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phone sexI love being a phone sex girlfriend. On the phone, we can fantasize about anything. I love doing all the things your wife or girlfriend won’t do. I love hearing about your day and making you feel good. I do it all the time in the strip club. A man came into the club last night. He was the lonely hearts sort of guy. Not flashy, not handsome, but looked rich. Nice suit and a Rolex that cost more than my car. He looked like he just lost his best friend, so after my set, I bought him a drink and sat down with him. He couldn’t believe someone as hot as me was giving him the time of day. Hell, yes, I was. He didn’t need to know I was focusing on the financial reward. I touched his arm, leaned in closely and let hm know he could tell me all his woes. His girlfriend left him for another man. My guess was small dick because women don’t leave a broke ass loser if he has a huge fucking cock. They do leave rich fucks for a tiny dick. Money can’t buy sexual satisfaction. A smart woman, stays with the tiny dick white man and gets some chocolate on the down low. I made him feel special. I made him feel like I cared. I did care. I cared about his money. We ended up in the VIP room. He got the rock star treatment and I got tipped enough to pay the rent. If I can make a small dicked loser feel special, image what I can do for men with big cocks and big wallets?

Not the Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotMaybe it wasn’t the biggest cum shot I have ever had but it was a sizable load. The funny thing was the guy wasn’t very tall or very big. He didn’t have a small cock, but it wasn’t an anaconda either. It was a date. Well, less a date and more a sex for money arrangement. I was doing a favor for a friend. I owed her a solid and this was how I paid her back. Her stepfather wanted a hooker. She had no idea how to find him one that wasn’t a diseased skanky whore slutting her ass off on the corner. She figured since I was a stripper and a phone sex whore, I could fuck the man for money. It was his 60th birthday and he wanted a younger whore. I am a far cry from jailbait, but he was almost twice my age. I was excited for the money because I am going out of town for a couple days next week and it would be spending cash. I was surprised by how handsome and rich he was for his age. My friend made him sound like a loser. Stepdaddy issues, I guess. I found him sexy as fuck even if his cock was underwhelming. I mean he was 60. I am sure there was some shrinking over the years. He was impressed with his “date.” He took me out on the town. We danced, kissed, danced, kissed, did shots and ended up at my strip club where I gave him a private dance and a great blowjob. He nutted a huge load for his age and size. I swallowed because I like making men feel special. It was his birthday after all. We ended up back at my place fucking into the wee hours of the night. I owe my friend a big thank you. Now I have a few grand to waste in Vegas.

Cum Shots on Tits in Da Club

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits are yummy. I have a confession. I am a cum whore. When you have a nice rack like mine, you can handle a lot of cum on your boobs. I was dancing at the club on Fourth of July. Holidays are big money nights, so instead of seeing fireworks, I saw $100 bills. I am in high demand when I take to the pole. I don’t get dollar bills. I get hundred dollar bills. I get more because I allow for more too. There was a group of out of town Japanese men who rented the VIP room for us. Asian men love big titted blonde whores like me. We are the opposite in appearance of most Asian women. I knew these men had money. They work for Caterpillar overseas which is a major producer of farm equipment. They are the big businessmen of the Japan plant They come to town a couple times a year to talk with t he US executives and always make a stop to see their favorite stripper whore. They have small dicks. Most Asian men do, but I still make them feel special. I won’t fuck them, but I don’t need too if I let them cum. I shake my ass and my moneymakers to some 80s hair band music and they toss me $100 bills. I let them give me the biggest cum shot they can muster on my big fake titties, and they toss me $1000 bills. I walked out of the club with more money than any of the other dancers. In fact, I was told I made more money then any of the other dancers combined that night. That is because I know what the men want, and I know how to make even men with tiny dicks feel special.

Hot Phonesex with a Slave and a Goddess

hot phonesexI love hot phonesex calls. I am a hot woman with big tits. I have been in the adult industry since I was a barely legal girl. I have no limits. What I struggle with is finding a partner who can handle me. Men either want me as their sex slave or their goddess. Few want me as an equal. I met Terry at a bar. I know a bar isn’t an ideal place, but honestly it is better than any dating app. I have only met crazy men on dating sites. Bonafide Norman Bates men. So, when Terry bought me drinks a few weeks ago, I got to know him. We have been on a few dates. Since then. He is not a sadistic man. He doesn’t seem interested in the BDSM lifestyle. He is a college professor with tenure, so maybe not loaded, but financially secure. He is handsome, funny, kind and intelligent. He doesn’t look down on me because I have used my body to make money. I have even held off on sex because I read online that men don’t marry women who give up their pussy easily. I was trying to do things right because I thought a nice equal relationship was what I wanted. We fucked for the first-time last night. I thought it would be awesome because I developed feelings for him. We had a connection. It was the most boring sex in the world. I almost fell asleep. His cock was average. Not a deal breaker of a cock, but no anaconda either. It had one move only. I laid there faking interest but I secretly prayed it would be over quickly. After he came, he fell asleep. Snored something awful. I thought I wanted something like I get in a rare romantic phone sex call, but I am not a vanilla girl. I need a man who can fuck me. A man who can make me weak. A man who can own me. I am built to be a sex slave or a goddess, but not an equal. Equal is boring and I am anything but boring.

No Time for Phone Sex Losers

Phone sexI love being treated like a phone sex goddess. Being a switch is so much fun. I am a subby slut for men with big cocks and even bigger wallets and I am dominant mistress for those broke ass losers and little dicks. Even the losers try to dominate me. I was at a fetish club over the weekend. This guy was in front of me going into a high-end fetish club. The fee for men is $400 but ladies get in free. He had to pay using 5 different credit cards. That is a broke ass loser right there. I was about a foot taller than him too. And would you believe that once we were inside the sex club, he was the first one all over me like a cheap suit. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had to put him in his place. I made him pull out his cock in front of me and others in the club. Clothing is optional in the common areas, but most folks are naked as soon as they gain admittance in the club. He still had his clothes on. I was sure it was because he was packing a Vienna sausage. Oh, my goodness, it was even smaller than a cocktail wienie. I asked him how he thought he would please anyone in that club. I had the entire club shaming him. He was begging to fuck me, but access was denied. Every girl denied him. Even the gay and bisexual members of the club denied him too. Loser. He was feeling the burn soon enough and left. Fucking broke ass loser tried to get a refund on the club fee. He was tossed out on his ass and barred from the club for life. Thank goodness. If I am in a sex club, I only want real mean.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Stripper

cum slut phone sexCum slut phone sex is so much fun when you are a jizz junkie. I love a healthy dose of cum. I did a private party last night. A VIP patron of the strip club I work at asked for me specifically. It has been a while since I did a private party. I thought it was for our VIP client, but it was for his son who just turned 18. He wanted him and his friends to have a birthday party he wouldn’t forget. I went to their mansion last night and it was something right out of an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Marbled floors, vaulted ceilings and a room with a stripper stage. The son told me it was for his sister who works out with stripper moves and aerial yoga. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel better I thought to myself. His sister is a stripper in the making. Daddy spared no expense. He had a full bar and buffet for his son and his friends. And one of the most in demand strippers in town. Those boys went wild when I started dancing.  They had all recently graduated high school and had never seen a girl built like me except in movies and magazines. The boys pulled out their cocks and started stroking while I danced. I figured I would have to see some small dicks, but since I was compensated well, I acted like they were all studs. They were shooting their cocks on me like fire hoses as I danced. I am no stranger to cum, but usually its from full grown men with full grown cocks. I am good at making men feel like kings, especially when money is on the table. I rocked those boys’ world. Daddy paid me more to fuck them. How many dads would rent a sexy stripper whore for their son’s 18th birthday?

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex Pizza Delivery

naughty neighbor phone sexI have had some hot neighbors which makes naughty neighbor phone sex calls more fun for me. Wherever I live, my male neighbors are so friendly. A new guy moved across the street over the weekend. I saw him as I was washing my car. Him and his friends noticed me too. Of course, I am easy to notice. I have big tits and a round ass. I also have legs for days. I was in some short denim shorts and a wet tank top. No bra. I wanted to be noticed to check out the new meat moving in. They were busy moving. I saw potential, but if men want me, they must come and get me. I don’t chase men. Later that night, there was a knock on my door. I saw my handsome new neighbor with a pizza box, so I let him in. He noticed me washing my car like I thought. When I opened the pizza box in his hands, I got a pleasant surprise. He had a nice hard cock in the center of the pizza. Now that is the kind of meat I like on my pizza. I fell to my knees. I was hungry. I wanted pizza and cock. I got a lot more than that too. I got the biggest cum shot to my face also. He did not have a huge cock. I have had much bigger, but it was a decent cock. One that had not been drained in way too long. He moved himself cross country, so he had no female companionship for weeks as he traveled from California to Pennsylvania. I was happy to welcome him to the block and the state. Been a long time since I had a neighbor I wanted to fuck. I think he is going to really enjoy being my neighbor too.

Phone Sex Stripper with a Booty to Worship

phone sex I am a dirty phone sex slut. I have so many sides to me, you might think I have multiple personality disorder. One day I am your submissive whore, the next day I am your size queen GFE. Another day, I am a dirty ass stripper. I have a weakness for money. Who doesn’t right? I love the chance to make easy cash. I was dancing at the Pleasure Palace last night. Monday nights are super busy. I know right? That is rather shocking. I almost always try to dance on Mondays because of the cash I can bring home. Mondays bring in businessmen and out of towners. Lonely hearts come out in droves on Mondays too. I had just finished my number when this guy told me he wanted me in the VIP room. When the owner of the club told me how much he bought the room for, I almost passed out. He paid four times the 4-hour rate, which is $2,000. I get 75% of that and the club gets the rest. I knew he would want to fuck for that rate, but I was surprised when I discovered his fetish. He wanted to lick my ass for four hours. He paid $8,000 to toss my salad. That is the most I have even been paid for a rim job. You want to pay to worship my fine booty, who am I to say no. That is easy fucking money. We changed up positions, but his tongue was always up my ass no matter what the position. He was the biggest brown noser I had ever met. I almost felt bad for taking his money. Almost. Like I said, if you enjoy rim jobs phone sex and have that kind of money, you can tongue fuck my asshole all you want. What is your dirty fetish?

Hot Ass Sex in the Park

hot ass sexI love hot ass sex in public. I have an exhibitionist side. I love exposing myself to men, especially to men who are not worthy of me.  I like teasing losers with what they can’t touch. There were these two weasels at the park yesterday. I was walking my dogs and they wouldn’t leave me alone. One of them recognized me from the strip club. I remembered him once my memory was jogged. He was a lousy tipper and a bad drunk. No way was I going to go back to their place like they suggested for a “private dance.” They followed me around the entire dog park. They didn’t even have a dog. Losers were just scamming on women.  I decided to teach them a lesson. I lured them to a private part of the park. I told them what an exhibitionist slut I am. I even showed them my tits. I told them if they wanted to fuck me, they needed to strip naked and fuck me in the woods. I told them I can’t cum if there is no risk, no sense of danger. The dip shits stripped naked and thought I was seriously going to fuck them in the woods. I would fuck a guy in public if that man had a big dick, but I would not be proud to fuck two losers. I gathered their clothes, tucked my tits back in then went back to the main area and shouted that there were two perverts in the park. Maybe next time they will think before they try to fuck a phone sex woman way out of their league.

Bratty Girl Phone Sex with a Bad Ass Biker Babe

bratty girl phone sexI enjoy bratty girl phone sex as a switch.  I have a bad ass bitch side. I even ride a Harley. It was a gift to me several years ago and I love being a bad ass biker babe. I was at a biker bar over the weekend. I went on a charity ride with some other bikers. I met Rich, this big burly biker guy. I was sure he had a big dick because of his size. I asked him if he wanted to fuck. Of course he did, look at me? We rode our bikes back to my place to fuck. I was disappointed to say the least when I saw he had about 4-inches hiding behind his jeans. The look on my face gave it away. He knew he did not have a big dick, but he wasn’t about to let me go without doing what we came there to do. He tried to skull fuck me, so I shamed his little dick. You can’t skull fuck with a 4-inch nub. I put his small dick and his balls in my mouth at once and talked to him. I mean if a woman can fit your balls and your cock in her mouth and still carry a conversation, you know you have tiny equipment. He liked the small cock humiliation phone sex I was dishing out. He nutted in my mouth. A big load too, which surprised me because normally small dicks don’t shoot that much. He did eat pussy like a mother fucker too. He had a small cock and I teased him for it like a biker brat, but he compensated for his shortcomings in other areas. So, he couldn’t make me squirt with his small dick, he could, however, make me squirt with his long fingers and expert tongue. Mustache rides for free guys!

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