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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex Fun

small cock humiliation phone sexMy husband and I went to the pumpkin patch last night. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for some small cock phone sex humiliation fun. I love to share the way I treat my loser hubby with callers. The callers worthy enough to fuck me get a good laugh, and the other tiny dick losers learn yet another way a hot goddess can shame them. These pretty coeds were looking for the right pumpkin for their sorority house. I over head them talking that size didn’t matter. They just wanted a pretty perfect pumpkin. I turned around and told them, “size ALWAYS matters girls.” I yanked my husband over for a tutorial in what I meant. I explained that on the surface he looked like a perfect pumpkin. Good looking. Fit. Big wallet, educated, good to others… Then I yanked his pants down to reveal a 2 inch limp dick. The girls all pointed and laughed at him. “See ladies, size matters. Get yourself a nice big pumpkin,” I giggled. I let them know that as hot girls they deserved only the biggest and best pumpkins they could find. My husband was so embarrassed. Apparently he did not appreciate my use of a pumpkin anology to make a statement about small dicks. To a size queen bitch like me, everything is a teaching opportunity. Not only do I like shaming little dicks; I like educating women on the importance of size too. You see, not only will I not fuck you loser, but I am going to make sure no one else does either. Tiny dick losers don’t deserve pleasure.

Adult Phone Chat with Sissies & Losers

adult phone chatAdult phone chat with sissy boys and tiny dick losers is my favorite. Why? Because I love a good laugh. Nothing funnier to me than a shrimp dick loser all dolled up and sissified; especially one who thinks his 4 inch pecker is God’s gift to women. You ever hear a grown ass man cry? It makes me wet. Yeah, I am a heartless cold bitch when it comes to tiny dicks. Men have two jobs in this world. Provide financially for their women and satisfy them sexually. If you cannot do both , then you are not a man and shouldn’t be treated like one. My husband can provide for me financially. He does very well in that department, but since he has a broke down cock that don’t work, he can’t take care of me completely like I deserve. Yes, that makes him less than a man. It makes him my bitch. Makes you my bitch too. I don’t care how much money you make. If you can’t spoil me in and out of the bedroom, you don’t get to control the show. Your lack of manhood makes me the bitch in charge. My husband didn’t enjoy wearing panties, or sucking cock, or getting fucked in the ass, either by my strap on or a cock, at first either. You grow to like it because you realize it is the only way you can satisfy a woman. But trust me, being a sissy bitch will suit you so much better. You will grow to like it with me as your trainer.

Sissy Phone Sex on Sundays for Losers Like You

sissy Phone sexIt’s football season bitches. That means on Sundays pigskin beats pussy. But if you are hung like a hamster, then you pay no mind to sports because you are not a man. Football is a man’s sport. If you are watching Sunday football it’s only because you are eyeing those tight ends and hard balls. While the real men are drinking and betting on a man’s game, you will be getting cuckolding phone sex from a goddess. In my world, Sunday is Sissy Day. All the tiny dick losers put on their pretty pink panties and give me a call. Cuckold games are so much fun. There is bend over bitch and take it in the ass; there is who wants big black cock; there is who is a pretty sissy bitch; and my favorite game, guess what my mistress shoved up my ass. I also enjoy having faggot cuckolds over on Sundays. You tiny dick losers make great sissy maids to service the real men as they are in the man cave watching a man’s game. That’s right sissy bitch, you can suck cock, clean assholes and wait on the real men hand and foot. Don’t worry none of their manliness will rub off on you because there is no such thing as a miracle. You were born a loser . You will always be a loser. Just now, you are my loser.

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Cuckolding Phone Sex for Losers Like You

Cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is for losers. Tiny dick losers. I have standards. High standards. Well, long standards. You must be 7 inches or longer is all that I accept in this silky pussy. Guys approach me all the time, or call saying “I’m 6 inches baby, I can fill you up.” No, no you can’t. I know what my pussy needs to feel stuffed and it is not some pathetically average dick. Some girls care about the content of your wallet, or the content of your character. I care only about the content of your boxer briefs. I can smell bullshit 10 miles away, so don’t think for a moment you can round up and I won’t notice. You aren’t balancing a check book, you are fucking a goddess. No rounding up allowed. Once in a blue moon a real man will call me up for some adult phone chat. I love to get phone boned. But, the sad reality is that my call volume primarily consists of sissies, fluffers and cucks, all worthless peckers. Luckily, my golden pussy gets plenty of big dick so I can tease, deny, shame and humiliate you poor excuse for men all day long. Call me up if you can handle it. Otherwise sit on the porch in your pretty pink panties and watch while the real men have all the fun.

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Cuckolding Phone Sex Slut Wife

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is so much fun for me. I love looking in my panties and telling men I have a bigger clit than their dick. In my house, I wear the pants. My hubby is a caged sissy maid. He makes the money in the house, but he also does all the housework. This is so I can do my job. I’m a slut wife who fucks big dick. The other day, he was cleaning the house in his little French maid outfit, while I was in our bed fucking a guy with a 12 inch cock. When my lover left, I ordered my hubby to the bedroom. There was a big mess that needed cleaning more than the stairs. He knows his job. He crawled up on the bed, between my legs and started lapping up all the cum running out of my well fucked pussy. I grabbed the back of his head and forced his tongue deep inside my cunt. A foot long dick shoots off a lot of cum deep inside a woman. I didn’t think he was getting in there deep enough, so I straddled his face and pissed the cum out in his mouth. Held his nose forcing him to swallow it all. He grimaced, but licked it all up like a good little bitch. It’s good to be the bitch in charge.

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Cuckold Phone Sex: Must Be 7 Inches to Ride in My Amusement Park

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is where I deny you access to my hot body, but let a real man fuck me because YOU have a tiny little baby dick. I cheat on my husband all the time. I deny him every day and he pays my bills. So, you know I will deny you regardless of the fact that you are paying for a call. If you call with a small cock, you paying me for my time; for exposing me to your worthless pecker. I may be a slut wife adult phone chat gal, but I am not a sure thing. The only thing you can be sure of is that I do not fuck guys with less than 7 hard inches.

small cock humiliation phone sexAsk Rees. A tall drink of water that picked me and my bestie up at the club last night. He had everything a hot slut could want. Looks, brains, money. Well everything but a decent sized working dick. Neither Shelly or I care about anything else. I wouldn’t fuck David Beckham if he had a 4 inch pecker. It was our fault for not checking the goods before bringing him home, but we were horny. Not desperate, but horny. So we tied him to a chair and played with each other. Yep, you got it. I will take pussy and a rubber dick over a worthless little pin dick any day.

adult phone chatI ate Shelly’s yummy puss. I explored it. Probed it. Exposed her pretty pink cunt for Rees to see just what a hot muff he was missing because of his tiny package. Then I got out my dildo for some girl on girl action. I made Rees suck it first. We giggled like school girls when we compared the dildo to his womanhood. A sex toy was more of a man than he was. I rammed it in her like I was Peter North. I fucked her like a porn star. The way she deserves. Her juices were exploding from her pretty pink pussy. I lapped them juices up too. When she returned the favor, I made sure to face towards Rees so I could coat him in the hot nectar he was not worthy to feel on his dick.

cock control size queenShelly and I both came really hard. But let’s be clear, I would prefer to fuck a real cock over a toy any day. But that cock must be something that can pleasure me. I don’t do charity in the bedroom. Small cock humiliation phone sex is what you are getting with me if you don’t meet my length requirements. You must be 7 inches at least to ride in my amusement park.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex Bar Fun

small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex makes my kitty purr. I am a mean bitch tied up in a pretty package. My girl friends and I went to concert recently in another city. Left the loser husbands behind, and took off with their gold cards. Trophy wives can get away with murder. After the show we weren’t ready to go back to the hotel, so we found this hole in the wall bar to shoot some pool. Of course when 4 hot chicks walk into a dive bar, heads spin. Guys were tripping over themselves to by us drinks. Of course we let them. I will let losers by me drinks. It is the least they can do for me.

This one clown kept trying to play pool with us. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was out of his league. We are all pool sharks. I suggested a round of strip pool. He was so sure he would win, he took that bet without a second thought. Soon he was in his boxers begging for 2 out of 3. One of my cohorts pulled his boxers down , which revealed the teeniest tiniest package. We all laughed and giggled like school girls. When the other guys in the bar saw his lack of manhood, they shamed the fuck out of him. One guy said he was nothing more than a sissy bitch and forced his cock in his mouth. I used the opportunity to abuse his back door pussy with a pool stick. It was like that scene in The Accused but we were gang banging a tiny dick loser instead of Jodi Foster. He was crying like a faggot too.

My girl friends and I took the big dick studs back to the hotel room with us and partied with the real men. Left the baby dick loser curled up on the bar floor blubbering like a sissy. Most fun I have had in a bar in a long time. I need more girl road trips; we have so much fun.

Cuckolding Phone Sex on My Toll-Free Local Adult Phone Sex Line

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex is so much fun. I mean laughter is the best medicine. I don’t care what kind of horrible day I may be having, talking to a tiny dick loser on my toll-free local adult phone sex line brings a smile to my face. Also brings much joy to my studs. You know, the real men with dicks worthy of my pussy. Just the other day, I was fucking a real man with a 13 inch cock when my husband came home. I was in high bitch mode, so I ordered him to go put on his sissy girl panties and join us.

Poor sap thought he was going to fuck me. That really made me laugh. I mean what the fuck was he thinking? I got 13 inches of meat in my cunt, I’m telling him to go put on panties and he thinks that’s code for you get to fuck your hot wife? It’s code for you are going to get your pansy ass fucked you stupid loser. My stud pulled his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my husband’s mouth. “How’s your wife’s pussy taste on my dick sissy,” he chuckled. I laughed so hard as his eyes bugged out and he gagged. “Enjoy it honey. That is the closest you will ever get to my pussy,” I giggled.

toll-free local adult phone sexMy loser husband spit shined that monster cock, and like a good cuck guided it back in my pussy so I could finish fucking. When my cunt was filled with man seed, I sat on my husband’s face an forced him to clean up my messy pussy. I laughed the entire time. He so hates the taste of cum. You would think by now he would be used to it! Do you like pussy treats? I always have man seed in my hot box that needs cleaned up.

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Strap-On Phone Sex: Bend Over Bitch

strap-on phone sexStrap-on phone sex is for sissies with clit sticks and aggravating mother fuckers. Yes that is you bitch. As a sexy bitch in charge, there is nothing more fun than bending over some whiny pansy ass sub and forcing her to take it in the ass. If the sissy is really annoying, I use no lube. I won’t even spit on the pretty puckered pink asshole of a bitch who irritates the fuck out of me. No pain no gain right? I fucked a sissy bitch for hours last night. She is my husband. Husband in name only. I wear the pants in the house. I am the dominant bitch in control. Cock control that is. I will cage it, castrate it, shame it, trample it, bite it, whatever the fuck I want to if it’s a worthless pecker.

I have no problem humiliating or shaming my husband. Why did I ass rape him last night? Because I felt like it. I came home from partying with big cocks, saw my sissy hubby passed out and the house a mess, so I made that ass mine. In the real world, women rule. Pussy trumps cock any day. After hubby got a good anal lashing, he better understood the need to listen to my instructions. If I tell you to do something and it isn’t done or isn’t done properly, be prepared to bend over and take it. I will fuck your ass then skull fuck you with the strap-on that was just up your pretty back door. Disobey me if you dare. Try to fuck me with a baby dick if you dare. I got my big ass rubber cock that is more of a real dick then that sorry ass excuse for a manhood dangling between your legs. I am not afraid to use it. But you should be. My husband still can’t walk straight.

Adult Phone Chat about Tiny Dicks

adult phone chat slut wifeAdult phone chat about small dicks is so much fun. Guys think they can fool me by telling me they have more than 7 inches on the phone. They think there is no way I will never know they have a clit stick over the phone. WRONG loser. I can tell in your voice if you are a real man or not. It is not in your tone or even cadence. It is all about your confidence. What you say and how you say it. Plus, I can hear it in how you slap your meat. If you have a fat fuckalicious fuck stick, then I am going to hear you jacking it. Teenie weenies make no sound! They do however give me a case of the giggles. I never get tired of tootsie roll laughing. This loser who called me today tried to convince me he had 12 inches of thick meat for my pussy. Tried to convince me he was black with a name like Oliver. He sounded like a total sissy too. When I asked him to stroke his beef stick I heard nothing. But he heard laughter and a litany of humiliating names. You can’t lie to a professional size queen, so don’t even try. Just admit you have a tiny fuck stick and let the games begin.

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