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Panty Boy Phone Sex

Panty Boy Phone Sex

Panty boy I have new panties in! Come put these thongs on your tiny dick. I love that little ittle bitty dick. It makes me laugh every time I see it. I want these black lace thongs on you and I take these red panties and tie your hands behind your back. I pull that micro dick out and I video call a couple friends, so we can laugh at Panty Boy With the baby sized dick! AS you are on video I put on my biggest strap and bend you over a chair and shove my big rubber cock in your ass.  I fuck that tinny rosebud hole in front of my girlfriends and they get off on laughing and thinking its hot to watch me make you my butt slut. I begin spanking your ass with a paddle as I fuck you hard and deep. I know you want more. “Say It!” SAY you want me to fuck you.

Cock Worship

Cock Control

I have a big cock fetish. Yes, I have a sweet baby dicked hubby that brings me large cock. He loves to see me get reamed by the biggest thickest cock. I suppose he has a cuckolding fetish. He loves to help get those thick cocks in my sweet tight holes. I pair of my silky panties to jack off into and I let him lap my holes clean after gallons of big-dicked cum is squirted into them. I love when my big titties are full of two or three huge dicked cum shots and I can watch my hubby clean that sweet sensual cum up for me. I absolutely love big fat dick. I can’t get enough. I love to watch my Hubby and any other tiny baby dicked man jack off to me getting my holes tore apart by bigger than life dick.  Any man who is willing to bring me a big dick and fluff it for me can watch and lick all this juicy hot cum up.

Adult Baby Small Peeny

Adult Baby Phone Sex

You are my Adult baby tonight. Your Cocklett makes great role-playing as my sweet little man. I change your pissy diaper and start rubbing your tiny peeny.  I tell you that with this you can only be my itty bitty baby.

  I shove a finger in your ass and make you suck my finger afterward. That’s my good adult baby. Suck your ass little peeny baby boy. You did well so I shove my finger in your baby role-playing ass and start sucking your cock.

You only deserve to be my baby so I can suck your Peeny and be Good mommy Brooklyn. You can sit in your oversized crib and play with that itty bitty Peeny while mommy gets fucked by larger than life dick. Do you like that? Want more? You know where to find me.

Get me Huge Cock

Hot Squirting Pussy

You Know I love Huge Cock. I am addicted in every way to a cock that is 9 inches or more. You love it when I make you help me acquire large cock cum loads.  You Love having to find a big cock. Do you ask your friends if they have a big dick? Do you scout big cock at the gym for me? I bet they think you are a little fruity until you tell them about me.

I love giving you naked pics, so they can come over and make my hot wet pussy sore from a night of fucking.  I want huge giant cock to rattle me and make me squirt all over that juicy dick. I want to ride a huge cock and have every hole sore, until the next cock you get for me.  

Be My Sex Slave

Slavery Phone Sex

I have you in handcuffs and red thong and lacy bra leading you by a collar. You are on your knees as you follow me like a dog in heat. I bend down to enclose your small penis in a cage and attach weights to your balls. Why does that make my slaves tiny cock harder? So I flick the cage and you moan. What a naughty boy!

                I command you on all fours. And I stick the biggest blackest dildo in your ass and start fucking you. You make to much noise so I take the dildo out and face fuck you with it.  You are such a slutty slave. I want to find men to cum on your face and show you what a real cock looks like.

Watch Me Fuck Big Dick

Cuckolding Phone Sex

You don’t want me to make fun of that small clit dick, but you love to watch me fuck big fat cock. Something about seeing me lick and tease something so big when your so small makes you rock hard. Your brother has the 9-inch penis that is as round as a coke bottle you have always dreamed of. You want to watch me swallow it and suck him till he almost cums down my throat.

You want to jack off as I bend over and take that huge cock in my pussy. You want to watch it slide in and out as you jack your teeny tiny four-inch pencil dick. I don’t know how you can stand how big he is and how I moan as he fucks me hard and rough.  it feels so good and you could ever make my pussy feel like this.

2 Girls and a Married Man

2 Girl Phone Sex

It’s as cold as a polar bears ass when I pull into work. I run in and use the handwarmer to warm up and I see my friend changing her panties. She said she just had a married guy finger her and he is gorgeous. I ask her who and she tells me about you and I come up with a plan.

We both enter your office with coffee and smile and flirt. You look at her to me and I can see the questions in your face. I tell you if you want to keep the boss and your wife out of this then I want to play too. We lock the door behind us as you tell us we can’t do this here. So, I slip off my dress and you cannot deny your cock at the sight of my huge tits. I pull her close and start making out with her as I undress her. My fingers find her pussy hot.

I have always wanted her and you. But since I know you play I get to have both. I lay her back and start licking her clit as you stroke your big hard cock. I motion for you to join and I stop licking her long enough for you to shove that cock in my mouth and I slide two fingers into her sloppy wet cunt. I am now getting face fucked as I finger her harder and harder.  Soon we are both on our knees sucking your cock and you are sliding between my huge breast as she sucks the head.  When you explode my tits are covered with sweet warm cum. You hand me some paper towels and we get dressed and leave you stunned, happy and knowing you have two office sluts at your beckoning.

Edge Play


I love to bring you to the edge and back over and over. I am so Good at what I do. You love it when my hubby watches because even though I’m not letting you cum, I am still playing with and touching you. Your favorite position is sitting on the stool in the middle of the room. I make you undress and sit there exposed for me with hubby looking on, dick in his hand. I release my succulent tits and walk to you. Rubbing them in your face even letting you suck on my nipples for a second. You know my rule your hands better be at your side. I like to watch as I slowly get your manhood alive. I let my long red hair dance over your body as I slip between your legs and start stroking you. Faster and faster until I am sure you cant take anymore. Then I stop and back away.  You look like I just stole your puppy as I drink my tea and wait for you to cool your jets. Once I’m sure It has been enough time I lower my self and lick your dick slowly.  I love to take my time. What does it feel like to watch my pathetic hubby lose his load again and you are stuck on the very edge of orgasm? Once again I get you close and walk away. I decide to test your cock as I lay on the floor and start fucking my ass with my purple dildo. Your eyes get me though, so I ask what will you do to be allowed release? Anything is your reply. So I take my ass dildo and tell you if you suck it real good I will let you cum once. You are a greedy ass pig as I fuck your mouth with that purple goodness. So I slip back between your legs and start slurping your hard cock until all your jizz runs down my throat. MMM, Good stuff. Now we need a long break, but I will be back for more, how much can you handle?

Forced Feminization By Brooklyn

Dominatrix Phone Sex

Brooklyn’s my name and I will put you in your place.  You come to me like some sniveling twit. You can smell my pussy in the air and you come to me rock hard.  “On your knees! Do not look at me. I do not need a little dick prick looking at my tits!” I then make you strip and point to the baby doll nighty and red thong set. “Put it on!” As you do I am stepping into my strap and grabbing my paddle. “Wow you look so pretty. Now come suck my dick.” Your mouth strains around my hard cock. I push your mouth down until you choke. “Good boy, now I have a surprise for you.” My Big Black friend Tyrone walks in with his big black cock ready to be pleased. “I know you want to suck it, SO GO!” I paddle you three times as you crawl to him. You are timid as you take his cock in your mouth, and that earns you three more licks. I ask Tyrone to sit so you can be on all fours for me. I drop lube on your ass and use my fingers to work it in your tight ass hole. I start fucking your ass with my finger as you moan around that big black dick. “Keep sucking that BBC, make him feel good BITCH!”  You are doing a great job on that cock because I see the pleasure in Tyrone’s face. “Deeper, Faster, Play with his balls!”  I slide my strap between your ass cheeks and begin the greatest ass fuck of your life.  I ask Tyrone to tell me when he is close. I then have you lay on your back to get fucked like the bitch you are and he cums in your ass as you cum all over yourself. “Now get in the shower, get dressed and go home and don’t say a word!” And with that it was over for now..


Small Cock Humiliation


Small cock humiliation phone sexToday, Harmony and I saw your tiny cock in the co-ed showers at the gym. Harmony had a great Idea to seduce you and give you and your small cock a treat. We invited you back to our place, and who were you to resist our big tits and hot bodies. “He needs small cock humiliation,” I told harmony as we left.   Later that night after you arrived we offered you a stiff drink and demanded you strip and change into a black lace crotchless pair of women’s panties. Boy, did that little peter of yours jump to attention! Harmony demanded you sit on a stool in the middle of the room. “We have a treat for you, Mr. Small Dick.” She whispered in your ear.  “Brooklyn, doesn’t he have the smallest dick you ever seen?” She asked me.  I laughed and told her I can’t even see it!  Three of our big dicked guy friends came in the room at that time only wearing their underwear. Our black friend had the biggest dick we ever saw. We had them stand with you and made you kiss every cock. Boy, all these men were hung and made me wet seeing them.  We laughed and laughed at how small your cock was compared to theirs.  You were our bitch and we made you lick and suck each cock all the while laughing at you.  We made you our bitch that night call us to hear more of or juicy tale.

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