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Phone Sex With A Sex Slave

slavery phone sex

A submissive whore ready for slavery phone sex with you. I am a sex slave I am owned.  I love replaying exactly how my callers want to tie me up and use my sweet fuck doll holes. My Owner has a fetish for seeing my white skin get pummeled by Big black cocks. He says my blonde hair and green eyes make me the perfect black cock lover. I am petite with 32 D tits that stand out against my tiny 23-inch waist and 34-inch hips. I am fucked like the slutty slave ragdoll that I am most nights.  My owner releases me to the phones so I may know of other masters desires for my body and it helps to make me a compliant slave. Although my wet pussy loves to get fucked while my ass is being plugged up by a huge butt plug.  I love being the center of attention to a bukkake session. Give me loads of cum and I will show you just how much of a cum slut I can be. Fuck me in my tiny ass hole and choke me, show me who is in control and you will never have to go without me pleasuring your cock.

Bratty Girl For You

bratty girl phone sex

I love that you enjoy my bratty girl phone sex. You know I am your sex slave on demand and you love it when I act out. I love telling you how I snuck out of the house today to go fuck my neighbor and my master found out and spanked me for hours. See I enjoy being a brat sometimes. I love to please but there is something about how my masters’ big hands leave these raised whelps on my ivory ass that drives my slutty pussy insane. Its always a few swats and then a rough pinch to my clit. About the fourth round, I am cumming on my master’s knee and he is fisting my little pussy and telling me that brats do not deserve cock.  Instead, he brings over some uptight looking woman from his office and fucks her right in front of me. She just takes his cock and does nothing but bend over and pull her panties up and leave. Yes, it is fun to be a brat but then sometimes instead of whips and chains, I get to sit in the corner and watch my master with some dull everyday sex. And that’s just not fair. I always do everything to please him and make it fun. I need you to show me what a real Master is tonight.

Submissve Phone Sex Whore

submissive phone sex

I am a kept sex slave that enjoys every detail of submissive phone sex. I love being at my Masters every beckon. I know why women were created. We are to be sexual sluts to every man that wants to use our slits, tits, and mouths. I enjoy having my master bring me cock and being filled will every cum load. My master enjoys binding my limbs so I can be soaked in 10 guys cum loads before he gives me the pleasure of having my throat fucked. He knows I am a cum whore that desires to please. If my master is not pleased with my skills he has no tolerance and will whip me until my tits and ass and back are crisscrossed with whelps.  I am his favorite plaything and he has expressed his desire that he wants to have me train his friends wives on how to be a proper slave. He says I am the best slave he has in a while. I think it because I can take and enjoy pain. I love being fisted and having my cunt and nipples tortured. I was born to be a submissive slave and I know I can train any woman to be a slutty slave.

Fuck Slave At Your Service

 A real sex slave asks, do you have any hard limits for BDSM phone sex? Of course not. My masters are not pussies when it comes to dominating my fuck doll slave body.  Neither does this subby slut! Do you want to know my three biggest turn-ons? Impact play whether it is spanking my tight firm tiny ass, or flogging my pussy lips, and of course, slapping my pretty subby face. I just ask that you leave a nice swollen red whelp.  I love piss play, I desire to be your humiliated toilet slut. Put me in my place master. And of course bondage. Tie me up any way you like. I have my tight ass hole and my pretty pussy that is perfect for fisting or fucking with any object you can find that will work my holes. I am a fuck slave that desires to be stretched out fully to obey my masters every wish. I want to be used and I have a silky mouth perfect for throat fucking. Please master make me your cum slut and fill every hole and cover my body with your and your friend cum tonight. BDSM phone sex


Mutual Masterbation Subby


mutual masterbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex with a subby sex slave. My twist is that I want you to pick out the toys and tell me exactly how to make my pussy cum for you. I have nipple clamps, anal beads, butt plugs and every shape and size of dildo and toy. I want to be submissive on the phone as you tell me what to do and how to do it, master. I want to play with my pussy to be able to give you a huge cum shot out of that nice dick for me.

I will sit on the edge of my chair and put one leg up as I insert my anal beads one at a time just like you tell me too. I will shove my fattest dildo in and out till my moans are too much for you. My pleasure only comes from your pleasure. I will finger fuck my slave cunt until you say stop. I know you want to hear me cum for you after you have guided my orgasm. Let’s play tonight Master.

Bratty Fuck Doll Slave For You Master

Bratty girl phone sex

Bratty girl phone sex with my fuck doll sex slave self will get you off hard.  I need to be punished for not obeying my master. Yes, I am that slut that gets in trouble on purpose to be spanked. My bare pussy laying across your knees. You can feel the wetness every time your hand makes contact with my perfect bare bottom.  Red imprints of your bare hand showing up against my creamy white skin. Your fuck rod growing hard against my belly.  You stick a finger in my pink puckered ass and I squirm like I don’t like it. It’s all part of the game.  My bratty behavior as I cry out and beg you to stop.  “Please, it hurts so much, no more please!” You roughly throw me to the ground and pull off your belt. I am spanked until whelps criss-cross my perfect ass.  You unleash your hard-throbbing fuck rod and take my tiny pink ass hole telling me brats do not deserve a cunt fucking. As your head slides into my ass I buck wildly. You grab my hair and fuck me like I am a rag doll until you lose a hot creamy load in my ass. You make me clean my ass off you and I am left in a dark room bound tightly to think about my behavior. But I know you will be back to use me.

Ass Stretching 101

Adult phone sex

Ass stretching 101 today as this submissive whore gets a lesson she will never forget. My master has a client that’s has a huge cock and wants to be able to fuck my ass all night long. A fantasy a man with a huge cock doesn’t get to have much. I am bond with my feet across the bed and each hand tied to a bedpost. A pillow in front of my face if I feel the need to scream into it. Master says it will hurt but he will make it up to me. A large metal object is inserted into my ass by Master. He Fucks me with it some. It feels so good. A little large but nice in my tight ass hole. My pussy begins to drip some. Then I feel the ass stretcher open and I begin to buck at the pain. My ass is spanked hard and I am told to stay still or my ass will prolapse. More and more this metal thing is opened and more pain courses through my body. I scream into the pillow as pain racks my body. I did not think it could get any worse but one more time and I am in agony. Master says he must leave me for 15 minutes, he will be back. The time goes forever. I think I might be dying when my pussy decides to cum all down my legs. I am cumming and the ass stretcher is bobbing in my ass mixing pain with pleasure. Oh, what I pain slut submissive whore I am.

Phone Sex

Piss Play Subby

phone sex

Slutty doll face piss play sub at your command tonight.  I am bound by your strong hands in chains.  My tits have been spanked a few times. You have dressed me as the perfect fuckdoll for your dominate power plays with me.  You slap me with you 8-inch cock across the face a few times. I am trying to get my mouth around it so I can give you the pleasure you deserve Master. When my lips make contact, you piss in my mouth and tell me to swallow it. I do as I am TOLD, and I can taste the tangy saltiness burning my throat.  I will do this because it pleases you to humiliate me. I will be your willing toilet whore slave anytime of day or night. I have been locked up for days without sight of you. I long for your cock. Finally, you shove my throat full of your cock and begin sliding deeper and harder into my aching throat. I am slurping and gulping for air. I love to please you in any way I can. You take your cock as you are about to lose your load and cum on the ground. You tell me that I am not good enough for your sperm. It is then you piss on my face again and lock me away. Master, is it time to play yet? It is so cold and dark and I miss your cock. I promise I will be a good girl for you.

Slave Party

phone sex

Slave parties are the fuck feast I been dreaming of. I am bathed and a soft piece of wax is molded around my clit to help stop my own pleasure. I am picked up and mounted to a statue with an erect penis just for this purpose. My hands are handcuffed and place behind me on the neck of the statue. The cold marble of the statue is cold and I begin to pump my hips some. I am fucking the enormous statue dick. Master sees me and whips my thighs and makes me stop. People are dressed well and they will pay a high price for the perfect slave tonight.  Male slaves are next to me and they must stay erect as their ass is impaled on their statues.  I am chosen by a tall brunette and a tall blonde man. Money exchanges hands and I am removed and a spiked collar and leather leash are attached. I am on all fours as a but plug with a horse tail is inserted. I lead my mistress and Master to the fucking floor. The mistress pinches my nipples and adds clamps with bells to each nipple. Her leather whip comes out and my ass and pussy are spanked until red. She removes her clothes and I know I must lick her pussy till she comes on my face. I am being penetrated buy Masters cock as the tail bobs up and doww=n while I pleasure them both. I am excited waiting for more play. This night Just got started.

Slave Chat

Adult phone char

Adult phone chat with a sex slave. I am that blonde bombshell that has been trained in the ways of submissive slavery well. I can be bound like a hog and still be sucking your dick as I struggle to lap every inch.  I will take loads of cum from a gangbang because that is what you order. I only want to please my master and any that dare to dominate me.

I am a sex slave my cunt and ass are ripe for the taking. I love to be tied up and used. I will be at your feet in my sexy collar and leash subservient as always. I long to please your cock. I know my place in this world.

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