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GFE Phone Sex with The King

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is the best with my sugar daddy, BDK. He travels the world wheeling and dealing and making amateur porn, but always finds time for his favorite sugar baby when he is in town. He called me to say he was heading back to town. I couldn’t contain my excitement. The moment I heard his voice, my pussy purred. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was special delivery. I knew it was from my King. Several gifts were in the box. A pretty new Coach pink bag with 20 grand cash to pamper myself.  A diamond and platinum gold necklace that said Property of BDK and a diamond  encrusted belly ring with the initials BDK. My Big Daddy King knows how to spoil his girls. Wait for it. There was also vibrating panties with BDK on the back. I put them on immediately. My King was controlling them remotely. I felt intense pleasure before another knock on my door. There was my King. He was controlling my pussy remotely. The closer he got, the faster the vibrations and the more my pussy purred. I went straight to Instagram to brag about my porn star Sugar Daddy and his amazing anaconda.  I have The Legend as a sugar daddy; I cannot help but brag. His presence is the best gift ever, however. I love the bling and the spending cash, but neither are better than the anaconda. My sugar daddy has the best cock on the planet. Period. It is dark as night and as long as the earth.  I begged to see the anaconda. I wanted my mouth on his billionaire balls. I wanted to see the legend of cocks. His cock is so big and beautiful porn stars beg to do scenes with him. My King can’t deny his sugar baby. I motor boated his billionaire balls, kissed the man sleeve with my pretty red lips, then devoured the anaconda. We fucked for hours. I miss my king when he is gone, but he always makes up for it with great fantasy phone sex.

Titty Fucking Phone Sex Roleplay

titty fucking phone sexHe wanted titty fucking phone sex. All guys want to titty fuck me when they see how big my boobs are. They are fake, but guys don’t care. Big boobs are big boobs.  It was a hot role play, not unlike many real life scenarios I have found myself in. I’m the temporary secretary. Busty and slutty who takes excellent dicktation. I’m called into the boss’s office, but instead of taking notes, I am being throat fucked. Skull fucked by a big dick. I start to gag. The boss is both aroused by his bimbo secretary and appalled. He is running a legitimate business and his secretary looks like a whore.  He must punish me for being such a distraction. He can’t help but spank my big tits and my round ass. He calls me names, rams his cock so far down my throat, I cannot breathe. I am told to suck not breathe, not talk. Just suck. I sucked so hard my cheeks caved in. I want to be good at my job. I want to do what the boss tells me. I want to do what you tell me. I love roleplay phone sex. I love serving men. Tell me what your fantasy is so I can make it cum true too.

I Want Hardcore Phone Sex Not Sweet Love Making

hardcore phone sexI love hardcore phone sex. This pussy has been ruined by an anaconda, so no small dicks wanting to make love may enter paradise. I am built like a brick house as the song goes. That means I can take a pounding and keep on cumming. I am not the kind of girl you make love to gently. I am no girl next door. I am a whore. A hardcore bimbo who loves big cocks and fucking. Dirty fucking too. I can titty fuck a monster snake. I can deep throat an anaconda. I can get doused in a gallon of cum. I can be a gang bang whore.  I love a good spanking. And, I can take a hardcore ass fucking better than a porn star. Just get me be a bottle of top shelf booze and lets party and fuck all night long. I make the perfect mistress because I do everything your wife won’t and can’t.

My Wet Bald Pussy is Not for Losers


wet bald pussyDoes my wet bald pussy look good to you? Trust me, it tastes as good as it looks. It feels even better. But, this pussy is too hot for small cocks or even average dicks. As a hot sexy babe and a cherished sugar baby, I have grown accustomed to big cocks now. My small dick days are over. My days of being treated like shit by broke ass losers is over too. I am all about big cocks and big wallets. You gotta have at least one of those things if you want access to my smoking hot pussy. Hot ass sex is not for losers. My daddy tried to break me. Countless men have tried to break me too. I don’t want to be your slave or your punching bag anymore. I want to be your GFE or your queen. Let an ugly, fat girl get treated like shit. I want to be spoiled, honey. Think you can spoil me the way I deserve? Treat me like a queen and you get granted entrance into my kingdom.

Phone Sex Sugar Baby and Her King

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby was so excited to hear from her sugar daddy this week. The living legend also known as Big Daddy King, is safe from mother nature. He lost two houses between Harvey and Irma, but my BDK has homes all over the world and plenty of money in the bank. I was just grateful mother nature didn’t do any damage to him! My Big Daddy King is irreplaceable.  I love flaunting him on social media. It makes men and women alike so jelly. I have girlfriends eager to meet him and The Anaconda. Some don’t believe me when I tell them just how huge The Anaconda is, but my sugar daddy is a porn star too. The hottest porn actresses all over the world beg to do a scene with him. He knows I love watching other bimbo Barbies trying to take the biggest cock on the planet, so he sends me clips. My King is a gentleman on the streets, but a gangsta between the sheets! I have men who are jelly of my King and his anaconda too. White guys be thinking they can compete with The Anaconda between the sheets, but it is simply not possible. My King is a living legend for a reason. Porn stars don’t beg to fuck just anyone. When BDK arrived back in the states, his favorite sugar baby was waiting for him in nothing but high heels and red lipstick. I hugged and kissed all over my sugar daddy. Of course, I begged to see The Anaconda. I was a bit jelly that so many hot adult actresses were getting a hot squirting pussy and billionaire nut sauce.  I begged for my turn. He cannot deny his favorite sugar baby. I fell to my knees like his humble servant and kissed the best cock in the world in its white man’s sleeve. I motor boated his billionaire balls and deep throated The Anaconda until I was drowning in billionaire nut sauce. I don’t mind sharing My King, there is plenty of him to go around, just as long as I always get that liquid gold too.

My Bimbo Big Tit Photos

big tit photosIf you like big tit photos, look at my boobs! I love flaunting my big tits. Oil them up, shake them in your face, or better yet, slide them up and down your hard shaft. I call them my bimbo boobs. They are fake obviously, but guys love them. I never wait in line for anything. I get out of trouble because of them. Men wine and dine me just for the hope of getting to touch them. I don’t regret going from barely a B cup to a healthy F cup ever. I decided being a Bimbo Barbie was better than being a flat chested brunette no one noticed from upstate New York. Everyone notices me now. I have the best sugar daddy in the world, with the largest cock on the planet thanks to my bimbo status. Do you think if I was barely a B cup, I could do the anaconda justice? Do you think if I was flat chested, I could wear cum on my boobs proudly? No fucking way. Even my F cups struggle to motorboat a python for a cock, but I do! Platinum blonde, botox and buxom is the way to be. I am the perfect goddess girlfriend or  mistress. I have lips made for cock sucking and boobs made for big tit fucking. Why go classy when you can go bimbo?

GFE Phone Sex with My King

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is the Best with Big Daddy King. He is a living legend for many reasons. Not only does he have the biggest and blackest cock on the planet, he is the best Sugar Daddy ever. He has been traveling all over the world. He has business ventures everywhere, but he also fucks women all over the globe. I think he should be in porn. He would give those porn stars a run for their money. Porn stars beg for the anaconda. Hell, we all beg for the anaconda. I knew my Sugar Daddy was arriving home. I put on something extra sexy that showed off my tramp stamp. I was waiting in the King’s bed when he came home. He knew I missed him. I was on his bed masturbating watching some of his home movies. My Sugar Daddy cannot deny me what I want, what I need. He pulled out the anaconda in its diamond encrusted white man sleeve to watch me beg. I go crazy for my King. He owns me. I am his sex slave for now and forever. I had my cherry red lipstick on so of course I kissed all over that white man sleeve. I left my mark. I begged for him to make a movie with me. I wanted to show those amateurs how a bimbo worships The Anaconda. Ive been his Sugar Baby for awhile now. You don’ get that honor with out being able to deep throat the biggest cock around. I was in heaven in the presence of The Anaconda. The camera caught me not only begging for the biggest cock in the word, but me being a diry cum whore.  When The Anaconda finally made an appearance, I gave my King head like my life depend on it.  This phone sex whore knows greatness when she its. Other bitches and bimbos beware, I can suck The King’s cock like a king’s cock deserves to be sucked.

Phone Sex Cock Sucking

phone sexI love having phone sex, but it never replaces the real thing. I am a cum whore. Everyone knows I love big cock. Even though I am a submissive, I reject small dicks. I can tell on the phone if a guy has something I can feel or not. It’s in the voice and it is in the way he speaks. Hung men have confidence. When I am taking to a man who is carrying serious heat between his legs, I bring out the biggest dildo I own to give him a virtual blowjob. Even virtually, I can suck the chrome off a doorknob. Thomas said he had a 9 inch coke bottle thick cock. He also said he wanted me to gag. It is tough to make a cock sucking whore gag, but I improvised by sucking on my black Kong which is a 12 inch dildo my sugar daddy gave me to remember him when he is on the traveling. That thing could make Jenna Jameson gag. My big black dildo always makes me gag and gasp for air. If he wanted a cock sucking slut to gag on 9 inches, I was going to need 12. I am not implying 9 inches is small, but I have sucked bigger in my life, so gagging comes with monster cock only. I told him exactly what I would do to his cock. Spit on it to lube it up. Wrap my pretty tits around it to guide it into my mouth. Then deep throat every inch until his balls were tight against my chin. As I was sucking and gagging on my big black fake cock, he came. Hard too. Just about blew a hole through the back of my head over the phone. Never under estimate the power of a virtual blow job!

Hardcore Phone Sex with a Big Cock Whore

hardcore phone sexHardcore phone sex is what I do best. I am not the kind of woman you need to fuck gently. I am 5’10 and built like an Amazon goddess. I have a certain Sugar Daddy with an anaconda for a cock. If I can take him in all my holes, I am sure I can handle whatever it is you want to give me. In fact, this Sugar Daddy, has ruined me for other cocks. I don’t get that stuffed felling I enjoy. I don’t get gaping holes any more. I was fucking this guy with a big cock last night. Not anaconda big, but the kind of cock that used to gape my holes. He was disappointed that he slid in my ass easily. He wanted a struggle. He was not happy to hear, “Fuck me harder. I want a hardcore ass fucking.” He thought he was giving me that already. I tried to act like he was really ravaging my holes, but it was clear I was faking it. Busted. He didn’t like that he was not hurting me. I am a pain slut, but I felt no pain. He called in reinforcements. Brought a couple friends over. They were equally hung and thick, but still not big black cock big. I acted demure and scared at the suggestion of fucking all three of my holes simultaneously. Now we had a party. I had one cock in my mouth, on in my pussy and one up my ass. Finally, I was getting something I could feel. I was in heaven. I love rough sex. I want to be penetrated to my soul. I want gaped holes. I want to walk funny after I have been fucked. And, I want filled up and covered in cum. It might take three guys to equal the fucking my Sugar Daddy can give me, but all I say is bring it on. This girl is ready to party.

Hardocre Ass Fucking: Maybe Not What the Doctor Ordered

hardcore ass fuckingI need a good hardcore ass fucking. I am such an anal sex whore. I can’t go long before I am begging to get fucked up the ass. I had emergency surgery last month, which meant I was confined to bed for much longer than I could stand. And, not the fun kind of stuck in bed either. I begged one of my fuck buddies to come fuck my ass. He asked me if I was okay for rough sex yet. I lied and told him the doctor gave me the clear to resume my normal activities. There is nothing normal about my activities. I make porn stars blush. I am not a vanilla girl. I like my fucking hardcore. Henry showed up with a hard cock ready to tear my ass up. Henry is married, but like many wives, she doesn’t give up her back door. Now, Henry is not the most well endowed man I fuck. How can he be; he is a white guy. But, I could stroke his ego and get my anal needs met without doing too much damage to my body. I am a seasoned dirty whore. My holes have been stretched to kingdom come by a certain sugar daddy with a massive big black monster cock. I didn’t think Henry could do much damage to my back door, but he was jacked up on something. He rabbit fucked my asshole for what seemed like eternity. Good thing I am a bit of a pain slut. I have been sitting on a bag of frozen vegetables since. Not just any cock can actually cause me pain, even during rough sex.  Do you like anal phone sex? My ass can always use a good fucking. I don’t care what my doctor says, I need to play.

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