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Naughty Leprechaun

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My wet bald pussy got a fuck to remember. I was on tinder swiping left and right. I wanted to go out and get into some trouble. I finally matched with a guy that said he could fuck my spinner body so well. I would be addicted to his dick. I wanted to call his bluff so bad. I was eager to find out if what he was saying was true. I know many will brag and not be able to back it up. I like a man who can back up what he says. To my surprise, he said he would have to meet me on his break. I thought it was odd he was coming midway through his shift. I knew it was a busy shift because it was St โ€” Patrick’s day. My soon to be fuck buddy works at a favorite bar downtown. My hook up was a bartender, and he was eager to serve me someone on one-shots. I couldn’t wait I was practically getting a head start but rubbing on my clit and using my trusted silver bullet. When I heard the knock there, he was much cuter than his picture on the app. The cherry on top was that he was dressedย leprechaun attire from work. I can mark having hot ass sex with a leprechaun from my to-do list. Happy St. Patrick day!๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€


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Snakes on a plane

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Hot ass sex is my specialty. I have a nice ass, and it gets plenty of attention. My long flight to the big apple was nothing short than adventurous. After the hustle and bustle of being in the TSA line and getting to my terminal, I was over ready to chill out and try to get through the five-hour flight. My seat had a mixup, and I was stuck between two annoying men. They were loud and making so much ruckus. I paid little to no mind. I took a benedryll and was hoping not to wake up till the flight landed. With the turbulence, I was getting woken up every few minutes. I noticed both the meatheads were watching porn. I was amazed at the girth of their dicks. One of them whispered in my ear. I knew he had figured out I was a nympho. He whispered if I had ever seen snakes on a plane. My eyes beamed and I grabbed both their dicks and jerked them and even let them mount me. One at a time. We had limited space, but it worked out. This spinner got fucked hard and rough. The turbulence was a great disguise. The naked teen pictures got them going. They were so happy a hot thing like me got seated with them.

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Guided masturbation with a horny slut

guided masturbationGuided masturbation has been so much fun. My stepdad has helped me learn about my body. At first, I was a little nervous and scared. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I had to keep all our one on one secret hobby. I learned so much form him. I had no idea I could myself feel so good. My little clit was real gold. I never knew I could feel all that pleasure. I was a young girl ready to do anything to get attention. I didn’t have to look too far. My stepdad had his eyes on me and wanted to make me a girl with experience. I knew our fun times together would pay off, I perfected the blowjob with him, and I was able to show it off that skill to all the boys in the class.

The Sorority sluts

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My young bald pussy is getting a lot of visitors. I am so stoked I listened to my friend Lexi and joined the sorority. Who knew my calling was to be sorority sister slut. We share everything from clothes to shoes to homework and even dick. It is a real family in our sister house. We bring in guys and have a blast together. We have all come in as naive girls, and we turn into sex fiends in a flash. I have some great memories thus far. I really can’t wait to see all the ones I make.

My absolute favorite has to be the day we had a full on orgy with all the guys from the football we shared each dick and were filled with cum from head to toe. There was even an infamous sex video scandal. Our orgy was caught on camera and distributed all threw campus. Our dean was not very pleased, but he ended up being pleasured and pleased after a visit to our sister house. We had to prove to him our unity was strong. We had to show him we were an asset to the school. We sure feel as we all are. I think him having us all blow him and make him release proved out point. Hot ass sex was also not too shabby.

Daddy found my Diary

young bald pussyDaddy was not happy knowing that his baby girl was getting her young bald pussy probed. I couldn’t deny it any longer. Daddy found my Diary and went thru my phone. At first, I told him it was my friends. Then he wanted access to my phone. When he did that he saw all my nudes and sexts, I couldn’t play him and deny any longer. I saw my pops face grow red in rage. I couldn’t think of any way to keep him from being upset. I tried my hardest to appease him and even went ahead and begun to try to please him. It took some trial and error, but eventually, my daddy fell for my convincing ways. I started by finding his cock. After all that screaming match, he was rock hard. I guess scrolling thru my pictures made daddies cock get hard. I began to work my way down on my knees and started to suck him off, I could see his eyes roll back, and he was so tense. I was wet as can be and ready to take daddy deep in my mouth and cunt. I wanted my daddy to fuck me raw. It was about time that I got all of his attention. I had thought about this once or twice before it was finally happening. I was having hot ass sex with my dad.

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Hot ass sex with a daddies P-cock

Hot ass sexMy new daddy is a complete p-cock freak. I get new daddies frequently. My mom loves her cocks like she loves her ice cream all different kinds. The flavor of the month was a complete freak. I saw him eyeing me the whole time. I knew he was a short-lived boyfriend. They always are. His name was Mark. Mark was making me call him daddy from day one.ย  My new daddy couldn’t help himself. Daddy mark came into my room while mommy was fast asleep. The whole show me yours, and I will show you mines worked. I was in the mood for some hot ass sex. I let Daddy put his P-cock in my slit. I took it like a woman he said. I giggled and told him he wasn’t the first daddy who got acquainted with me.

Pregnant in paris

breeding phone sexI have always wanted to visit the city of lights. I never knew breeding phone sex would make that happen. My sugar Daddy Dave is generous as can be. I am always happy with the princess treatment I get, and the gifts keep on coming my way. One thing he wanted more than ever was to breed my pussy in Paris. It was his ultimate fantasy to have a slutty spinner on his dick. I was all in for that. We arrived at a swanky hotel suite that had a million dollar view of the grand Eiffel Tower. Oh oui, I was happy to oblige with all his request. I was going to take his dick raw and work out the best cum batter to knock me right up. If the price is right why not? My petite french conception is one that will keep me cashing in and will have me fucking for all nine months. Who doesn’t want to fuck a pregnant cunt?

Be my valentine

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This year my Daddy wanted to kick off valentines day with his sweet princess moi! Yes, I am daddies personal princess who loves to please him and work my wet bald pussy just for him. Daddy owns every inch of me, and he knows that much to be true. I never say no it is always yes. Whatever he wants he gets. This valentines I knew was going to be special. Mommy was away, and I had Dad all to myself. The things that went on in my mind were pure wicked and sinfully good. I wanted daddy in every room. I was going to be his porn star and sweet escape. Who would have thought a young girl like me would have such a raging appetite. I was put on gods green earth to make him happy. My cunt is all his, and he gets first dibs on my asshole.


Daddy is so romantic. I came home, and there was a bed of roses. Champagne in a bucket of ice. Couldn’t forget the chocolates and the bouquet was lovely. I seduced my pops not long ago. I wore a hot new little outfit. I had him go insane. My cunt was all his I knew it was going to go my way. Hot ass sex with me on valentines was daddies dream come true.




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My milkshake brings all the p-cocks to the yard

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I have plenty of perves who love my milkshake. My tight cunt is the cream of the crop. I have tight holes, and I have a way of making all men lose control. My wet bald pussy is the best. I have been told I am the perfect sin. My name should have been sinnamon. I am sweet and sassy and will linger in your mind forever. My creamy cunt has been passed around thru the family. I will take full responsibility for being responsible for some family brawls. My Dad thinks he’s the king of me, but my grandad feels since he is my granddaddy he is the actual owner of my holes. Whatever the case may be I can’t turn down making a perves dream reality.

My virginal holes were snatched and popped so early on that I am what you may call a pro hoe. While most of my peers are barely making it out of second and third base, I have hit home runs since I was in the single digits. I knew what boys liked, and I wasn’t going to be a late bloomer. I was ahead to the tenth power. I was giving blowjobs in my classroom before I knew what blowies were. My teacher caught me one time red handed. I found a way to keep quiet. It was by letting him inside my tight bum. Hot ass sex with a youngin was his ultimate fantasy. Call me genie cause your wish is my command.ย  I have done the dirtiest things from breaking up marriages to fucking all my friend’s daddies. I am genuinely addicted to p-cock.



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Settling a bet

coed phone sexWhen you have brothers, everything becomes a bet. When my twin brothers are bored, they end up trying to force me to be their little cum bucket. I had lost a simple bet on going without cum for a whole week. I caved and fucked one of our neighbors. I love coed phone sex and end up getting into trouble late at night. My brothers rubbed it in my face, so it was time to settle the bet. Deep down in my tight holes, they both were ready to rock and roll and pound me without mercy. They love to degrade their little sister. They knew I’d turn out to be a slut like our mom. It ain’t no fun if the bros can’t get any. I guess they can curb my appetite and maybe it will be better to keep it in the family after all. Incest is the best anyways.

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