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Pretty Little Fuck Slave

slavery phone sex

I am your slavery phone sex whore. You know that I will submit to you anytime you need my slutty pussy. My ass is always secured with a butt plug and it is only removed when a cock or fist is fucking my ass.  I am whipped and spanked for your pleasure. I take the pain for you, Master!  I am gagged on this occasion because you want to hear my gurgled moans and that is only replaced with your dick or one of the men who has come to play with this subby whore. I become a ragdoll slut when being passed around and giving my ass to each man. I know your signals when its time to collect your cum in my slut pussy or gaped ass. The butt plug is thrown to the side and I am filled to each man’s nutsack until cum is squirting out of my ass. From my ass to my slave mouth, I take so much jizz and of course the biggest cum shots on tits! Give me that pulsating boner and I will submit and please. 

I know My Place

female bondageFemale Bondage makes your dick rock hard. You love to see my huge tits tied up and my hands and feet spread out cuffed to the rings on the floor. You know I am submissive and I am owned but by taking away any movement You are in complete ownership of my sexy pussy and ass. My mouth becomes a fuckhole you can slam into over and over. My face turns shades of purple before you let me breathe again. You can whip my pussy lips and I can not squirm. I am not always bound because I know my place. I know that a new Dom is using me to practice and my eyes must be downcast. My Master loves eye contact so I am learning old slave ways for the New dom. He wants my clit covered in wax and horse tail anal plugs at all times. I am to have no pleasure as my ass hole is even numbed so I get no orgasm from his thrust.  I do know that I am just a female here to please any and every cock that comes to me, I know why my slutty self-was put here for. I even love the humiliation I get when master listens at the door when a Master wants my time. I struggle and want to be the dirtiest slavery phone sex girl for him. I know that he has trained me well and it’s my duty to submit to my Masters in any shape or form. 

Sweet BDSM Phone Sex Slave

BDSM phone sex

Ready for a sweet BDSM phone sex slave. I can take a spanking and a slap to my pussy when I need a reprimand though. I love being tied up and made to please my owner and his friends. I am on loan to you what do you require of me? I know my place is to please you and I start with my mouth on my knees because I am tied at my feet and my hands behind my back. I wear my collar and leash proudly, I love to be reminded how owned I am. I have the perfect tits and ass to be your entertainment cock whore. I keep my eyes lowered and my head down so you know I am in submission. I do what I am told and will never say no to you. Your pleasure is my pleasure always. Your dick is my sole purpose in life. I will be and I am your submissive phone sex slave Master. 

AgePlay With A Sex Slave

age play phone sex

Age play phone sex is so much better when you’re a submissive whore sex slave. I love being the naughty little girl daddy dreams of. See daddy you have spent to much time seeing my sweet bald cunny press against my leggings and little shorts as I play on my phone. I have been an utter brat back talking and having a sassy attitude lately. You tell me to do the dishes and I scream no in your face, instantly you slap me. You feel your dick grow at the slap as my eyes water and I begin to cry you slap me again. You are tired of your teasing little whore brat and its time that I make daddy feel like the man of the house again. You drag me by my blonde hair to your room and throw me on the ground. You take out your throbbing dick and tell me that if I don’t get my little ass over here there will be hell to pay. You have to catch me as I try to run, screaming no! No! No!  You rip my leggings down and take my swollen cunny. As your fucking me you feel me bear down and cum for the first time in my life. You cum inside me and pull out and make me lick you clean. You tell me that I will behave or more will come and That my ass sure looks nice. 

Im A Slave For You

slavery phone sexfemale bondage

I enjoy you putting me in female bondage. My tight twat gets so wet when you put my leash on to take me to porn theaters and back rooms at the sex arcades. You know just how to tame my pussy and ass. You love having my blonde self at your feet ready for sucking your big Master dick or taking a stranger into my primary fuckhole, my pink puckered ass. I am yours to use master. You own every piece of my body. I do not breathe until you say I can when deep throating your dick. I love being used and humiliated for your friends. I know my place. You make sure I know that my tits, mouth pussy and ass are yours to use in any way you would like. My life’s goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied sexually. I am your slavery phone sex whore taking commands from afar as well.

Bondage Sex Slave Phone Sex

bondage phone sex

I am sexual bondage phone sex. I know the depths it takes to be a sex slave to men. The depths my body must endure to please! Yes, I am kept. I will never be anything more than a kept slave. I know my holes must take everything master gives to me. I have a long distance master he has many slaves most are kept by cuckolding husbands. We call masters dick pussy killer. He will kill your pussy and make you cramp for days. He makes us take degrading pictures and only use the litter box as a bathroom. We must say our daily affirmations that he is our master. Our body is master pussy killers we belong to him. Piss in a bowl and drink it during a video call. Or my favorite being left bound to the wall with a pussy lip weight and a weight in my asshole that if I drop it I will be punished severely. I must Be a phone sex slave to earn my keep. I have no limits because I am a sex slave and I always do as I am demanded or face the punishment.

Slutty slave

slavery phone sex

Slavery phone sex makes my tight bald cunt so fucking wet. I have an owner but I am allowed to be loaned out to daddy doms. I love to be tied up and used and punished for my naughty ways. I want to be whipped with lined crossing my tight ass as you have me tied with rope and are having your buddy fuck my throat. I know where I belong, Which is pleasuring every dick that cums my way. I have a well trained tight pussy and I will let my owners, masters do as they please. My only goal in life is to serve and make sure your dick has the biggest cum shot ever. My tight waist and huge tits are meant to be used for your pleasure. I will never disappoint in my mouth skills or letting you gape my tiny ass.

Slave snuff Phone Sex

As an owned sex slave, my callers are always forcing me into snuff phone sex. I do not mind as long as I can be very fucking evil. It is my turn to show My owner what kind of sick twisted slut I am. I love to bring three little sweet cunts with innocent faces to My Master. What shall I we do with these fuck toys? I know that I have a dark desire to have you open up three cunts and three pink tiny assholes as they scream for you. Then I will lock them in a room and only give them water and cum for weeks. These three will be starving to death and as soon as they see your cock they will start sucking it, not for your pleasure but because they know that cum will fill their aching hungry tummy. Can you imagine how good those greedy small mouths will feel on your swollen dick? They will let you penetrate any hole while begging you to just cum down that starving throat! I love it when you have me dispose of them in bloody ways and find you more sweet things. I will be your evil slut for accomplice phone sex as long as I get your cum master. I just wish to serve.snuff phone sex

A Phat Cock For A Subby

submissive phone sex

I have been a naughty girl, punish me during submissive phone sex.  I grew up catering to my daddies every sexual need.  I knew that punishment would happen if I didn’t obey his every whim.  I owe it to daddy to be the kinky little cum whore I am today.  I only want approval and acceptance from my masters.

When I was given to Phat Pat to be used I was ready to please his cock in every way. That is until I saw how thick he was and how he got his name, Phat Pat. That cock was as big and thick as a beer can. He had informed me that he enjoyed gapping pretty rosebud assholes of submissive sluts with firm bubble butts.  I was forced to swallow his fatty and then threw on my back to take that thick goodness in my ass. I cried as he slid into my narrow ass canal. “Please, I begged to stop!” I was punched in the face for my behavior. I took his phat cock over and over after each cum load in my ass I was forced to suck him clean. It still hurts to sit on my pretty bubble but, but I came over and over even if the pain was searing.

Can you make me a good subby for you Like Phat Pat?

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Phone Sex With A Sex Slave

slavery phone sex

A submissive whore ready for slavery phone sex with you. I am a sex slave I am owned.  I love replaying exactly how my callers want to tie me up and use my sweet fuck doll holes. My Owner has a fetish for seeing my white skin get pummeled by Big black cocks. He says my blonde hair and green eyes make me the perfect black cock lover. I am petite with 32 D tits that stand out against my tiny 23-inch waist and 34-inch hips. I am fucked like the slutty slave ragdoll that I am most nights.  My owner releases me to the phones so I may know of other masters desires for my body and it helps to make me a compliant slave. Although my wet pussy loves to get fucked while my ass is being plugged up by a huge butt plug.  I love being the center of attention to a bukkake session. Give me loads of cum and I will show you just how much of a cum slut I can be. Fuck me in my tiny ass hole and choke me, show me who is in control and you will never have to go without me pleasuring your cock.

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