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A cock tease for the boys

cock controlI’m a cock tease, and my whole family knows it very well. I walk around practically naked, and I tease all the boys in the house. Growing up in a house full of boys has its perks. I have an endless array of dick. I get horny, and all I have to do is walk by with little to nothing on, and I already have my brothers or dad ready to make me their cum slut. I got to fuck my youngest brother for the first time. I teased him to death. It took a while until I spread my pussy lips and let him slide his dick deep inside. My little brother needed some help fucking, but I was able to help him get into the groove of things. It will take sometime before he can hold off from cumming so quick. I teased him to the point he almost had blue balls.

My wet bald pussy is a p-cock magnet

wet bald pussyWho would have thought I would excel being a tease so young? Well, it shouldn’t be too crazy; my mom is a complete whore. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree at all. My sweet wet bald pussy brings all the p-cocks near me. I remember my first experience with a pervert. I was fresh out of the big yellow bus. My cute pigtails were so tight I was trying to loosen them up. In the process, I was spread out wide without knowing what I was doing. My skirt was tangled up, and my cute panties were showing. A pervert stopped right in front of me and got closer and closer. I got nervous because I knew not to talk to strangers. I couldn’t help but trust him since he had a sticker book he wanted to give me. I did have to do something for the stickers though. I had to go in his car and touch his magic stick. After that, it was a wrap. I was hooked one pcocks


this young bald pussy belongs to you

young bald pussyYou haven’t been able to get all those nasty raging thoughts out of your head. You think about me being the little slut you know I am. I have been teasing that pcock for months now. This is your chance to have your way with me and use me all night long. Mommy is gone, and you are left watching me. My stepdad hasn’t been able to hide his boner from me. Yes, he’s shy and nervous and feels its wrong. Is it that wrong if caprice wants it too? My young bald pussy is aching for that daddy dick. I want to feel it stretch me out. Fucking me was never the plan for you but, I made it hard for you. I call you daddy and make you feel like a horny man. Let out your fantasies with you pseudo daughter


Im grown now

hot ass sexAs long as I can remember, I have had a crush on my dads best friend. I was asked to house sit for him recently, and once I showed up, I already had a plan. I wanted to make him weak. I knew he was going to love a not so innocent caprice. I had my eye on him forever, and I knew the feeling was mutual. I showed up ready to take control of him. My tight black dress was short and hot as hell on me. I couldn’t wait to feel him close to me. I was going to get him off like I had envisioned so many times before. My body on top of his. He was like an uncle to me. I wanted to have hot ass sex with him regardless. I got to seduce him entirely too quickly. I got his cum, and I was satisfied. I checked that off my bucket list.

Daddies Easter tease

daddy girl phone sex

cock controldaddy’s girl phone sex is what my pops love. Easter Sunday was some great one on one time with my dad. My daddy thought It was time to start some other easter traditions. I was looking so cute wearing my bunni outfit, and I know daddy was having a hard time hiding his raging boner. I was craving more than carrots. I wanted Daddy to use me and treat me like his perfect princess. I am a complete tease at the same time. I work him up all the way. I then stall him and giggle. My flirtatious actions made him want to pin me and ran me. I don’t blame him one bit. I can get set on giving him blue balls after a while. I enjoy the chase. I want him to lust after me even harder. Knowing he thinks about me when he fucks mommy makes me one happy gal. I will forever be his sweet slutty teen tease. On Easter, we fucked like bunnies. I wanted nut after nut. Each cum shot was even more epic. I guess you can say all the teasing was well worth it after all. I had daddy right where I wanted him all along. I had cock control.

Teenage dream

Barely Legal Phone SexBarely legal phone sex with your Teenage dream slut is heaven. I tease all of my daddies friends. I like the attention I gather from middle-aged men. All desperate for my notice and approval. I love wearing little dresses and skirts and shaking my body to music when they are watching. Take a good look and see what you so desperately want to feel and taste. My sweet cunny is a pervert’s fantasy. I sit on your lap on purpose. When daddy isn’t around I tease his friend Richie. I like giving him blue balls for being such a perverted man. Watch me come close and sit right on that dick. I wiggle and giggle, and you reach between my legs. You think I’m going to give you my sweet cherry. Instead, this tease is going to walk away and play with her cunny in her room. I like orgasming to the thought of you not being able to bust.


Coach wants a word with me

cheerleader phone sexMr. Jameson is the head coach, and I have always wanted to be in the cheerleading squad. I think cheerleader phone sex and cheerleading porn and everything with cheerleading in it is the best. What is hotter than a barely legal whore half naked seducing older perverts?

The coach knew my grades weren’t solid, but he wanted to give me a chance. Mr. Jameson gave me his number and an address. I assumed I was going to do a second round of tryouts. I went about meeting him, and I soon realized I was at his house. I wondered if it was too weird to meet him up in his actual home.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by him in nothing but his robe. I was taken back a bit, but I knew I had to give him the best speech on why I should join the squad.

I quickly realized he had another type of tryout for me. I was handed a neon green dildo I had to show him how badly I wanted int the squad.

Cum kisses

Biggest cum shotadult phone chat

My stepdad and I keep secrets. One of our dirtiest best-kept ones is my friend Lexi. I love Lexi so much and knew she was the perfect slut to have fun with my daddy. I enjoy nothing more than having cum-filled fun with him. Lexi is the complete slut to indulge in our pleasure. To be quite honest I have never met a naughtier whore than this red headed slut. Together we build up the biggest cum shot right out of my stepdad’s cock. We enjoy swapping hat jizz and snowballing it back to him. Cum kisses with two naughty whores is the absolute best. I would never want to experience this with anyone else but my favorite whore. Together we are trouble. When you see one, you see the other. We are attached at the hips and always willing to make any cock shoot.

You gotta get with my friends

hot ass sexA guide to a girl’s pants always begins with her friends. The saying is authentic. You want to make it past them you have to show them what you consist off entirely. Unlike other friends, we share way more than ordinary interest. We are a group of nymphomaniacs that enjoy good fuckings. We don’t spend time with guys that can’t please us in every way. My friends always test out the waters before I will even begin to consider you someone who can hang out with me. Hot ass sex with all of us is a recipe for disaster for a guy with a short dick a pathetic stamina rate or a guy who is a minute man. You may think having some hot girls all over your dick is the dream, but in reality, if you can’t please one, you can satisfy none. You have to pass the test to get access.


Daddy issues

Naked teen picsI will be the first to accept I had daddy issues. Ever since my dad left our family and started a second one I have always been pretty much empty. I have also used it as an excuse to whore around and get fucked by older guys. Men love girls with daddy issues. I use that to get away with all the fucked up things I do. I have fucked all my aunt’s husbands and even my friend’s dads. One day I was caught red-handed sending my naked teen pictures to my godmoms new boyfriend. There is something about a middle-aged man who likes to spoil young sluts like me. It gets me every time. Older guys know how to fuck and know what feels right. I am always tempted and usually act on that temptation. The situation caused a rift between my godmom and me but I could care less. I had the best fuck of my life and will do it again in a heartbeat. My asshole and cunt got stuffed by a big daddy dick.

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