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Slave Trading Days

slavery phone sex

Its time for slave trading and this slut wants to make sure she gets a dirty and powerful master! I made sure my best tit pictures were available for the new Master bidding. My current master has no choice but to put me up for auction. He belongs to a dominating club that has rules and too many have inquired about my slave skills and my body. I love being bondage and  Extreme pain slut but the elders have decided that I need more training and more cock and pussy in my life. I o longer will be a house slave I am being sold off to a Harem. I will be servicing alongside Slaves that are used to vying for attention and love the fact that each day they do not know who or what they will be doing. My beautiful tits and ass will be on display and I will be choosing and paid for. If you chose my slave slut body what would you do with me? WOuld You use me every day or make me a bukkake slave whore?

Double Dicked = Double Piss and Cum

toilet slave phone sex

Master wanted this lowly sub slut to be humiliated to the max. He picked up two homeless men under the overpass and brought them back to have their way with his pretty sub slut cum lover!  They were filthy and as soon as they saw my sweet fresh body they were hard. I took those dirty cocks because I do as I am told. I got a face full of piss and was made to suck both cocks clean so they could fuck masters little whore. I was given a face full of two cum loads at once as well yum!  My tongue was made to clean both bodies head to toe and I served both a hot meal and ran hot baths for homeless men. Then I was used as my ass was fucked and my mouth gagged until I vomited on my tits. This submissive slut was made to bow down to drugged up homeless men to assure I know That I serve cock no matter the status. I love being Masters sex slave and will always do as his cock wishes it makes my cunt so wet to please!

I love Being An ANal Phone Sex WHore

anal phone sex

Oh, Baby do you want to know what I like best about being an anal phone sex whore and getting my ass pumped full of dick? The feeling of stretched out and the thought of the control that man has over my body. That cock can really fill me up and dump hot creamy semen inside. I love pushing my fingers way up inside my pussy while his cock is jamming in and out. “Faster and harder”, I will beg for my ass to be used hard and used well. I want my ass stretched out so far! Bend me over and fuck my ass. I want to be treated like a slutty ass whore. More and more I will take so many dicks as I can get! Sitting at the bar I will turn to anyone who is willing to fuck me and take them to the bathroom. I hope there will be a huge line of men waiting to piss, and when I walk by, slowly lifting my tight skirt and bending over for them to see, I tell them to cum fuck me in the ass and cunt. I tell them I am a cum slut phone sex whore and I need to suck the cum out of their balls.

Pain Slut Beginnings

pain slut phone sex

I knew I was a pain slut way back when my daddy pulled my hair and slapped me for sneaking in late. Down on the floor, I felt a quiver in my little pussy. Begging daddy to forgive me and tears in my eyes as his stank beer breath slapped me again. I just couldn’t help but want to make him hit me and please me at the same time. He told me I was being a little whore and letting boys touch me. SO I looked right at his drunk face and said no, I let them fuck me, daddy. This enraged him and he slammed my body into the refrigerator and pulled his cock out, and asked why I was giving it away when he had been providing for me. I wrapped my hand around it and began stroking it, I said daddy all you had to do was ask, I hope you don’t mind fucking behind a teen boys cum in my pussy! Daddy bloodied my lip and pushed me down to suck his cock dry. The taste of blood in my mouth and his cum minutes later made me feel so fucking good. I could feel my cunt cumming and stuck my fingers under my skirt to help finish my orgasm. Daddy got hard again real fast. I told him if he had kept his dick this hard for mommy she wouldn’t have left us. Needless to say, my ass and pussy were beat up the next morning.

Training Your Sex Slave

slave training phone sex

It is time for this Subby Fuckwhore to do some intense sex slave training. There will be a massive sex slave ball that I must not displease My One True King Master. I must be able to deep throat 15 to 20 men in one night over and over. I must have my body toned and ready for the whips and shackles that are part of my life. My one fault is that I seldom cum on command but I have been doing very good this week for my master. With Just a single finger inside me and his cock in my mouth, I came when he told me too! I was so happy.  Then we discovered if he was deep throat fucking me with his hands around my throat I was cumming every time he commanded me too! I can’t wait to show off for all my master’s friends what a good submissive I am! 

Slap Me Daddy

slave training phone sex

Slap me, daddy, because sometimes This Slave Slut forgets my place is at your feet. I belong in my collar and nipple clamps any time I serve you. Let me wash your boots with my tongue and dry them with my hair. When you come home I am on all fours so you may clean your feet on me. Is your cock hard? My mouth wishes to Devore my Kings Staff! Let everyone know I am owned and that I devote myself entirely to your pleasure. Slap my face and tell me what a worthless bitch I am. The pain and punishment makes me squirt more for you in my orgasmic lust. I am nothing without your cock or your friends’ cock inside of me. Use me like the Three hole subslut That I am! No matter what time of day or night I am always willing to take your cum. Let me lick your asshole and clean it with my spit. I am your pet and cum depository.

Your Anal Sex Slave

anal phone sex

What happens when I  get caught playing with my slave pussy by master? I get  forced by your Big Daddy Dom cock inside my sweet tight asshole. You throw your body on top of me and make me take all that thick shaft deep down my ass cavity. You make me tell you how much I want your cum all over my sweet body. My huge fake tits you bought me are blasted with thick creamy cum. My mouth is assaulted by that Dom Dick to get you hard again. Oh, it is so good to be gagged by you, sir! My nipples are bitten and you give me my vibrator to use on my pussy as you drill my ass again. I will be gapped open this time and take your cum load in the hole that used to be my ass. I will learn not to pleasure myself without you my Big Dom Daddy! I was full of cum and then shackled to the wall for being a disobedient whore. WOn’t you let me down to play? 

Groupie Submissive Cum Slut

cum slut phone sex

I got the chance to go see a rock band I liked and turned into a cum slut for the whole audience. While I am owned I do get the chance to do some things that I love. Master has eyes everywhere and I know my aching whore pussy will be guaranteed to get me punishment. I don’t have set rules for my outings but I always go over the top with my whore antics. I had my eyes glued on the drummer from the start. The beat from the music made my bald cunt so wet that I slipped my hand down my skirt. Right there in the pit, I am fingering myself. The drummer noticed and he motions me up to the stage. Keep going he yells, takes off all your clothes now! I am on stage swaying to the music as I am finger fucking my self naked for all to see. The crowd goes wild, I am lost in the smell of pot, sweat and the vibrations of the bass. The drums stop and I am on top of the drummer taking his cock deep inside me. Still, the band goes on and I am the groupie slut getting fucked on stage. As the drummer cums I yell along with the singer and the crowd goes fucking nuts!  I know I will pay for my slutty behavior when My master finds out but that cock and being watched is worth it!  Live chat me tonight and see how dirty this submissive slut can be! We can be dirty even if you can’t talk on the phone with me! 

Kidnapping A SubSlut

submissive phone sex

I am a sweet submissive little whore that can take anything. Any toy, and any dick. But this time it was different my master had planned to kidnap me.  I had no idea about this play until I got to the destination and woke up. I was just doing my normal shopping trip for lingerie for my Dom Daddy on my Saturday morning, as I was walking to the parking lot I felt like I was being followed, as soon as I realized too late, two large men came up and snatched me I couldn’t even make out to see who it was  now of course one of the men was my master. I couldn’t fight because they covered my face with a rag with chloroform all over. They just did it so fast. When I woke up I was tied up and realized that It was all a game. Chains, dog collar, a blindfold and two horny guys that have been waiting to kidnap my submissive whore ass. I do whatever they ask me to do they love to use my body, take pictures and videos to watch them over and over again. They love to watch themselves fuck me. I’m their little fuck toy. As soon as they are done, I suck their dicks until they cum so much all over my face. That’s their favorite part is watching the cum cover my whole face. Daddy Dom and his friend clean up my face with their tongues. Every bit of it that sticky cum is cleaned up by them.  This was an exhilarating experience a bit scary but made me so fucking wet for naughty role play games with men like you.

Pain Is Fucking Sexy

pain slut phone sex

I am a pain slut that loves every aspect of pain during our sexual experience. Even just a slap to my face is sexually stimulating to me. I crave the humiliation and pain that My sexy Master puts on me! I love to feel how hard I make his Dominant dick is when he fucks me from all the pain and pleasure I get from it. A squirting pussy is my reward. An audible whimper of pleasure for him as I get on my knees and beg for his dick with a red whelp across my face. Or my ass cris-crossed with whelps as he fucks me in my ass and tight bald pussy like the whore in heat I am for him. I beg to be fucked and claimed as his Angel of fire and passion offering my body to soul to master in return to be at his feet forever! Forever Yours, 

Britney Cum slut Slave. XoxxxoX

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