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Wet bald pussy

My new stepsister is very different. We have been having some fun getting to know each other. I caught her watching some porn and decided to tease her about it a bit. She asked me if I don’t watch porn. I didn’t want to let her know, but I think she knew. She began to get close to me and show me something. And was her strap-on. She wanted to use it on me and use her vibrator on me too.
I was a little shy but decided what better time than now to experiment with my new stepsister. She got close to me and shoved the seven-inch strap inside my wet bald pussy. I was drenched and orgasming. I couldn’t help but return the favor too. You can say we are getting acquainted pretty well. My new sis even brought her hot boyfriend over to share with me, What are sisters for anyways? Sharing is caring and we are sharing our toys and our men! 😉

In the shower with daddyo

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Well, Daddy did it again he walked in on me while I was in the shower. I love that Daddy loves what he saw right in front of his eyes. I could tell that he was ready to jump in with me. Daddy came in without even hesitating and started to whip out his big daddy dick. I knew what I was supposed to do I was going to go and suck entirely like a good whore. Deep inside my mouth his cock mouth. I swallowed it whole and started to kiss it and lick it with my itty bitty mouth. I was loving it. I love pre-cum, and I love tasting and feeling it just swishing my mouth. Daddy loves cum shots on tits. So there I was drizzled  and drenched with all that glorious cum. Daddy couldn’t contain himself. To his bedroom, We went!  I got on all fours and got filled with his creamy cum load like a good daddies girl.


Daddies cock lover

cum shots on titsDaddy came home very stressed out about work and just needed some time to relax. I know what makes daddy super happy, so I get my pigtails on dress up like his perfect schoolgirl slut, and I end up getting on my knees and letting Daddy see my cute little face. Daddy knows what I want. I want his huge dick deep in my mouth! I love to deepthroat daddy’s dick. When Daddy gets his cock in my mouth, I start to lick the tip. Then I go down to the shaft and pull down my little panties and start rubbing on my pussy. I love making eye contact with Daddy when I’m rubbing my pussy. I want him to know that he’s the one that’s got me horny. I love being Daddy’s horny girl. Daddy loves when I spread my pussy so he can take a careful look and begin to pleasure me. Daddy sucks and licks so right it makes me crave it for days on end when I don’t have it. When I’m in school I rub my pussy, and I think back to our adventures together, and I cum at my desk in class like a cock loving slut.

Perfect ASS-istant

hot ass sexWhat a crazy month has it been. I can’t believe my pay pig cut me off. I was in distressed and worried about how would I ever get out of this mess. Daddy wasn’t going to spoil me anymore he had enough of me. I was bored and panicking and looking for a way to rank in some coins.

I read an ad that was looking for the perfect assistant. The assistant had to be reasonably young, Which I was 🙂 Check,

Next, the assistant had to wear lots of lingerie and follow orders. Up to this point, I was always the dominant sweet pay pig princess. Well, Money seems to have a way to change things. I was willing to do anything I could to support my jimmy choo fetish.

I answered the ad and quickly set up the appointment. I went over to to the office of this middle age silver fox. He was handsome and smelled like money. I guess he loved what he saw because he had me try on an array of different outfits. I was going to to be his barbie doll and his sex slut. I would have to drop my panties whenever he would say so; I was willing to supplement him with all the hot ass sex he craved because I was pretty fond of the whole experience.

You haven’t lived if you never had an older guy dominate you!

Blackmailing daddy

cock controlDaddy loves to play with my pussy when mommy is gone. I thought daddy wanted to make me happy so I told him I wanted a new car as a special thank you. I have always been a very pleasing girl. Daddy thought it was too much to ask for because I just totaled my new car a couple of months ago and had to use a hand me down. I was not happy with daddy one bit. I have been such a good slut and have offered my pussy to daddy when mommy has been a complete hag and hadn’t put out. How could daddy not want to make his princess happy? I took a page from mommy and started to give him the cold shoulder. I had cock control, and I liked it. Daddy couldn’t help himself, I was walking around the house with crotchless panties while mommy was gone and I was rubbing my pussy practically in front of him. Daddy needed to fuck my tight holes so of course, he caved in.

Easter fuck fest

Wet bald pussyThis pas easter was one to remember. Thankfully campus was giving us a nice spring break, and I was going to enjoy a trip to my parent’s house, but I had other plans, After Easter dinner, I was invited to a friends house she was having a little get together. I was thrilled to find out what it could be. I learned real quickly her boyfriend was feining for a threesome with her and I. When she told me my wet bald pussy got so excited I just had to say yes. I got there wearing my Easter dress still. I was looking pretty sexy, and so was my friend Lily. A couple of shots and some hot porn blasting in the background and we were ready to go at it. I was so eager to fuck her right in front of him. I knew he was enjoying the view. I was loving getting my pussy eaten while I watched her ride him. It was a hot easter to remember. I much rather get fucked than attend a boring family dinner.

Don’t talk to strangers

wet bald pussybiggest cum shotDon’t talk to strangers it’s never a good idea to engage with people who you don’t know; I was ingrained this notion since I was a tot. Well, when I ended up leaving the nest and wanted my wings to fly and got my place behind my parents back, I spiraled in some fun. It started it out innocently. I was a town center mall, and I was shopping. Women approached me and begged me to go to her studio. I was told I was just the look her management company was looking for, so I decided to go. I thought a modeling gig would be fun. Little did I know this was all a plot to entice me to be a total cum slut. I got to the studio and was pressured into being a good slut. The lady was there with her partner they wanted to take naked pics of my wet bald pussy and plaster it all over the net. I was officially a porn whore who was going to be taught all the ins and outs of being a camera whore. I loved the money and all the big cocks that came with this new gig. I went from being a small town girl to being a nasty cum whore real quick. I loved all the orgy scenes I was filming and it turned me into a nymphomaniac to the max. I craved being pounded at all times.

My new daddy

young bald pussyMommy has an insatiable appetite for young cock. She’s the total cougar always willing to fuck guys closer to my age range. When mommy brought back this young twenty-something year old, I was horny as can be. I knew it was going to be rough living with him because I was going to be horny twenty-four seven. I loved how built he was, and I could see his cock a mile away. I was shy and never wanted to approach him because I was a bit timid. I spent long hours playing with my young bald pussy everywhere you can think of, in the shower in the tub in the living room when I would be home alone. One day I was rubbing one out in my room, and I left the door slightly open. I could feel someone’s presence, and I heard his voice! He begged me to keep rubbing my teen twat he was enjoying the view. I just followed orders and didn’t question the situation. After that let’s just say, my new daddy, got to get very close to his new daughter.

Cock control princess

cock controlI met this sugar daddy who was always playing games with me. My sugar daddy would spoil me then kind of drift off and not pay me enough mind. I hate that so what I did was I made sure he didn’t get his way with me unless I had my way with him first. Since he likes to fuck with me, I was going to fuck with him too. I would give him blue balls and be in total cock control. I wouldn’t let him enjoy my tight young twat till I was paid in full. I love how women have pussy control and can make men weak in the knees. That did the trick, The more I teased, the more he caved and the more he gave me. I just loved being able to control his wallet. It made me so happy to be able to drain his bank account and fill mines up. The only way he was able to enjoy my young cunt was simple if spoiled me rotten.

Daddies weekend fun

2 girl phone sexyoung bald pussy

cum slut phone sexhot squirting pussyDaddy rented out a weekend getaway for my friends and me. I was beyond thrilled to be able to spend time with the girls. I should of known daddy did this all for his pleasure. Who can blame him when you have two hot friends like Wendy and hope who doesn’t wish to be able to have a weekend getaway with us? Daddy flew us to South Beach and had us wearing anything barely. It was his fantasy come true. We wore the naughtiest outfits and the highest heels. Daddy was especially excited about our thigh highs and stripper heels. Daddy was well taken care of by each of us. He was in teen slut heaven. We loved swimming naked with him and just prancing around like little sluts. Daddy introduces us to his kryptonite angel dust! We were indeed on cloud nine. I love having daddies full attention, so it made little getting use to seeing him with my best friends. Once I got daddies cock in my hot squirting pussy I let loose and shared because sharing is caring 😉 Daddy is one lucky guy.

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