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I Play with My Wet Bald Pussy When Sucking Dick

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy on calls. Men love hearing how wet I get giving them a virtual blowjob. I can suck the chrome off a door knob as the expression goes. I have been a cock sucking slut forever. As a submissive whore, I take my pleasure in pleasing men on and off the phone. I have an array of dildos I suck to simulate your cock. I have little dildos and a big black dildo and every size in between. Of course, I want to impress you with how much cock I can take down my throat; however, I will gladly suck little dicks too. When you are submissive, you never say no to the cock dangling in front of your face, even if it is the size of one of those snack size carrots.  If I had my druthers, however, I would only suck big dick. It is more of a challenge to take an anaconda down your throat than a shrimp dick. Since I can swallow a sword, I never gag. Some men like me to gag on their dicks, so if they want me to gag on a 4 inch dick, I have to fake that! I have some well endowed lovers who have ruined me. I had a caller this morning who wanted me to puke on his 5 inch dick. Clearly, he had no clue who he was talking too! I had to put my own fist in my mouth to make it sound like I was gagging on something that size! Don’t worry however, if you have a small dick or even an average one, I will still worship you because that is what I do! I just prefer a big black dick in my greedy mouth, but this cock sucking slut is grateful for any and all cocks full of cum.

Biggest Cum Shot to My Pretty Face

biggest cum shotPeople say that guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses, but that’s not true! I had an eye doctor appointment this morning before I started my shift and my eye doctor gave me the biggest cum shot to my face. He even came on my old glasses. He told me that he thought I was his hottest patient. That made me wet. I have always found my eye doctor sexy. He is older and has that salt and pepper hair that most women find sexy. I told him I always had the fantasy of fucking him in the eye chair. He was flattered, but afraid to cross the patient doctor line. I showed him my big tits to weaken his stance. I saw his cock grow in his pants. He was still insisting he could lose his practice as well as his license if we fucked. I wanted his cum. This phone sex slut is a cum whore too. “If you just jack off on me while I play with my pussy, that is not fucking,” I purred. I saw a glimmer of light in his eyes. He liked what I was saying. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. I wanted to devour it, but I pulled back and rubbed my pussy while he masturbated. He had patients waiting outside and he was breaking his medical code, so it didn’t take long for him to coat my pretty face full of cum. I wanted to fuck my doctor, but settled for a cum shot to the face.  I am persistent, however. I always get my man, eventually.

Phone Sex with The King

phone sexPhone sex with the King is the best. BDK knows how to treat the ladies. He is a busy man because he is the living legend. When he is not wheeling and dealing, he is shooting porn scenes with eager porn stars who beg to fuck the anaconda. But, he always finds time for his sugar babies. My Big Daddy King surprised me over the holiday weekend. I didn’t know he was in town, but my custom made vibrating panties told me he was near. These special leather, diamond encrusted panties with the initials BDK on the back, are controlled by my King remotely. It is how he lets me know he is thinking of his favorite bimbo. The pleasure sensations intensified, then there was a knock on the door There was my King in a stretch limo waiting to take his sugar baby on an exclusive excursion. He told me he was taking me to the UK basketball game. He took me last year too and it was one of my most memorable dates ever. I put on my sexy UK blue dress that shows proudly my curves and my BDK tramp stamp. Of course, my King only takes me out in style. We got to meet Coach Cal and some players before we went to our private suite. All I could think of was the anaconda. My King’s monster snake cock is just one of the reason’s he is the Living Legend. I took some sexy pics of my King and I and our wonderful view of the game for my social media accounts. I like to keep the ladies jelly! But, all I could think about was worshiping the anaconda in the private suite. My King cannot deny his princess. I worshiped the anaconda until it was about to explode. I finished watching the game pressed up against the suite glass with the anaconda piercing through my body like a freight train. With the Living Legend’s billionaire nut sauce running out of my wet bald pussy like liquid gold, I finished watching the game in style with the best Sugar Daddy ever, my BDK. #bestdateever.

Phone Sex with Pantyhose

phone sexWhen you are a phone sex whore, you get to explore different fetishes. I was not raised wearing pantyhose or stockings. My generation was the bare legged generation. We tanned and wore nothing on our legs. I thought nylons were something old ladies wore. That was until a caller got me to put some on for him. When he first called me, I didn’t have any hose in the house. The next day, I went to the corner drugstore and bought a pair of Leggs pantyhose for the next time he called. I put them on to see what the big deal was about. My legs felt so sexy immediately. I could feel the nylon hugging my legs and when I pulled them up, they hugged my pussy. I decided to wear them out. I turned more heads than normal. I got compliments on how nice my legs looked. Guys even wanted to feel my legs.  Before long, I was a pantyhose addict. It was thanks to a caller too. He opened my mind. Last night my pantyhose snagged me a hung stud at the club. He bought me a drink, according to him, because it was refreshing to see someone my age in nylons. He had a pantyhose fetish. I wrapped my stocking clad feet around his cock, even let him hump my leg so he could feel the silk going up and down his cock. I love fucking in pantyhose too. This guy wanted to wear nylons, so I lent him a pair. Confession. It was a hot fuck feeling nylon rub against nylon. We tore an opening in the crotch, so we could fuck. I ended up jacking him off with my stockings. His cum shot out of his cock like a volcano onto my nylons. I can’t believe I use to laugh at nylon wearers. Do you enjoy pantyhose fetish phone sex?

GFE Phone Sex with The King and His Sugar Baby

GFE Phone SexThere is a certain man in life who gives me the best GFE Phone Sex ever. Perhaps you have heard about him. He is a living legend. No, scratch that. He is THE Living Legend. That’s right. My Big Daddy King was back from his Europe trip and paid me a surprise visit. I get wet the moment I see him. BDK is legendary for many reasons. He is the best Sugar Daddy on the planet. He also has the best cock on the planet. To call it a cock doesn’t do it justice. It’s an Anaconda. He is soon to be a legendary porn star too. Porn stars and porn star wannabees all beg for the Anaconda to be their leading man. Fuck Italian Stallions, it is all about The Black Stallion Big Daddy King. My sugar daddy took me for a long drive in his fancy Lambo. That thing is built for speed and fit for a King; fit for The King. As we talked about his new porn shoots and financial endeavors, he casually mentioned if I had seen the new pink Lambo at the dealership. Of course, I had. That was one sweet, but wicked expensive ride. On the way back to my place, I worshipped the anaconda. Feeling the crisp breeze on me as I kissed the man sleeve, made me even hotter. BDK knows how to ride in style! Back at my place, I just about passed out with excitement when I saw the Pink Lambo in my garage. The bestest sugar daddy in the world knows how to spoil his girl! Immediately, I knew we had to christen my new hot ride. I wanted the anaconda in my new Lambo. I couldn’t wait to suck the biggest and best cock in the world, especially in my Pink Lambo. I went on snapchat and Instagram to brag about my wonderful King. #Lifestyles of the Rich and Hung!! Even porn stars and experienced cock suckers struggle to get the anaconda all the way down. I begged for the Living Legend’s billionaire nut sauce. I wanted it in my greedy mouth but also to anoint my most awesome gift. Big Daddy King is the Living Legend and Best Sugar Daddy on the planet. I’m so very grateful he is in my life.

Phone Sex Whore

phone sexI love phone sex. I have been in the adult industry for over a decade now. This is by far my favorite adult industry job. I can explore all my fantasies safely, especially my dark fantasies. I look like a goddess, but I am a whore. A whore for cock and cum. Lately, I have been insatiable. I think it is because I have become spoiled. I have a sugar daddy that even though I don’t get to see him much because of his exotic travels, I find myself comparing other men to him. It pisses many white men off when I make comparisons to his big black cock. I mean he has a monster cock. White dick rarely measures up to BBC, but guys get upset when I try to tell them my pussy is used to something bigger when they fall out of me. They don’t want to believe a pussy can be ruined. Tim was not happy when he fucked me the other night. He kept falling out of me. He called me a dirty whore then shoved his cock up my ass because it was the only fuck hole not yet ruined by big black cock. I like a good hardcore ass fucking, but for some men, it’s their only option because my pussy has been spoiled!

Phone Sex Sugar Babies and The King

phone sexChloe and I are phone sex whores with the same Sugar Daddy. Not just any sugar daddy, either. The living legend of sugar daddies, Big Daddy King. He travels often for business and professional porn. He is in high demand by women all over the world. We feel so very lucky that when BDK is in town, he blesses us with some quality time. We are addicted to the anaconda. We were talking earlier last week about how much we missed him. No one fills our pussies like Big Daddy King. We decided to take a girl’s road trip to surprise him. Usually, he is the one surprising us, but our pussies needed some attention like only the anaconda could deliver. We rented a car and headed west to surprise the Living Legend on the set of his latest porn movie. Neither Chloe or I are possessive girls. We know Big Daddy King loves us equally and spoils us both like we are royalty. We are royalty because he is Our King.

black cock phone sexWe had a spa day before we left so we looked our best; all shiny and new. We blinged our bodies out with all the diamond and platinum gold jewelry BDK has lavished on us over the last year. We walked onto the set like we owned it. Chole and I know how to handle the anaconda. No other man can compare. He was so happy to see us. Our sugar daddy is so strong, he picked us both up in his arms. We explained how much we missed him. We decided to show his porn star wannabe nymph how real women handle the biggest and bettest cock in the world. There is plenty of him to share! His favorite sugar babies kneeled before his hungness. After we showered him with kisses, we shared the anaconda. Chloe deep throated his mega cock and I worked on his mega balls. Our King couldn’t wait to anoint us with his billionaire nut sauce. As Chole and I gobbled up his golden nectar, his leading lady watched in awe. “That’s how you take care of the King,” we said to her as we took a picture for Instagram. We love to brag about our sugar daddy. He is a legend for a reason.

Submissive Phone Sex Stripper

submissive phone sexI love submissive phone sex. I am a cock pleaser. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a cock teaser when I think a guy isn’t worthy, but I much prefer to be on my knees worshiping great big dick. I occasionally feature dance at my local strip club. I used to work full time at Platinum Dolls, but now I just feature. I have fans from a decade ago who still come out to see me dance. I was at the club Friday night when a big roller came in. He is a pretty famous musician, but I knew him before he struck gold with his band. The funny thing is, he used to be submissive.  When he was a struggling local musician with no money, he had to beg for the attention of a platinum blonde goddess. Now that he is a millionaire, he expects me to be the one on my knees. He had a nice cock when he was poor, so I knew he would still have a nice cock. I am a phone sex whore, when it comes to money, I would be a submissive whore if it was my nature or not. He laid 10 G’s down on the stage for me. I knew there was a catch. When we were in the VIP room, alone, the catch was revealed. He wanted my ass. He wanted to bare back my ass with no lube. I like it rough, but I played the part of a reluctant anal slave. All that fame and money went to his head, but I let him get rough with me. I even resisted and screamed too so he would think I hated every moment of it. What he didn’t know is that I have had bigger cocks and I love being a submissive whore. I had a wet bald pussy the entire time, but for 10 grand, I would do just about anything. I am a whore after all.

GFE Phone Sex with The King

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is the best with my sugar daddy, BDK. He travels the world wheeling and dealing and making amateur porn, but always finds time for his favorite sugar baby when he is in town. He called me to say he was heading back to town. I couldn’t contain my excitement. The moment I heard his voice, my pussy purred. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was special delivery. I knew it was from my King. Several gifts were in the box. A pretty new Coach pink bag with 20 grand cash to pamper myself.  A diamond and platinum gold necklace that said Property of BDK and a diamond  encrusted belly ring with the initials BDK. My Big Daddy King knows how to spoil his girls. Wait for it. There was also vibrating panties with BDK on the back. I put them on immediately. My King was controlling them remotely. I felt intense pleasure before another knock on my door. There was my King. He was controlling my pussy remotely. The closer he got, the faster the vibrations and the more my pussy purred. I went straight to Instagram to brag about my porn star Sugar Daddy and his amazing anaconda.  I have The Legend as a sugar daddy; I cannot help but brag. His presence is the best gift ever, however. I love the bling and the spending cash, but neither are better than the anaconda. My sugar daddy has the best cock on the planet. Period. It is dark as night and as long as the earth.  I begged to see the anaconda. I wanted my mouth on his billionaire balls. I wanted to see the legend of cocks. His cock is so big and beautiful porn stars beg to do scenes with him. My King can’t deny his sugar baby. I motor boated his billionaire balls, kissed the man sleeve with my pretty red lips, then devoured the anaconda. We fucked for hours. I miss my king when he is gone, but he always makes up for it with great fantasy phone sex.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex Roleplay

titty fucking phone sexHe wanted titty fucking phone sex. All guys want to titty fuck me when they see how big my boobs are. They are fake, but guys don’t care. Big boobs are big boobs.  It was a hot role play, not unlike many real life scenarios I have found myself in. I’m the temporary secretary. Busty and slutty who takes excellent dicktation. I’m called into the boss’s office, but instead of taking notes, I am being throat fucked. Skull fucked by a big dick. I start to gag. The boss is both aroused by his bimbo secretary and appalled. He is running a legitimate business and his secretary looks like a whore.  He must punish me for being such a distraction. He can’t help but spank my big tits and my round ass. He calls me names, rams his cock so far down my throat, I cannot breathe. I am told to suck not breathe, not talk. Just suck. I sucked so hard my cheeks caved in. I want to be good at my job. I want to do what the boss tells me. I want to do what you tell me. I love roleplay phone sex. I love serving men. Tell me what your fantasy is so I can make it cum true too.

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