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I will always be your subby fuck whore Daddysubmissive phone sex

I am a subby fuck slut. I have been given to an evil Mistress to be retrained to suit my Master even better. She knows that men love to play on my young side so tonight she has sold me to the highest bidder to be a young subby pet. She paraded me around like a piece of meat whore that I am. My only goal in life is to give pleasure. My sweet young pussy gets so wet when an older man puts me in my place. 

This master made me fetch his slippers and then lick the very bottom of his shoes. I am a good slave and I know that the street dirt I lick off the shoes reminds me that I am nothing without my masters! I took off his stinky shoes and socks and gave his tired feet a nice tongue bath. His cock was out and he told me he needed to go to the bathroom. So I squatted and opened my mouth to receive and drink his piss.  I knew he had been waiting on my mouth to relieve himself. He grabbed his tablet and said come, slave, I require your mouth as toilet paper after I relieve my bowels. I knew my duty and would do anything to Get back In my Main masters’ Good graces.

Slut Slave Gets Hardcore Trained

slave training phone sex

Mistress Pink has become my trainer because master thinks I need to be retrained in the art of serving. I have become complacent! He handed over a wad of cash and now I am lapping her piss out of a slave pet bowl as my only refreshment after she has whooped me and made me her personal fuck toy! I want my master back! Mistress says she knows my fuck holes can stretch wider and that I need hardcore punishment to be able to serve a master as Good as Mine! I must obey every rule without whimpering or hesitating. She is cruel! My collar clinks the pet dish and she pushes my head into the piss and says “Again, whore! You are not my property so I do not have to be gentle with you. I am going to do as your Master cannot because of his bond with you! I am going to break you little bitch! your Master should sell you permanently!” I am crying as I am so thirsty but only can drink her vile piss as she humiliates me, What more can she do to me?

Creampie Slave at the Sex Party

creampie Phone sex

The Autumn Sex Parties always have me covered in hot sticky cum. The Parties are a way of welcoming the cold and letting kinky men fuck a handful of slaves for stress relief! The men are always wearing black latex mask and sporting BDSM attire. I love when they bring well-worn worn paddles and whips. Nothing to get me sucking another man’s cock like a whip stinging my ass, the pain is amazing. That cock will go so far down my throat after that. These men live for these parties and I am never without a well pumped or cock ring encase dick to fuck me! tow or three is a must for this horny little fuck slave. And when the cum starts flowing I am being filled like a Boston cream pie. Some of the men eat it out while others just use it as unending lube. I am spanked, beaten and used and I love every second of the two-day sex parties. I feel ripped apart after but I am so satisfied. Perhaps Master will make a winter fuck Ball This year. What would you do to me there? 

Bratty Girl Phone Sex Slave Brittney

bratty girl phones sex

Ready For Masters little bratty girl phone sex whore? Being made to be daddy’s little tot slave. My outlandish pacifier and cute baby girl collar for when I am to be Masters Baby Slut! The master becomes My daddy and his cock is my bottle! My temperature is taken with his big thick cock up my ass. Then he makes me taste my shit as he gives that throbbing cock back to my little throat. I want to tell you how when I am a bad little girl slave Daddy whips me until my welts bleed and then he licks and kisses my sweet blonde ass to make his submissive toy all better. I giggle and babble as he turns me over to take my “Virgin” Cunny. I coo how it hurts daddy, and he shushes me and plays with my hair and tells me how much he loves my tight wet soft pink cunt. I scream into my teddy bear as he slips out and fucks my tight puckered pink asshole roughly. “That’s Right Baby Take my cock deep like the good little slut you are for me.” I am his slave and in every roleplay, I am in submission to him. I am his Numer one submissive phone sex slut, but he does allow me to be a tiny tot for my hot Daddy callers as well as he loves making me into a little for his pleasure and he can market my baby girl self to his clients that he rents me to on occasion. I love my Slave slut life, do you want to dominate me, Daddy?

submissive phone sex

Your Sex Slave Phone Sex Fetish

phone sex Fetish

I found out you had a phone sex fetish. I was being very bad and looking through your personal papers, not my job duties. You caught me yell what was I doing and locked your office door. I couldn’ explain as you told me I could be fired and that you would make it impossible to find work anywhere else. 

You demanded I pull up my skirt and take my top off. I know I have been dressing too slutty and I know I need this job. I was just trying to keep you, please. That look in your eye wasn’t an ordinary man with a hard dick, It was almost evil. You slammed me on the desk face down pulling at my big tits telling me you had waited for this day. I would be your sex slave and you would pay me still, but I was at your command. You fucked my ass as I pleaded for you not too, It hurt and I cried, you shoved my panties in my mouth and only removed them so I could be gagged by your giant cock. And them back to my ass so you could show me who My new master was. I could hardly walk as I went back to my task.  I knew I was doomed to serve you or risk losing it all. 

Hardcore Ass Fucking For this Slave Whore

hardcore ass fucking

I know I deserve a hardcore ass fucking. Do you think I do not know my place? I work hard to be the fuckalicious piece of ass for my Master! My pussy is always impeccable and smooth like a little slut should be. My body is kept slim and well toned so he may show off his property. Well, Master wants his property, I.E. Me to be fucked and came on at every opportunity! I answered the door to the UPS man and he gave me the package marked with my name. I sat in the living room and explored the contents. A new sparkling collar with cuffs and a fine bejeweled ass plug.  The home system echoed a “3 pm reminder for Brittney to be in a position in 15 minutes at the front door.” My text from master said white boots and silky white panties. And the contents of my package.  I was on my knees in proper slave position for over an hour. Nothing happened. My cunt was wet and I needed to serve right now. I got up and laid across Masters bed and begin rubbing my body while listening to the door. My panties were soon down and I was fingering my sweet wet honey pot. That’s when Master slammed open the door and called me a disobedient brat. He yanked me by the hair pulled out that but plug and inserted a larger more jewel-encrusted dildo up my ass.  The jewels scraped along my ass canal as he fucked me back and forth, then I felt him slide into my silky pussy as he still forced my ass open and pounded both my pussy and ass. I knew I had disobeyed him and I deserved his roughness. That did not stop this Submissive from cumming all over herself as Master filled my pussy to the brim with his milky goodness. I was made to suck his cock dry and he put the dildo in my mouth so I could clean that as well. My throat soon took the roughly textured dildo deep as I was cooed over by my one!

Hot Ass Sex Slave Brittney

hot ass sex

Your Hot Ass Sex Slave Only wants to please You, Master. You are my one, my pleasure to please. I Didn’t mean to be bad today, I didn’t want to play with your new client. The cattle prod scares me and without you, by my side, I tend to buck and shy away from the marks and the pain of being sizzled and made to comply. I am in stocks and my collar is tight as I am forced to be electrostimulated. The neon wand feels like warm champagne running up and down my skin as I am fucked with it. The intensity strengthens and I am being zapped to orgasm over and over. You like the way my body reacts and lean over and whisper that you wish You didn’t have to scar my sweet round ass, but you still mark my skin with a blot that racks my body leaving me crying and trying to wiggle free, I can not and I am zapped again into compliance. The stocks are adjusted and my pussy lips flogged until they are swollen and red. Then the neon wand isn’t as pleasurable but still, my slutty body betrays me into squirting as I cum hard for you master! You Big cock finds my mouth willing as you pump your cum down my throat. I am released to sleep at the foot of the bed naked and no covers so I may learn my place all over again. I am your slavery phone sex whore and I will submit as I want only to please my one. slavery phone sex

Submissive for Black Cock Phone Sex

Black Cock Phone Sex

Why do I love giving Black cock Phone Sex? It is simple Master you have taught me that taking the biggest Black cock makes you hard for my sweet pussy. I am your sex slave and Because of you, I can deep throat and gag on that cock for you. You love seeing me used and my pussy and sweet asshole abused with That black monster cock. you such a good master making my head in line and watching as I take that cock balls to my lips. Sucking and gurgling. Do you like it master when I moan around it making that big African Brother shiver as he tries not to lose his load too soon? I am in perfect form for that Black cock wanting that yummy spunk that taste just like candy!  I am in debt to you for bringing out my black cock love as your sweet sex slave. I crave your control at all times. I can never do without a couple BBC cock sucking training sessions a week. I know you desire that contrast of my pale skin against that ebony God. I will take a circle of those beautiful cocks just for your pleasure. Plus I need as much cum as I fucking love it, I am fucking submissive phone sex cum whore.submissive phone sex

Bratty Phone Sex Submission

bratty girl phone sex

My Favorite Bratty Girl Phone Sex memory it is the first time I tempted my big cocked daddy. I had began feeling my ittle pussy begin to ache. I would rub my pleasure spot as daddy called it but that thump thump in my wet little hole wasn’t being satisfied. I knew I needed daddy and his strong hands and his deep fucking. But daddy wasn’t home so I climbed out the  window and ended up at my best friends  house. Daddy caught me in the garage sucking her daddys dick minutes away from having my tight cunny fucked hard and deep. I was drug by my hair back to our house and daddy put me over his knee and spanked the hell out of my bare little ass. I kicke dand screamed and was thrown down on my belly as daddy laid on me and invaded my pretty pink puckered ass hole. I was fucked on the cold floor as he called me his little whore and when he came he snacthed me up and made me clean my ass juices off his daddy cock. He said I would learn that his cock controled my life. Well, That was the first time I knew I liked being a punished little submissive. How would you control my bratty pussy needs?

Submissive Adventures With Your Fuckdoll Britney

submissive phone sex

This submissive phone sex whore is owned but I do go in the public to do errands for my Master. I happened to be in an itty bitty fender bender and I couldn’t have my master finding out I had been a little accident.  I went to the gentleman’s home that I hit his car. I assured him we could keep the insurance companies out of this and I would make sure he was pleased with my proposition. Yes, I was going to give him my slutty little body. Turns out as I got to his house he had been expecting me. I begged and pleaded for him to back off the insurance company and he had an Idea. I was made to strip and show him my body. He told me to reference him as sir and I did. “So do you like my body? I can please you if I may.”  He did and he said for me to get on my knees and stay there. He pulled out a nice thick long cock and proceeded to choke me and not let me breathe. Ever time he pulled out of my throat I was gasping and tears and spittle were running down my face. It was then I saw the rope and paddle alongside pictures of his wife and kids. I really thought this was going to be a  simple blowy and possible quick fuck but seems I have found another hard dicked sir to use my slave ass. What a lucky slut I am!

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