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black girl phone sexI had just stepped in the shower when I heard the bathroom door open, it was my older brother! I knew he was mesmerized by my small breast and brown nipples, I could feel my pussy throbbing to the thought of my brother bending me over in the shower letting the water run down my soft body as he fucks me in my ass! when he shut the door I knew he felt the same, I knew he wanted me!  I had been walking around in my panties begging my brother to fuck my little honey pot, he walked towards me rubbing his cock forcing me onto my knees in the tub, to shove his white cock in my mouth, His soft moans filled the bathroom not wanting anyone to catch us he whispered for me to get on top, I walked him to the toilet and set on his hard cock it felt so good riding up and down on my big brothers cock. I just knew I was going to leave my sticky sweet cum all over it. my big brother fucked me harder! my tight cunt needed to be taught a good lesson.

date night

       black girl phone sex My bath water was so hot and steamy I was so relaxed and turned on thinking about what I want to do with you tonight. While I lay in the tubs pink chiffon scented bubbles all around my silky smooth chocolate body I could not help myself I just had to touch that sweet spot in between my legs. I slipped two fingers down under the water searching for that hard button.

       Gasping I managed to find it as I rubbed my clit the hot water intensifying the pleasure racking throughout my body driving me wild beneath the perfumed water. I reached my climax and it is time for me to slip on my black baby doll negligee and sit beside my phone and wait for you to call me up and help me climax again.

Naughty Nurse

              age play phone sex  Let me help you get better I will check your temp to make sure you arent too cold let me see.. Oh no you are absolutely freezing let me help you raise that temp up for you baby. I tug gently at the bed sheets exposing patient zeros slightly erect penis a small smile tugs at my lips as i walk over to the door making sure it is locked would not want anyone to walk in unannounced. I giggle a little as your eyes widen in slightly confusion as I unbutton my top my perky tits bouncing slightly as I straddle you. Dont you want me to help you get warmer love. Licking my lips I push my panties to the side with a slightly smile curving at my lips I rub my wet pussy against his erect cock. You like that dont you big boy haha.. Well let us see what else i can do for you..

Pretty as a Picture

             black girl phone sexWhats wrong baby you said you could handle me that you loved them young and thick wild and really fucking crazy so all that hot shit you spoke in my inbox you said you wanted to bend me over and pound my tight pussy. You were such a big talker and now here you are begging me to let you nut inside me. Begging me to let you finish off inside of me. You cant handle the way I ride this dick the way I throw my ass back the way my tits bounce while I ride your cock baby. Hah you really are a fucking joker talking all that hot shit but now you are moaning and begging like a little bitch while I ride you into oblivion

Good girl

age play phone sex                                  I like to think of myself as a good girl someone who likes to take a stand and protect others from harm just the sort of woman my mum would be proud of you know.

                                  Sometimes I like to think of myself as a sexy super hero who saves men from horrible evil women my super power would be squirting acid from my tits instead of milk.

                                    Or maybe water or maybe like the wonder twins my tits can be activate different special abilities or something sexy. Like my pussy could have super strength. Just passing ideas.

                                    I wonder what it would be like if i am captured by a male super villain if he fucks the hell out of me would be funny if I crushed his cock with my pussy. Lol just a thought

two girls one strap on

black girl phone sexSo I have been complaining to my best friend about how much I missed having dick in my life so I guess she got tired of listening to me since I have been spilling crap about new year new me. Anyway I called her and in the middle of our conversation I was about to bring up men and she stopped me mid sentenced and said open up your door Bri I have a present for you.

Excited I practically threw the door open only dressed in my panties and bra there my best friend stood in an overcoat and boots. Something kind of poked out of the front. She smiled at me opening up her robe this thick purple strap-on stared up at me from between her shapely legs her perky tits bounced slightly as she cocked her hip to thee side.

My pussy quivered in response she looked at  me and said: Best friend this dick right here is your present so either get on your knees here and suck me off or go bend over that couch of yours and let me taste your pussy before pounding it ma.

She spoke so rough god I could have came right then and there she knew how I liked a guy to talk to me so obviously this bitch did her homework. I got down on my knees and nearly choked on that 11 inch strap she grabbed the back of my head as if she could feel the tricks my tongue was performing forcing my head down on that strap harder.

Coming up for a quick breath she pulled me up by my hair calling me a bitch shutting the door behind her she had a strong ass grip on my hair as she led me towards the living room her boots clicking on my hardwood floor. She was surprisingly strong as she kind of half threw me onto the sofa I landed with my legs slight spread open.

Karen moved between my legs pushing my soaking wet panties to the side her tongue licking up my juices getting my pussy even wetter I shivered and bucked against her tongue trying to scoot away this bitch is definitely strong as fuck as she held me in place making sure my ass went no fucken where as she gave me the best head I have ever received.

Bestfriend definitely relieved me of my dick craving that night I am definitely greatful.

night club

wet bald pussyTonight I just wanted to unwind drink a little and definitely get away from my family for a while. So I decided to turn up at the club doing me when this guy comes up to me as if he knows me smelling of hard liquor he said : Bitch where my money! I was confused because I know he wasnt talking to me like that but when he just stared at me I rolled my eyes and giving him the get lost hand gesture. This man actually tried to reach out and hit me with his drunk obviously broke dirty ass. I side stepped him easily throwing my vodka on the rocks in his face when security came up to throw the loser out. Funny it looks like tonight the bouncer was going to get the blowjob of a life time from me haha.

Naughty Girl

babysitter phone sexYou know what sucks aside from a big thick cock being blackmailed by a freaking brat into fucking the hell out of him. So while I was babysitting my neighbor’s son I thought the little guy was asleep when I put on a little porn on the tv and stared rubbing my clit on the sofa. I was so close to an orgasm when the brat bust into the room with a smirk on his face say he’d tell on me if I didn’t let him stick his little cock into my hot creamy pussy. I didn’t want to lose my job so I agreed spreading my legs wide open for him. It didn’t take long for him to bust inside me thank god for the plan b pill jeez.

Ebony Love

Accomplice phone sexI have this fantasy where I want to help my man find this cute little girl and take her away from the park away from her family and have some major fun with her. Especially with her cute little in-used ass I know it’s weird of me o say that I have this dark secret this secret passion I knw I’m young myself but I love watching younger girls and just fantasizing about stealing them off the streets licking their little cunts until they cry out from cumming too much. I wish their was a guy out there who could help me role play this out so I can finally get this off of my chest. I would love to put my bald ebony pussy all over their young mouths and cum on their faces.. I want to show them love.. my type of love but not just little girls little boys too!

Island Love II Hot Ass Sex

hot ass sexI met my Jamaican heart throb at the local bar he was definitely into me just as badly as I was into him he told me he wanted to pound my pussy and wanted to lick my ass hole he’s into hot ass sex that’s his thing he loves girls asses. So when we my friends and I were sneaking back onto the resort we had a little trouble getting this tall sexy piece of chocolate Nubian king onto the grounds thankfully none of the “guards” were really paying attention.

Nothing was gonna stop me from having so great hot ass sex with this man he promised to give me orgasm after orgasm. Call it a cliche but I hid him in the closet during room check while our teachers passed around to make sure we were in the room making curfew. Smiling in excitement with the promises of the night. Licking my lips I stepped out of my clothes excited laying the bed stretching out I called out his name so he could come out from hiding.

He had already dropped his clothes his cock was rock solid he had to be at least eleven inches twelve max I knew anal with him will be quite painful but I promised hot ass sex and my mom didn’t raise a bitch so I sucked it up getting onto my knees he moved the front of me gripping my hair pulling my head back shaking his head “No ma you gotta suck this dick first get all nice and wet before I fuck this beautiful pussy of yours Ma” 

Moaning I used both of my hands to grip his cock in my hands slurping on the tip of his thick black cock his pre-cum all sweet almost fruity my moans sending little tingles of vibrations through his cock which made him cock his head back thrusting his cock down my throat gagging me with his large serpent. My pussy throbbed in arousal my juices sliding down my legs I was so fucking excited and it was only from sucking on his big dick. He pulled out looking at me telling me to turn around I felt his tongue touch my clit and i nearly exploded in pleasure.

He sucked and twirled his tongue across my hot spot his fingers sliding in and out of me like it was a thick cock. God it felt amazing as I was nearing my orgasm he stopped I growled my protest but it was short lived as he placed that thick mushroom head at the entrance of my pussy slamming into me it was such a tight fit I cried out in a mix of agony and pleasure I could not take all of him .

As i tried to pull away he grabbed my hips and forced me to take more of him and I came! I came so fucking hard and I felt his cock explode with his load in me. I knew what was coming next it’s what he swore he would do and I boasted I could handle his big cock but god was I wrong when he pulled his still hard cum covered dick from my pussy he pushed his way into my ass and I cried from the pain he slapped my ass hard enough to leave a print!

There was no backing out now since he was already inside of me his hand wrapping around my throat choking me as he pumped my little asshole! I love my Island Love adventure.. I got no studying done on this trip but I now know I can take twelve inches up my ass!

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