fever. #PleasurePalace #BDKsClub #MySugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #BiggestSugarBabyPosseEver

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Slavery Phone Sex: I Only Worship Real Cocks

slavery phone sexSlavery phone sex is something I am good at. I love making men feel good.  I love to worship. Nothing gives me more pleasure than worshiping a cock. I mean a cock, not a clit. This high roller at the strip club Saturday night wanted to pay me to fuck. I like money like any other whore, but I won’t just fuck anyone. I was in my latex black cat suit because it was our Halloween party at the club. I looked like a bad ass mistress more than a slave. I know we are supposed to treat customers like they are the only man in the club, but Big Al lets me fuck who I want. I tried to be nice to the guy. Sure, he had enough money to keep me happy for a night, but not enough money to make me fake enjoyment for a two-inch dick. He knew he had a turtle dick, but he thought his money would trump his dick size. I turned the tables on him. Tied him to the chair and introduced him to my sexy dominatrix side.  Turns out he enjoys CBT games. I smacked his balls around. Teased his clit stick until it was blue. He was impressed in the end with my choice to chose pleasure over money. I drained his wallet, but not his balls. He had to go find one of the young dumb girls to get satisfaction. When you look like me, you attract all types of men, but not every man is worthy of this spoiled pussy.

Even a Strange Fetish Phone Sex Request, I Can Deliver

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? I was working the club last night and a man came in with a fetish I have never heard of before. I had my first looner. I know, I didn’t know what it was either, but he was a rich fuck, so I acted like I could cater to his fetish. I looked it up on Google when he went to pay for the VIP room. It is a balloon fetish. He wanted to watch me blow up balloons then crush them with my high heels. He had a giantess fetish too. That one I knew all about. He was throwing $100 bills at me to blow up yellow balloons and crush them in my stripper heels. Whatever floats your boat, I don’t judge if the money is piling up. I told him he was the balloon and I was going to crush him under my big foot. He sat there rubbing his itty bitty nub. I was praying he didn’t want to fuck. Nothing makes the cash go away faster than telling a big spender his tiny turtle dick would fall out of your pussy. He was like some wild animal watching me blow up balloons and pop them with my heels. He was clearly a looney looner, but he was paying big money to get his fetish fulfilled. Big Al told me he has been in the club before, but no one knew his fetish. Their loss. Anything is a Google away. I was happy to improve my lung capacity and pop balloons with my heels while he tossed money at me. Fuck, if only every guy in the club was that easy. I didn’t have to get naked. I didn’t have to touch his little dick. I just had to blow up balloons and stomp on them with my heels. Easiest money I ever made. If you are a looner, or have a different fetish phone sex need, I am your fetish queen.

BDK’s GFE Phone Sex Posse Gets Bigger

gfe phone sexGFE Phone sex just got hotter because my beloved Big Daddy King added another girl to his posse of hotties. There is a new girl in my neighborhood, Tatiana. She is a goddess trophy wife. Hot as fuck and married to a total loser. I invited her to Big Daddy King’s crib to chill the other night. My King lets me have over lovely ladies whenever I want. I was excited for Tatiana to meet the Living Legend because I knew he would blow her mind. She thinks she is married to a rich man, but BDK is richer than all the fat cat husbands combined. Plus, he has the biggest cock known to man. The anaconda is legendary too. Women all over the world, famous porn stars and sugar babies alike beg to spend even just a few hours with my King and his anaconda. With a man like BDK, it takes a village of hotties to keep him satisfied. He is more than man enough for a sugar baby harem. When I picked Tatiana to meet Big Daddy King, I knew he would find her perfect for his sugar gang. She is beautiful, smart, classy and knows how to please.  We showed her around the palace and with every turn, she was in awe. When we hit the money room, she was in disbelief. There was a bejeweled throne and stacks of money everywhere. She had not seen anything yet. Big Daddy King sat on his throne and his sugar baby subjects fell to our knees to worship the best cock in the world. When our King’s anaconda came rolling out in his white man sleeve encrusted with diamonds, Tatiana almost fainted. Yes, the anaconda is that spectacular. I had to give her first dibs at worshiping the anaconda, but let’s be honest here, he has  more than enough cock to feed a posse of sugar babies. Tatiana thought she knew big cock, but she had never seen anything like the anaconda before. She never will again. Once my Big Daddy King anointed us with his billionaire nut sauce, she was officially part of the hottest and most elite sugar baby gang on the planet. Welcum Tatiana to the best and most exclusive club in the world. #OurSugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #BDKsSugarGang #HottestSnakeCharmersEver #OwnedbyBigDaddyKing.

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Cuckolding Phone Sex Losers in Da Club with The King

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is so much more fun with my Big Daddy King. He doesn’t have a cock. He has an anaconda. So, when you have a little white loser hounding you non-stop at the club, it is way more fun to cuckold the Splenda daddy with a big black cock. This guy has been trying to get into my panties for months now. I thought he had finally gone away until I realized he was dating Destiny, a younger, newer girl at the strip club. She looks like she could be my sister, maybe even daughter. I had to have a heart to heart with Destiny. Turns out this poser doesn’t have her on retainer. He doesn’t take her to the nicest clubs and such. He doesn’t spoil her period. Destiny thought that since he was a club client, she had to go out with him. I explained that he was using her to get to me and that he is no VIP. That is when I decided she had to meet BDK. The poor girl thought he was a myth. Now I know he is too good to be true, but Big Daddy King is all real and he knows how to spoil his sugar babies.

phone sexBDK knows how to treat phone sex and stripper babes too. There is a reason he is The Living Legend. Destiny was in awe of my Big Daddy King. He gave her a bag of $8,000 just to begin her sugar baby status with a real man. She couldn’t believe his generosity. She thought I might be jealous, but Big Daddy King needs a harem of hot women worshiping him. He has a bigger cock and a higher libido than any man and requires a harem of hot sugar babies to keep him satisfied. It was in that first meeting, BDK decided our imitation Sugar daddy needed to be taught a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget. Destiny and I called him up and told him we were finally ready to make his dream cum true with the threesome he has been dying for. We had him sit in a chair in his living room under the rouse we were going to give him a sexy lap dance. We tied him to the chair and that is when Big Daddy King showed up. Our little club loser was furious. He knew he had been set up.

gfe phone sexBig Daddy King whipped out the anaconda and even semi soft, he was four times the man of our little stalker loser. Destiny was mesmerized by BDK’s huge monster snake cock. She had never seen anything so large before between a man’s legs. I assured her Big daddy King was not just any man. We made our pretend daddy watch as we worshiped the biggest and best cock on the planet. Our little cuck was tied up whimpering watching two sexy sugar babies snake charm the anaconda with our boobs and our mouths. We ravished Big Daddy King, every glorious inch of him. I wanted Destiny to have his billionaire nut sauce, but let’s be real. BDK nuts more than 10 men combined, so there was plenty to go around. We left our little Splenda boy tied up while we hit the town with The Living Legend.  Sometimes it takes a man to show a loser boy that he can never run with the big dogs when it comes to gfe phone sex. Some guys just need to stay on the porch. #MySugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #NoSplendaDaddiesAllowed #BlondeBimbosBelongtoBDK

Bad Ass Mistress Phone Sex

mistress phone sexI can be a bad ass mistress phone sex slut. There is this married old guy who comes into the club once a week. He just wants to see me. He buys the VIP room for the night and monopolizes me. This has been going on for several years. He is married, rich and thinks of me as his stripper mistress. The funny thing is, he pays me to not let him cum. Hours of tease and denial and edging and my pockets are lined, and his balls are blue. He has an average dick. Nothing to write home about. It isn’t that his cock is so small he deserves humiliation. His problem is that he is too old and fat for it to work anymore. He knows he couldn’t get a hot stripper babe like me to be his secret mistress. He comes into the club, pays for me to dick shame him, which I am happy to do.  He is a nice man, but it is pretty pathetic to have all that money and spend it on a sexy babe not to cum. I don’t judge. Whatever sails your boat. I spent the first hour of our time dick slamming him. His average dick gets hard hearing me hurl insults. Might be the hardest his dick ever gets. The rest of our time I am still insulting his broke down wiener, but I also give him a little bit of CBT action. He loves it when I use a fly swatter on his shriveled up old balls. What do I care what gets him off? He is paying me nicely for our time. Even on phone sex calls, guys sometimes call me to be edged or even denied. Money is money, right? And I am a pleaser. Big cock, little cock, average cock, you want worshiped or shamed, you get what you pay for with me.

Slavery Phone Sex: Only Men Can Own Me

slavery phone sexI was told I needed some slavery phone sex. According to him, I was getting to big for my britches. He didn’t appreciate my sass back when I informed him I rarely wear britches. He has been reading my blogs and feels I am not the good slave I once was. He thinks I am letting men spoil me and treat me better than they should, which has gone to my head. I called bullshit because most men who want to dominate me have itty bitty cocks and I refuse to be a bitch to a small dick. I struck a nerve because he has a 3-inch dick. He wanted to force fuck me with a clit stick. How could I not laugh? I only let men own me and one of the definitions of a man is having a full grown cock. You are still a boy if you can fit comfortably in a pair of my panties. He tried to dominate me, but his voice was a few octaves too high and his dick several inches too short. I am a sexy blonde babe. I love to be your submissive slut, but you have to be a man to own me.

My Big Tit Photos May Win Me Money

big tit photosBig Al sent my big tit photos to a magazine for big boobs. They were having a contest for strippers in clubs all over America. He never told me because he didn’t want me to be disappointed if I didn’t win. He let me know last night that I was a finalist. I get to fly to California for a professional shoot and the winner will be announced after an online poll. I was excited because if I was to win, the prize is a nice cash prize, but more than that, I would get to travel all over the US as a featured dancer in clubs. When Big Al made the announcement at the club, I could see the disappointed looks on the fellow dancers whose pictures he didn’t submit. And, I could see the excitement on the faces of the men in the club. I am Big Al’s favorite girl. Not only do we go way back, but I know how to make him money. I am naturally submissive, which means I know how to make men feel good. I can put a man’s cock above all else. Those young strippers are part of the me generation and they can’t pull themselves away from their cell phones long enough to worship a man like he deserves. I took the stage and shook my big tits and moneymakers. Green was flying left and right as I made each patron feel like he was the only one in the club. Charlie wanted some special time with the future Ms. Big Tit America, so we got a VIP room and let him give me some cum shots on tits, my tits. His dick got swallowed up by my boobs, but I still made him feel like he had an anaconda and not a shrimp dick. Young girls need to take notes from me.

Hot Ass Sex with The King

hot ass sexHot ass sex is the only sex possible with my sugar daddy, The Living Legend. He surprised me this week. It was funny too, because I was so thinking about him. The SyFy channel was doing a marathon of the Anaconda movies. My BDK has the original anaconda. His monster snake is not deadly, but it does some damage to pussies all over the world! My sugar daddy is bigger and better than yours! When my phone rang, my pussy tingled. I knew it was my BDK. He is the best sugar daddy on the planet. Per his request, I put on my sexy leopard print bikini for his impromptu visit to see his blonde sugar baby extraordinaire.  My tramp stamp that says “property of BDK” was proudly on display as was all my BDK bling. Even when I am stripping at the club, my BDK tat and bling is proudly displayed. I am a proud owned sugar baby. Of course, I have the best owner in the world. My Big Daddy King is the King of my word. He needed some jungle love with his hot blonde bimbo sugar baby. The moment I opened the door, we ravaged each other. My leopard bikini bottoms were drenched just seeing my handsome legend before me. I took to Instagram to brag about My King and his anaconda. If you have seen my big tit photos, you know I have some big boobs. They swallow up little white dicks. Not the anaconda. My tits don’t even cover ¼ of  the anaconda. When he titty fucked his sugar baby OG, he slithered between my knockers like a snake in the grass, coming straight on out on the other side and right into my greedy and awaiting mouth! I can cum just from sucking on the biggest and thickest cock known to man. The anaconda makes women weak at hello. I felt so special that Big Daddy King took time out of his busy schedule just to pay me a visit. He spoils me with more than just the anaconda. He dropped a bag full of cash at my feet. Just $100,000 for being me. I told you my sugar daddy is better than yours! I kissed all over my beloved King and I came again! Just from worshiping The Living Legend. No one treats me better. No one spoils me better and no one fucks me better! I was screaming as I was cumming all over the anaconda. My third cum came with the biggest cum shot up my BDK owned pussy. Life is so ordinary when he is not with me! #JungleLove #Property of BDK #MySugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #TheLivingLegend

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