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Chocolate and vanilla Swirl treat

Interracial Phone Sex

Interracial phone sex has always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy being able to think about big black cocks cumming inside my cute tiny twat. My boyfriend and I are always looking for adventures.

We both enjoy pushing the envelope and trying all sorts of new things. I knew what I wanted to do more than anything. I had a friend who had a boyfriend that was packing a huge cock. My friend Tamara had a hot athletic, sexy chocolate man. I had nonstop fantasies of us switching partners. I wanted to get into the swing of things literally. I knew that having her boyfriends cock inside me while my boyfriend was inside of her would drive me bananas. We both appreciated both flavors and were very much down with the swirl. I let my boyfriend know that I had something up my sleeve. There was a specific scenario I wanted to role play, and I didn’t want to leave it to just the imagination. I knew he would be all for it and when I told him it was a done deal. All it took was a quick text to Tamara. Before I knew it, we were fucking each other significant others and rubbing our cunts together. I was so happy I didn’t keep this just a phone sex fetish. Having that big black cock was the highlight of my week. My boyfriend loves chocolate too so seeing him thrust into tam was the hottest thing ever. We love hot ass sex.

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Candy from a stranger

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Part of being in the prom committee you have to sell a mass amount of merch. This year the seniors are selling t shirts, hats, backpacks and candies, I was on my last box of chocolates to sell and decided to try my luck with the vending machine vendor who lived up across the street from me. I had a pretty good idea that he would buy the whole box from me. I knocked on the door and almost left no one was answering. I was heading out when the door cracked. I saw Mr. Jones. I got a bit shy but finally grew the courage to give my best sell pitch. Mr. Jones told me he had to get some change but he would love to take a look at what I was selling. I followed in and he suggested I closed the door behind me. I didn’t think twice and listened. Within seconds he came down with a wad of cash. I was thrilled and ready to cash out and go. Mr. Jones asked a couple questions about my age and if I had a boyfriend. I grew beet red and let out a nervous laugh. He got close to me and planted a kiss on me. Mr. Jones whispered in my ear he had a sweet tooth but not for candy. One moment I was heading out the next I was having hot ass sex with a man old enough to be my grandfather. My little legs were shaking. Mr. Jones didn’t even take the time to undress me. My skirt was up to my waist and my shirt was half off, I could feel his tongue stroke down. What came next was an anal phone sex lovers dream. The old man was pumping my sweet ass till he let out a massive load. I had never felt so violated and good all at the same time. I did outsell all my classmates and I also gained a new pervert fucking me frequently from then on.anal phone sex

Santas little helpers

2 girl phone sexwet bald pussy2 girl phone sex with santas little helpers? Why not? I bet your cock will rise right up as soon as you see both of us. My best Trista is a hottie who is a squirter like me. We decided to have fun with My daddy. We were going to surprise him after a long day of work. I knew the stress of the holidays had him tensed up. Trista and I are stress relievers. We both know how to make daddy happy. We made cookies and dressed up in perfect Christmas attire. We knew his schedule like clock work. I went ahead and got Trista and I ready for Daddies big dick.

I rubbed on her pussy and she returned the favor. We were going to be naughty little sluts all night. It was a great way to celebrate the holidays. Daddy walked in on us going down on each other and he already knew it was going to be a great night. He fucked us right on the kitchen counter. We took his dick in all our teen holes. I was able to spin on his dick and feed him not only our Christmas cookies but our teen cunnies. Daddy loves having my wet bald pussy and now that Trista is a regular at our house he couldn’t be anymore happier.

Hope Daddy isn’t too mad

hot ass sexI was sleeping over my friend Jessica’s house. Jessica and I have a lot of similarities we are both into the same things, and we both have pervert daddies. Her daddy has a colossal P-cock, and he wouldn’t stop flashing it to me. At first, I was worried and didn’t want to stare too much. My daddy is overprotective, and we have some set rules. I’m his young spinner slut, and he doesn’t want anyone to have hot ass sex with me but him. Daddy has trained me to want his cock and only his. I know the rules, and when I went to Jessica’s house,

I didn’t think she would have a Daddy with such a vast P-cock. I was amazed and wanted to see more of it! I know my eyes widened and he piqued my curiosity. I wanted his cock more than anything, and he kept trying to get me to give in. I resisted all I could, but once he said I should get in the shower, I didn’t overthink of it and did as he told me. I had no idea Jessica wouldn’t be joining us. He slipped a pill in her Juice, and she fell fast asleep. I guess Jessica daddy wanted me alone. I tried to stop him from getting in the shower, but there was no stopping him.

He wanted my young cunt and had already known that I had a pop who was using it as well. Jess had a big mouth after all. He got down and started to get my weak spot and licked my clit and twat till I was begging for his p-cock. I wanted it badly. I was going to fuck Jessicas Dad. I needed someone else dads dick. I knew this went against everything my pop and I discussed. I was breaking all the rules, and I couldn’t tell him. I hope he isn’t too mad when he finds out because it was so much fun getting my young bald pussy banged. 

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Punishment and Pleasure

cheerleader phone sexDaddy is not a happy camper. Not only did I join the cheer-leading squad without his permission I also got a nose piercing. I’m sure he will get over me joining the cheer-leading squad. He does love a hot cheerleader and cheerleader phone sex.

Daddy said he would let go of his anger if I punished myself and then let him punish me afterward. I was perplexed and wondered how would I punish myself. The task was much easier said then done. Daddy thought it was time for me to make myself squirt like a big girl.

Since I was making big girl decisions it was time to do what big girls do and make papa proud. I went ahead and used the biggest dildo I laid my eyes on He had it ready for me. I went to town and fucked myself hard. It took some perseverance but I finally let out the biggest squirt ever. Daddies eyes widen and out his cock came and he started to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. This hardly felt like punishment and was more like a reward. Thanks Daddy-o

Santas sleepover sluts

cum shot on titsSchool is out for winter break and I asked my daddy if I could invite some of my friends over for a sleepover. Daddy said yes of course! I had my hot friends over and we were trying to beat our boredom. My Daddy came on in and was letting us smoke some of his pot stash. I think that in itself let out the inner whore in all my friends. We played a couple games and I admitted my Daddy had the biggest dick I had ever seen. I was a loose canon and couldn’t stop giving away secrets. My friends were dying to see what he was working with and I had to brag and show them that my Daddy had the biggest package in town.I got Daddy hard as always and started to pull his cock out and started to suck and fuck it in front of my friends. I wasn’t going to stop till I got cum shots on tits. I knew once I made daddy climax my friends would want a go. I shared my daddy with my sleepover slutty friends. Tis the season to give 🙂

Naked teen pictures for christmas

naked teen picturesDaddy and I have a great tradition. Not only do we spend a great amount of time together always, We also enjoy the holidays by taking Christmas photos. It has been a yearly thing since I could wrap my hands around my daddies dick. This year daddy did 25 days of fucking theme. He is so meticulous with what he does and makes sure my naked teen pictures are the best. I know he boast to all his friends who are down with incest. Daddy brought a ton of toys for me to lay with and dressed me up and snapped a ton of pictures of me. My pervy daddy was so proud of his masterpiece he made my pictures into posters for all his friends. I love thinking about them jerking their p-cocks thinking about my hot spinner body and wanting to pound me under the Christmas tree.

Five finger discount

2 girl phone sexadult phone chat

Adult phone chat with many hotties will make your cock extra happy! I have plenty of naughty escapades that will leave you ready to shoot. One of the most exciting things that have happened was a situation I got into with one of my friends this past Friday I got into some trouble with her and it ended in a special way. It was a typical Friday night after class my friend Lexi, and I decided to stop by at the mall. We knew it was going to be a zoo. The holiday season is in full force, and everyone is flooding all the department stores. We had time to kill and decided to do some shopping. I came across the cutest stud earrings. I didn’t even think they were real. I thought they were for show. I realized I left my parent’s credit card at home. Lexi and I thought it was a good idea to slip them in our pocketbooks and keep it moving. We didn’t want to deal with the hassle of going home for the card and coming back. Also we were sure they were going to be gone if we did. We slipped them in our purses. No one was going to notice anyway. We were wrong as soon as we exited the alarm siren went off and we were approached by security. Apparently, they were real and they were secured with a theft detector gadget. We were questioned, and the store Manager an older blonde lady asked both of us to go to the back office. We were prepared to play dumb, but she wasn’t falling for our antics she knew there was no way two pairs of earrings could land in both of our purses. She was watching Lexi, and I like a hawk.


young bald pussyShe introduced herself to us and told us there was something we can both do, and as a store head manager, she would be able to make the whole fiasco disappear. Demi slipped us both a note with an address and on it read simple instructions. We had to meet her after work for damage control. We obliged and ended it up in the suburbs. We were at Demi’s house. It all looked normal, and she was surely a woman with a family of her own and a long marriage. She greeted us inside and handed us both a bag with contents inside. We were to dress up and put on a show for her and her husband. They kept the spice in their marriage by pushing the envelope and doing every daring thing in the book. It was blackmail at its finest. Either we agreed, or we would have a record that involved theft. I wasn’t willing to take that risk, so I went ahead and played with my best friends young bald pussy. I was going to give them a show worth gold. I could see the delight in their eyes. They were getting off on two barely legal fuck sluts paying their debt off in the most sexual way possible. We ended the agreement with both of us giving him the blow of his life — we were sharing his cock and sucking his balls till he could no longer take it and started to moan. It was hot as hell to see what our hot teen bodies could do to sex fiends. 


Biggest cum shotOh, daddy raised a good one. It wasn’t such a bad Idea spending so much alone time with my Daddy-o I am happy I learned so much from him. We spent plenty of quality time together. So much so that I always excel amongst the boys. See I know what boys like I know what they want. My pops made sure to make a winner out of his little spinner. When he was watching me develop into a hot piece of ass, he knew I was going to make plenty of boys happy. Of course, he needed first dibs and why not? After all, I am his princess, and no one will teach you better than your parent. I learned that Lollipops made great taste boosters. Whenever my pops put his grown man penis in my mouth, he would allow me to suck my Lolli as well. The taste of Daddy’s cum mixed with my lollipop is so tasty. You bet I could suck out the biggest cum shot every single time. There are no complaints here. 🙂 

My tennis instructor

hot ass sexMy new tennis instructor is hot older man that has a way of making me soak my tennis skirt. I can’t wait for tennis practice. I can see how he looks at me and how his eyes are full of desire. I know he wants a piece of my tight ass. I have imagined having hot ass sex with him. I can’t help myself but wonder how it would be if I came on to him and started to fuck him right on the tennis court. My legs spread for his daddy dick. I am an older man lover. Guys that are in my age group are all little boys playing games. I need a pro who has mastered the game and knows how to fuck me and give me all I desire. I have always known that I could get everything I want. I may make my move on him and have him fuck my holes till that big dilf dick creams all over me. I may look sweet as pie but I am a cock craving whore underneath it all.

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