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Big Cocks Make Me Squirt!

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Size does matter!

Cock size matters for my squirting pussy. My husband knew fully that I needed to be fucked by big cock before he even put a ring on my finger. We would talk late into the night about how I loved huge cock. It was as we courted and looked at the stars one night he asked if I would ever be with a man under 8 inches in his pants. I knew then and sat up and looked him in the eye, do you think this hot bitch should have any less?  I grabbed his jeans and took out what I knew was a small cock. I started wrapping my fingers around his pathetic cock and told him how could this shrimp dick ever make me squirt!? If he wanted to keep dating me I wanted to be able to fuck any big cock I wanted! He agreed as long as he could pleasure me with his mouth. I tested his oral skills that night and his mouth I decided then and there would serve me well. That started my stories on date night about the hung cock I would fuck during the week. It would be up to my mood if I let him jack off and eat my pussy! A little tease and denial never hurt a small cock man! And till this day only big cock can make me squirt.

Bugle Blowing Cuckold Lover

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Bugle Blower?

This Cock Loving whore knows a military man who loves to see his wife fucked by other men when he is away. She does the boogie-woogie with any man who has 8 or more inches and loves to Blow that bugle and tell her husband all about it!  They have an open relationship. He is by all accounts a stand-up cuckold. So, when this slut entertains him, I get to hear all the fucking nasty details of his wife banging every man she can get her hands on. And I get to down 10-inch cocks for his enjoyment. I dress up in my USO striper outfit and reenact his slutty cock loving wife’s shenanigans. Gulping Men in uniform turns this Slut on so much. I make sure he gets the best cream pie form my sweet cuckolding pussy! I proudly salute my strong and sexy men who want to fuck the shit out of me after I have been in a nasty gangbang for them. I always do my part for my Country.

Mistress Brooklyn Makes You Eat Cum

mistress phone sex

So my BBC Slave Let’s not play any games with your Goddess. You want big fucking cock and you want to be humiliated by you BBC Lust! Tonight I had something planned for my little piggy Black dick gobbling cocksucker! You paid your Mistress to bring You 13 inches of cock all the way to New York! Well, Baby, I brought the fucking starter line of the basketball team! When This Mistress Asked them they said they were fine giving it to you as the fag is only the sucker and the receiver, and you know how much I love that. 67 inches of cock from five big black hung athletic men! ANd I pulled you to your street and had all the neighbors watching you learn to suck and get face fucked by those ebony trouser snakes! Look at them cheering you on as you get a fire hydrant amount of BBC spunk all over that pretty face! Eat that cum off my Big Tits as well for me faggot boy! I have more in store for you yet!

Out-dicked By His Son

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My Hubby is a cuckold, I fuck whoever I fucking want when I want. I just love fucking his son. My stepson is fucking huge. I have no idea where he got that fucking huge cock from, but it wasn’t my pathetic shrimp of a dick 3-inch hubby! I love making him watch my cunt get filled by his son who is five times the size he is. My god, it is so thick and fucking huge for a white boy! I put my husband in my bras and panties and make him wear a leash right in front of his offspring. Can you imagine my businessman on his knees hands tied behind his back looking like a sissy fag? I make my husband lick his own sons’ cum right from inside of his cuckolding slut wife! Drink it all down baby, slurp your sons cum you nasty sissy slut. Now open you ass pussy up, because tonight I am making your teen son fuck you. From his ass to his sweet mouth and back again, fuck makes me so hot just watching his son use him!  Its time to get that incest faggy fuck you been dreaming off!

Ball Washer Is A Cock SLut

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If you haven’t heard about my Cock slut Richard, AKA Ballwasher, Cum see me. I am a cock slut myself and I love hearing his sissy fagot cock sucking ball washing stories. My favorite sissy loves to be on his knees washing balls and slurping down 8 and 9-inch midwestern cock! Tonight he answered the door in his lacey black panties and bra upon his guest arrival. He knew what they wanted. That’s right two well-hung men came over just so he could tend to those balls and suck cock. I love my panty boy getting so embarrassed as I tell all the other girls about him! Normally Ball Washer calls me with cum in his hair or on his face, but tonight he had all that yummy Jizz down in his faggy Bitch belly. I just can’t Keep my slut mouth closed when it comes to telling everyone how much Ball washer loves cock. He is my crossdressing pretty sissy boy, a favorite of mine! Don’t be shy cum and tell Mistress all about it baby! I love all my sissy men and My submissives. Let me cum to your own cum tales! 

Mistress Brooklyn and Brenda Make You Suck BBC

mistress phone sex

black cock phone sex

You Love Your Mistress Phone Sex Sluts Don’t You? Who puts you on Your Knees better than these Big BBC cock lovers. Size does matter my sweet little cocksucker. Brenda has sucked a 13-inch black cock before! She knows just to get her sweet lips around it takes some major slut skills.  Our Favorite BBC Cock Slave Chris only wants foot long Black Nigger dicks! And we provide him at least two each time we visit him! One for each set of our DDD Tits. Yes, we love to have him slobber all over those cocks sliding in and out of out tits. Then we put him on his knees and grab the back of his head as we feed him his Subway Foot Long Black Anacondas down his BBC loving throat! Do You want To know why Chris does as we say? Because we know just how much he craves that ebony meat stick and we will tell his wife about his oral fixation on Nigger Cock! So Now we have our very own white boy to feed endless Black cock too! Don’t worry we can “pencil” you in. Pun Intended! Cum Play with these black cock phone sex Mistress Bitches!

Worship Cock With Your Bitch

cock worshiping phone sex

It’s time for this bitch to teach you how to worship that black cock! See massive black cocks need extra special attention. They require your faggot mouth to be stretched beyond normal limits! You should always be on your cock slut knees at all times when servicing each and every big negro cock baby. I promise that my 6-inch heels will keep you on your knees as you perform for me. Guide that cock inside my tight cunt and make sure you slobber your spit as lube to go with my pussy juice. I swear as I get bottomed out you will get so hard knowing that soon you will be stuffing that huge BBC into my ass. Now, what is the next step baby? You will clean my ass juice and suck the rest of that cum down your throat! Now that that Black negro cock and get it hard again. Because you’re getting it up your ass. I promise you will see all the colors of the rainbow as you get your ass pussy opened up! DOn’t worry its really not cheating if your playing with me! Let your Mistress get you off to that Black cock baby! 

Making You Serve For Your Small Cock Lies!

black cock phone sexThis cock size slut met you in the crowed Hotel bar with your bodyguard Jerome. I thought you were so handsome and could help me with a little cuckolding for my husband, with your big strong black escort of course. Our arrangements were simple to humiliate and get fucked by your two larger than life cocks.

As we began our sexual fun, I revealed my huge tits and was clad in only my thong panties and thigh highs and stilettoes.  I had you and Jerome drop your pants for me. Jerome came in at a nice 9 plus inches. But you, my pathetic liar, were only at best average in your scrawny cock length.

It was then that I decided to have you serve my cuck hubby and Mr. Huge black cock Jerome. My ass and pussy were filled by that nice ebony fuck snake and you cleaned off my pussy and ass each time. It is not often my husband gets to fuck and be sucked but you deserved everything he gave you. That’s right I made you suck down a small cock and a huge cock all night. Cum loads as you fed on my pussy filled with cum and let my husband bareback your sweet ass pussy. You should never try to deceive a size queen baby, I will make you pay!

BBC Big Tit Fucking

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Sometimes A man just wants to see his wife get a big tit fucking. I was in my favorite wine bar with the ball and chain. I was eyeballing the sexy bartender. My Cuck husband asked me if I thought that the black bartender had a nice cock. I giggled and said I would put money on it. There is just something about the way a man holds himself in order to account for his massive girth between his legs. I grinned and asked if I was right what did I get? Husband excused himself and went to get us something a little darker, Pun Intended! I loved watching Mr. Black Cock behind the bars facial expressions change. Service, a little anger, disbelief. Then a glance at me as I smiled and sipped my red. I pushed my tits together and held the bottle of wine between them and gave it a slow bottle fucking. I needed that black cock between my tits so bad. Back to looking at my husband’s phone and then a piece of paper slipped from my husband to him. “So, what pick did you show him?'” Yep, it was the one with my family heirloom necklace and my pussy engulfing a big black dildo. That one seems to work so well! “His name is Andy and he will meet us at the Hilton in two hours.” Oh, you know I am expecting the biggest cum shot from both of them! 

Your Hot Phonesex Femdom

hot phonesex

When It comes to hot phonesex this mistress doesn’t Play! I am not a vanilla Slut by far. Let me tell you this weekend I was suspended from my beams in my fuckalicious playroom.  Normally this hot redhead leaves the suspension for my sissy and submissive freaks. I assure you I was in control as my latest pet was at my feet. I was in my thigh high black latex boots and my leather bustier and nothing else. My submissive sex slave was in his metal cock cage and his spiked collar sitting on his heels with his hands tucked beneath him. I made him watch as three 9 plus inch cocks came in and fucked every hole this Mistress phone sex slut had. I was covered in cum and demanded to be let down so My pet could eat all the cum off my body. Yes, my pet loves to watch me enjoy being fucked so he can worship my body afterward. It was such a nice night to combine A little BDSM, cuckolding and sex slave sex, don’t you agree? 

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