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Girls just wanna have fun

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It was a boring day and I was raiding my moms closet with my best friend. No one was home and our minds wandered and we got into my moms special chest. We found all sorts of toys and fun gadgets. We wanted to know all about it. The night ended with me and my best friend having hot ass sex together. We explored everything there was to find in my moms secret chest. We saw plenty of anal beads and vibrating gadgets. My favorite was a double end dildo that got both of us off together. Girls just wanna have fun you know the saying. I liked my experience with my hot girlfriend. We were able to orgasm over and over again.

BBC on the boat

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I went on a boat ride with my friends this past weekend and I misbehaved myself. After a bit of alcohol I just needed dick. I had just broken up with my boyfriend but I had my eye on my friends man. He was a tall dark and handsome and from what I have been told he has a massive big chocolate cock. I couldn’t contain my curiosity. I tried to behave but eventually I let my desires over rule me. I waited till the time was right I grinded up against him while I was helping him clear out the deck. I wanted his cock inside me deep. He knew it too. Within seconds we were fucking in the closet storage. It was a quickie but it had me begging for more. I couldn’t believe we didn’t get caught. My twat was filled with his creamy cum. My young bald pussy was instantly addicted.

July the fourth with Daddy

wet bald pussyDaddy took me to see some fire works with two of my best girlfriends. I know Daddies deal. Daddy thinks he can pull one over me but he should know better. I got a specif list of who to invite. Daddies dick was twitching thinking about my friend Callie and Courtney. We are the triple trouble and we always make Daddies dick twitch hard. Daddy took us to the beach for fourth of July to watch the fire-works. Daddies P-cock was raging looking at us in our hot teens. My wet bald pussy was dripping because I knew we were going to set more than just fire works off for the night. After a couple hours of enjoying the summer day and night we had one fuck fest making Daddy cream all over our cute young faces.

Orgy resort

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My sugar daddy took me to a private resort and made me his fuck doll for the week. I was treated like a princess and was fucked hard and got into some orgies with other couples there too. They were shocked to see such a hot young slut willing to try anything under the sun. Each couple we hooked up with was even more different and polar opposite from the last. We earned neon bracelets for each hook up we got into. Lets just say I left Hawaii with an arm full of rainbow bracelets. I had never fucked a shemale nor have I ever been with an older couple but I got to enjoy a variety of hot orgies and I can’t wait to go back. I also got a suitcase filled with designer clothes and a couple new hot gifts just for tagging along. I divulged in his phone sex fetish and his real life fantasies and he gave me everything I wanted and desired.

Nasty Niece Caprice

young bald pussyMy aunt Vivi has always been super close to me, and we still have summer visits. I like having an aunt not that much older than me. My aunt was hot sexy and a carefree individual. Every year she would upgrade her relationship. Not only was she pretty well off from a relationship she had less than a decade ago. Having a sugar Daddy so young and taking nearly half of his fortune made her even more of a badass. I looked up to her jet-setter lifestyle she was barely in her 30’s, but she had secured the bank with popping a tot out and collecting stiff dough. She spent much more time having orgies and pushing the envelope. It was neat to see her transformation. Since I was eighteen this summer, I got hands-on experience. While I was visiting, I got acquainted with her new lifestyle. She opened me up to a new world of pleasure. My young bald pussy got plenty of beautiful dicks. I learned to be double stuffed and ended up being a cum hole for a bunch of big dick men. I have always looked up to my hot young aunt, but now I aspire to be her sooner rather than later. 🙂

Bad influence

Wet bald pussyWhen you are young dumb and full of cum, you make some fun mistakes. I think the most fun one I have had thus far is meeting my friend hope. Hope is one nasty slut, and she has taught me all the ropes. I can thank her for being a nasty cum slut. My parents have always been conservative and reserved. I moved on campus and started partying with hope and her friends. We indulged in too many orgies. I think we had an orgy party on the daily. Straps and dildos and anal beads she had it all. We would do a couple of lines and get buzzed and floaty. We would go downtown and fuck all the guys and girls we wanted. One day we went to a shemale club and brung over  a couple of hot chicks with dicks too. Hope has been an excellent bad influence on sweet caprice.Creampie Phone Sex

Latin dick

hot ass sexI have been fucking plenty of big dicks lately, but the best by far is from this guy I met recently. He took control of my tight cunt and made sure I took every inch of that brown dick. He bent me over and stuck it in me. I love getting that latin dick deep inside my tight twat. I have become so addicted to his massive cock that I think about it day in and day out. I spread my twat and let that big fat brown cock pound me till I get every bit of that load. I like hot ass sex with only premium meat. I put it in my mouth and suck that precum right out and let him fuck me till he busts his loads.

Shemale dick for me

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I like summers with daddy. I love spending time with him, and we always go on a summer trip together to have one on one time usually it’s a naughty nude resort sometimes its something simple like a lovely beach front view and endless fucking. This summer daddy had something else up his sleeve. Daddy wanted to bring a shemale and wanted his baby girl to spread her young bald pussy for his entertainment. Daddy has been getting into a lot of shemale porn and has had nonstop sinister fantasies about his sweet girl getting shemale cock. I couldn’t say no and to be frank, it turned me on too. We picked up a shemale from a bar, and we brought her over to our vacation hut, and daddy recorded the whole thing as nice memorabilia. Daddy directed me into taking that shemale cock whole. 🙂

Daddies doll

hot ass sexDaddy was having a long day. I knew his day at the office was stressful. I got a text, and I knew what it meant. Daddy wanted his sweet girl to make his night special. I didn’t hesitate to dress up in some hot lingerie and put some sexy, sultry makeup and get ready for a beautiful night to devote to my Daddy. When Daddy came in I greeted him with a kiss and brought him over to my room. I gave him a massage to release the tension. I had fun pulling his cock out and rubbing it and sucking it. Daddy was going to have the time of his life. I got right on Daddies dick and began to fuck him till his eyes rolled back. He couldn’t take it anymore. Daddy began to bend me over and instantly he was having hot ass sex with my bum. Daddy sure does know how to lay some pipework.

Nude resort with Daddy

hot ass sexDaddy took me to a nude resort over the weekend. It was the perfect way to kick off the summer. I was excited to prance around topless for Daddy. I liked having daddies undivided attention. It was such a nice fuck right along the beach. I enjoyed being his sweet girl who was willing to do anything to make him happy. I like having hot ass sex with Daddy. I have always been pretty close to him. After hours of fucking by the beach, we decided to try out another bold thing. The nude resort had other daddy daughters, and many were into orgy fun. I liked making daddies fantasies come true. I enjoyed that nasty orgy. I was a good slut and took plenty of dick right in front of my pops. 

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