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Fantasy Slave

Fantasy Phone Sex

You already know I am a sex slave and I will do anything to keep My master happy. Tonight I am yours. You are in love with my doll-like looks and my huge tits. I undress for you and you see my perfectly shaved snatch. You come close to rub the silky smoothness.  I don a pair of handcuffs because you think its sexy. I am commanded on my knees to suck you dry.  My handcuffed hands holding your magnificent fuck rod as I slurp and lick you. My hair is grabbed and you hump my mouth till you are ready to cum. You pull out and deliver the biggest cum shot all over my tits. I love being your sex toy. I know I am every mans fantasy. I know my place and I am bent over to have my exit hole reamed over and over till you are ready to cum again. This time my face is loaded with all that cum, and you lick it off a little before demanding me on the table legs spread wide. You taste my sweet pussy before you cram your dick into my hole, pounding me until I think the table will collapse. This time you pull out to shove it in my ass and shoot that massive load in my ass hole. I love being used by you. It’s been a while. Wanna Play?

Taken Slave

BDSM Phone Sex


I was stolen. I woke up with a headache and I have a blindfold on. Was this my Masters doing? Is this a game? I heard some guys talking about what to do with me. I hear the words ransom and blackmail and my Masters name. Now I am scared. I was stolen!  I am suddenly jerked upright and slapped. “On your knees bitch! Take this big black cock and suck it till I come!”  I am slapped again. I am crying. I do not want to do anything that will displease Master. I am scared so I start Sucking and licking this massive Cock I can not see. I am gagging as my head is shoved all the way down. I am thrown on my back to be sexually taken by force. I am screaming because I know this isn’t right. I am somebody else’s property. I am being fucked by two men each taking turns with my ass and cunt as I scream they laugh. I want to make it clear I am not okay with this in case Master finds out. I know it feels good to have so much cum in me but I continue to fight as if I do not like being used this way. I begin to surrender as I feel the hands and cock of the master. He soothes me and penetrates me telling me what I good girl I was.

Blackmail Phone sex



Slavery Phone Sex

Only my master can make me say he is my God and denounce all other Gods but him.  I am solely his worshiper and I do not mind. He is my God making him happy is my only life calling. I was put here as female to serve men, I know my place and I enjoy it completely.  Tonight, I am bond with ropes tightly only my ass and mouth are accessible in these ropes. I am being spread open by my ass and pounded hard. I have a blindfold on, so I know not which of my master’s friends I am entertaining.  I feel a hard member slap my face and I open my mouth instinctively. I want that cock as I feel a leather strap mark my ass as it is being torn apart. I moan in pleasure as another lash is given. I loved being used in every way possible. Being  bound is delightful because I do not have to think about serving I am just tossed and used and that is my purpose tonight as I am gagged by cock and hardcore ass fucked like the good slave I am.

BBC Worshiping

cock worshiping

For some reason, my master loves to watch me play with Big Black Cock. I was such a good slave obeying every command this week that I got to have three big strong black men come over and use me for my master’s pleasure.  I was stripped and laid out on the coffee table. These guys were not talking they just wanted to use me. My head was yanked by my hair as a ten-inch black cock was shoved down my throat. My pussy was instantly wet as I saw master whip out his cock and start stroking that fuck rod. My tiny rosebud asshole was spit on and a giant cock forcefully took my ass. I felt like I was being ripped apart. I had a cock in my pussy as I was face fucked and ass fucked. I was a black cock pin cushion. I love being a BBC whore for the master. I love being torn apart by BBC.

CBT Phone Sex

CBT Phone Sex

I love to play CBT with my master. He lets me put weights on his balls and he likes to have me wrap tiny little cords around his dick till it turns purple. I love playing cock and ball torture with him because after we play something snaps in him and he tears my pussy and ass apart with his now sensitive sore cock.  I love when he leaves the weights on, so they hit me as he is fucking me. Another favorite game is to take my long nails and go up and down his cock as he has me on a leash.  I am so good at obeying he lets me suck that raw cock dry after a session of CBT. My face and tits are covered in sticky yummy cum after we play. I love being masters dirty creampie slut. I love his cock and I love how he shares my sweet slave pussy with anyone he deems desirable.

Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone Sex

Pain Slut

Pain Slut Phone Sex

I have anal beads inserted as you commanded me, so I would be ready for you when we began to play tonight.  You push me on all fours and start pissing on my back. “there you dirty toilet whore do You like that?” And indeed, I do. I am your sub ready at any time for anything you like. You then reach down and violently yank the beads out of my ass. “Dirty Whore did that hurt? Did You like it?” The answer is always yes Master.  You shove the large horse tail butt plug in my ass demand me to stand up.  I get three hard smacks across my face.  Then the belt comes out and you crisscross my tits with whelps. May I have another. At this point, you shove me on the bed and spread my legs and take the belt and beat my pussy. It hurts but I am very wet for you. After my beating, you drag me by the hair to the ground, lay on top off me and penetrate my ass. My head is held up by you holding on to my hair. I enjoy every minute of service to you, so I came hard as you rode my ass. I am your Sub I live to please. Pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain.

BBC White girl Sub.

Black Cock Phone Sex

I am your sweet white girl on the side. You love fucking my tight pussy with that Big Black cock of yours. I cannot get enough of you BBC inside me or swallowing that monster as you face fuck me. I don’t mind being your side piece because you always tear my pussy and ass up. I’m your subby white bitch and you always take control of me in every way possible. I love it when you fuck me raw in the sex swing. I swear I can barely walk the next day. I beg you to slap my face and tits with that enormous black fuckrod hanging between your legs. You are so strong and leave red marks on my ivory white skin. My pussy desires another! I am waiting for you to destroy every hole with your big black cock. I hope your girlfriend never finds out. I know I am not telling hehe.

Bad Girl

Bdsm phone sex

I am your sex slave at your feet as soon as you walk in the door. I am naked with just my collar and waiting for the touch of your hand. You were in a mood today and spoke not a word as you yanked me by the neck and drug me to the bondage room.  My hands were bound apart and my legs buckled to a crossbar. Out came the flogger and I was given seven lashes to my tight pussy. I started to whimper, and you shoved the handle up my pussy fucking me hard. I wanted to ask what was wrong then I remembered my shopping spree earlier this week. You fucked me with that handle till I almost came and said I wouldn’t be cumming tonight. You released my restraints and demanded I suck your hard manhood till you came down my dirty little throat.  Ahh clothes and punishment, I could be your submissive slut forever.

Fuck Toy

adult phone chatI am a toy. I do whatever my master asks of me. Although I must admit sometimes I am bad on purpose, so I can be punished.  Sometimes I slip my wrist out of the restraints, so I can touch him as he fucks me. I do not mean to be so bad, I can not help it. There is something inside of me that makes me want to be punished. I need to feel the leather of the belt against my ass and thighs. My pussy reacts by getting soaking wet when I am punished. I don’t misbehave often because I like to be my masters’ good submissive girl. I suck his cock on demand and I give my pussy up as often as he likes. Sometimes he gives me to his friends, so I can be a little fuck toy slut. I aim always to please and be used as he wishes, always.  

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