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Young bald pussy all the time

Young bald pussyYoung bald pussy all the time is what my boss wants from now on. He has manipulated me to get all my hot slutty friends to come over and participate in our fuck sessions. I am still wondering when he will be satisfied. Seems like I buried myself deep stealing from him. Now I am his sex puppet and he makes sure to remind me that I am just that and nothing more. I am now following all his orders. He has made me do all types of things I never had done. I get my tight ass fucked daily because he feels like I am his property. He has ordered me to bring 3 of my friends and he has told me we will all get his cock whether we like it or not. If I protest he will make sure I get in trouble for stealing. I am desperate to do all that he says. He loves fucking me hard and is wanting to add to his fun.

Cocksucking phone sex with caprice

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is probably one of your favorites? It sure is mines I just love feeling a cock in my mouth and watching you get so tensed and ready to shoot. I have been a naughty girl lately I have sucked so many cocks in school It’s hard to keep track of them all. I was getting to so good at juggling different guys that I would have one every hour. My parents are never home they work a lot and are always on vacation. It’s been this way since I could remember. I’m a sufficient slut. I have learned to be very independent, I do what I want and don’t follow anyone’s rules. When my parents are gone I have a little schedule I indulge in. I get to bring out a guy or girl I like and just begin to have wicked fun. I love breaking all the rules because they don’t apply to me. If I’m craving a nice fuck or a nice cock I will get it.

Hot squirting pussy for Mr. D

hot squirting pussyHot squirting pussy was what he wanted to see from me. Mr. D has been making sure I pay my dues for all the problems I have caused him from stealing from the register. I have told him time after time that I am truly sorry for what I have done and I believe that I have more than enough paid the price for what I did. I have been an obedient sex slave for him. Sometimes his task are cruel and brutal so I try to shy away from it. Last night he made me play with my pussy for hours. I had to play with my pussy until I squirted that was the deal. I couldn’t leave until I squirted all over. I worked my pussy out hard, I tried my hardest to make it squirt fast but it took some time. When I finally squirted it was so huge it was everywhere. I couldn’t believe I did it. I was amazed that my pussy could do such a thing.

Naked teen pictures for Mr. D

naked teen pictutesNaked teen pictures were on his mind. Mr. D had sent me a message it was urgent he wanted me to get as many friends of mines in a group and he wanted nudes from them. I had no idea how I could make such thing happened. First of all my friends are all drama queens and super noisy,  They all have a big mouth and whatever I do or say with them gets around. The last thing I need is a whore reputation. I disobeyed I lied to Mr. D and promised him something I knew I just couldn’t do. Of course, he was furious and I got my punishment nice and hard on my tiny hiny, I got whipped so much my ass was beet red. He told me I could yell my safe word, but of course, I knew his twisted mind and I knew that safe word would cost me something else. So I took each whip.

Biggest cum shot with Mr. D

biggest cum shotBiggest cum show with Mr. D that was my task for the day. Mr. D got so angry with me because I came in late. I was suppose to be in earlier because he wanted to teach me a lesson. Well since I was late I had a gut instinct that I was about to learn a couple lessons for the day. I rushed to work as soon as I read “urgent on my text message screen” I knew it was his text. A night of partying will catch up to you. I got to work and explained to him I was so sorry I didn’t make it on time. He wasn’t having it he told me to strip my pants down he was going to show me how to obey. I know now not to argue with Mr. D. He started to whip my ass over and over again. after 5 strong whips, he finally decided it was time to fuck my face and ass after he blew all his load into my mouth and made me clean it like a good slut.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Humiliation Phone SexHumiliation phone sex is for those who have experience really being humilated and tease like I have case in point, I was working my shift and my boss decided it was time to make me do something I have never done before. He keeps making me do these task that turns him on and make me feel like his personal slut. He is really riding out this guilt trip and I know I made the mistake of stealing from his business and being totally dishonest but I feel like I paid my dues and I think it’s time he cuts me some slack and lets me get back to my freedom. My boss isn’t having it. He brought over one of his sugar babies popped out his cell phone and started to record he told me to get her off with my mouth and please her for the camera. The last thing I wanted was to be snapped doing all the nasty things he makes me do. He made eat her out til she came over and over again. When I was done he jerked his cock in my face and made me smile for the camera.

Hot ass sex with caprice

hot ass sexHe wanted me to be his sex toy. I wasn’t too thrilled about it but my boss was about to turn me into the police. I messed up big time and stole money from the cash register for several months and my punishment price was getting pretty hefty. I ended up begging him not tell my parents or call the authorities. This guy has been like an uncle to me most my life. I  made an honest mistake and now I am to be used by him and become his personal entertainment day in and day out. I couldn’t believe what I was doing just to avoid getting in hot water. I have never swallowed more jizz in my whole life than I have this past week. I am being hand cuffed tied and used because this was the deal. I have swallowed his cock hole in a matter of a few seconds and gagged on it til I had tears running down my cheeks. I am doing all this to keep him quiet. I am bound to be his fuck toy.

My boss hardcore ass fucking was my punishment

hardcore ass fuckingHard ass fucking is what was my punishment. I got a summer job with Mr.D he has known my family since I was a kid and he has always been very fond of me. To be honest I was excited about the job but bummed out he was paying me so low. I guess I got too comfortable with the idea but I started stealing from the register and donation box. I never realized a couple dollars here and there would add up to such a huge chunk of change. So much so that I got Mr. D calling me in for a private meeting. I was nervous but I knew what was going to come out of his mouth. He was livid and was going to call the authorities. I had no option but to play by his rules. He gave me an ultimatum. If I got on my knees and sucked him off I could go. I did exactly that. The last thing I wanted was to be in a special of that one popular show on that one popular streaming service, You know the one where they are all females in jail and are having a complete fuckfest and series of misfortunate events. I was not having that so I settled and let Mr. D pounce my twat my ass and mouth. He sure loved degrading me and making me cry and beg. I’m not off the hook just yet so stay tuned.

Hardcore ass fucking Caprice

hardcore ass fuckingHard ass fucking is the best. I love the feeling of you just taking over my tight teen body.  This morning I was in class and the dean pulled me out of class. We have been getting quite acquainted but that’s another story for another time lets just say he loves to get his meat stroked by my hand. I loved having his cum all over my little hands. He couldn’t contain his excitement and pulled me out of class very early. I went to his office and he greeted me with a smirk told me to shut the door. I promptly did so, then he told me to lock it. I did it as quick as possible and made sure no one could come in. He immediately made his way to me. The dean then told me to pull my school uniform skirt down and leave my panties on. He then put me on the desk and started to pull my panties with his teeth. He grabbed something from his desk and whipped me with it. It was a large wooden ruler. Nice and hard he struck me until my bottom was bright red. Then he unzipped his pants and started to enter my bum with his hard throbbing cock he started to fuck my asshole until he jizzed all over my butt cheeks. He then grinned and gave me my skirt back and told me I was dismissed for the morning.

Biggest cum shot on Caprice

Biggest cum shotBiggest cum shot on caprice, please! Yes all over my face let me lick it off and clean it all. I won’t let a single drop go to waste. If I do feel free to punish me and put me over your knee and spank me very hard. Then you can begin to ram your full cock in my tight bum. You can laugh and call me names and you can go even harder and rougher on me. I will do whatever you want me to, I will wear that cum shot on my face all over my ass and thighs, and titties of course. I want to be a greedy girl and I want more than one cum shot on me. Please make it  four or five even ten just soak me in cum. I just want to be a cum princess. I have always been fascinated by loads. I love how it feels and looks all over me.I love to feel it dripping all over my body.

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