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Submissive for Black Cock Phone Sex

Black Cock Phone Sex

Why do I love giving Black cock Phone Sex? It is simple Master you have taught me that taking the biggest Black cock makes you hard for my sweet pussy. I am your sex slave and Because of you, I can deep throat and gag on that cock for you. You love seeing me used and my pussy and sweet asshole abused with That black monster cock. you such a good master making my head in line and watching as I take that cock balls to my lips. Sucking and gurgling. Do you like it master when I moan around it making that big African Brother shiver as he tries not to lose his load too soon? I am in perfect form for that Black cock wanting that yummy spunk that taste just like candy!  I am in debt to you for bringing out my black cock love as your sweet sex slave. I crave your control at all times. I can never do without a couple BBC cock sucking training sessions a week. I know you desire that contrast of my pale skin against that ebony God. I will take a circle of those beautiful cocks just for your pleasure. Plus I need as much cum as I fucking love it, I am fucking submissive phone sex cum whore.submissive phone sex

Bratty Phone Sex Submission

bratty girl phone sex

My Favorite Bratty Girl Phone Sex memory it is the first time I tempted my big cocked daddy. I had began feeling my ittle pussy begin to ache. I would rub my pleasure spot as daddy called it but that thump thump in my wet little hole wasn’t being satisfied. I knew I needed daddy and his strong hands and his deep fucking. But daddy wasn’t home so I climbed out the  window and ended up at my best friends  house. Daddy caught me in the garage sucking her daddys dick minutes away from having my tight cunny fucked hard and deep. I was drug by my hair back to our house and daddy put me over his knee and spanked the hell out of my bare little ass. I kicke dand screamed and was thrown down on my belly as daddy laid on me and invaded my pretty pink puckered ass hole. I was fucked on the cold floor as he called me his little whore and when he came he snacthed me up and made me clean my ass juices off his daddy cock. He said I would learn that his cock controled my life. Well, That was the first time I knew I liked being a punished little submissive. How would you control my bratty pussy needs?

Submissive Adventures With Your Fuckdoll Britney

submissive phone sex

This submissive phone sex whore is owned but I do go in the public to do errands for my Master. I happened to be in an itty bitty fender bender and I couldn’t have my master finding out I had been a little accident.  I went to the gentleman’s home that I hit his car. I assured him we could keep the insurance companies out of this and I would make sure he was pleased with my proposition. Yes, I was going to give him my slutty little body. Turns out as I got to his house he had been expecting me. I begged and pleaded for him to back off the insurance company and he had an Idea. I was made to strip and show him my body. He told me to reference him as sir and I did. “So do you like my body? I can please you if I may.”  He did and he said for me to get on my knees and stay there. He pulled out a nice thick long cock and proceeded to choke me and not let me breathe. Ever time he pulled out of my throat I was gasping and tears and spittle were running down my face. It was then I saw the rope and paddle alongside pictures of his wife and kids. I really thought this was going to be a  simple blowy and possible quick fuck but seems I have found another hard dicked sir to use my slave ass. What a lucky slut I am!

Pain Slut Puppy Pet

pain slut phone sex

Pain Slut Phone sex is what a slave loves. I am your puppy pet on loan from my very dominate master. My master controls when I eat, sleep work out even when I go to the bathroom. I am required to get 100 men off a week doing nasty slave phonesex if not I will be subject to masters wrath. I secretly like when master gives my ass a lot of pain. For the last two days, I have had a huge butt plug up my ass with a cute tail. I have on my collar and I am led by my leash on all fours to eat drink and pleasure masters dick. I have been rubbing my sweet tiny impaled ass all over his leg trying to seduce him into giving me an anal fucking. I miss his Master dick so much. I feel unwanted and all master can do is offer me a slap to my face or use me as his toilet slut. Piss down my face and whelps on my ass as he lovingly calls me his puppy pet. I even have tags and I am only allowed to use my voice on calls. I may whimper but even that gets me punished.  I just want satisfaction for my wet bald pussy, even if It is getting a nice hand around my throat and my pussy spanked.  Maybe I need a new Dom, will you take this sexy little slave to play with? Will, you punish me and make me feel useful and wanted? Will you let me serve as a good slave slut should? 

Foot Fetish Sub For You

foot fetish phone sex

Foot Fetish phone sex with a sexy slave comes in many different forms. 

Let me tell you about how I tempted Masters punishment and it turned into a juicy nasty sex play for hours.

I belong to many BDSM groups on social media and one of the subs said glitter would get my Masters attention for one on one play. So I grabbed three jars of edible glitter and put on my sluttiest hose and heels and nothing else. I know my master loves the click click of my heels and my sexy black stockings. So I snuck up behind him and threw the glitter in his lap and started running on the hardwood floors.  He growled a low…” You’re going to get it baby girl and took off after me. He grabbed me by the waistband and put his hand around my throat. my stockings came off and he used them to tie me up with.  He had his hand so tight around my throat that I came hard when he asked me to denounce all that was holy and I was to worship Master as my one God because he held my life in his hands that very second. I did because I see nothing besides obeying my one and all the masters he wants me to service. I was forced to take masters dick in my asshole all night, but he was proud of how many loads of cum I can keep in my tiny ass. 


Slavery Phone Sex

slavery phone sex
I love my freaky slavery phone sex fun nights. I get to be a slave to my sexy big dicked men. I love how I can be abused and tell them exactly how I like to have my pussy spanked and my ass flogged. My master loves how I tell him the nasty things I do to get cum from my callers. I love to tell my daily slave task and the ways my master makes me obey. My pussy is fucked and my ass fucked so hard. I sit here with a sore ass but it is all worth it to get your big load of cum.
I just want to be your sex slave and make that dick nice and hard for me. Abuse my sexy slutty ass and pussy and I’ll be your slave. Think about it a person sexy sex slave just for you baby. I’ll suck your cock and make you my king baby.

Submissive Cum Bucket Brittney

submissive phone sex

I love me a dirty daddy who makes me into his submissive phone sex whore. I promise to do my best at being dirty and if I’m not dirty enough master will pull me by the hair and make me drink his piss. I am expected to keep his guest entertained and to be dirty for men across the globe with my subby life.  Recently Master had me on my leash and paraded me downtown at the night of freaks festival. I was led to the basement club and used for hours, everyone told my Master how impressed they were with his slave. Beer bottles filled my ass and pussy and I was laughed at when I asked for another, please.  It is really that hard to understand that my life is complete submission at all time? I will take ant cock or pussy that my Master tells me too.  I will take a hardcore ass fucking and say thank you because it is who this slutty slave is.  I like It Rough. 

Hot Fireman Submission

pain slut phone sex

Pain slut phone sex just comes naturally to me. I have been owned for a couple of years and some of my favorite sex slave playtimes come from being loaned out to my hunky firefighter that we will call The Jack Hammer for all intents and purposes here. When he gets a hole of my pussy I know I am going to be fucked raw. I will even go against Masters wishes and beg and cry for him to stop. I know the Jack Hammer delights in my pleading. 

I am his cute little fuck whore who will be cum covered before he is done with me. Then I get to sleep at his feet with my leash tight in his hand. I am awoken to gag on his fire hose sized dick and my pussy and ass spanked with a big wooden paddle, just because I deserve it. He calls me his cum guzzling slut bucket. He has so many loads that I bet he can put out a kitchen fire with just his loads. I mean it is the biggest fire hose I ever saw. He will hold me tight by my collar and slap my face hard as he throat fucks me. Then slide into my ass and back to my mouth for hours.  I have been his only source of pee gathering and he has even degraded me and made me shit in the kitty box. I know when I hear his name and I am put on my leash I will not just be doing my slavery phone sex but I will be put in my place all weekend between calls. 

He Broke Me Into Submission

submissive phone sex

Your Submissive Phone sex whore has been properly broken. I was like a wild mustang going to frat parties and getting my pussy and mouth fucked several times a night.  I was drunk and headed home with my heels in my hands and I just couldn’t believe how my pussy still ached. I needed to be fucked again. It was then that you showed up offering me a ride home. You were so sweet till I got in the car. You told me that I smelled of sex and beer, That I must be a nasty fuck slut. It took a moment to sink into my slutty drunk brain, I even giggled at first. You reached out and grabbed a fistful of my hair and demanded I give you a blow job right there. You told me how nasty and stupid of a whore bitch. I was. You drove while I was slobbering your dick and brought me to a barn where you picked me up like a rag doll and commanded me on my knees. I was sobering up and tried to run but the sting of your belt stopped me and you once again threw me down and cut off my dress. “Only whores wear no panties or bras!” You spread my legs and whipped my bare cunt over and over. I cried out in pain and then… I came hard my whole body racked in a violent orgasm. When The sun came up I was crisscrossed in whelps and my body never felt more alive. Every fuck hole had been rode hard and I was sore from head to toe. You dropped me off on the corner and told me I should be used to corners, I kept my head low and my eyes downcast as you drove off. I looked at the number in my hand and smiled. I knew I had found my calling for my wet bald pussy. 

Pretty Little Fuck Slave

slavery phone sex

I am your slavery phone sex whore. You know that I will submit to you anytime you need my slutty pussy. My ass is always secured with a butt plug and it is only removed when a cock or fist is fucking my ass.  I am whipped and spanked for your pleasure. I take the pain for you, Master!  I am gagged on this occasion because you want to hear my gurgled moans and that is only replaced with your dick or one of the men who has come to play with this subby whore. I become a ragdoll slut when being passed around and giving my ass to each man. I know your signals when its time to collect your cum in my slut pussy or gaped ass. The butt plug is thrown to the side and I am filled to each man’s nutsack until cum is squirting out of my ass. From my ass to my slave mouth, I take so much jizz and of course the biggest cum shots on tits! Give me that pulsating boner and I will submit and please. 

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