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I Love Big Dick , I Can Not Lie!

cock worshiping phone sex

OH My God! Look at the dick, Must be a Rapper!  It is So long and strong! Damn, It is Juicy and I am nasty! , I need me some of that! I like big black cocks I can not lie. They pull up and I get stuck. I just want to fuck. Bend me over in the sauna give me your Anaconda! I am a black cock whore and I always want more. Give me your stick and I will make it cum quick. Slide that big black dick deep inside me baby, I know you like it nasty. My ass is meant for tearing up. I know how hard a BBC can fuck! On my knees begging for that anaconda Please! SO Long so strong, so juicy put it in my pussy. You other cocks cannot compare I like BIG Black Dicks! So If you have a small weenie I don’t want any! My pussy only wants the big ones to suck and fuck. But I will share if you put your ass in the air! So Pull Up and suck, Grab a BBC to fuck.

CBT Phone Sex Mistress

CBT phone sex

Are you my CBT phone sex Sissy Slut? I am glad you love that small cock of yours. Most men would have gotten a circumcision to make it look bigger. Not you… My sissy slut has embraced her Small Cock life and became a little cock and ball torture whore for me.  Billie Longed to be my sweet personal sissy maid! She loves the feel of satin against her clit stick.  She begged to serve me so I put her to the challenge. I stripped her and put my stretcher on her cock and had her give me kisses all over my body. “What will you do for me, Billie?” 

“ANYTHING Mistress, I am under your command.” She was being stretched her balls we painful as I had her bow between my legs and lick me until I came in her Sissy slut mouth.”  Her moans vibrated me to climax faster and gave me an Idea. I had Billie (Yes WIth an I) get in position as I attached her Humber bar onto that small cock and if she made and movement her balls and cock would be in immense pain. I felt no remorse as she asked this Mistress phones sex whore to put her to the test. My red Vibrator going in and out her sweet ass had Billie moving and giving so much pain to her balls and Vienna sausage! She began to cry and whimper from the pain. Her dickie gave cummies as she squealed in pleasure and pain. 

I loved my sissy sluts dedication, I think she will fit in quite nicely with my cucky sissy hubby and my three other sissy whores. 

I released her from her cock bondage. Now My sweet Billie let’s see how much cock that mouth and ass can take. Put on your prettiest panties and come and serve alongside your cuckolding sissy loving Mistress! mistress phone sex

Dinner Party Gone Wild

hot phonesex

How did my Dinner Party turn into a gangbang you ask? Well, the men got boring talking about the things men will. The wifes started looking bored and fidgeting. So I ran to check desert and Mr. Jenson followed me to help. She was a shy thing but very fucking hot we had been making eyes and play footsie under the table. As I got the cake out she brushed those beautiful tits along my arm and I pulled her for a deep kiss. I winked and told her we should bring the cake out nude. The way her face lit up I knew she was game. The men shut up and mouths dropped I set the cake down and grabbed a couple vibes I have placed around and put mrs. Jenson to work. SHe was riding her vibe and fucking my sweet pussy as the men got up and started shedding clothes. Within minutes wives were being swapped and men were fucking our brains out. I even got my huge black strap to fuck each woman there.  My husband was the only one without his dick out but we all know why He never would let anyone see his shrimp cocktail. None of the guests noticed as his mouth was being filled by sweet pussy and even a few dicks here and there. The amazing thing was I got to fuck some nice dick and still have my hubby under my thumb.

Making His Daughter Squirt

squirting Phone sex

My Husband has a bombshell Daughter, Jade, from his previous marriage. She hasn’t been by in ages, so when she just showed up My Cuckold sissified hubby was in full slut dress. I made him answer the door thinking it was our Thai food delivery. “Dad?”She gasped. Turns out she had just broken up with her girlfriend and needed to talk. Her tits were bigger than I remembered and as I gently explained that we were just going to a Costume party, Jade snickered and laughed. She said, “I knew you kept him in line somehow I am a lesbian but I am not an Idiot!” “I always wondered how he kept a fine ass woman like you, cuz mom said he had the shrimp dick of all dicks.”  As if Her seeing Hubby in full slut attire didn’t arouse me enough now this hot young bitch was telling me I was fine! I commanded hubby to sit as I  walked up to Jade and pulled her in for a deep kiss and my hands slid up her shirt and down her pants.  She bucked at the idea of her father watching her but I made it clear he would just watch. I pulled her to the couch and began removing every last piece of clothing. Her oral skills on my huge tits were amazing. My toys and tongue had her squirting for me and daddy in no time.  a big stream shooting out of her pussy as her daddy jacked his cock, made me cum all over her face, and the night was still young. I wondered how far I could push her limits??

How to be A Good Mistress

mistress phone sex

Becoming the best Mistress Phone sex whore takes patience.  See it was easy to tell My Husband his small cock would never be enough for me so I will go fuck men with large dick and come home to him. My way or nothing. Over the years he has even become my number one sissy.  Still he does misbehave on occasion and requires punishment.  I have come to believe in the power of cock cages and cock restriction. the harder his little peepee gets the more painful these devices are for him. and just about everything he does makes him hard around me. I even have a humbler that makes it impossible for him to move. his balls and cock are locked down while he is on his knees sucking cock. He has a mouthful and is almost crying as he moves in rhythm to the throat fuck. I let him loose so he can hold me open for one 10 inches in my pussy and an 8 inches in my ass. I love double penetration. And when They are done he will be a good cum eater and slurp every drop down. then he will run me a warm bath and bathe me and oil my aching holes. Such a good sissy and I just might let him sleep at my feet tonight! 


Small Dick and A Cold Shower

hot phonesex

You really should have known better to come to Hot Phonesex Mistress!! That shrinky dink you wanted me to play with, oh Goodness. With That bod, I thought I got me a strong viral dick. I knew I had a 50/50 shot at a decent dick. I can spot a sock bulge 50 yards away. I seduced you and it took way too long to get your clothes off. You excused yourself to take a shower. AN old trick for tiny dicks. Hot water makes you seem sexy and your dick can relax while you jerk it to make it harder. But oh my did you not know what this big dick slut Mistress was up too! I snuck in and turned the cold water on full force. Your Stub shrunk back to its flaccid state and I could not contain my laughter any longer. ARe you fucking Kidding me? How the fuck are you gonna fuck me with That!! Fucking for real. My only pleasure was keeping you in the cold water as I laughed my pussy got wet. I love it when you almost cry and cover your pathetic pee-pee up. Oh, come here baby lick my cunt, and put these panties of mine on. DO you doubt my Small cock humiliation phone sex ways? I’ll make you regret trying to fuck me with your clit stick!! Don’t Fuck with A mistress! small cock humiliation brooklyn

Sissy Phone Sex Month of Freaks

Sissy Phone sex

Listen Up my sissy phone sex freaks! It is that time of year when my sissy boys feel the freest! My pathetic little shrimp dicks can dress all slutty and say its for a party. I need sissy men who want to be humiliated and put on show! I have a nice little email for those pretty sissy boys to be showcased!  I am looking for the prettiest faggot callers to put in my blogs. Do not fear Mistress Brooklyn will be discreet with her sissy slave boys! Cuckolding my hubby is even more fun when I can parade him about. I need humiliated little boy cocks in my email. Hell just send me that 2 inch dickie pic so I can laugh and play with My Mistress pussy as you call me to get humiliated. I got to see the itty bitty pathetic clit stick Im degrading after all. I am a very resourceful Mistress. I believe in properly humiliating my sissy sluts. I have made sissy callers cry and I love every fucking second of it. Don’t believe me call any of my fuckalicious freak whores and ask them about my Ball washer and how I made him cry becuse he couldn’t take me bragging and telling his cocksucking stories. I can be a good Mistress and humiliate you just enough so my pussy cums as you give me a spot of cum in your panties. Don’t fret I am a year round sissy training phone sex Mistress But in October My sissy Freaks come out to play with me!

Watch Me Take Black Cock

black cock phone sex

Like a true black cock phone sex whore I made you watch me take on no less than three BBC last night. I was eager to be filled up and bottomed out. you said they were very hung as you coached them during football training.  You won the game and had promised my fuckholes to them for winning. Seems as if I would be the one winning! We had arranged the living room with blankets and chairs so you could get a good view. Your pathetic excuse for watching was so they wouldn’t get to carried away with your wife. What would be your excuse as you pulled your tiny cock out and begin to stroke that millimeter peter, I wondered?  Those Black studs were eager as I turned on some slow jams and seductively took each piece of my little black outfit off. Big ebony hands soon started pulling me and roaming my body. I got on my knees handling each cock and stroking two as one entered my mouth. You were right two 9 inchers and a thick ten-inch cock was all mine to be toyed with, sucked and ready to fuck me. Soon, your wife was having her sweet pussy opened up, did you like how I moaned as I came within a couple minutes. Now I was lubed to take more inches deep in me. I know those black boys enjoyed being able to fuck a white bitch deep and hard. I saw you cuming as I took the biggest cum shot on my face.  They left and murmured a thank you ma’am, and then you were on me eating every last drop of those BBC off me, mmm such a good Hubby!

Cheating Phone Sex With Mistress

cheating phone sex

I am not ashamed to be a cheating phone sex whore. But while I am your mistress to that fat long bull cock, I am your mistress in many other ways. I love how you don’t mind my Shrimp dick of a husband jerking his clit stick to you pounding me. I can feel that cock grow and throb as I moan your name. I also know that I have you wrapped around my fingers. My mouth ass and sweet hot dripping pussy are one of the few that can take something that big without making you stop. I know the plight of the big dicked man. No bitch can ever take you all and never mind being able to pump her velvet insides hard and deep! But I can. A was blessed with a tight twat that opens like a flower for bull cock or BBC baby. My only Request is that you make sure I am cum filled deep in my wet bald pussy. I don’t care if your married baby I am very discreet, My Bull dicked FB  Shawn is a testament to that. I texted him for some big dick fun, but his wife had him doing a honey do list. So I simply texted back that he had an hour to send me a dick as big or bigger than his. I was in for a surprise as he sent me a brand new Big Black hung man to fuck. He was 7 ft tall and when he unleashed his trouser monster it swung at his knees. Hubby wasn’t home but I made a nice nasty homemade porn so I could humiliate shrimp dick later. My holes are so open and sore and my ass is gaped every time I move I am reminded that I am a size queen and a little sore ass is so worth it. And not to mention the cum that is still in my ass and my sweet cunt. I am saving that for hubby too! he would be so upset if he missed out on this married men phone sex whores cum filled holes after a BBC!  So my question is do you have a White bull cock a BBC (Black Bull Cock) or do you need your Shrimp dick made fun of tonight, I am game if you are baby!

Cuckolding Cougar Fun

phone sex

I am becoming quite a phone sex cougar but today I met a very sex cuckolding cougar that I couldn’t resist. I was going to look at our new condo and there was a cable and Internet sales lady in the office. She was about 15 years older had this air of power about her and she was Carrying a Micheal Kors Purse. She was classy and my pussy started to throb. I couldn’t understand why I was so attracted to her, she gave me her sales pitch and card but I wanted to rip her clothes off. I just knew she was A Mistress. I had an idea I invited her to see my new place to check for installation areas. As soon As we closed the door she dropped everything and pulled me deep into a long tongue filled kiss and her hand went down my panties and brought me to my knees and she hiked her leg up and slipped her panties to the side and had me eat her cunt. She pulled her Vibrator out that MK purse and hoped up on my desk and Commanded me to fuck her hard until she came dripping down my face.  As she went to leave she said I had a lot to learn and she could teach me a few things. But that is a story for another time…

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