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Naughty little sex whore

young bald pussyI always would think about why people would get so lost in porn. That was until I started browsing the net on my own one day when my parents were away. I had too much time alone in my hands and I was discovering all the naughty things online. It was like shopping in a candy store. There was a different type of categories and each one was making my pussy even wetter. I was panicking because I knew that my parents would probably see that I was being a bad girl looking at all type of dirty porn. It took two seconds to become familiar the history button. My little body was in the computer chair and I could feel my panties begin to get wet, I didn’t realize it at the time but I was getting so wet. It took me taking my panties off and dropping them to my ankles to realize how stimulated I was. I found my sisters dildo and became pretty familiar with it. I was loving the feeling rushing through my body. I was shaking and ready for it. I was rubbing my clit and making my body tense up. I think this is the first time I really had such an overwhelming orgasm. Who knew searching the web and looking at porn would make me such a nymphomaniac.

checkmate bitch

Hot ass sexI have a pretty annoying roommate her name is Morgyn she walks around like she’s  all high and mighty. I can’t even be around her for 2 seconds without rolling my eyes hard.  I have never gotten along well with ditzy bitches. I tried to avoid her as much as possible but she was making my life a living hell with her friends coming over and taking up most of the student apartment. I also noticed what a slob she was and I was over the bitchy attitude. Morgyn has a cute boyfriend, This idiot girl goes on tangents about how she swears he would never cheat on her. Hearing her talk about how amazing he think she makes me wanna gauge my  eyes out.I can hear her blab about how perfect he is for what feels like 24/7. I had a sinister thought, I felt it was only right to seduce her boyfriend. Maybe it would teach her a lesson. One day he was around and she was busy putting 20 pounds of makeup. I had the perfect opportunity to show him something he would never forget. I had a mini-skirt and without thinking I just flashed my pussy to him. He was shocked but so turned on. Things just escalated so quickly there was no stopping what I was about to do next. I started to rub my pussy right then and there.The more I rubbed the more he was losing control. I liked having that power and I was sure I was going to eventually fuck his brains out. I wasn’t ready to fuck him then but I made sure it was going to happen. You know on second thought I might even fuck him in front of my bitch roommate to teach her a lesson or two on how not to be such an uptight cunt. I love checkmating a prissy bitch.


College heauxs

hot ass sexSometimes you don’t make the best decision when you are a being a sex-crazed little slut. I have learned that lately, Sorry I’m not sorry, I don’t apologize for things that bring me pleasure. One of the things that has brought me so much thrill is hitting up orgy parties. I was invited by a classmate and I had never been to the orgy parties on campus but I just had to go when my friend told me how much fun I’d have. I saw her go from being a studious student to being a nymphomaniac who still managed to get school stuff done. I didn’t realize I could have it all being a co-ed slut. I went to these parties and I was immediately greeted by guys who wanted to have hot ass sex with me and boink me in every hole. After my first visit, I was a total cock craving slut. I only thought about cocks and the benefits they gave me, I instantly was orgasming nonstop and I was having all these guys serve me. I didn’t realize I would never have to do another paper ever again, I had the guys on campus eating from my palms. I was getting fucked by all my classmates and even the professors. My dripping wet pussy was always ready to go. I wanted a cock like you wouldn’t imagine at all times. I need more cock I have to have more cock that was all I could even think. It was like my subconscious was always on high alert for dick. I’d daydream when I wasn’t being fucked for being fucked. Everything was a heightened sexual thought. I even set up a weekly goal of new cocks, I was determined to get a new cock every day if possible. I have supposed most nymphos and I am proud of it.

New fetish

2 girl phone sex2 girl phone sex with my boyfriend drives him so fucking wild. I hang out with my best friend Emma and we get so fucking freaky and he knows exactly what happens when we get together. He’s away at a different campus and for his birthday a couple weeks ago we got freaky on the phone with him. This past Friday we had fun on cam. He was excited to see all the freaky things we did together in life. He was jerking his cock to me and Emma rubbing our pussies and scissoring together. It drove me wild to know he was watching me eat her pretty pussy and finger fucking her. He kept directing us to do stuff and you can hear the excitement in his voice. To be real I cum so much harder with my girlfriend, My boyfriend is gone a lot but when I fuck him I always think about emmas little tight cunny. I love dick but there is something about a cute college girl like me that makes a total nympho

Horny little slut

young bald pussy I was at this party and got so horny for some reason. I decided to sneak back to my car and rub one out. I get horny in all places and when I least expect it my young bald pussy is dripping. I wanted to fuck so bad but didn’t see anyone worth my time. I also didn’t want to leave the party because it was one of my good friends events. I decided I had it under control and woul just go to the car for a few seconds no one would notice my absnece. I sprinted to the car and I was just about ready to fucking rub my clit. Thank goodness for the slit in my dress it made easy access to my slit and clit 😛 I loved feeling my pussy and getting it all worked up. I noticed somone watching me but I could careless at this point all I wanted was nice big orgasm. Once I achieved that off to the party I went.

Somebody’s watching me

guided masturbation I came home from campus for winter break and I decided to unwind and relax while my mom was away. I really thought I was home alone so I got the urge to flip thru some hot porn. I grabbed my laptop as quickly as possible and decided it was a perfect time to let some steam out and just play with my cunny. I have a porn fetish, I sometimes think its worst than most the guys on campus because I can literally watch porn for hours on end. It’s quite disturbing actually, :p but I don’t regret my extracurricular activity what so ever. While I was rubbing my pussy I could feel someone was watching me. I have no idea who it could be. Then it dawns on me, It had to be my stepdad. He was watching me get off on guided masturbation porn. I couldn’t believe it but I just couldn’t stop. I kept rubbing my cunny and could see him from the corner of my eye.

New Years orgy party

wet bald pussyEvery New Years my family decides to head out while I decide to invite some friends over and have a nice time being bad. This year I have a little orgy party idea. I like having a ton of guys and girls be extra naughty and daring. I like being able to invite all my friends and participate in a couple games. Strip poker is always fun but I think stepping it up a bit will do us a favor and make it even more fun. My idea is to have a couple cocks lined up and see which of the girls can make a cock explode the fastes. Also, which girl will squirt first after having a cock in their wet bald pussy. Trying to push the envelope and make some fun games that equal naughty results its nice way to ring in the new year. I can’t wait to see what the night unfolds. I also can’t wait to have a fun orgy and multiple orgasms, It’s a win-win 😉

Dare to anal

I can’t believe I was so scared of hardcore ass fucking. I loved it from the moment I did it. It started it out as a dare, I was talking to my friends and they were all a bit shy of ass play and getting fucked in their tight asses. I can honestly understand that because I was a little intimidated about that. One of them had a crazy Idea of having all of us get fucked in the ass at the same time It became a dare of some sorts, If you know me I can’t say no to dares so I was all in. We invited some horny guys over and we let them fuck our tight asses. It was pretty hot to have all of us get fucked in our asses hard at the same time. I was a new fan of anal and I was seeing myself become the ultimate anal slut. I was game to do it over and over again.hardcore ass fucking

Student Misconduct

young bald pussyI got detention for sucking guys cock behind the bleachers growing up. I also would sneak out of the house nearly every day to get loaded on cock. I was a bad girl and I think that’s why I am such a freak now. I like to push the envelope and test the waters, I love to do things even when I am urged not too. I was caught playing with my young bald pussy by my professor, He got bright red and asked me to please stop, I was the only one in class and I liked making him uncomfortable because I knew he was just turned on. I could see him sweat and loosen his tie, He couldn’t believe he had a little slut like me rubbing her pussy in his classroom. Once I reached climax I went up to him and made him lick my pussy and ass clean. He had already busted in his pants. I love being a bossy little bitch.

Christmas photoshoot

wet bald pussyWhile your wife is away let me tell you about something that happened to me this past weekend. I will get into it here a bit but I bet its going to make you so eager to cum with me so get ready to prime up.I was scrolling the internet and realizing it was about time I invested in some nice photos. I have wanted a portfolio of sexy shots of me for quite some time. I heard someone that lived on the other side of town was an amazing photographer and he had quite the reviews. My friend refers me to him and I was totally thinking it was going to be a great opportunity to have some Christmas style photos and I could put them up on Instagram and on my site. I drove over to the studio and I was greeted by this guy who was insanely tall and he had another girl with him. I thought it was probably just his assistant. I was a bit nervous I hadn’t done a shoot with him before so I was a little timid. He was a bit aggressive and wanted me to take a lot of my clothes off. I was telling him I was their just to take simple modeling pics but he told me if I did this for him I could get the package half off. I was already shelling out 750 for an hour so If I could slice that in half for a couple bikini and lingerie shots I thought why the hell not?

So I came out and I could see his cock was all hard and ready to burst out. I looked away for a second still nervous and timid. I looked back and he was completely naked. I was uncomfortable but I could see his cock size was enormous. I was startled but I couldn’t look away. He said don’t  be shy you are going to be acquainted with it real soon. I let out a nervous laugh, I felt a rush in my panties. I was getting fucking wet. I thought this couldn’t be happening. I was so wet it was seeping thru my little lace panties.

I think he had a feeling my pussy was getting worked up. His assistant came out completely naked as well. I was in some weird twilight zone and I just couldn’t believe this shit was happening to me. There I was half naked with two people who were completely naked snapping pics of me and directing me. He let me know I should call him Lucas and his assistant was Kimmy. Lucas was a tall motherfucker with an even taller cock. Kimmy was cute she had a nice set of tits and a hot boy and cute face. I assumed they were together because he kept playing with her and grabbing her while they were directing me. I wanted to get out but at the same time, I was just so intrigued. 

They came up to me and told me I should drop my little outfit I went for it. She began to take everything off of me and started to spread my legs apart it felt so food to have her buried between my legs while he was watching. She was eating my wet bald pussy so good. I was so excited that I was getting his cock and having her eat me out so well. The last thing I expected was my photo shoot to turn into a fuck fest.


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