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After school special. Wanna light up a doobie?


Barely legal phone sexGetting high makes me so horny it’s crazy. When I’ve had a rough day in classes, I really like coming home, getting my clothes off, lying down on the bed and sparking a nice fat joint. Of course like I said… now I’m horny as fuck. So I’m kinda laying there stoned and horny. I got on my phone and sent a snap chat to a few people looking for some pussy licking. I love it when my phone starts to ding ding ding. That means my pussy is about to be very very happy. He showed I relaxed and enjoyed. He definitely was worth the snap. He had my nipples so hard they almost hurt and my pussy was so hot and aching while he teased and fingered he drove me crazy. For over an hour he had my pussy lips spread wide lightly licking and tongue fucking me… and then he finally let me cum. Not that I couldn’t have before but he was stopping every time I got close and holy fuck did that make it so fucking hot I don’t think I could get my legs spread wide enough. I could feel my pussy starting to really throb and it started. I didn’t come in waves, Just one long orgasmic sensation. Give me a joint and a pussy licking anytime, anywhere, any day!


Cock Control and Worship

Cock control

As I am sure most of you know by now that I am a total cock worshiping cum dumpster whore. I don’t think there is one thing wrong with that description because it’s accurate and it’s not a bad thing to love sex. Something else you should know of course if you don’t already is that I love cock control. I decide when you cum, I decide when your balls get played with, and I decide if I want to massage your prostate to make you cum even harder. If you can handle it and let go of all control and let me take over, I can almost guarantee you the hardest orgasm you will ever have. Your load will pump from your cock like Mount St. Helens. Let me taste that precum, let me taste that load!



I have a little secret

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Ok, so I have to share something with you guys you might not know about me. I’m a total pothead. I love pot, I love to smoke it, I love to smell it. I would walk around town with a pot leaf instead of a fig leaf. Everyone should have it! My Daddy got me into it way back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I fell in love almost right away. I started figuring out the best times to partake. Yeah I know, all the time is the best time, but I have school! So mainly now I do it at night to relax, but I’m sure you know if you are a pothead too that not only does it make you sleepy, happy and relaxed, but it also makes you horny as hell. Daddy has always been my dealer, he gets the best shit. He came over last night with my new bag and I was already horny so I knew what was going to happen. He gave me a nice fat sack and it  He came over last night with my new bag and I was already horny so I knew what was going to happen. He gave me a nice fat sack and it smells divine.

Drugs Phone Sex“So what do I owe ya Dad?” I said and he waved his hand in a no no no gesture and said he didn’t want money, he never does. So I started to take my clothes off, he watched me very intently. Once I was feeling free and sexy I took a big hit off my bong and laid back. I have vibes all over the house (don’t ask haha, I just had to put them all over my house cause I am always HORNY!) So I pulled the one out that was under the pillow on the couch and started rubbing it over my clit. My pussy was already wet so I dragged my finger over it to show my Daddy and my glistening finger made him even harder!“You want to jerk off to me Daddy?” I ask. I don’t think I had to ask really, but we spent the night toking our brains out and masturbating for each other. I have the best Daddy ever.


Pegging is My Fetish, What’s Yours?

Fetish Phone Sex

One of my long-time fetishes is pegging. I absolutely love love love to give a guy a great orgasm from fucking his ass, hitting that just right spot and sending you into a whole other realm of a “good fuck.” I pride myself on being the best fuck I can. Not because of anything other than I just love to have a guy leave and not be able to concentrate on anything else than wanting to see me again.
I have this killer strap on that has all different types of toys that I can change around and find what really makes you grunt and need to cum. And I’m not just going to fuck you from behind. I’ll flip you over and fuck you missionary so I can jerk that cock off while I fuck your ass hard. And when you are really really close to cumming, I’m going to stop stroking your nice hard cock and make you cum hands-free. Do you think that will make you desire me constantly and needing me to fuck you again and again?

Phone Sex

I’m not sure I was needed

College coed sex

I have a lab partner for one of my classes and we planned a day to get our notes and thought organized and see where our project was going to go. I got to his dorm room and for the next few hours we got on track and are looking good, but the whole time my pussy was so wet. I mean this guy is sexy and all I could think about was pegging him, making him moan and grunt and groan and sucking his cock and UGH! Any kind of contact with him even a small touch on the arm and I would have started on fire. Unfortunately, I don’t think he was feeling the same way, I was pouring on the charm and definitely pouring on the look at my tits move. Nothing seemed to be sparking his interest in a nice romp. We finished up our days’ agenda and I left, I left disappointed. I was about to put my car into reverse and pull out of the dorms parking lot when I realized I left my notebook in his room. I went back into the building and up the elevator … again. I had just been there so I didn’t really knock, like knock knock and wait. It was more of a knock while I was opening the door and I seemed to walk in on him. When I saw him I told him I was so sorry for walking in, and he just looked at me and smiled. “Why are you sorry? I’m glad you came back.” I have walked in on him sucking his own cock and he didn’t really care that I could see him. I’m not sure what suddenly hit me but I shut the door and got on his bed and started licking and fingering his ass while he sucked himself off. I’m not sure I was needed in this situation, but when he came, I was fairly certain he was going to shoot his load so hard it would go straight through his head. He grunted and bucked so hard while he came, my pussy was dripping from being so turned on. I hope to fuck him during this whole project, but I’m still not sure I was needed!

Sometimes you just need to get fucked hard

Rough Sex Phone Sex

Sometimes, as a woman, you really need to have your pussy and ass pounded like you are trying to tenderize me. The best fuck I ever had was this guy who went straight to fucking my pussy. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get any foreplay, but when he started fucking me I seriously didn’t care. Once he slammed his cock in my pussy and then over and over he was fucking me into oblivion. I couldn’t believe I was cumming so hard so quickly. I mean I’ve cum quick before but it’s usually because I played with myself beforehand or we did lots of foreplay. Do you have a secret to your style of fucking? I love to hear about techniques guys have in their minds. I don’t know why but it’s a huge turn on. I love hearing how you take control you set the rhythm. Great, been blogging about this, now I want it!

Hardcore Phone Sex

His first time

Strap-on Phone Sex

One thing that I really like doing is pushing a man’s boundaries on what he is willing to experience. I met this guy on the beach, we hit it off, and of course, I was flirting big time and had an almost non-existent bikini top on. Really went to the beach to do exactly this … pick up a guy to fuck.
We got back to my place and we started some really hot making out, hands all over each other. My pussy was getting so wet. He had great hands. He got me naked in no time and letting me suck his cock soon after. I really liked his cock! I sucked just on the head for a bit to drive him wild and then rather suddenly impale myself with his cock all the way down my throat. He kept saying he was ready to fuck while I blew him, but he didn’t really make an effort to stop me. LOL. He was so nice and relaxed and when I picked up the toy I was going to use on him he was so aroused he didn’t even notice. I lubed it up and started pushing it into his asshole. At first, he yelled, “No, no, no I don’t do that kind of thing.” But the more I pushed and started to fuck his ass with it the quicker that tune changed.

Rim Jobs Phone SexAnd when I put my mouth on his cock while I fucked his ass just about sent him to the moon. He ended up cumming really quite hard, shooting his load into my mouth and down my throat. “Well, you are going to have to give me about an hour to recover from that one. When I do you are going to get fucked hard, Brooke.” My clit tingled with that comment!

Lie back and let me do everything…

Cocksucking Phone Sex

You worked hard today, didn’t you? Need some R&R and a nice slow blow job? Well, let’s hope I can make your day better.
Lift your butt so I can slip your pants and jockey shorts and watch as I slide them down your cock starts to stiffen. I love that sight, as it starts to get hard and stand up I can feel my pussy starting to ache. I am going to tease you and edge you as long as I can and if you cum without my permission there is going to be some consequences like taking a finger up your ass or some clamps on your balls. Don’t like that idea? Then don’t cum and we won’t go there! I look at you, my lips parting and I put just the head of your cock in my mouth and let go. Up and down only about an inch or so with my wet mouth. You look frustrated like you need it to go down my throat. I can feel your urgency; you want your hands on the back of my head pushing me down, don’t you? So I do just what you want, I push your cock all the way down my throat as far as it will go. I look at you, you’re looking right at me watching your cock disappear into my mouth and come back out with plenty of lubricating spit. That’s when I really dig in and I deep throat you over and over and over. I can feel the cum starting to pulse into your shaft and suddenly you are cumming in my mouth, down my throat and then even a bit more on my face. Tsk tsk tsk, you came without permission.

Guided masturbation

Guided masturbation

I’m naked and I would like to watch you undress, slowly. Let that nice hard, fat cock pop out and show me how much you need to cum. Lay back, on the couch right across from me. My legs are spread and my pussy is aching to cum. Stroke that cock slowly, all the way down to your balls and slowly all the way back up. Put some lube on that cock and add more as you see my pussy get wetter and wetter. Can you see my sweet pussy juices leaking from my fuckhole? Is this making you want to lick my clit more than jerk off your cock? I would love to feel your tongue on my pussy, your fingers inside me. Once you can no longer stand it, push me back roughly, tell me you are about the fuck the shit out of me. Grab my hips and ram that cock into me hard over and over, deep until you feel like you are going to explode. Cum inside me, give me every drop of that cum. Well, masturbation thing didn’t last long, did it? Sorry baby but you make me really horny.
I hope you feel better, I know I do.

GFE phone sex

GFE Phone Sex

Have you ever wanted the girlfriend experience without the actual girl being there all the time? I love doing calls with guys who want me to give them GFE phone sex, or girlfriend experience phone sex.
You are familiar with me, we have a very healthy sex life, can’t keep our hands off one another. Today though, you are gone on business and all we can do is phone sex.
I start playing with my pussy as soon as I see your name on my cell phone. I need you so bad but you are so far away. I pick up the phone and I hear your sultry voice and my pussy instantly gets wet. I tell you I only want to hear you moaning from what I am going to tell you to do. Close your eyes and think about my little bald wet pussy hovering over your cock, then I grab it and all in one motion I’m bouncing on your cock. I love the groan that produces. I ask you to put your finger on my clit and make me cum all over your cock. I am really rubbing my clit now and I tell you I’m going to cum soon so he better be fucking me hard. He grabs my hips and drives into me over and over. We lie down and fall asleep next to each other on the phone.

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