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Phone Sex Humiliation for Unworthy Dicks

phone sexHe needed a dose of my brand of phone sex humiliation. He hired me to strip for him. He paid me great money and he was vetted properly. He had no criminal record and everything he told me about himself checked out. He did lie about one thing. He told me he had a monster cock. I was dancing to some Lady Gaga, stripping off seductively when he pulled it out. I stopped my dance, got this dumbfounded look on my face and found myself struggling to not say, “Where’s the beef?” He had a little sausage link at best. I’m spoiled by anaconda meat. If he was hoping I would fuck him, he didn’t have enough money. I didn’t care how much he offered, I was set to tell him it wasn’t enough. It appeared that he wanted some small cock humiliation phone sex. I gave it too him too. I told him all the things that were in my head. I laughed hysterically at the notion he thought he had a big dick. I have seen a bigger package on the Ken doll I played with as a little girl. I kept dancing and showing him the body, he was never going to get. At one point, I started singing that En Vogue song “You’re Never Gonna Get It.” He was tossing money at me like I was at The Pleasure Palace on stage. I’m not gonna say the floor was covered in Benjamins like it was at the Atlanta strip club after the Super Bowl, but I won’t be worried about the rent anytime soon. I dodged a bullet because I was certain this fat old bastard was going to try to pork me with his sausage link. He just wanted some humiliation phone sex from a cock size queen.

Giantess GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is something I love. I have an intense submissive side, but I sure do enjoy being spoiled. Men make me weak. Not all men, but you know, manly men. This metro sexual douche bag tried to pick me up when I was at a nightclub with some friends. For one, he didn’t even come up to my boobs. He was short. Height isn’t everything, but I shouldn’t have to squat down to look you in the eye. He was skinny too. I mean I looked like an Amazon goodness next to him. One of his friends made an Attack of the 50 ft Woman joke. He wasn’t getting the hint. Then it dawned on me, maybe he had a giantess fetish. He wouldn’t be the first little man with a phone sex fetish for a tall woman. He was cute, and looked very, how should I say this, unassuming? I mean I could out run him, out wrestle him and out do him in anything. He pulled out his gold AMEX card and told the waitress to put all our drinks on his tab. We drank a lot too. I slow danced with him, and his head was against my belly. I knew people were staring at us. By the end of the night, he admitted he wanted me to shrink him. I love a good fantasy session, so I took him home and put him in my purse. I even carried him around in my panties. At one point he was in my doggy satchel I use for my teacup Pomeranian. He was getting off on being shrunken by a blonde Amazon goddess. It made me feel good to help him with his fantasy. It also made me feel good that he paid me a $1,000 for a few hours of what I do often on a fantasy phone sex call. Whatever floats your boat. I am a tall goddess, perfect for your giantess fetish. you spoil me, I shrink you. Deal?

Big Tit Photos Pay the Rent

big tit photosBig tit photos pay the rent. Honestly, I make more than enough to pay my rent between my gig here, the strip club and my sugar daddy. But why pay money when your body will get it for free? It is not like my loser landlord wants to fuck me. I would pay my rent if that was the case. All he wants is some boob pics. Every month, I take some sexy boob shots for him. I know its for his spank bank, but it saves me $1300 a month. I would be stupid to pay that if all it takes is some boob pictures for him to spank too.  Last night, I delivered some pictures since rent is due soon. I thought they were some of my best work, but he wanted more. Here it was. I knew this couldn’t last forever. I told myself if he wanted to fuck me, I was getting out my check book. That wasn’t the case. He wanted some cum shots on tits, my tits and his cum. Well, I did have to see his short willy, but I didn’t have to touch it. Still seemed like a deal. I mean he was cumming on my boobs for $1300. Small dick losers like that never last long looking at my boobs anyway. I went home took a hot shower and considered it just something a girl does to save some money.

GFE Phone Sex with Our King

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is on an entirely new level with Big Daddy King. He is legendary to women across the world. Phone sluts, porn stars, strippers, celebrities and even normal women all want to meet The Living Legend and his anaconda cock. He is in such high demand from everyone, which is why Selina and I were so ecstatic when he wanted us to be the first ones to visit his new palace in Oklahoma. Where ever our BDK is, is where we want to be there too. Selina is the one of the newest sugar babies in the BDK posse, so this was her first ride in style on his private jet. Big Daddy King spoils his sugar babies. Our days of coach on commercial planes are over. His jet is decked out in gold. It is fit for royalty because he is The King.

phone sexOur beloved BDK had a limo that was equally decked out waiting for us at the airport. Selina and I couldn’t wait to see our Sugar Daddy. His palace in Oklahoma was amazing. It was something straight out of architecture digest or something. We fell to our knees the moment we saw our cherished King before us. We know our place. We gladly take the knee for our King. After showering Big Daddy King in kisses and hugs, his favorite phone sex whores got a tour of his new place. Simply amazing, but we wouldn’t expect anything less.  We ended up in the throne room. Every one of Big Daddy King’s homes, and he has a lot, are deck out for the King that he is. This latest throne room was amazing too. Selina and I saw his new throne and all the jewels and gold and stacks of money. We only care about our King and his anaconda. The rest is just icing on the cake.  We felt so honored to be the first sugar babies to see his new pad. We also felt extra special to be the first sugar babies to christen the throne room.

black cock phone sexWe are such bad sugar babies. We begged for the anaconda. When we saw the bejeweled man sleeve, Selina and I both almost passed out. It had been awhile since we saw the cock that puts black cock phone sex callers to shame. Seriously, the anaconda is so big and legendary that porn stars beg to do scenes with Big Daddy King. We gave kisses to the anaconda before he was released from his man sleeve. The anaconda is a majestic beast. Selina and I have boobs forever, and greedy mouths and there was still enough cock meat that more sugar babies could have worshiped him too. We love our King and we love his anaconda. We got anointed with billionaire nut sauce, the first in his new crib. Of course, we got more than billionaire nut sauce because he gave us both stacks of cash too. There is no other man on the planet like Big Daddy King. His generosity is as legendary as his anaconda. #OurSugarDaddyisBetterThanYours #SpoiledSugarBabies #PropertyofBDK #TheLivingLegend.

Sexy Roleplay Phone Sex with a Caller

roleplay phone sexI had a sexy roleplay phone sex session with one of my regular callers this week. He wanted to play doctor. I love a sexy roleplay and trust me, it wasn’t the first time I have played doctor with men. I even have a white doctor coat thanks to a former lover. D has an ass fetish. He has heard about prostate exams forever, but a woman has never drained his balls before. I was happy to suit up and give him his first ball draining. We pretended that I was his doctor and I had a nurse assistant with me. He came into the office shocked to find his regular doctor was no longer there. He had never been examined by a woman before. A lot of men have a phone sex fetish for playing doctor, so I assured him there was nothing wrong with what he wanted.

phone sex fetishI told him that because of his age and gender, a prostate exam was required. I assured him I had done plenty of them and he should feel safe in my hands. I felt his testicles for lumps. I massaged them like an escort would, not a doctor. I told him his balls were too full which was not healthy. Men need to have their balls drained regularly. I looked at my sexy nurse and she got me some latex gloves for the prostate exam. I dipped my finger in some Vaseline and worked my finger up his asshole. I told him to breathe and cough. He got a boner. That is just a side effect of a finger up your ass if you are a man. His balls were tighter, and his cock was rock hard. We had him get on the exam table on all fours and we milked him dry. My sexy nurse stroked his cock and I massage his prostate until he was completely drained. We even had him cum in a bowl, so he could see just how much he was backed up. If you need some sexy prostate phone sex, this doctor is in!

prostate phone sex

Phone Sex with The Most Talked About Man in the World


phone sexPhone sex with The King is simply unbelievable. As is everything with him. He is The Living Legend for a reason. When he walked into my world, he changed it forever. Any woman lucky enough to meet The King is changed for the good too. I have been missing my sugar daddy. It is like he has telepathy. He made a surprise visit at The Pleasure Palace this week. An elite magazine, Night Life, was doing a piece on the club. The Pleasure Place was a rundown townie strip joint before Big Daddy King bought it. He transformed Big Al’s into the most elite gentleman’s club in the world and the most talked about club in the world too. The Pleasure Palace was being awarded the Best New Club in the world title, so My King showed up for the interview. A few of the hottest porn stars in the industry and huge Big Daddy King fans, Kelsi Monroe and Valarie K were on hand as featured dancers and major groupies of the club owner. We all were decked out in our Big Daddy King bling and showing off our tramp stamps that say “Property of BDK” for the interview. I gave the reporter the club tour. We ended up in the throne room which is Big Daddy King’s private VIP room for only the luckiest of girls. As his sugar baby OG, I led the interview. I gushed over how much BDK has changed my life. From a poor struggling stripper to a wealthy goddess just because Big Daddy King selected me as one of his harem girls. After all the special girls told similar tales of our King’s greatness, we had her watch as we worshiped the man of the world. I thought the reporter was going to pass out when the anaconda unfolded in a diamond bedazzled man sleeve. She thought the club was the most magnificent thing she had ever seen. Turns out, the anaconda was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. Every woman feels the very same way. Big Daddy King’s posse worshiped the anaconda in front of her, showing our undying love and gratitude to the most amazing man in the world. She got so jelly, I let her snowball his billionaire nut sauce with me. The Pleasure Palace is only the most talked about club in the world because it is owned by the most talked about man in the world, Big Daddy King.

My Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyMen love a wet bald pussy of any age. I am not a teen girl nor am I a cougar. In my thirties, I still command a full house when I am a featured dancer at the Pleasure Palace. I don’t dance as much as I used to, but I get hired for private parties all the time. I only do super VIP parties. Saturday night, I did the bachelor party of a reg of mine for years. He is not rich, but his daddy is and so is the family he is marrying into. His father never let him be a trust fund baby. He works hard for his money, which is decent for his age. I have enjoyed him as a club client for a decade. He was 21 when he first came to see me, and I wasn’t much older than him at the time. There was no one else he wanted more to be the stripper at his bachelor party than me. I would have done it for free. He has been a loyal client for a decade. His soon to be wife is a hottie and a freak. She has been in the club a few times with him. She gets lap dances for them both.  I have given him head and hand jobs, but we have never fucked. That changed Saturday night. He was given permission by his bride to be, to fuck me for one last fling before they say their vows. Would your wife have been so cool?  I did my dirty dancing in a rented Penthouse Air B and B.  After his groomsmen left, it was just us. His cock is a beauty at 8 inches. Thick too.  Did I mention his hot soon to be bride joined us later? I got to eat and play with her young bald pussy while he watched. I was paid handsomely for the night, but honestly, that is a threesome I hope to have again, money or not.

My Wet Bald Pussy Has Daddy Issues

wet bald pussyMy wet bald pussy and I want to wish you a happy New Year. 2018 was a wonderful year, so I assumed 2019 will be even better. It has started off well so far. I spent New Year’s Eve at the club. A handsome man came in and asked one of the girls for me. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t immediately place him. It didn’t take him long to tell me he was a former teacher of mine. It has been nearly two decades since I saw him. I reinvented myself and moved out of state, so I was surprised he found me. I was a little unsettled at first, did he track me? Was he looking for me for years? I felt safe in the club. We have the best security in town. My fears were unfounded. He has lived in my town since he retired from teaching. He saw some pictures of me on flyers for the club and my face has haunted him for years. He tried to help me when I was an abused young girl, but my dad always dodged police and social services. Eventually, I ran away, but Mr. Harvey feared my father had killed me. He was happy to see me alive and thriving. I was happy to see him. He was the only one that seemed to care when I was a young girl. I am not a school girl anymore. I am all grown up and doing well for myself in the adult industry. My past is my past, but it has left me with daddy issues, so I seduced the one man who didn’t see me as a sex object as a school girl. I think he was shocked by how I turned out. I took him home and fucked his brains out. For a much older man, his cock worked better than fine. He knew how to eat pussy and he fucked me better than I expected for an old man. He felt guilty afterwards, but I told him I was a big girl now and fuck who I want. There was nothing to feel guilty about. It was an unexpected blast from the past. I many always have daddy issues, but that is fine by me. I love older men.

Phone Sex Whore Gets a Playmate!

phone sexSanta brought this phone sex whore a playmate for Christmas. I have not seen Maria since high school. She was my only friend. She came from a damaged home too. We ran away together but got separated by life on the streets. I was surprised she found me because I changed my name to Cassandra to hide from my father and his gambling buddies. She saw a flyer for the Pleasure Palace and recognized me even though I have bigger boobs and I am now blonde, she knew her best friend. She has been doing porn and escorting since she ran away. She left her abusive boyfriend, so I told her she could crash with me for as long as she wanted. A girl never forgets her best friend no matter how much time has passed. Neither of us has done bad for being teen runaways from abusive homes and high school dropouts. I know my palace now is better than any shit hole my drunk daddy ever lived in. After we caught up, we played like old days. She was my first pussy. We played doctor as little girls, then as teens we bumped and grinded our pussies together. Her body has matured. She is hot and sexy and can eat a wet bald pussy better than almost any man. I’m gonna get her a job at Pleasure Palace. She will make a sexy stripper. Until then, we are going to get reacquainted with each other’s hot bodies. Thank you Santa for bringing me back my sexy playmate.

Hot Ass Sex with a Couple

hot ass sexI had hot ass sex with a sexy couple last night! I was at the Pleasure Palace checking in on the girls. I wasn’t there to dance last night. I had some accounting to do and I was interviewing potential dancers. A couple was staring at me. A hot couple. Eventually, the woman approached me. I thought she wanted a lap dance for her husband and needed a recommendation. She wanted me to come home with them. They have long discussed bringing in a woman for a threesome. They thought a strip club might be the place to find a willing woman. He was handsome, but it was her that made my wet bald pussy ache. She was smoking hot. I thought about asking her if she wanted to dance at the club. She could make bank. After I finished my business, I joined them for a drink. Our chemistry was instant and natural. They are exploring the polyamorous lifestyle. I was not interested in dating them, but a night of fucking? Hell, yes, I was down for that. I went back to their hotel. They were local but got a hotel to play it safe. This was a nice hotel too. Had a Jacuzzi in the room. Of course, wifey and I got down and dirty in the Jacuzzi. Her body was smoking. Her husband was stroking his cock as I played with her. When we were in the 69 position on the bed, he came closer. He wanted to join us. His cock was average, but I was caught up in the moment. I was wet and super horny. I let him join. Although, he did fuck me, I mostly played with the hot wife. She was hot, tight and bisexual. I slipped her my number. I am excited to have a night alone with her.

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