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Gang Bang Break

gang bang phone sex

Tonight I am ready to be a gang bang phone sex Mistress. See I belong to an elite cheating website and a huge party was being thrown in Beverly Hills, So of course, I got my allowance from the hubby and took off to attend the biggest cheating fuck party of the year.”Party favors” and champagne ran like water.  My Mistress ways served me well as I had sexy sluts and horny big dicked men at my every command. My pussy was being licked and sticked so much I just might need a cold pack tonight. Should have brought pathetic hubby he is so good tending to my swollen holes. So many cheating whores like me and cheating men I had a buffet and I was pumped and slurped by the best mouths men and women alike. Oh, and the web site host brought in a limo full of BBC. Tall hung black men Oh my. I won that dick sucking contest, after all, it pays to be a Size queen! It was a nice vacation from my sissy boy tiny dicks, But I am refreshed and ready to train my man sluts again. 

Sissy Boy Humiliation X3

small cock humiliation phone sex

Here at Fuckaliciousfreaks, we take small cock humiliation seriously. So when you call this big dick loving tramp and tell me you sucked Big thick 9-inch dick for three hours, of course, I am going to run my mouth and tell my big dick loving Sisters!! If any of my sissy boys want to know a real sissy you cant compare to my Richard C. I’d cross the land to see if any sissy boy compared, wink wink. Richard has so many panties and an itty bitty under three-inch clitty stick.  He doesn’t even touch his clitter dick he just comes in his panties for me Lexi and Elaina! Richard smears his lipstick sucking big Redneck straight Men.  He gets called a bitch boy and my favorite…Ball washer!!! Slurp those balls sissy boy!!  We make him turn 50 shades of red from embarrassment. I love it. Every time I get a big dicked caller I think of Richard C. Taking and sucking that big cock right along with me.  Richard is the top Faggot on my list right now, do you dare to compare in some sissy phone sex?  Just because I am feeling generous check out our two-girl specials if you need extra humiliation baby!

Cheating On You

Cheating Phone sex

Cheating phone sex turns my tight pussy on so much. Just thinking about it has me rubbing my bare pussy all over my leather chair. See I am a cheating slut. I cheat with you on the phone, I cheat with married men all the time. I love when my cucky hubby catches us. I mean I have profiles all over those cheating websites for married women. We all know them, wink wink. I love when I get busted with cum all over me or inside of me. I mean at first, I had to train my hubby to let me be the absolute whore that I am. He learned to love watching me fuck those huge black cocks, even curated a taste for them. I make sure I have plenty to blackmail him with should he decide that he no longer wants to fund our lifestyle. A video, pictures, texts, and anything I can get ahold of. Yes, this cuck queen has a safe deposit box just to make sure my hubby lets me get big fat cock and that he will bring me a nice selection to choose one or all of. 

Your Cuckolding Fetish Queen $$

fetish phone sex

I am that cuckolding fetish phone sex queen you dream of baby. My tits are perfect and my pussy tight. The only way you know my pussy is tight is because you see how good those men feel fucking my sweet holes. Speaking of pathetic my Cuckold Brian is late with his payment maybe I should use some of his sensitive information he loves to give out as a way to make him bend to my will.  My what a fun time it will be telling his students at his high school how he loves his creamy cup of cum infused coffee every morning. Maybe everyone will think he is a fag in disguise because he loves cum so much.   I love how naughty my cucky boy is and throws money at me whenever I contact him too. He has been my endless wallet for so long really would be a shame to have my boy toys cum on his sandwich and watch him eat it at work while I go buy myself something with his debit card later. 

Damaging My Cuckolds Wallet

financial domination phone sexLet me rape your wallet during financial domination phone sex. See You come home after a hard days work bearing gid=fts for your pretty redhead GF. I take the expensive nighty and the diamond earrings on and model them for you. I am so excited that I just can’t help myself and I throw my Legs open and force you down between my sexy legs. Eat me baby I scream eat my pussy It is so wet for you baby! You love my hot lips and hole and you are pleased I am letting you near my pussy. It has been weeks since you saw me wanting you to please me. Your dick grows hard as you look up with a creamy white face and tell me my pussy never tasted so good! Aren’t you sweet? I tell you that I just finished getting two BBC cum loads right before you came home. That’s right I am a cheating whore while your away. Join me for cuckolding phone sex as I tell you I am going to let every man I fuck just how much you love those stranger cum loads from my pussy. cuckolding phone sex

Ball Washer Sissy

sissy phone sex

Rich Is my biggest sissy phone sex caller. I am telling all my fuckaliciousfreaks all about my faggot pantie wearing big dick sucker. Rich calls me with cum drying on his face.  My sissy knows his 3 inch itty bitty dicky doesn’t make him a man. So he begs his friends to let him suck those 9 inch dicks down his throat.

I mean Rich knows that I am a size queen and he deserves to be made fun of. So every time we talk I tell at least one of my girls about his dick sucking skills. And… his tiny dick! He knows he is a pathetic excuse for a man. I do know the love of a heavy dick in my hand mouth and pussy. SO I can not blame him.

Rich is my biggest sissy he has hundreds of pairs of cute panties. Come on my sissy freaks don’t be shy. I need more sissy boys in my life. Especially those with the nickname ball washer! Because they lick balls for an hour just to suck a big dick. I enjoy Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex.

Mistress Brooklyn Sissy Training

sissy training phone sex

Welcome to Mistress Brooklyn sissy training phone sex sessions. Its that time of year again when it is getting warmer and all my sissy boys come out to play. I just love dressing my sissy boys up in stockings and bustier corsets. I need to teach you to put on your make up just right and how to keep your cock erect when doing housework and cooking for me and my big cocked men. See a proper sissy knows that everything must be done in complete servitude. I want that sissy boy cock hard as you kneel to me and beg to lick my dripping cum filled pussy. You must be on hand to suck a nice cock for my entertainment. Be willing to deny the pleasure of that stiff cock. I want you to go and buy your self-girly beautiful clothes and send me the pics of you dressed up and erect on my IM. I want to know you are in complete surrender to Mistress Brooklyn. I want to see that new dildo shoved up your beautiful sissy ass during our sissy phone sex. Come on crawl out of bed from beside your wife and call me and let me know that you wore her silk panties to work today. Tell me about the cock you sucked behind the building at lunch. I need to know my sissy is acting right.

sissy phone sex



Peeny Humiliation

small cock humiliation

Looking for some small cock humiliation for your peeny? No need to look because I am a Big Cock whore kind of slut and the only thing about that peeny that’s going to get me off is I can make fun of it.  See this pretty pink cage. Perfect for little dickletts! You get to feel my soft hands as I strap you in. Now you can’t touch it and every time you get hard it will cause you pain. Too bad it turns you on to feel me slide on your silk black stockings.  My hand on your stomach as I place this jewel. My big tits brushed against you back as I whisper tiny dick only gets to lick, over and over. Do You see this vibrator? It is twice as big as you. I would rather my mouth go on this toy than anywhere near that needle dick.  Want to be my cuckold? Watch my wet pussy get reamed by real men who can grow a dick over 8 inches?  Such a pathetic excuse for a man. I am going to turn you female day by day. Your dick should be a clit and your ass is a pussy!  CBT phone sex is a must for your tiny nothingness. Your Mistress Awaits.

cbt phone sex

I Love Married Men

married men phone sex

Married men phone sex is something that I know well. I am a cheating slut with a cucky at my every whim. My hubby knows I am a whore and I love to fuck married men. I don’t have to worry about them getting too attached to this pussy.

 I can play with you no matter what size your dick is. If its 8 plus and fat, I will be getting fucked in the ass and sucking you like I never sucked before. I have a fetish for being fucked in every whore hole by big dick. If you happen to have a millimeter peter than I can make you my sissy faggot.

Take my strap or a big dick up or ass and in your mouth baby. Either way, it goes I am going to get a fleshy vein thick and long dick to play with. I am the red-headed cheating bitch that really doesn’t give a fuck as long as I get fucked, or I get to fuck you. Your choice. Come play.

Slave Training Phone Sex

sissy training phone sex

Sissy training phone sex so you can be as slutty as I am. I am not shy to put my cucky hubby in his place and this big cock queen will train you right. See if you have less than 8 inches you need some sissy boy training by my very experienced whore ass. I know exactly what a small dicked man needs. You need some pretty dainty clothes and red lipstick to match my fiery locks

. I have a thing for red. I want you in a red thong cutting into that tiny dick baby. I will have you serving every large cock that cums your way before long. Bend over and take it up the ass for me as I lay back and evaluate your training my pretty!

Suck, lick and deepthroat those massive members so you know how pathetic you are and no woman would ever be exclusively yours.   Your place is to serve women like me deserving of those nice thick dicks. I expect no less because I am worth it and you should know that.

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