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I believe big is better and I can prove it. My yummy pussy is juicy and plump as are my titties and my curvy body. I think that thick women are more playful and able to take a real pounding both in their pussy but also in their ass hole. You cannot say that about a skinny twig, you will bruise them and me you never have to worry about that. In fact I will always beg for it to be harder and faster. I love rough sex. I enjoy being choked and rammed as hard as you can give it. I can take every inch in any hole including my face.  You can ram that cock into my throat and blow a big fat load into the back of my throat and hold my mouth shut so I swallow it all. I will be the perfect little fuck slut you have ever had. One try and you will never go back to skinny.


Adult phone chat

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Cheap phone sex

My curvy wet pussy is always soaking and yearning and wanting to pay with a big fat cock. When I was a girl I learned exactly how to please a man and I started to figure out that I had a nasty and freaky side. I really enjoy water work, scat play, anal… Come to think of it I do not really have any sexual taboo that I would not at least try once.  If I had to pick my favorite though, I enjoy having my pussy fucked by a rock hard cock and then having that fuck stick pushed up in between y big old titties and watching as it goes in and out. I then open my mouth for a big old treat as it erupts in between my breasts for some yummy creamy gooey treat fountain while it pushes all that come out. That is my absolute favorite because  it fills my pussy p and I get dessert after.

Edge Play Phone Sex the Ride

Edge Play Phone SexJust let me ride your cock. Show you just how big of a cock slut I am. I want your cum so bad that you don’t even have to do anything. Just let me ride your cock. Watch my ass bounce and jiggle as I ride your cock like a porn star. I love those gasps and moans, the way your fingers flex on my ass as I ride you and the way your cock starts to throb. Letting me know you’re just about to cum and lets me know to slow down and go so sweet. Bringing you back from that edge listening to that growl as you just want to stuff my pussy so bad. Your fingers digging so hard into my hips I swear you’re about to bruise me. It’s so fucking hot, I lean over letting you watch your cock go in and out of my pussy. See that sweet little asshole as I pound harder and harder against your cock. So close to cumming myself that it’s only right that we both explode at the same time. Your hips grinding against my pussy as we both throb, quiver, and cum. Fuck baby, your cock feels so good when you’re filling me with cum. I just have to edge you and make sure that you give me the biggest load you can.

GFE Phone Sex for your Pleasure

GFE Phone SexI love being your swanky bitch. Wearing those heels, cute dresses, and those panties and bra you like so much. So when we got to be alone together I couldn’t help but kneel at your feet as you took your cock out of your pants. Shifting my dress over my shoulders and up so you can see the pretty red bra and keyhole panties. My tongue lavishing it’s way up your cock from the base to the head. Purring as I tasted that salty precum on my tongue. You make my pussy so wet and I just want you to fuck me. I could tell you felt the same way when would you wouldn’t let me swallow your cock but instead pushed me down and over so my ass was in the air. Your hands pulled my panties down and slid your cock up and down my pussy teasing my wet and hungry hole. So when you slid into me I came. You feel so amazing inside of me. Your cock felt so amazing and your hand in my hair, forcing my back to arch and press my hips against your hips even harder. You were using me for your fucking pleasure knowing you’d still make me cum again and again. All I could hear was your grunts, my moans, and our flesh smacking together. You kept getting faster and faster until your fingers were gripping my hips so hard I swear they’d bruise. Then you shoved your cock into me, holding me tight as your cock throbbed and twitched. Filling me with your cum.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Please!

Cum Slut Phone SexI was so ready to be fucked. You though had other ideas. You’ve been licking and fingering my pussy for hours and all I wanted you to do was stick your cock in it and fill me with cum but you were being such a fucking asshole. You were rubbing your cock up and down my soaking wet length. Teasing my clit with your cock head, so sensitive it almost hurt and I couldn’t help but arch my hips to try to snag that cock head. Let myself feel it in my pussy even if it was just for a second. “Such a good slut” you purred at me. Breaking my mind to turn me into your fuck doll. Your cum slut whore. And I couldn’t do anything to stop it. “Please.” I begged. “Please fuck me… Please… I need it! Oh god!” I cried, cumming around your cock as you gave me what I had wanted for so long. Shoving your big cock all the way in my pussy with one quick and long stroke. “Fuck!” I cried and shuddered as I felt your twitch of pleasure inside of me. You fucked me hard, fast, rocking the bed and making the headboard hit the wall with the power of your thrusts until you exploded inside of me. Filling me with that cum I had wanted and waited for so long for.

Fetish Phone Sex if the Shoe Fits

Fetish Phone SexHave you ever been so horny that you didn’t care what you fucked. Well my pussy was aching already and the big cock that I was promised canceled again. All my toys were in the dishwasher because I had planned on getting real cock and all the other cocks I knew were on dates, work, or busy. This fucking sucks! I needed something and I didn’t care what… So I searched around for something even remotely phallic to scratch that itch and stopped as I saw one of the heels I had planned on wearing tonight… That might just work. I picked up the shoe, not sure if I should do anything special with the heel before sticking it in my soaking wet pussy. I shivered, gasping at the slight scraping pain of rubbing the blunt hard base of the shoe. I pressed it as it was against my pussy and it stung as I pushed it in but it touched every nerve inside of me. Scraping against me in such an amazing way that I had to fuck myself with it. I found my g-spot and fucked it with short fast thrusts each hard poke from the heel pushed me closer and closer to that edge. Making this pressure just build up inside of me. I couldn’t make myself stop even though the pleasure was reaching a point where it was almost overwhelming. Then it just pushed over, the dam broke and I found myself cumming harder than I had in a long time. Soaking my hand, shoe, bed with my orgasm my pussy clenching the heel so hard that it hurt and I had to pull the heel out with a pop and let it fall to the floor so I could just lay here and appreciate this hard, long, cumming.

Golden Shower Phone Sex Forced to Pee

Golden Shower Phone SexWe were watching a movie and I had to pee. When I tried to move away, out of your warm comfortable arms, you tightened them around me and hugging me closer. Your cock pressing harder against my ass than usual. Your arms around my stomach adding pressure to that already aching bladder. “Let me up. I gotta pee.” I complain and you just smile and nuzzle the back of my neck. Moving one arm, letting me think I was free but it was just to free your cock from your pants. Let it push between my thighs as you fucked back and forth. The head of your cock teasing against my panties and feeling oh so amazing and making me have to go even worse. Your arm going back around my waist, squeezing again as your cock rubbed back and forth… I squirmed, whimpering as my bladder presses into those steel beams of your arms. “I really got to go.” I beg. “Let me up!.” you just shake your head, thrusting back and forth faster and harder making me gasp and moan. “Fuck… If you keep that up I’m going to piss myself. Seriously let me up!” your arms move, giving me a false hope as one hand kneads and presses against my bladder and the other moved my panties aside so your cock can rub up and down my wet pussy as your fingers teased my clit. I couldn’t hold back anymore, the pressure, the sensations, the teasings. I groaned as my hot piss flowed out right over the head of your cock and I could feel you moan and shudder, your cock twitching. Cumming right into that piss stream as I soaked us both.

2 sexy cum dumps phone sex

phone sexCock is my favorite thing in the world and one of the reasons I’m such a huge phone sex whore. I pride myself in being a smoking hot cum slut. Having my holes used for pleasure and to be filled with cum over and over again. Sometimes in the mix of all that amazing fucking and cumming I totally forget about pussy. Not that pussy isn’t great but it’s not the same as a throbbing, cumming, cock. There is one pussy though that always makes my own pussy drool. Soaking my thighs and making my pussy ache.

2 Girl Phone SexThat sexy bitch is Cassandra. Her and I always seem to get to enjoy worshiping the same cock together as we enjoy that hard throbbing cum filled miracle. She is my favorite pussy and I love eating her out more than any other pussy I’ve had. My favorite is when she’s full and dripping with cum. I love licking that sweet cum filled cunny and making her cum for me as I’m getting fucked from behind. My fingers fucking her tight hole until she squirts for me. Her body shaking from her orgasm as I fuck and suck her cunt. Whenever Cassandra cums it’s so amazingly sexy that no guy that we’ve ever been with has been able to keep himself from cumming over her sexy moans, screams, and the intensity of the pleasure running through her. I love the feeling of the cock inside my ass or pussy swelling that last little bit as it gets ready to cum. Twitching and throbbing inside of my pussy as it shoots it’s load over and over in my pussy. Filling me up so much it drips down my thighs making a sweet creampie for Cassandra to eat when we switch places. You’d think he’d be soft but something about our tight sweet big tittied bodies just seems to speed up recovery. That and us licking and sucking his cock clean before I move so that Cassandra can suck all that yummy cum straight out of my pussy. I love being such a cum slut with the best pussy I know. We need to do it even more.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Big tit fucking till we Explode

Big tit fuckingI’m such a fucking whore. I’m straddling your thighs, a hitatchi between your knees fucking my pussy and clit as you fuck my tits. My huge F cups fit so nicely around your big cock and I can’t help but whimper and moan as I get closer and closer to orgasm. That hitatchi driving me wild and my pleasure is just making your cock head leak precum all over my tits. I can’t help it, I explode on the hitachi squirting all over your legs and the toy. You groan, squeezing my tits together around your cock as you cum all over my tits. Fucking them still rather than letting yourself go soft, your own cum acting as a lube. You encourage me to move up and down again, grinding my still sensitive and throbbing pussy on the toy. The pleasure so intense I can’t help but shake and scream as it drives me closer and closer to orgasm again. When we are done with each other we’re going to have a rather big mess to clean up. Oh well, there is always shower sex.

My New Drug BDK

Cock Worshiping Phone SexCassandra has been the best friend a big titied bimbo like me could ask for! She called me up one day asking how I was and as soon as she heard me crying about my break up she told me she’d have to introduce me to Big Daddy King! I wasn’t sure that was going to pick me up but after I met him, he took us to a the mall in a limo and I got to buy new designer clothes, bling, and be pampered like a princess I knew I was hooked. This man was the most amazing person I’ve ever met and it only got better from there! After we showed him our new outfits and shook our asses and tits for him we got to go to his throne room. Big Daddy King looked so amazing on his throne. Surrounded by cash, jewels, and luxury. His kingly robe around his shoulders and his cock in a diamond encrusted cock sheath. It was all I could do to run over and jump on it. His cock was so big and perfect I knew why they called it the anaconda right away. It was so big, so black, and so beautiful I just wanted to kneel at his feet and worship it. We both bowed to him, he was so magnificent I want to belong to Big Daddy King! He will be my liege forever and then he gave me the greatest gift of all! He came all over me and Cassandra and it was the most moment of the night. It was so delicious it was like he covered me in Dom Perignon and I couldn’t lick it up quickly enough. I’ve found a new drug and it’s Big Daddy King. I don’t need any cock but his ever again.

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