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Brittney and I are Phone Sex King Snake Charmers

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby received a very special treat from a very special Sugar Daddy yesterday. My beloved BDK was in town. He heard about me dancing at that local strip club last week with my friend Brittney and wanted to spoil us both. No one spoils me better than my Big Daddy King. I have been bragging about him and the anaconda for a couple years now. Brittney flew into town to feature dance at the club again, but this time I picked her up in BDK’s stretch limo. Nothing but the best for one of BDK’s favorite sugar babies and her BFF. Brittney and I got ready to go to the club. I wore this lime fishnet dress that my King loves. The limo took Brittney to the club first. She didn’t yet know that she would be staying in Big Daddy King’s palace yet. When my King and I arrived at the club, he booked the VIP room for the night, so he could have a stripper threesome with Brittney and me. We shook our asses while he pulled out a duffle bag full of money for us. It was raining Benjamin’s as we gave the Living Legend a legendary lap dance. I couldn’t wait for Brittney to meet the anaconda. No matter how much I brag about BDK’s monster snake, no one believes me; but, seeing is believing. He has a thick stripped pole between his legs. Enough cock for two hot bitches. When I unzipped his pants, the anaconda in its white diamond encrusted man sleeve rolled out. Big Daddy King’s cock deserves the red carpet treatment. We fell to our knees to worship him. I let Brittney devour the anaconda because she has never sucked a cock that huge in her life. I motor boated his billionaire balls. Brittney and I are snake charmers because with two hands, two mouths and two sets of nice tits, we milked the anaconda dry. I went to Instagram to brag out my King’s legendary cum shots on tits. We closed the club down then went back to the palace to worship BDK and his anaconda some more. BDK is the real deal. Handsome, wealthy, generous, smart and hung better than a horse. The anaconda got drained by Brittney and me all night long. I am still glowing.

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Big Tit Photos and Lap Dances

big tit photosI take a lot of big tit photos. I have a nice rack. Sometimes, I catch men snapping pictures of my big tits. I don’t mind. Clearly, I flaunt them.  I was at a strip club last night with some girlfriends. One of my friends is a featured dancer at the club. We met her for drinks after her set. When we go there, men always buy us drinks. I wore a bikini top with a skin tight black skirt. I was in a mood to flaunt my rack. Guys kept mistaking me for one of the dancers. They wanted lap dances from me. My friend told me to go for it. She works there and said the owner won’t care. Lap dances means men are buying drinks too. I went along with the belief that I was a stripper. I pocketed several hundred dollars. The last guy I gave a lap dance too wanted to spend more time with me. He had snapped a bunch of pictures of me throughout the night. I never noticed I had a stalker. He called himself a fan. He likes Amazon goddesses with big boobs. I like men with big dicks. My stripper friend vouched for him. She said he was a high roller in the club a couple times a month. He finds a girl he likes, spoils her for a month and moves on to the next new hot thing. I wasn’t going to commit to a stranger for a month, but for a night in a penthouse suite at the Renaissance, that I could handle. His hotel room had a wet bar and a jacuzzi. I fucked him all over his hotel suite. He didn’t have a huge cock, but he ate pussy like a porn star. When I woke up this morning, he was gone. There was an envelope on the nightstand addressed to me. It contained a sweet note and a wad of cash. I thought I was just hooking up with a guy for a night of fun and fucking. Apparently, he thought I was an escort. Maybe I am in the wrong adult profession!

Phone Sex Sugar Baby Craves Billionaire Nut Sauce and the Anaconda

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby was jonesing bad for the anaconda. I have missed my living legend and King, so I summoned his private jet that he grants me use of anytime, and I flew 3,000 miles to Japan to surprise him. I had to have some of the best cock in the word. I can’t go long without loving his monster cock and tasting his billionaire nut sauce. BDK is king of the world and King of me. He owns me mind, body, and soul. I know he has other sugar babies and porn stars vying for his attention. I am patient. Plus, he spoils me so much even when not together. My King is legendary in every way. I just had to see him. With the time difference, he was sound asleep when I arrived at his Japanese penthouse. I have a key to all his pads being one of his most cherished sugar babies. There was my King, sound asleep in nothing but a diamond encrusted white man sleeve. I had to kiss the anaconda. Even not fully erect, the anaconda is bigger than any white cock. My Big Daddy King is legendary for so many reasons. Porn stars beg to fuck him. I started bringing the monster to life with my red velvet lips. I was taking video for all my social media accounts so other bitches could be jelly that I was with the anaconda. I was giving myself a hot squirting pussy just kissing the biggest cock in the world. My mouth worked magic and the anaconda busted through the man sleeve like one of those SyFy channel anacondas destroying a village in South America. My Living Legend can destroy my pussy any day. Big Daddy King was happy to see his cherished sugar baby between his legs. I love worshiping the best cock in the world. I had three mind blowing orgasms before he had one.  But that is my BDK. He wants me to have all the pleasure first. I can cum just from touching the anaconda. I soon got the biggest cum shot in the world to my pretty face from the living legend himself. Just tasting his billionaire seed was worth the trip. I woke up today in his big strong arms and ready for a day of fucking the biggest and best cock known to man.

Biggest Cum Shot to My Face, Please

biggest cum shotI enjoy being on the receiving end of the biggest cum shot to the face. I have been blessed in my life to get creamy facials from the biggest cock on the planet. Nothing like nut butter to the face. I was giving head to this guy I just met when he asked me if he could cum on my face. He was married; he said his wife finds it disrespectful. I was not use to a man asking to cum on my face. Most guys just spray their seed with no warning. I always expect cum to my face and tits. My body is an art canvas, a cock is the paint brush and cum is the paint. I want to be decorated with nut sauce. I told him he clearly had no clue who was blowing him. I am the facial queen. I assured him I would only find it disrespectful if he didn’t coat me with his jizz. A woman knows when a man is about to cum. A man’s nut sack gets tight; two nuts sort of merge into one big swollen gland before a jizz bomb explodes. If a woman wants cum shots on tits and face, she can wiggle a finger in a man’s ass to drain him completely. Not all guys are cool with a prostate massage, but it does ensure the maximum amount of cum to spurt out of a cock. This guy was new to me. He picked me up at a club and I brought him home. I didn’t want to ruin his orgasm with a finger up his ass if he was not that kind of guy! He gave me a nice load for a white guy too. He is a married man, which explained the large load. He likely has not had head since his wedding night!

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Blowjobs Phone Sex: Stroke Cock and Stroke Ego

blowjobs phone sexWhen you are a cocksucking whore, you enjoy blowjobs phone sex. I could suck cock all day. Now, my preference is to have a fat anaconda in my mouth always, but the reality is that cocks like that are hard to find. I was out with some girlfriends last night clubbing. I did one too many Tequila shots and brought home two guys. Not monster cocks, but well above average, especially for white guys. I never tell a man I have had bigger dick unless he is a pin dick little loser. Guys love knowing that their dick is the biggest and best cock you have ever had the pleasure of sucking. I made these two guys feel extremely special. I don’t know why girls don’t enjoy sucking dick more. You have a guy eating out of your hands when you give good head. These two guys last night loved how special I made them both feel. I even acted like I was gagging because their girth was so wide. The white male ego is delicate; a woman needs to stroke it too. After I made them both cum with my mouth, I made them both cum in my pussy. They each gave me the biggest cum shot up my warm wet hole. I was not expecting that their second loads would be bigger than their first, but they were.  Once I drained them, they spent the rest of the night worshiping my pussy. I came way more times than two, so it was worth spending time as an eager cock sucking slut.

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Pain Slut Phone Sex

pain slut phone sexI have a confession. I love pain slut phone sex. I am a kinky fetish slut. I’m not talking slicing and dicing my flesh. I am talking more like BDSM fun: spankings, bondage, rough sex… Some of my girlfriends and I went to see “Fifty Shades Freed” last night. Those movies are a bit tame, but sexy as fuck. When we were there I knew I was being watched by a man on a date. His date was stunning. They looked to be on a first or second date based on the body language. He was handsome in a bad boy sort of way. I knew this wasn’t a committed relationship or a wife, so I didn’t feel bad about flirting. When I went to use the restroom, he followed me.  He slipped me his business card and told me to call him later. I ditched my girlies and he ditched his date. He came over to my place where I greeted him in a bad ass latex outfit. He didn’t waste any time. He pushed me against the wall and started finger fucking me fast. His long fingers gave me a hot squirting pussy. After I came, he bent me over his knees for some spanking fun. I could feel his hard cock pressed underneath me. I was soon on my knees blowing his cock. It was a decent sized cock, but no anaconda. He put a collar around my neck and called me his pet. We enjoyed a night of BDSM fun inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.  I love random encounters with sexy strangers.


GFE Phone Sex: My King Ain’t No Splenda Daddy

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is a different ball park when my Big Daddy King calls me. He is the living legend of sugar daddies. There are a lot of other men out there trying to be sugar daddies, but they pale in comparison. Some just flat out fail. My bestie, Lena has been wanting a sugar daddy like BDK. I tried to warn her there are no sugar daddies like The King. She called me up crying because this sugar daddy she hooked up with was a complete poser. He was a Splenda daddy! I am set up in a palace fit for a queen because my sugar daddy is the one and only BDK. I sent BDK’s private jet to get Lena and bring her to my Barbie dreamhouse for a few days. I met her at the airport in my King’s stretch limo. She couldn’t believe how high on the hog I was living. BDK don’t mess around. He knows how to spoil his sugar babies.

biggest cum shotWhen the limo pulled up to my dream home, another limo was pulling in. I squealed in delight when Big Daddy King got out of the limo. Lena just about died when she saw how handsome and rugged my King was in person. I told her words don’t do him justice. Big Daddy King welcomed Lena with open arms. Any hot girlfriend of mine, is a sugar baby of my King. He is so strong, he tossed us each over his broad shoulders and took us inside. We kissed all over the King. He is royalty after all. I couldn’t wait for Lena to see the Anaconda. There is no cock in the world that can compare. Porn stars beg to do scenes with him because he delivers the biggest cum shot ever and fucks a woman beyond compare. His dick is as big as an anaconda. That is no exaggeration. I begged to see the living legend of cocks, so Lena would know what greatness really was. I thought she might pass out. We worshipped the anaconda with our breasts, mouth and fingers. The two of us sexy babes still struggled to take him completely. I wanted Lena to be touched by greatness, so I let her take the anaconda first. I never heard her scream like that. She damn near passed out cumming so hard on the biggest cock known to man. At least now my BFF knows what a real sugar daddy is. No one can hold a candle to my BDK. He is a living legend for a reason.

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Phone Sex Slut

phone sex I love having phone sex. I am a dirty little whore who can be a sexy GFE worshipping your huge cock. I can be a submissive slut taking whatever punishment you deem appropriate for me. I can be your trailer trash whore who loves to get high and take a rough anal fucking. I can even be your fetish queen. I am any woman you want me to be. Consider me your fantasy girl. I am a no limits, no taboo slut who really enjoys it all. I am a natural submissive, which makes me a cock pleaser. Making men feel special and draining their balls by any means possible is what I was born to do.

When I met Scott in the bar, he had a certain power over me instantly. He was a man in charge. I gravitate towards men in charge. He called me slut form the get-go which made my wet bald pussy instantly wet. When we were back at my place because he was married, I was expecting spanking, bondage and BDSM games. What he was wanting instead was some pantyhose play. He was attracted to me because I was in pantyhose, not because I was submissive. I am a good girl; I do what men want so I removed my pantyhose and wrapped them around his cock. It was what he was waiting for all night. I gave him head as I jacked him off with my pantyhose. I made sure I gave him the best blowjob he could imagine. I put my all into head. I used both hands, my big tits, and my hands. He gave me the biggest cum shot. He left happy. I was so happy I could give him what he wanted. Like I said, I am a cock pleaser. He was just far tamer than I thought he would be. Don’t worry. I am still a naughty little punishment whore.

Three Beauties, The King and GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexGFE phone sex is an entirely different game with the King. When Big Daddy King called me, he wanted me to put together a dream team for him. A hot girl, has hot girlfriends. I have many friends very jelly of the time I spend with BDK. He is legendary for being the best sugar daddy on the planet with the biggest cock known to man. Every hot chick wants in on that! I knew just who to call too when the Living Legend wanted me and a couple girlfriends to come hang at his Trinidad beach house. I called Lena and Daniella. Like me, they are buxom beauties with a taste for the finer things in life. It doesn’t get any finer than Big Daddy King. We flew on the bitches’ jet, which was a private jet just for BDK’s favorite bimbo and her beautiful besties.

black cock phone sexI tried to give them some black cock phone sex training while we were sipping on fine champagne on BDK’s private jet, but nothing can prepare a woman for the anaconda. My photos don’t do his monster cock justice. Lena and Daniella make perfect additions to my King’s Dream Team. They are as smart and sophisticated as they are beautiful. I wouldn’t bring just anyone to the hottest sugar daddy on the planet. He deserves only all star beauties.

phone sexLena and Daniella were in awe of the gold and diamond adorned jet. I knew they would be shocked to see that jet was nothing compared to the beach house. Talk about a Barbie dreamhouse. BDK greeted us in his diamond encrusted man sleeve and a smile. We all fell to our knees to worship the greatest cock in the world. Porn stars beg to do scenes with the anaconda. BDK’s dream team begged for his billionaire nut sauce. My besties still can’t stop raving about the royal treatment my BDK gave them last week in Trinidad. There is phone sex, then there is BDK. My besties told me they have never been fucked so good in their lives.

Slavery Phone Sex: I’m Training a Teen Tease to be a Good Sex Slave

slavery phone sexDo you like slavery phone sex? I’m not talking about racial slavery. Sex slavery. My current beau has a teen daughter. He has put me in charge of making sure she will be a good sex slave. She is a hot teen slut cock tease. I am sure you know one or two. He wants me to train her, even break her. That is a tough call. I am a submissive slut. I love taking care of men’s every sexual need. I know what men want. I know what men need. I am not good at being a dominant woman, but I will admit I like overseeing this teen twat’s sexual breaking. Last night, I caught her texting a boy from school. Her father revoked her cell phone and computer access because she was sending nude selfies to men daddy doesn’t approve of. She either stole a cell or borrowed one from a school friend. I couldn’t get a straight answer from her. I yanked the phone out of her hands, pulled back the sheets and dragged her from her bed. I stripped her naked, so I could spank her bare bottom. I am tall like an Amazon goddess, so I made her tight little tease ass bright pink. I got wet spanking her. She was wet too. Was she a little punishment whore like me and didn’t know it yet? I started to rub her young bald pussy. She was purring and grinding into me. I got out my strap on so I could fuck her little teen cunnie. Not sure her daddy would approve, but I told her this is what naughty little girls deserve. The truth is, I was the naughty girl. He wanted me to break her, not fuck her. I’m sure her daddy wanted me to inflict pain not pleasure. If it is any consolation, I fucked her little twat hard. Maybe daddy needs to punish us both?

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