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Slave Whore Ass Play

My pussy aches to be used for His pleasure. A Master who doles me out to His friends whenever he feels the desire to see me fucked, humiliated, and covered in cum. Tonight I have been gifted a new toy. Just My sweet slave slut ass and he will be on the menu. This is a huge purple Ass tormenting Butt Plug. My Puckered ass hole starts throbbing. I know he wants me in pain. But he starts to slowly and gently lick my pussy, fingering my twat with one finger then two. I can feel my pussy getting hot and wet. Then I feel a finger probing my asshole. He keeps chanting to me, relax and enjoy this. My pussy is on soaked aching to cum, but he teases even more. anal phone sexHe brings me close to Cumming over and over. I am soaking wet and can feel my sweet pussy juices running over my asshole. He takes advantage and starts to push a butt plug in my ass. Oh, he is so right, it feels amazing. The butt plug finally slides all the way in and he is back playing and teasing my pussy. I need to cum so bad and I start to beg, he smiles and tells me that is where he wants me. He starts fucking my ass with the butt plug, fast then slow all the while playing with my clit. I’m grinding begging him not to stop. And then I feel it, I am starting to cum. I go over that edge he stops playing with my clit and is just fucking my ass with the plug and I don’t stop cumming. Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. I love being his slave whore.

Collar me, Own My Holes

BDSM Phone Sex

I love to be collared. It means this slut is owned. Be it for a night week or forever, I love to be owned by a strong master. A leash and collar makes sure I know that I am being an obedient slut.  ANd when I have performed well by sucking that dom dick down My leash is released and I am the fuck slave of the hour. 

You become the whole universe for me as I strive only to bring you to immense pleasures.  My ass is your personal fuck hole and my pussy is sloppy wet as you edge using my holes. You, my sexy dom command me to hang my head of the bed and throat fuck me so I can taste my ass and pussy as You ram the back of my throat over and over. 

I have no restraint, I am abouslty at your whim and fetish. I belong to you and I do as I am told. 

I will be shown off for the other slaves, be mounted by a male as if I am in heat. Flog my pussy lips, have me perform for your friends. Bring your most taboo fetish alive, I won’t tell because being collared is all I desire.

Just Your Average Fuckslave

submissive phone sex

I was a slut in high school only because my friends would talk about not giving blowjobs or not swallowing cum. I would then presume their boyfriends needed attention and give them a good deepthroat and swallow all that cum. I knew that I was supposed to make sure every man got the ultimate pleasure. I really wish more women were like me. I am your average big titted fuckslave. I fuck you whenever you call on me. There is nothing to taboo that my master wants of me. If he wants it then I do it. My tits are his to fuck and my mouth will swallow his cum all the way down. My goal is always to make him happy.  I suck my ass off his cock so he can put it back in and drill me deeply. I love to be used and the extreme fetishes he has just makes my bare cunt even wetteWhatHat are you waiting for, I am at your command, sir.

Submissive Slave At your Feet

submissive phone sex

I am curled up at your feet my naked body covered with cum and piss. I am told to turn over so you can see my red ass. I was spanked by your belt for dropping the tea pitcher and made to clean the floor with my tongue. You pissed on me and then I had to clean the piss off the floor as well. The words stupid whore echoed through my head. I only wanted to be the best submissive, I had failed you. It was only after you said that I could make it up to you did my heart begin to beat again. My mouth was being fucked as I tried to show you my worth. But you just wanted to slap me with your dick. I didn’t care I just wanted you to use me to make me the best slave again. You drilled my ass and pussy so hard. I took it and whimpered as you make me lick it clean. I wasn’t allowed your cum in my mouth or fuck holes. Only to be covered with it as you jacked off on my body. When you were done you pointed to the ground and used me as your footstool. Now, looking at my body you seem satisfied that I made up for my mistake. I can breathe again knowing I am still your fuck slave.

I Love Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex, My Master

pantyhose fetish phone sex

My Master loves to call me for pantyhose fetish phone sex. I am on camera in every room of the house. He loves me to put on my black nylon hose and do a dance when he calls me. Only my hose is on. My big tits are bouncing as he has me put my heels on. I stick my hands down my pantyhose as I play with my pussy while he commands every move. I slowly roll them down so he can see my bald wet pussy. I am giving him his show, as he hears me moan for him. I am commanded to wear these hose all day until he gets home. I am to piss while wearing them. By the time master gets home I am a cum and piss hose wearing whore. I am commanded to remove my pantyhose. They are used to bind my knees together as I am made to suck his suck his cock deep and his fingers go in my pussy that is squeezed shut by my thighs. My knees are released and the pantyhose goes around his cock as he has me suck him harder and deeper. my tongue even licks My Masters’ ass and flicks his hole. He cums all over the black nylon and makes me suck my piss and his cum from them. I am whipped with a paddle as he brings me to a gift in the center of the room. I am paddled as I open a new pair of nude nylons with black stitching on the back of the legs and feet. I put them on between spankings like a good BDSM phone sex whore. My tits are fucked as he rubs the silk and cums all over my big DD tits. I am made to stand over him and play with myself while my pussy drips into the house. I love his pantyhose fetish, I think It’s my favorite play time. 

Sub SLut

submissive phone sex

He owns me. He makes me tell him my most perverse secrets while he strokes the cum out of my wet pussy. He makes me feel like his dirty, beautiful big titty whore, and I love it. He mind fucks me and tests me all the time to make sure I am truly his. My paddles and stocks are all custom made for my baby girl ways. Bejeweled ass plugs, diamond-dripping leashes, and collars. My skin always a new shade of pink from his huge hands. Masters melodic voice entrances me. He is my one. I know this. My huge tits and round bubble ass are what attracted him to me. I don’t mind because I also know that he could smell my fear when he walked into the room and demanded me to suck his cock those years ago. I have now become utterly submissive and show my devotion in every encounter I have. I know my place as a fuck slut slave. I was only created for the ultimate pleasure for a man.  Spank me, pull on my nipple clamps. Slap my slut whore face. Show me my place as your filth under your feet.

Sensual Domination

sensual Domination phone sex

I love it when My Master wants to be my Big Daddy. See His Big daddy persona is all about pimping his slave whore out on the city streets. Taking money for my young slave cunt. The cutter and more baby girl I look the more these men spend on my ass and sweet twat. I love wearing little girl panties and being used up by Pimp Daddy Master. There is never a day he doesn’t see my sweet pink ass hole getting fucked by his accomplice buddies or a stranger on the street. I used to be a sweet virgin until I met my Master. That’s when he decided there was something raw and subservient about my young ass that needed to be addressed. Whether he is having my body used in his gangbang pleasures or just his naughty baby girl getting spanked on his lap, I will always be his submissive slut. I love being a sexual slave to met his every sexual desire. Let me please you as you use me! 

Exhausted Slave Cum Slut

cum slut phone sex

Master loves to deprive this slave whore of sleep and food to make me even more dependent on his cum and attention. When I get tired This slut forgets basic commands and I get punished. I have survived for three days just on his cum. Other times the gangbang has fed me cum to warm my belly.  Sometimes I am having cocaine shoved up my ass so I can fuck for days. I am made to keep my head down and not say a whimper or word when he is forcing me to be fucked in my ass only. I like the up and the way cocaine makes my pussy so wet when I am performing for him. I am exhausted and I can barely think but that is how my master loves his blonde fuck slut. All I know is he loves a dingy slave whore who can only take cock. Do I deserve anything else but to be completely submissive and deprived?

Girlfriend Slave Fuck

GFE phone sex

I am a completely devoted slave slut. I am at my masters’ feet rubbing them with my hands and tits. I never ask anything of him. He wants to do what he likes to me and I let him. Because I am his. I get fucked by whoever he wants and when he wants. Fuck my tight holes and watch me get gangbanged. I am a great little fucking slut. I moan and play and cum so hard for him and all the dick I am privy to. I Suck and fuck all day and all night and live off cum if he wants me too. I will be bound up my tight body in ropes and chains. I have no limits for him and I want to be pushed to my limits I didn’t know I had.

Spoiled Sex Slave

BDSM Phone Sex

Look what this slave slut got for Christmas from my Master! I am so fucking wet in my sparkling chains and cuff with collar. I can’t help but pull my panties down to show Master how much I like Being his BDSM whore. My bald cunt is so happy. I am fingering my clit for him ad moaning His Name. He loves when I am a happy slut. He pulls me by my hair and I am in complete bondage as he grabs my neck and spits in my face. I love when he gets nasty. He makes me gag as he roughly shoves his cock deep in my mouth. Turn around ass up!’ He commands. My chains clink as he drills my tin ass. He makes me spin around on all fours faster. My ass is on his cock as he says again. I am now a dizzy slave slut who is getting clumsy. I trip and land on my face my hands under me as he lays his whole body on mine and fucks my ass deep. I feel him cum and he pulls out to cum on my back. I love being spoiled BY Master! Would you spoil this submissive slut? 

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