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Sassy little spinner

hot ass sex My brother kept bringing¬† a trail of not so cute girls to the house. I was enjoying busting his chops. You may say I might have been a bit jealous and salty. I just know my brother too well and what he deserves. He isn’t the star quarterback for nothing. He is popular and he has quite the big dong. I see it all the time. Last night I got m my point across when I brought him to my room.

I wanted to give him the best fuck ever. Show him what he is missing. Most girls in our school aren’t the best fucks. Why not have some incest fun and hot ass sex together? After all I know I surely am the best fuck he will ever have bro. After bringing him to my room I had him close his eyes. I was on my knees pulling his gym shorts down.

I began to stroke him and play with his cock. He tried to stop me but failed miserably. I knew he wanted me. My lips were wrapped around his cock and he was feeling the rush thru his body. It was pure nirvana for him. I teased him some more by pushing away and pretending I was going to stop. He wasn’t having that. He rammed my head and started skull fucking me. Once my big brother had a piece of heaven he wasn’t going to stray away.

I have always been his sassy sister and would always bother him till I got what I wanted. Now I was getting my big brothers pecker and I was spinning on it like the good sexy spinner I am. We both agreed he wouldn’t bring anymore boring sluts around the house. When you have the best why settle.

Sharing Daddy

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Daddy got the credit card statement and he was not a happy camper. This was not the first time I almost knocked the wind out of him with my shopping sprees. Once I get that plastic card in my hands its like a complete high. I knew my car would probably be taken away so I needed help from a friend. I know how to make daddy happy. I usually have hot ass sex with him. This time that wasn’t going to be enough. My bill had to many zeros and daddy would need something very special to get him over his tantrum. I invited my friend lexi. Lexi is a hot red headed who is a nympho like me. Together we gave daddy a fun show and pleased his cock. We shared my daddy and made his cock cum and cream so much he handed out his credit card again and gave us both permission to go crazy.

Halloween Queen

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My Halloween was filled with so much fun. Not only did I get to visit my Brother and his friends at their college campus, I also had special time with Daddy. I was an angel by day but a devil by night. I started out my Halloween eve by buying my two outfits. I tried on the angel outfit and Daddy walked right in on me. He liked it so much he asked me to be his naughty bride. He liked fucking me with the vail on. I love hot ass sex with Daddy and feeling his cock slide into me. Feeling him penetrate me and looking to his eyes is the best.

My Halloween escapades weren’t quite over with. I enjoyed going over to my brother’s college campus. I was going to visit the boys and have fun with them. I love being the only girl who can handle her brother’s cock and have his friends watch and join in too, I don’t know many whores willing to take so many cocks and incest dick. Halloween was good to me this year.

hot ass sex

not so innocent

hot ass sex I like seducing older men. There is something about older cock that drives me wild!! I can never get enough of a man with experience under his belt. Hot ass sex with a man who knows how to use my body and make me cum like I have never came before is the best. Sign me up pretty please. My mom hated that I preferred hanging with the boys instead. I was always my dads sidekick. I enjoyed all his friends. I like teasing them and showing my bikini off and getting them hard. I have a thing for my new stepdad too! He is well hung downstairs. My mom divorced my dad for a cock she got addicted to, I can’t blame her. Once I saw that thing I knew why my mom left my Dad. It was huge and I knew I needed some of it as-well. I purposely walked in on him one day my mom was at work and got in the shower with him. I was jerking him off and making him moan. He tried to resist me but he couldn’t it was a failed attempt at trying to get me off, Once I was on him I was sucking him lik leach. I enjoyed fucking all my Dads friends my stepdad and my professors. I have a thing for a thing for experienced dicks.

Accomplice sex slave

hot ass sex I have a new Daddy who likes to make sure I am being a good submissive slut. Hot ass sex whenever he wanted he would get. I met this Daddy in a an interesting way. I was enjoying some new websites my friends had suggested. I was looking for an older man with some assets. I wanted a good time and didn’t mind being eye candy. Well I was about to walk into a trap. My new sugar daddy was able to wow me and lure me in with gifts and fancy trinkets. I was blind as can be. He was going to train me to be his sex accomplice. He had me bring over friends and together we would take advantage of each one. He loved seeing my hot friends and I. It would make him rock hard. He would tie us up and make us his sex slaves till he felt he had enough. It made me wet and horny to be his secret accomplice. The bonuses and gifts and fun fuck sessions were worth every bit.

I love college

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I’m the perfect straight A student. It isn’t a surprise, I know why I am. I always excell at making Professor Dale satisfied. I like to stay after class and show him what a determined student I am. I don’t want to spend my weekend bored out of my mind doing research papers and wasting away. I like to party and get down to the frat house and blow those boys. If I have to spend sometime making his old cock cum then that’s just what I will do! A nice blowjob goes a long way. It surely benefits me and makes my party life easier. Professor Dale happens to be the head of the school board as well I forsea smooth sailing college career and lots of tequila and cocks for me. I love college!


A hoe in heels


wet bald pussy

Daddy loves when I wear my high heels. It gets his cock ready to pop. I have always been a heel fanatic. I like how sexy I look and feel in them. Daddy would take me shoe shopping, and I would always get heels I knew he would love to see me in. It was the perfect situation for both of us. I would let him take pictures of me and watch my wet bald pussy. I liked that he would direct me and tell me to play with my wet bald pussy for him. I love getting him off and when he unstraps my heels and makes me rub his cock with my feet he practically cums all over my feet. The soles of my feet are his favorite. He always licks his cum off my feet.

Daddy disciplines me sometimes

naked teen pictutesNot only did I get horrid grades I also maxed out my daddies card. I had no way of hiding the mess I created. When I got home my daddy was angry. I apologized and tried to tell him how sorry I was. He wasn’t having it one it. Actually he had a bigger issue with me. He had a ton of naked teen pictures in his phone and they were all of me. Daddy installed a tracker and he was getting all my text messages and all the pictures I was sending. I was in deep shit. He told me to bend over. I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. Daddy began to slap my tight ass till it was bright red. I could feel each hit pulsate my body. I was begging him to let me free. I noticed his boner and how much he was aroused. I knew daddy wasn’t done with me. He rocked out with his cock out and began to pound my tight ass till he filled my bum.

Halloween hoe

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My favorite thing about Halloween is all the parties there are. I enjoy being the center of attention so when I wet on a webcam to do a show I knew I was going to be just that. I was preparing to go to a hot orgy. I love Halloween so much, and we are a little more than a month away from my favorite holiday. I did all the nastiest things you can think of on that webcam show. I had a bucket of cum and drenched myself with all of it on me. I fucked my twat and got a head start. I was wetter than ever, and then I went to the frat boys haunted house party. I got fucked by every frat boy in my college. It was a Halloween to remember. Can’t wait for the one around the corner.

Home alone again

hardcore ass fuckingWhen my parents are gone I always go straight for the laptop. My cunt is wet as can be and the net is my oyster. I look up hardcore ass fucking videos and look at all the porn my heart desires. I have gotten so nasty that I have even played with my pussy in class. It is becoming an obsession. I like getting my teen twat off and my climax number is climbing higher and higher. I can come over ten times daily. Which is quite impressive for a girl who never even touched her twat and was in catholic school most of her life. I am sure happy I got my hands on all the free porn thanks to my brother not keeping a password on his laptop.

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