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Naughty Secretary

naughty secretary phone sex

So I did a total whore thing to get closer to this big hunk of black man-flesh! I can’t believe this black cock lover took a part-time job! Now I have some naughty secretary phone sex tales for you! I mean it was a job opening that I would happily open my legs for. A secretary for a large 7-foot stallion of an ebony god! A big boss type that needed a sweet and big titted assistant to do all his bidding. I knew what the job required sitting in his office for the interview with no panties on and my skirt inching up to show my bare pussy and my shirt unbuttoned with no bra on! He was hard as he went to lock the door to give me a test of skills. A man with a huge black cock running a company needs a mouth to relieve his stress! I happily pulled out my tits so he could titty fuck me and fuck my mouth. My second test was my sweet black cock loving pussy! I bent over his desk and let him pound me into a secretary position! It was a cum shot so big that I got the job!

HOT Phonesex Cuckold

hot phonesex

I love to bring your Cock to the edge. What does it feel like to watch my pathetic husband lose his load again and you, my big dicked freak, are stuck on the very edge of orgasm?  I’m not letting you cum, still toying with and touching that hard cock. Your favorite position is sitting on the stool in the middle of the room. I make you undress and sit there exposed for me with hubby looking on, dick in his hand. I release my huge tits, rubbing them in your face even letting you suck on my nipples for a second. My rule your hands better be at your side. I like to watch as I slowly get your manhood alive. I let my long red hair dance over your body as I slip between your legs and start stroking you. Faster and faster until I am sure you can’t take anymore. Then I stop and back away.  Once I’m sure It has been enough time I lower myself and lick your dick slowly. All I want is for my husband to give up cummies as I suck you dry. I love to take my time and get you the hardest you’ve ever been. I want a massive load spewing in my mouth and all over my tits for my small dicked cash cow of a husband to clean up! Now, are you my small dicked husband or a man who loves fucking married women? Both will make me squirt baby!

No Dick Compares To My Uncles

incest phone sex

You Heard me! No Dick compares to my Uncles long dong!  This Isn’t a sweet cumming of age story. I was a brat with an attitude that Uncle Big Dick Decided he would fix by popping my cherry. Jokes on him because after he fucked this sweet tight cunt I was addicted.

I remember him catching me skying with an older man, and he slapped me turned the computer off and told me how he had an older cock for me. I was sitting there in my panties and shirt giving my new friend a good view of my nice newly formed tits. My Uncle threw me on the bed and whipped out a very nice thick veiny cock. I was at his mercy as he took my virginity. 

I almost screamed as he put his hand over my mouth and nibbled my sensitive nipples as he plunged deep inside me.  After he came inside me my nasty big dicked uncle slurped my young cunt and told me I would forever be his little incest slut. It’s very true I fuck him still every chance I get.

So if you ever wonder why I am a cock size queen just know that my uncle ruined it for you little dicked men from the very fucking start! I was forced to take his big cock and became a large long dong lover! Only Now my tits are bigger and my penance for big cock even stronger.

Strap-on Phone sex

strap-on phone sex Oh, The tales of a strap-on phone sex lover! My brother works as a mechanic and he told me one of his fellow grease monkeys was bragging about going to the sex shop! Turns out Cristals has a $20 grab bag and my brother had gotten one with some anal beads attached to the cock ring. Now being a redneck boy, he doesn’t want anything up his ass. But this prompted his mechanic buddy to take his wife up there. He came to work and was bragging about a financial conversation his wife and he had to have about the sex shop purchase. My brother and the other mechanics wanted to know if he bought a sex doll! Nope, it was an expensive strap-on for his wife.  Now everyone was gathered close and asking if he was really going to let his wife peg his ass, they wanted to know if this greasy mechanic was really gay? Now they laughed it off, but when my brother called me up and told me this faggot boy had cropped dusted him and all he could smell was strawberry lube and latex, I knew they had an ass taking sissy boy in their mist! It makes my pussy very happy to know even blue-collar men get those ass holes gapped!

Kanas City Cocksucker

sissy phone sex

Thought this sissy lover forgot about you? I remember the Kanas city cocksucker very well. You go into adult bookstores just to buy gay porn and panties. You love the look the hottie ringing you up gives you. She knows you are a sissy cocksucker. SHe knows you visit those glory holes and suck the best cock this side of Kanas City. That is how you got that name isn’t it. Sitting there in your torquise panties stroking your small cock. I think it is high time you go into a real store and buy you some panties and lube. Go to the prettiest check out girl and watch her try to hide the judgment she feels.  See she knows that you want a cock up that ass baby. She knows that you sit on the phone with me and use that dildo on yourself as you pull those panties to the side.  Just go where your comfortable being the glory hole Kanas City Cocksucker.


First Sissy Crush Of The week

sissy phone sexCindy Valentine Leon is an obscure 80’s pop star and writer. I have a sissy with the biggest fucking crush on her. He actually wants to be her.  I know he loves playing dress up in her clothes and has set cameras up to watch her dress and undress and masturbate her hairy pussy. Omg, My sissy freak is an old school peeping tom pervert.  I relished in his freebasing and telling his mistress all about how his real-life mistress made him call me and tell me about his first time washing a nice hung bull big heavy balls! I have many bull cocks for him and would love to see his sissy fag mouth wrapped around one of them for me! So who has a girl crush they need to tell me about? Or more than that who wants to play dress up and have that ass and mouth forced fucked by a big fucking hung bull cock?

Hot Step Mom Loves Big Cock

milf phone sex

I never considered myself a hot milf. But the fact is that I have a horny teenage stepson that I get to see every once in a while. Of course, his mom hates for him to be alone with me. I was the one who took his virginity a couple of years back. I think the ex-wife can’t figure out how her ex-husband keeps a hottie like me around. We both know he has a tiny cock, a good man just short in the dick department. I mean he is such a good man to know that I need to be filled up with huge cock. Even if it is his sons’ cock. I don’t know how that boy got over 8 fat inches of cock. The big dick gene sure did skip my hubby though. It really doesn’t matter because I have a cuckold sissy hubby who enjoys cock just as much as I do. And I get to fuck his son on the regular.  So I guess I can add Milf to my titles now! all I know is my pussy and ass is happy! Some might call me the total whore package.

Mistress Phone Sex Genesis

mistress phone sex

You will have no control over your cock when it comes to Mistress Phone sex Genesis. A sexy and hot woman who has had the best dick and now trains sissies from all over.  I have witnessed her making pay piggy sluts such as your self squeal from beneath her pegging strap-on.  I met Genesis recently when she came to work on 

I can not resist a Dom female who enjoys black cock as much as I do. She was wearing her red bottoms with her gorgeous legs crossed resting on one of her personal sissies when I met her for the first time. Genesis had her big tits bulging from her sheer blouse and a short skirt slit up to her thigh with those thigh highs playing peek a boo. And this sissy of hers was so submissive he would only crawl on all fours showing his ample but plug and teeny cock in chastity! Around her neck nestled between those magnificent tits were two golden keys. I asked her about them and Genesis laughed and said that these were her cock cage keys to her two wealthy sissy sluts. One is a weekly unlocking and he comes to her to be able to beg for his cum release once a week. She says he does quite well with his weekly duties and another had angered her to the point of wanting him to be locked up forever. That was the unnamed sissy slut that now resided within her care. When I asked what he has done she simply said he wasn’t obedient. Then she said to show Miss Brooklyn who he belonged too. He backed up to me and lifted his swollen balls and I saw a small brand that Simply Was The Letter G! Genesis has branded her sissy! I think you will adore her sissy training phone sex!

This Mistress Will Bring You to Your Knees For Cock!

mistress phone sex

Sometimes a pathetic fag boy needs to be brought to his cock loving knees. Men call me or email me asking the biggest cock I have ever taken.  My question is always how big is your dick? See small dicked men always want to know about bigger and better dick. I will shame you before I give you the big dick details. I need to know if I am working with 6 inches or a shrimp 3-inch cock.  I have had the biggest fucking black cocks and I have tormented the smallest with nubby cocks. I will lock those nubs in a plastic cock cage and leave you there to never get any pleasure. Fucking better believe You will be the only way you get to cum! Get down on your knees and lick my pussy and I will tell you all about my massive cock stories. Better yet I will feed your ass and mouth massive cock. That’s what you deserve my sissy small dicked fag! MAke my pussy squirt!

Black Cock Therapy

black cock phone sex

Some times all you need is a black cock to make you feel better. I have been having massive migraines and I knew it was lack of big black cock. I just knew I had to call up my husband and order a 10 inch black cock for tonight. He said yes my love I will have it delivered before i get off work. My husband is so good to me. About 30 minutes later the door bell ran and I had my sissy bitch fetch the “Package” at the door. It was a Denzel look a like with a Choclate covered strawberry Edible Arrangment. and a box of choclate dicks to go with it. Its not even my birtghday but when this Black delivery man started stripping for me to the tune “Pony” I knew I would be riding and gulping the very sweetest BIg Black cock. Oh fuck he was huge as he ripped his pants off and 11 fucking huge inces of ebony cock fell on my tits. I was so wet all I wanted to have him do was fuck and orgasm out of me right away. Oh, he did as this black cock  mistress commanded. I came hard and my migraine went away. Then it was him feeding me his cock between bites of black cock shaped choclate candies and choclate covered strawberries. I had four BBC cum loads as a thank you for my hubby. He got home and ate all that cream from between my legs gratefully.

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