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I Love Married Men

married men phone sex

Married men phone sex is something that I know well. I am a cheating slut with a cucky at my every whim. My hubby knows I am a whore and I love to fuck married men. I don’t have to worry about them getting too attached to this pussy.

 I can play with you no matter what size your dick is. If its 8 plus and fat, I will be getting fucked in the ass and sucking you like I never sucked before. I have a fetish for being fucked in every whore hole by big dick. If you happen to have a millimeter peter than I can make you my sissy faggot.

Take my strap or a big dick up or ass and in your mouth baby. Either way, it goes I am going to get a fleshy vein thick and long dick to play with. I am the red-headed cheating bitch that really doesn’t give a fuck as long as I get fucked, or I get to fuck you. Your choice. Come play.

Slave Training Phone Sex

sissy training phone sex

Sissy training phone sex so you can be as slutty as I am. I am not shy to put my cucky hubby in his place and this big cock queen will train you right. See if you have less than 8 inches you need some sissy boy training by my very experienced whore ass. I know exactly what a small dicked man needs. You need some pretty dainty clothes and red lipstick to match my fiery locks

. I have a thing for red. I want you in a red thong cutting into that tiny dick baby. I will have you serving every large cock that cums your way before long. Bend over and take it up the ass for me as I lay back and evaluate your training my pretty!

Suck, lick and deepthroat those massive members so you know how pathetic you are and no woman would ever be exclusively yours.   Your place is to serve women like me deserving of those nice thick dicks. I expect no less because I am worth it and you should know that.

Cuckolding Queen Brooklyn

Cuckolding phone sex

Cuckolding Phone sex with a sexy redheaded slut. Can you fluff a cock for me? Will it make your 4-inch dicklett hard knowing I will never let you fuck me? I will never want your pathetic excuse for a dick! I just might let you take a load from a big dicked brother all over your pretty face. Suck and lick my huge cocks and get them ready to enter might sweet tight wet pussy and my pink ass hole. Hell, I would love to see you pencil dick frosted with a couple loads. You can use that thick cum to lube your jerk off as you watch real men do what you can never do. I moan and scream from these huge dicks tearing my ass hole up. Don’t worry there is a place for you in my sex games. Use your tongue to soothe my swollen pussy lips and raw ass hole. I will rape your wallet while I take every and any cock over 8-inches. Baby, I tore open at a tender young age and I will never want anything less than a full grown mans cock. But somehow baby you stay around and acquire my big dicks for me. That’s how I like you though.



Black Cock Phone Sex Whore

black cock phone sex

Black Cock Phone sex is what I live for. I can not go a day without Talking about the black cocks I love. I have to be stretched out by those big cocks. My ass is perfect to be penetrated and spread wide by those veiny purple throbbing black dicks.  Yes, I am a size queen. I was opened up by my uncles’ big 11-inch dick at a young age and I have needed to be fucked with the nicest biggest dicks ever since.  Can You imagine my sweet cunny being torn open by that big of a thick hard dick? It makes my craving for strong black cock even worse thinking that nobody can out dick my aunts’ big black husbands cock. I will be throat fucked for hours as long as I am promised to have my cunt and ass filled with that engorged fat hung cock that is in my throat. I take no less than 8 inches and I need to tell everyone I meet about my black cock fetish. I am a cum slut for black cock baby I just can not help it.

Seeing My Therapist

cock control

I went to see my therapist because I was concerned that I was putting my self in situations where I was being forced into sexual acts with strangers. I have been walking in dark neighborhoods late at night wearing the sluttiest outfits I have. I needed to let my therapist know that I have been taken by force twice this way in the last week. These men who held a knife to my throat and took me lasted a long time. I mean cock control is always good when fucking big meaty dicks. If I am going to be fucked I expect some stamina while fucking my tight holes. I told my sexy therapist all about how I was crying and screaming begging these men to stop fucking my holes. And when I went home all I could do is think about what happened and masturbate over and over. I even told my husband what happened, and he ate my pussy cleaning up their cum for me. Well after I told my therapist what happened he told me to look in the mirror and repeat after him. I am a cum dumpster whore.  He took out his thick dick and slapped me across the face. He gave me no choice but to have my hole violated by him. And as I left with cum stains down my legs on my stockings, I had a smile on my face.

Glory Hole Sissy Boy

sissy phone sex

Brooklyn Your cuckolding sissy phone sex bitch at your service! Tonight, I am taking you to the local sex arcade to be servicing your very own glory hole. My sissy bitch that you are will be dressed in a tight black dress, black lacy bra and matching G-string. Don’t forget the heels and a full face of makeup. AS we enter the arcade you are on your knees and I place my spiked collar and leather leash on you. I demand you sniff me out two hung motherfuckers before I let you service every strange cock that comes through your very own padded glory hole.  You find me some nice 9-inch cock to play with as I lift my skirt and bend over and you are at your hole ready and waiting for that juicy cock to come through. Everyone watches as my pussy gets slammed by this thick boner and I love the attention. Your mouth is greeted by some BBC the very first customer. Oh, how pretty your lips look around that long dick! I watch you service dick after dick, even offering up your ass a few times as I am serviced by three nice sized cocks. I love my sissy boy and the big cock you find me. It has been too long since we played.

phone sex

Brooklyn and Chloe

adult phone chat

Everyone knows I am a size queen whore.  But not everyone knows that I like to hold small cock humiliation parties. My teeny tiny pricked hubby at four inches hard and two other micro dicks are naked on the couch ready for the show to begin.  I have invited my hot teen neighbor Chloe over to help in my small cock humiliation games. She has pink hair and tattoos a regular wild teen slut. I Just had to promise her some cock and she bounced her cute bubbly teen ass right over. I walk in with her and we are in matching red thongs and lace bras. Every tiny cock stands at attention to our perfect bodies. What could be better than a cuckolding milf and a pretty teen to drive every micro dick to burst? Cloe starts laughing and pointing. “Did you really invite me to fuck these itty bitty cocks?” Her laughter turns to pouting as she stomps her feet. ” No Fair Brooklyn, No fair! I wanted a real cock, you promised!” Well, I did promise after all. I go to my room and two tall muscular guys with 11-inch cock hanging join us. You should have seen how Chloe’s tits hardened at the site of those big bull cocks.  She was on her knees sucking a big thick cock in seconds. My husbands’ eyes lit up and I knew what he wanted. After all, he pays the bills right? I walked over to him and asked him to help me get the other 11-inch cock ready for my dripping pussy. Oh, what a nice mouth he has. I have taught my cuckolded hubby how to suck a giant cock well. I lay back on the coffee table and slid my thong over. I see Chole already bend over taking that cock in her tiny cunny. She is moaning, almost screaming. She is pointing to the micro dicked guys on the couch saying they could never fuck her like this. My hubby is busy guiding my large cock into my dripping wet pussy. It feels so good to be filled up so much. When Cloe and my pussy gets full of cum we demand each micro dick guy to lick our pussy clean. I love my parties. You should really cum next time. Wink Wink.

phone sex

My Sissy Boy Takes BBC

sissy phone sex

Come be my sissy slave tonight. I want to have you on your knees servicing all my BBC.  I have a chocolate craving tonight. I need to be filled by thick, enormous Black clock and you will be the one procuring my fuck feast tonight. We will share the round of cock if you are willing to be my Siisy faggot boy. Put on my purple thong and, make sure that sissy cock is hard for me. I want to see it stretch my panties.  I put red wine lipstick on you. Waterproof mascara, eyeliner and whore blush on your cheeks. Now you are my pretty sissy! Make sure that asshole pussy is clean because we are taking BBC up our asses tonight like the good whores we are.  Side by side we will take those long strong black cocks down our throats. When they are close to cumming both clocks will cum on your face. It’s my gift to you for being such a sweet sissy with me. I know how much you love being a cum covered sissy boy. After they cum in our asses I will make you eat all the cum out of my ass as well.  How much fun do we have Sissy boy? How many cocks can you take for me?

Sissy Boy Training

phone sex

Cuckold Sex for a nasty fucking sissy boy! I will make you the sluttiest panty sissy boy who loves to watch me get impaled by 10-inch cock. Wear your pink and white baby doll nighty while you stroke your pathetic little cock.  My legs will be spread so wide you will be able to see my pussy sucking in that BFC…Big Fat Cock!  I will make you the prettiest little small dicked sissy. I will have bright red lipstick on and I will make you suck and lick a nice fat cock in front of me, leaving a ring of pretty lipstick around that pretty cock. I will get my pussy filled with salty stick cum and demand you between my legs.  I want you to suck all that sweet cum out of my pussy, drop by drop.  While you are doing that I want to be deep throating this BFC until I get the biggest cum shot in my mouth. I will hold that load of cum from him and make you on your knees holding your mouth open. I will spit his second load in your mouth. You will swallow it all sissy panty boy.  Let’s get this show going, we have much more to explore.

She Male Tag Team

biggest cum shot


My sexy red headed ass has a surprise for you. Bring your micro dick over here and close your eyes.  My favorite she male Louise is standing in front of you now open those eyes micro dick!  I want you on your knees and kiss her beautiful cock for me. Now open your mouth and take in all that goodness. That’s right slurp it like a good sissy boy faggot. Look I think I can make out that teeny cock getting hard. Now I want you to stand up turn around and grab your ankles. Oh yes, Louise is spreading that beautiful ass and taking you. Your moans are so loud. I lay down in front of you and start fucking my self with a horse cock sized black dildo.  Don’t you fucking touch me! Just take that She male cock until you lose your load all over my fucking tits. When you do I want you to suck Louise’s cock clean then lick up the biggest cum shot you gave me off my tits.  Oh, tonight is going to be fun my micro dicked sissy boy. We are not done with you yet.shemale phone sex

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