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Happy Valentines My Sissy Sluts, Cucks and Subs!

sissy training phone sex Happy Valentines all My sissy freaks! Your hot sissy trainer Brooklyn has quite a surprise day planned for my owned sissy subs and hubby! I know some of my closet freaks have to do the wife and girlfriend thing today, but when you are ready to play I will be here waiting to complete our hot sissy boy training once again!! My sissys have pretty pink tutus and pink fishnets waiting for each of them! Bright Pink but plugs and Pink panties and cock cages are lined up waiting for each of them to wake up or come over! My husband has a surprise before any of my sissy slut though. Bearing in mind he brought me those diamond earring he promised! I have ten strong black men waiting to pull a train on me and he better be on his knees keeping each of those huge dicks hard for my turn!! Ass to mouth and sissy training are my special Valentines and of course huge black cock!

Cuckolding My Slave At A Sex Club

cuckolding phone sex

This Cuckolding phone sex Mistress has a golden boy sex slave with emerald eyes. I had him dress in tight leather pants and a sheer white dress shirt for a surprise. When he arrived I blindfolded him and bound his wrist behind his back with rope. I was getting wet just looking at his cock bulge in those leather pants.  I shoved him in the back of the car as the driver sped away. I teased that cock and licked my Slave pet’s neck. When we arrived My driver pulled my sex slave out of the car and I guided him inside. The blindfold was removed we were in an underground sex club. I had rented a glass-walled center room for all the salves and doms to watch us. I demanded him on his knees as I set him free. I shoved that beautiful face into my pussy under my skirt. “Pull My panties off with your teeth.” Such a good slave boy. I commanded him to undress and adorn his cock cage. Oh, I love having a slave with a nice fat cock! Three men came in in speedo thongs. They were hung so fucking well. I let each of those men cuckold my slave. From my pussy to my ass to his sweet mouth all night long. My tits were fucked and my mouth stretched open teasing my poor little hard slave in his cage. I squirted several times and could hear him whimper. Watching as I was fucked and my pussy full of cum. The whole club could see my perfect pet aching to touch me as he sat on his heels with his hands tucked like a good submissive. Golden boys only release was to be able to be my clean up slut. I wonder who needs a good mistress phone sex cock size Queen? 

Sissy Phone Sex W/ Bitch Brooklyn

sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone sex Is privilege for tiny dicked perverts like you! I actually prefer my sissy sluts to have smaller dicks. I have to have customized cages built sometimes because my finicky sissy sluts hate piss backsplash. And if your reading this and know exactly what I am talking about, call me we have a lot to discuss! That piss hole has to be lined up or they end up with a soggy dick and scrotum. Plus smaller stature men tend to wear girly clothes better. See my sissy? he has a beautiful shape and thigh highs and panties work so well on him. Now, Clothes and undergarments are one thing, but I teach, proper walking, manners, makeup, and servitude. Come and play In Hot Bitch Brooklyn romper room. I have a nice strap and some hot men who would love to put you in place during a hot sissy training session.sissy training phone sex

Impregnate This Cuckolding Whore

impregnation phone sex

My husband has a small dick, yes but he is an avid painter. I guess having a small dick freed up some talent. Anyways he likes to talk as he paints me. I am vain I suppose and love having my slaves and sissies see my picture all over the house.  We were talking about John and his wife Karen. Karens newest daughter is well, very dark.  Hubby went on to tell me that John is on the birth certificate and  John says the brat is his. But everybody knows Karen is a big cheating whore. Well, I think I knew what my Small dicked hubby was hinting at. I asked, would he like to be humiliated by me getting knocked up with a dark-skinned brat? I always ride and fuck bareback so I could get impregnated at any time.  Hubbys Millimeter peter got so hard. He began painting faster. I kept talking about carrying another mans seed as a method of humiliation. I swear he came on his matching panties just like mine. When he was finished I could clearly see the wet spot in my panties myself. I grabbed him by the hair and said I needed a big cock fuck now! He got right on the phone for this size queen mistress! 

Mistress Phone Sex With My Smitten One

mistress phone sex

Do you recall these chairs your Mistress Phone Sex Brooklyn had you and my female slave handcuffed too? I awoke you and my female slave from sleep for being naughty sluts. The cage was cold and she had a chastity belt and you were bound in your cock cage. I had plans for my two submissives. My smitten one is referred to as Mypet. I had both ripped from that cage from a sissy boy I have on duty. Both of you were bathed and oiled and released from their devices. Oiled down and presented to me in the big room. I handcuffed both to these white chairs and proceeded to tickle both of you with my ostrich feather. I teased his cock and blew in his ear. I made Mypet beg to be released. I had you crawl between my blonde slave’s leg and pleasure her just like I caught you doing hours before. You are a slut my smitten one. I Then have you open your present. It was a horse mane tail but plug. and reins and horseshoe boots for both. I commanded my pets to zip up and get bridled. dominatrix phone sex

Now, this became some hot dominatrix phone sex as I had my Horsey sluts parading around the room. I flogged ass cheeks as they were prancing. I wanted legs stepped higher and tail but plugs swinging back and forth. When I was happy with the form of my submissives in the roleplay of my bridled sluts we went to the cobblestones. I had you run at a fast pace and show me the proper form. My whip would lash out. I wanted those bits clenched tight as they pranced and put a show on for me. I had her holding weights in her pussy and a weighted cock ring on his cock. It wasn’t long before I commanded you to mount my female slave. Fuck her hard and deep! I had so much fun with you my Smitten One. We will play soon! We will do some hot BDSM phone sex baby.BDSM Phone Sex

Mistress Brooklyn

mistress phone sex

One might wonder how I control and punish and even reward during Mistress phone sex. I assure you my new Man Pet is quite happy with my FemDom ways. It is rare to have a submissive that has a glorious cock. I tend to Use my larger cocks to humiliate and cuckold my submissive sissy boys with. But this is exciting and makes my pussy drip to have an almost 9-inch cock in service to me. To have power over a true submissive who can hear my cues and already know what is required makes me want to reward such good behavior. But I must let him know who is in control. I love to have him in silk panties and hard and erect always. I use my bull cock men to fuck me and have my Sub be a good clean up boy is rewarded him enough. I want my ass to be fucked and then have my Subby man clean those cocks  A good Mistress Slut such as I know that submissives are unique and what works for one may not work for another. The Mistress and slave dance makes me so fucking horny, I can not wait until next time my dear.

Making You Watch Me Play

hot phonesex

I love my stepdaughters’ sweet bald cunt.  It is the next best thing to making my Small pricked husband watch me fuck BIG cocks. I really get off on the fact that he has always wanted to fuck her sweet blonde ass. I enjoy having him watch as I make her moan and scream with my tongue. 

But tonight is different. Tonight Mick and his brother have come over with big cocks bulging through those briefs and I have SD down on her knees kissing each cock as I get it out. Before long I had her on her face taking these massive cocks deep in her pussy and asshole. I swear my small pricked hubby squirted his clit juice over his head when His daughter was cleaning her ass juice off those BBC! I decided it was time to get my Black cock fuck on and rode those hung men like wildfire until I squirted too! It was a fuckfest of BBC while hubby watched. I was sweating as I went from her pussy to cock and she licked all of that cream from my pussy. Poor hubby didn’t even get to taste my cum in my pussy. I wonder who else might want cum from two beautiful pussies? 

Hot Phone Sex Fetish Slut

phone sex fetish

Yes, I am your hot phone sex fetish slut. I get so wet when my cucky boys call me and tell me how they wish those wives of theirs would put them on faggot boy knees and make them suck bull cock. They know those hot wives deserve big thick raging bull dicks tearing up her pussy.  SUcking and fucking 10, 11-inch dicks for pleasure as they squirt over and over. I do love my callers and how wet I get when They worship my pussy and want to know how they can have the cuckold life I gave my Stumpy Hubby. I do adore my big hung men who get off on how I get fucked right in front of stumpy dick and how I make him eat my creampie pussy afterward. Shit, he even takes cock in his beautiful ass and gobbles big dick right along with this hot slut. Fuck me for my hubby or be my new cucky. I am ready for some nasty phone fun tonight. Make me squirt for you. I need It so fucking bad!


Mistress Brooklyn

Diaper Boy Gets Owned

small cock humiliation phone sex

This Mistress has an adult diaper lover with a very small penis. He is my number one sissy freak. I fucking love to make fun of his little bittle cocklette. He is a pretty little slave to me and I love when he wears his pampers and does all my commands crawling across the floor to this hot cuckold mommy.  My pussy was soaked from unfastening his diaper and seeing written in red lipstick. “too small for her”. My sissy had on his pretty pink plastic cock cage for me too! Yes, you are too small for Mistress. You will never fuck my holes but you can lick my pussy until I squirt in your face baby. He licked and slurped and sucked my pussy lips like he was trying to nurse. Well you know that made me squirt my pussy juice all over his face. I need more sissy diaper boys, are you my next small dicked man to dominate? 

Oh, Panty Boy!

panty boy phone sex

Where for art thou Panty Boy? I have been searching for you My sweet panty slut. I need to make sure you have the silkiest pink panties. I love to see your cock jump against the sweet material. I love to dress my panty boys in my very own panties and parade them around to my sexy bull cocks. Oh, baby no touche’. That dick is all mine. I decide when it comes and goes! I am a siren seductress I love to make you do my bidding. I keep a tight leash and I love to watch My panty boys jack those cocks for me. Now be a good sissy and get on your knees where you belong bitch. open that mouth wide you sissy slut and take this big cock for a moth fuck. WIll you serve this Mistress? 


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