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Road head slut

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I wanted to fuck my step brother so bad. We had to be in the car together for a few hours. We had a couple tasks to do. My young bald pussy was wet as can be and he was teasing me all week long. I love when he’s home from college. Especially when our parents are away. We were stuck in traffic and I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I ended up jerking him and finally just giving him some good old fashion road head. I love the feeling of power I get from blowing men. Feeling them tense up and practically beg for more is the hottest thing ever. I didn’t stop deepthroating him till I got all his cream in my mouth.When we got home we didn’t stop fucking for hours on end.

Cherry Blossom Party

Party Girls Phone SexMy friends are some of the hottest girls in the cheer squad. I enjoy Saturday sleepovers. Especially when our parents are away. We always play when we are alone. My friend Karina was hosting the sleepover this time. Everyone was gone and it was just us girls. We began to have our cherry blossom party. We each lined up and started to fuck each other with straps and scissoring so perfectly. It took sometime to realize we weren’t alone. Karina’s brother was back from studying abroad. He was playing games and we had to invite him over for fun. Six sexy beauties and one guy. We were having such a naughty time together. Scissoring then each of us getting pounded by the huge rock hard cock was pure heaven.

Uncle ben

hot ass sex uncle ben has always been hands on with me I was just his type. He would always tell me how much I turned him on and how badly he wanted hot ass sex with my tight twat. i was happy to oblige with his pleads as I got older because I noticed he had so many lady friends stopping by. Uncle ben wasn’t prince charming but he had something that kept the hot girls coming in and out. It wasn’t money so I put two and two together and knew he had to be packing down below. I wanted to see with my own eyes. I purposely walked in on him while he was showering one day that I decided to pay a visit. I got in with him and let him bang my pussy in the shower. Once I saw his monster cock it was game over. I needed it badly.

Daddies cock tease

Biggest cum shot

I have gotten daddy to the his breaking point. I know he hates that I cause the biggest case of blue balls ever for him. He can’t stand it when I prance around naked, When I skinny dip or when I rub my twat with the door wide open. I never mind leaving the door in the bathroom open when I am showering. I know Daddy goes wild when I take a dip in the pool completely nude. It makes me smile knowing Daddy wants to fuck me but is trying to be politically correct. I kept wishing Daddy would break the rules. Well I got my wish! Daddy must of been on the brink of losing his mind when saw me playing with my Hitachi. My Daddy busted in the room and he wasn’t going to go gently he was going to pound my pretty pink pussy till I got the biggest cum shot out of him. Mission accomplished Daddy. 😉

Brotherly bond

hot squirting pussyI have two brothers who have always had fun tag teaming me. It started when my parents left us home alone one summer. I was home alone and they must of been bored because they were all about giving me a hard time. They would take my clothes away when I was in the shower. They would tie me up and watch me get upset. They love torturing me. Most of all they loved doing it together. One day they decided it was time to be a bit easy on me if I gave in to their deal. They would stop menacing me if I played with my pussy in front of them. They wanted to see me rub my hot squirting pussy. They knew I was would squirt because they said I was a perfect spinner. I had no idea what the term meant back then as a yougin. I did it so I could get them off my back. Well They were so turned on they both wanted a piece of my tight ass. I must say I love making their brotherly bond even stronger.

Pigtails are handlebars

Cocksucking phone sex

I woke up Daddy on his day off I wanted to have a special day with him. I was thinking maybe the beach or pool would be fun. Instead my pop suggested something else. He wanted to stay home and have fun in other ways. I was confused but then Daddy made it clear. He grabbed my hand and guided under the sheets. Daddy had a real hard erection. I giggled because I knew where things were heading. Daddy was going to make his baby girl his special slut for the night. Daddy got me to deepthroat his cock for a bit. Then I got on top of him and started to take his dick whole in my cunt. Daddy pushed off and got me on all fours he was at the edge of the bed holding on to my pigtails slamming deeper into me. I made him nut all over my twat and I got a second yummy load in my mouth.

End of summer trip and hot ass sex with Daddy

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I have the best Daddy in the entire world. I was surprised by my pop he was going to take me on a trip. A trip at the end of summer. A vacay  together was what I needed. I was in complete glee. I have such a thoughtful Dad. I had broken up with my boyfriend and had been barricaded at home all alone. Pop has been working nonstop, and I have been quite lonely.Dad  surprised me with news, and I was not expecting such a treat. he was going to take me to the Maldives. I have always wanted to go. Who needs a loser boyfriend? I have a Daddy who listens.

I have always been a Daddies girl. I like his full attention, and I have always vied for it. He has had plenty of girlfriends pop in and out the house. None of them can make him happier than his sweet darling caprice. He is addicted to my body and my hot style.  I love hot ass sex with Daddy.I knew early on he  jerked off to my panties. I would come home to find new panties in the dirty hamper. I knew I never wore them. My Daddies ultimate place to cum in on my bikini’s. I knew this trip was going to drive him wild. We went bikini shopping, and he couldn’t contain himself; we ended up fucking in the car. He had a raging hard on, and I was wet as can be. My pop has the best cock ever. I can’t wait to fuck on the beaches of Maldives. I know we won’t be sleeping much. I only packed bikinis and crop tops and shorts. I know that’s Daddies weakness and I will do anything to make him happy. I am his number one fan and will do it all for him.

Good things cum in 3’s: Young bald pussy for P-cock

young bald pussy

Elaina’s boyfriend wanted more of Lexi and I. We had to do an encore for him. Ever since they moved to our neighborhood, his P-cock has been raging nonstop. It’s like we have enticed him to live his most authentic self. Lexi in her cheer leading outfit drives him wild. When I wear my pigtails, he loses it and gets Elaina to bribe us to go over. We wanted that P-cock badly but our parents have grown suspicious of our activity. Lexi and I are sneaky sluts, and we always have something up our sleeves.

2 girl phone sexWe ended up signing up for some faux extracurricular activities. We made our parents believe we joined the yearbook committee. In reality, we were sneaking over to Elaina’s house to have meet and greets with her pervy fiance. Elaina even picks Lexi and I from school and drives us to the mall to buy hot outfits and lingerie. Her shiny pink Victoria secret card is at MVP level and her fiance and her spoil Lexi and I. We also make our way to luscious the sex shop in the mall. We buy plenty of gadgets to make her fiance nut and us as well.

wet bald pussyI for one love having my young bald pussy played with and love eating Elaina and Lexi out. When we get to their house its hours of nonstop fucking. His P-cock can’t take it. He uses my pigtails as handlebars and makes me ride him while Lexi waits her turn. Elaina sits back watches her soon to hubby fulfill his most wicked desires. Lexi and I both get plenty of practice and excel at being little heathens who love to fuck. Elaina is hot and her fiance is too! I have always loved Big Daddy Dicks and he has just that! We are two lucky hoes and don’t mind lying to our parents.


Christening my new condo

2 girl phone sex

It’s my first year off campus. I got a cute condo complex close to school. I was excited I didn’t have to wait forever in the common rooms and having to share practically everything. No roommates no problems. Everything was looking great and I was anticipating the new school year ahead of me. I had movers coming in and out. It was late night and I got my last piece of furniture delivered. My delivery guy was packing. I could see his pecker propping out from his uniform. Something came over me and I went ahead and gave him a thank you with my hands. My mouth soon followed. I acted on impulse and ended up christening the new place. A fuck encounter is fun when there is no strings attached. My night ended with plenty off orgasms and a nice cum shot on my tongue. It was quite the way to celebrate my new humble abode

Naughty niece caprice

cock control

I always visit my uncle and his wife and my cousins the last week of summer. My uncle can’t seem to get enough of his nasty niece caprice! I have always been real close to him. I remember sitting on his cock and rubbing him since I was a youngin. I knew my uncle had a p-cock and I wanted nothing more than to explore ever since I was a wee one. I grew up fascinated by older men. I loved having my Daddies dick but my uncles cock was like no other it was huge and thick and perfect. His balls were huge and they were just such a wonderful sight. When my cousins and aunt are asleep he sneaks over to me. I have cock control and I love it.

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