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Hot Ass Sex in The Club on Easter Sunday

hot ass sexThere was hot ass sex up in the Pleasure Palace for Easter Sunday. I often work holidays because they are money making days. Lonely hearts with big wallets come looking for companionship or an escape from family drama. No one is required to work at the club on a holiday, but us smart gals know it is smart business to dance for the holiday crowd. There were only a few of us stripping yesterday, but the club was not jammed. The handful of guys there, however, were spending big bucks. I had the sweetest old man on the hook in the VIP room. I felt like Anna Nichole Smith. Only a nicer version of her. I would never marry such an old man and leave him, not if I wanted in on the will! Anyway, he wanted to watch me dance and play with my pussy. He stroked his shriveled up old dick, but he was too old to maintain an erection long enough. Not even in the presence of this hot blonde goddess. He kept tipping me in $1,000 bills. He said I reminded him of Marylin Monroe. That was a huge compliment. I fucked my pussy with a pink dildo giving myself a hot squirting pussy. I doused my old fan a few times with my juices. I felt a little guilty for how much money I made off the old guy, but he seemed genuinely happy for the attention. I think in the end, I made money and I made a lonely old rich man happy for a few hours.

Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingSometimes a girl needs a hardcore ass fucking. I love anal sex. I have been getting it in the ass for ions. I have a dirty whore side. When I brought Tony home, the understanding was he was going to fuck my ass. He told me he had an 8-inch cock. That is a perfect size for the ass. He wasn’t drunk or high, so I had high expectations from him. He told me his wife never lets him fuck her ass. I am not his wife. I like to be treated like a dirty ass slave. The problem was he didn’t even have 4-inches. He tried to tell me every man embellishes his cock size. Maybe by an inch, but 4-inches? I mean he was less than half the size he purported he was. He started to get pissed that I didn’t want to fuck him. I don’t do small cocks. I suggested that the reason his wife won’t let him fuck her ass is because she is a cock size queen too. He didn’t like the suggestion that his wife wanted bigger dick. I had to be clear. Any woman would want more than 4-inches, not just his wife. Small dick humiliation phone sex wasn’t his thing. He is just in denial. I won’t be the only woman who rejects him and I know I was not the first. Since he was such a tool about his small dick, I found his wife on Facebook. I sent her picture of a huge black cock and told her to call me if she wants to fuck a real man.

Phone Sex Goddess

phone sexI love being a phone sex switch. I can fall to my knees and worship a worthy cock or fuck a sissy in the ass with the flip of a dime. I was raised submissive, so that always will have a certain hold over me. Working as a stripper has emblazoned me. I get admirers, sugar daddies and stalkers every week. Monday night, I was at the club dancing. Believe it or not, Mondays are busy days. It is not the typical weekend redneck crowd. Mondays, the club is full of out of town business men. Charlie was paying for lap dance after lap dance. Fine by me because I make a lot of money off lap dances. There was something odd about him. He had money, but he was not very manly. In fact, he screamed sissy. I think he was paying me for private dances because no woman would hang out with him free of charge. I will milk a loser’s wallet dry. I love financial domination phone sex calls for that very reason. I knew I had him hooked, so I pulled up my Amazon wish list and got him to buy everything off it. I laid on the charm because this was a guy in desperate need of the attention of a pretty woman. I suggested we take a limo ride because I make good money off those too. By the time the evening was over, all his credit cards were declining, even his AMEX. I drained his wallet. I made him pay some bills on line, including my rent for the year. All the younger strippers at the club were jealous of my wallet draining skills. Sorry bitches. Skills like mine have been honed over time. I may have drained his wallet, but I never drained his balls which makes my skills all the more impressive.

Guided Masturbation: Tell Me How to Play with My Pussy

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. I love playing with my pussy, but I love it when a man tells me just how and where to touch myself. Masturbation is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Lets’ face it, we touched ourselves before we touched anyone else. It doesn’t matter if I am getting fucked, I still like to play with my pussy. I bet you love stroking your cock as much as I enjoy touching my shaved pussy. I was feeling sexy last night. I was alone. I wanted to be alone. I turned down several dates. I made a hot bubble bath. I came three times in the bathtub. I was still horny, so after I dried off, I watched some porn and played with my wet bald pussy some more. I love watching porn. Interracial porn, gfe porn, girl on girl porn and bondage porn are what makes me want to play with my cunt the most. I love watching porn with callers. It doesn’t happen near as often as I wish it did, so I watch it through out the day. Maybe I am addicted to playing with my own pussy. Don’t get jealous, I still prefer a hard cock to my fingers or a sex toy.

I Love Submissive Phone Sex

submissive phone sexI love submissive phone sex. It is no secret that I have a dark side. I think I like the contrast of looking like a dominant Amazon goddess but being a submissive slut instead. Although I frequent BDSM clubs, my preference is to just worship you; to make you feel like a God. I am the kind of woman who wants to suck your cock after a long day at work. I want to have your slippers, a drink and your dinner ready for you too. I just want to make you feel loved and worshiped. I am accustomed to being spoiled. I have experience as an elite sugar baby, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pamper you back. When I strip at the club, I make every man feel special. That is my submissive nature shining through. I want to take care of men. I give great head and great massages. I am the kind of woman that can make you feel like the only man in the world. It is always hot ass sex with me. I am a gfe, a stripper, a submissive slave and all yours.

Playing with My Wet Bald Pussy in Da Club

wet bald pussyI love playing with my wet bald pussy for men at the club. There are just so many small dicked men who come to the club, however. They are paying customers who want the VIP treatment but lack the VIP cock. It is not smart to tell them that their dicks are too small to fuck you. They will get pissed, leave the club and never return. Or, they will give their money to some other stripper slut who doesn’t care that they have a clitty stick.  I blame the club. I tell them we are strictly a look and don’t touch kind of club. I point out one of staff and I explain he is an under-cover cop and he would bust us both for prostitution. They believe me every time. I can sell it well. They pay me for some mutual masturbation porn magic. I rub my bald cunt for them, and they stroke their little dicks for me. They pay me well for the privilege of rubbing one out while looking at my hot naked body and from saving them from getting arrested of course. I make money. I preserve the delicate male ego. And, I don’t have to fuck a small dick.  Any hot ho can strip, but it takes a girl with class and brains to milk a wallet without ever touching the man’s dick.

Phone Sex with Our King

phone sexPhone sex girls like me and Lena love talking to Big Daddy King. He is The Living Legend of so many things. A star athlete with numerous Super Bowl rings; a white man rich entrepreneur; a porn star; the best sugar daddy in the world; and not to mention the man with the anaconda, a thirteen-inch thick black cock that makes girls scream all over the world. Our friend Veronica has been hearing us brag about the best sugar daddy in the world and got super jelly. She wanted to see The Living Legend for herself. Big Daddy King loves to spread the love and his wealth. Big Daddy King is more a man than an army of men combined, therefore he requires a posse of hot, sexy sugar babies. He called Lena and I while we were hanging with our bestie Veronica. I let her speak to The Living Legend and I witnessed her legs go weak just hearing his voice. Not 24 hours later, the three of us were on his private jet to South St. Padre island to introduce Lena to the best sugar daddy around with the greatest cock known to woman.

biggest cum shotLena and I have been to our King’s newest mansion once before, but this was Veronica’s first. She couldn’t believe it when we showed her his “little” mansion. It may be smaller than his other homes, but it is bigger than all three of our homes combined. Big Daddy King doesn’t do anything on a small scale. After a tour of BDK’s palace beach front home, we took Veronica to the throne room to be indoctrinated into the hottest sugar gang around. Veronica was so excited to see the anaconda. When Big Daddy King unleashed his beast, she saw the white bedazzled man sleeve and almost fainted. She couldn’t believe how big and thick the anaconda was. Hot bitches like Lena, Veronica and I thought we knew what a big cock was until we met our beloved Big Daddy King. He makes big look small! The anaconda is a monster snake that even porn stars beg to fuck. We gave the anaconda rainbow kisses and it was not long before Veronica was screaming, “Big Daddy King owns my white pussy.” He owns us all. When she got the biggest cum shot to her pretty face, Lena and I helped her lick up the volcanic load of cum Big Daddy King gave her. Veronica cannot stop talking about what a wonderful man BDK is. Lena and I took her to get her “Property of BDK” tramp stamp as soon as we arrived home. I just love boasting about my beloved King and sharing the best cock and man in the world with my besties.

gfe phone sex

GFE Phone Sex Fit for The King and His Sugar Babies

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is out of the ballpark with our Big Daddy King. The Living Legend just settled a huge land deal. His recent land purchase had oil, so he made like $88 million dollars of just that deal alone. Big Daddy King is white man rich!!!! He has always been white man rich, now he is just white man richer! So many men get jealous of Big Daddy King and think they can steal Lena and I, but we belong to Big Daddy King. We are his favorite sugar babies and that makes us the envy of all women and a target for men who think they can compete. As if! We are billionaire sugar babies. Why would we want some white Splenda daddy who could never compete in the bedroom or in life? To celebrate our King’s very profitable land deal, he took us to St. Padre Island. Lena and I only packed bikinis! We took Big Daddy King’s private jet to St. Padre. When we arrived, we realized we didn’t need any bikinis. Only our King would own a huge section of St. Padre Island. His 3-story mansion was right on the beach with a circular throne room over looking the crystal blue ocean. White sandy beach and no one for miles but two hot sugar babies and their King.

cum slut phone sexWe were in paradise, but wherever our King and his anaconda are, is paradise. We lavished our King in kisses as soon as our feet hit the white sands of his private beach. He gave us a tour of his latest mansion purchase. Before the throne room, we stopped in the vault room where he gave us each a cool $2 million for being such loyal sugar babies. The throne room had the most amazing view of the ocean, but all Lena and I wanted to see was the anaconda.  We begged to see the best and biggest cock on the planet. We got on our knees and took turns worshiping the anaconda when it was in the bedazzled man sleeve. When our King let the anaconda out of his cage, we almost fainted. Yes, the rumors are true. Big Daddy King is THAT huge. He is more than enough man for the two of us to share. Lena and I are big dick suckers with ample boobs to assist in the cock worshiping, but with the anaconda its all hands on deck, all boobs on deck too. It takes a posses of hot sugar babies to worship our King properly. When it came time for the billionaire nut sauce it was “eenie meenie miney ho.” But lets be real. A man as magnificent and as endowed as Big Daddy King has enough nut sauce for a posse of sugar babies. Our sugar daddy is The Living Legend for a reason.  #BillionaireSuagarBabies #RainingMoney #YouWish #PropertyofBDK

2 Girl GFE Phone Sex with The Living Legend

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is better with two hot chicks. But as hot as Adrianna and I are, Big Daddy King makes everything better; he makes us hotter. My friend Adrianna is a size queen and an alpha bitch. I have been bragging so much about my beloved Sugar Daddy, BDK, that she had to meet him too. She didn’t believe me that the anaconda was as big as it is. She thought I was showboating to try to compete with her. I love Adrianna, but there was no way any of her hung studs had a cock like Big Daddy King. There was no way any of her worthy men were AS worthy as Big Daddy King. He is the most accomplished man in the world: world class athlete, business man, best Sugar Daddy of all time, club owner, porn star…you name it, BDK has done it better than anyone. One of the many reasons he is The Living Legend is because of his big black cock that makes every man jealous and every woman weak.

biggest cum shotMy King paid me a visit and he told me he was going to grace my friend with his presence too. He decided she had waited long enough; it was time for her to see what a huge cock really looked like. Adrianna is used to being the bitch in charge, but Big Daddy King and I think that was only because she had never seen a real cock. The anaconda turns all women into submissive slaves. It was tough for me to not devour my King’s anaconda because I have missed him so much, but I had to let Adrianna have the supreme honor of worshiping the best cock on the planet. Adrianna was weak in the knees for the first time seeing the white man sleeve unfold like an accordion. She has big dick sucking skills, but the anaconda is more than enough meat for two hot bitches. I helped her worship the best cock either of us has ever seen. When she got the biggest cum shot to her pretty face, she screamed that BDK owns her pretty white pussy. Of course, he does. He owns mine too. Big Daddy King owns every woman who meets him. Adrianna’s stock just went up too because men want to be with the women that have been blessed by the anaconda. But they are just Splenda daddies. Adrianna and I know the real thing, the one and only Living Legend, Big Daddy King. #OwnedbyBDK #SugarBabyPosse #TheLivingLegend #BestCockintheWorld.

I Love GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex! I had a sugar baby date last night. He was an older man. I am in my 30s, which is on the older side of the sugar baby life, but my date was in his 60s! He was a silver haired fox. I’m talking sexy salt and pepper hair. He could have been George Clooney’s dad. I met him at the club. I was not working as a stripper. I was doing some bookkeeping and managing the girls and staff. He told me I reminded him of James Mansfield. I was flattered. She is a sex kitten legend. He offered me a ton of money just to give him  a lap dance. I was happy to do it for free. I left him briefly to put on a sexy stripper outfit. I gave him such a hot lap dance that he had a boner he said he had not had in 40 years. He wanted to take me out after the club closed down. It was late and I had no clue what would be open. His penthouse suite with room service was open. His suite had a hot tub too. I fucked a senior in a hot tub! I was worried about him with all that heat and action on his heart from fucking but he was fit as a fiddle. I wanted to ask him if he took Viagra because he had a cock as hard as a teen boy who just saw his first set of tits. He told me before I could ask that his erection was just a testament to my sex appeal. We had a romantic night of love making. He treated me like a princess not a whore. Maybe I have been wrong to neglect much older men as sex partners. That silver haired fox had some serious moves and a serious boner.

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