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Cheating Phone Sex With Mistress

cheating phone sex

I am not ashamed to be a cheating phone sex whore. But while I am your mistress to that fat long bull cock, I am your mistress in many other ways. I love how you don’t mind my Shrimp dick of a husband jerking his clit stick to you pounding me. I can feel that cock grow and throb as I moan your name. I also know that I have you wrapped around my fingers. My mouth ass and sweet hot dripping pussy are one of the few that can take something that big without making you stop. I know the plight of the big dicked man. No bitch can ever take you all and never mind being able to pump her velvet insides hard and deep! But I can. A was blessed with a tight twat that opens like a flower for bull cock or BBC baby. My only Request is that you make sure I am cum filled deep in my wet bald pussy. I don’t care if your married baby I am very discreet, My Bull dicked FB  Shawn is a testament to that. I texted him for some big dick fun, but his wife had him doing a honey do list. So I simply texted back that he had an hour to send me a dick as big or bigger than his. I was in for a surprise as he sent me a brand new Big Black hung man to fuck. He was 7 ft tall and when he unleashed his trouser monster it swung at his knees. Hubby wasn’t home but I made a nice nasty homemade porn so I could humiliate shrimp dick later. My holes are so open and sore and my ass is gaped every time I move I am reminded that I am a size queen and a little sore ass is so worth it. And not to mention the cum that is still in my ass and my sweet cunt. I am saving that for hubby too! he would be so upset if he missed out on this married men phone sex whores cum filled holes after a BBC!  So my question is do you have a White bull cock a BBC (Black Bull Cock) or do you need your Shrimp dick made fun of tonight, I am game if you are baby!

Cuckolding Cougar Fun

phone sex

I am becoming quite a phone sex cougar but today I met a very sex cuckolding cougar that I couldn’t resist. I was going to look at our new condo and there was a cable and Internet sales lady in the office. She was about 15 years older had this air of power about her and she was Carrying a Micheal Kors Purse. She was classy and my pussy started to throb. I couldn’t understand why I was so attracted to her, she gave me her sales pitch and card but I wanted to rip her clothes off. I just knew she was A Mistress. I had an idea I invited her to see my new place to check for installation areas. As soon As we closed the door she dropped everything and pulled me deep into a long tongue filled kiss and her hand went down my panties and brought me to my knees and she hiked her leg up and slipped her panties to the side and had me eat her cunt. She pulled her Vibrator out that MK purse and hoped up on my desk and Commanded me to fuck her hard until she came dripping down my face.  As she went to leave she said I had a lot to learn and she could teach me a few things. But that is a story for another time…

Becoming My Sissy Slave

slave training phone sex

I know my way around slave training phone sex.  This big busted Mistress whore has one on one training with the best sissy faggot lala men. My sissy Evan has become my house slave.  He loves to go to Slave and Sissy conventions with me to explore the vendors and such. Tonight I have him in his cock cage and beautiful negligee. Evan has a full face of makeup and is ready to present himself to a world of strangers. I am sure we will find Many Owners and trainers to appreciate his beauty. He is very well trained and both he and I are hoping to sell him for the night. My best bet would to sell him and then go find my own sissy slave because once everyone sees how obedient and beautiful my Eric is I will fetch a pretty price. I do not play with Being a Mistress Doll Face. If you dare come play with me make sure you can handle it, Until Next Time you dare call up this sissy phone sex FemDom I will be enjoying a taste of sissy love here. sissy phone sex

Cuckolding Forced Gangbang

cuckolding phone sex

This cuckolding phone sex whore has a nasty fucking tale for you. See I Love My BBC because I am a size queen and that BBC never fails to meet my size requirements. Nice vieny cut swollen purple big pieces of man meat. Somehow my slutty big titted ass had gotten tied to the bed and these four black men were taking turns fucking my sweet tight ass hole raw. My ass was bleeding and cum was oozing out of me as my hubby walked in and saw my abused ass hole. Even in this position, I was commanding my husband to come to clean up my bloody and cum filled ass hole. ” See these Big Black cocks can do everything your worthless dick can’t do for my holes. lick it all up, bitch!” I thoroughly enjoyed those big cocks from my ass to my mouth and pumping me and making me raw.  Much better than my tiny dicked hubby.

Hot StepMom Phonesex

hot phonesex

So Daddy remarried and all you want to do is have hot phonesex with your stepmom. I really am flattered the thought of fucking my stepson gets me so fucking hot. I sent you pics of my titts and even some hot text sex. It was when you sent your dick that I would laugh to myself. I knew your little dick would never do. I sent your dick pictures to all my friends. We had quite a nice laugh about that itty bitty dickie of yours. I sent you pics back after we both played with ourselves during a phone call. I told you that my black dildo would and does fuck me better than you or your father. See I said ” Little dicks must run in the family and there is no way that that dick will ever get near my holes. I don’t do  small dick and your father lets me fuck who and what I want!” This hot squirting pussy only wants big cocks.

Big Sissy Faggot Ballwasher Lessons

Sssy training phone sexSissy Training Phone Sex Sessions make my tight cunt so happy.

I have three very special real life sissy boys who come to me for instruction. Jay Is my closet case who will only wear his panties outside of work and does not want to be seen in public as a girl.; He is my work in progress. Although Jay cums nicely while being taped down in his silky red panties for me. Then I have Evan who will wear and oct the part in social settings but will only cum for me in our sessions. Quite a nice procurer of big black cocks for me and him to fuck and suck, that is a nice bonus. Then There’s Rodger my pantie freak who loves makeup and is completely sissified for me.

I still can not believe Ball Washer Richard out does all three of my personal sissy slut fuck boys. He sucked five big cocks the other night and even got a ride share with Cum on his face and in his hair. All this after he took and paid a $300 dollar bar tab for all five husky well built American straight men.

Pantie Faggot Richard is my biggest sissy, He is famous on Fuckaliciuos freaks now because of this sissy loving hot redheads mouth, and my love for humiliating tiny dicked queer boys who come in pretty pink panties. CAn you go out in a pretty Romper and suck a big cock like my Richard? Tell me all about it baby. 

Mistress Of The CBT

CBT phone sex brooklyn

Your CBT phone sex Mistress does not do well when I am disobeyed. My ball stretcher is eagerly awaiting your arrival.  I have you come in and strip down bare and immediately grab your testicles and pull them hard my nails digging deep. Your payment did not go through my pet and that upsets me. I give you loads of fresh cum from my pussy as much as you like. How dare you defy me and make me into a cheap whore! Brooklyn is not a cheap whore she is mistress to bad boys like you. I slam you down on the ground and grind your cock and balls with my boot. Do you want your Dick to end up as red as my boots? You beg me to stop and assure me my payment will be posted. You know a girl gets used to a certain lifestyle from her cuckolded sissies. My wet pussy is dripping down my legs as I attach my ball stretcher to those heavy balls. Your balls will be several times longer when I am done with you. I think I shall stretch your ass as well, maybe you will know the pleasures give and not hold out payment on me again pay piggy sissy boy. dominatrix phone sex

Gang Bang Break

gang bang phone sex

Tonight I am ready to be a gang bang phone sex Mistress. See I belong to an elite cheating website and a huge party was being thrown in Beverly Hills, So of course, I got my allowance from the hubby and took off to attend the biggest cheating fuck party of the year.”Party favors” and champagne ran like water.  My Mistress ways served me well as I had sexy sluts and horny big dicked men at my every command. My pussy was being licked and sticked so much I just might need a cold pack tonight. Should have brought pathetic hubby he is so good tending to my swollen holes. So many cheating whores like me and cheating men I had a buffet and I was pumped and slurped by the best mouths men and women alike. Oh, and the web site host brought in a limo full of BBC. Tall hung black men Oh my. I won that dick sucking contest, after all, it pays to be a Size queen! It was a nice vacation from my sissy boy tiny dicks, But I am refreshed and ready to train my man sluts again. 

Sissy Boy Humiliation X3

small cock humiliation phone sex

Here at Fuckaliciousfreaks, we take small cock humiliation seriously. So when you call this big dick loving tramp and tell me you sucked Big thick 9-inch dick for three hours, of course, I am going to run my mouth and tell my big dick loving Sisters!! If any of my sissy boys want to know a real sissy you cant compare to my Richard C. I’d cross the land to see if any sissy boy compared, wink wink. Richard has so many panties and an itty bitty under three-inch clitty stick.  He doesn’t even touch his clitter dick he just comes in his panties for me Lexi and Elaina! Richard smears his lipstick sucking big Redneck straight Men.  He gets called a bitch boy and my favorite…Ball washer!!! Slurp those balls sissy boy!!  We make him turn 50 shades of red from embarrassment. I love it. Every time I get a big dicked caller I think of Richard C. Taking and sucking that big cock right along with me.  Richard is the top Faggot on my list right now, do you dare to compare in some sissy phone sex?  Just because I am feeling generous check out our two-girl specials if you need extra humiliation baby!

Cheating On You

Cheating Phone sex

Cheating phone sex turns my tight pussy on so much. Just thinking about it has me rubbing my bare pussy all over my leather chair. See I am a cheating slut. I cheat with you on the phone, I cheat with married men all the time. I love when my cucky hubby catches us. I mean I have profiles all over those cheating websites for married women. We all know them, wink wink. I love when I get busted with cum all over me or inside of me. I mean at first, I had to train my hubby to let me be the absolute whore that I am. He learned to love watching me fuck those huge black cocks, even curated a taste for them. I make sure I have plenty to blackmail him with should he decide that he no longer wants to fund our lifestyle. A video, pictures, texts, and anything I can get ahold of. Yes, this cuck queen has a safe deposit box just to make sure my hubby lets me get big fat cock and that he will bring me a nice selection to choose one or all of. 

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