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Babysitter Betty

Babysitter Phone SexI was watching my nephew for my sister cause she needed to go out of town. All I needed to do was wait around the house until her husband came home. I decided to slip into a shower while the brat was asleep. I heard Tim come home, he was looking for me. I called but to come into the bathroom. He walked in and quickly apologized for barging in, he thought I asked him too. I laughed and turned off the shower and stepped out in front of him. He froze with a stupid dumb smile on his face. I undid his pants, pulling them down slowly. I looked up at him taking his big swollen cock into my mouth. “We shouldn’t do this, your sister would be so pissed” he attempted to argue. I ignored him and deep throated his long monster. Finally he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face. I was getting so turned on while I played with my clit. He throbbed a little pulling me up and bending me over the counter. He spit and licked my asshole just a little before shoving his cock inside my ass. He fucked me hard until he came deep inside my ass. Honestly I just don’t think I can help myself when an opportunity to fuck comes up.

Making Him My Toilet Bitch

Toilet Slave Phone SexI did something that surprised me that I wanted to share. I had to work late the other night so I was already in a pretty foul mood. On top of that I had the task of training up one of the new Summer interns. He’s a young freshman in college and had been absolutely arrogant all day long. I attempted my best efforts to maintain my composure. I was getting up to excuse myself to the restroom. Then he started complaining that women pee to much and that he was stuck at work cause I wasn’t fast enough at my job. I snapped I grabbed him by his ear and dragged him down the hall into the bathroom with me. I locked the door behind us and demanded him onto his knees. I pulled up my skirt, and took off my panties. I grabbed the back of his head and tilted it back forcing his mouth open as I put my pussy right on top of it. He moaned as I started pissing into his mouth, his tongue licking my clit not once fighting. I continuing holding his face to my cunt until he made me cum then I finally let go of his head. I stepped back looking at him his shirt wet from my piss, he was breathing heavy but the bulge in his pants was obvious. I smirked. “Keep complaining if you like being a toilet slave” I left with that feeling relieved and refreshed.

BBC Booty Call

Black Cock Phone SexI was laying in bed and found myself fantasizing about a nice large Black Cock going in and out of my pussy. So I picked up the phone and called my neighbor to come over. I simple said that I needed some household assistance. A few minutes later there was a loud hard knock at the door, was only in my robe when I opened it. There he stood tall and strong in just his basketball shorts, I could make out the outline of his dick so easily. I locked the door behind him and lead him to my bedroom, he seemed to know exactly where this was heading. I turned around once in my room and quickly pulled down his shorts. His smooth mushroom head popped out of his pants smacking against my cheek. I turned and gave it a kiss, slowly licking along his thick shaft reaching my hand under and cupping his balls. I massaged his balls while I sucked on his giant head. Once he was super hard I stood up and let my robe drop onto the floor. I turned around and bent over on my bed, shaking my ass in the air. He gripped onto me from behind and slowly pushed his BBC into me, only halfway in I was already almost stuffed. I bounced my ass up and and down along his cock. Soon he shoved me down onto the bed flipping me over so he could jack off and blow his load onto my tits.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum Slut Phone SexDo you ever walk into a situation and just know how it’s going to go? I did recently, a part of me attempted to talk myself out of being such a whore. Of course that side of me never wins, my craving for pleasure is so much stronger. I entered the party with intentions of partying and getting stuffed as much as possible. After a few drinks I felt relax enough to find what I came for. Little did I know it would find me this guy walks up to me and ask if my mouth felt as good as it looked. I smiled and offered to show him, without speaking his pulled my hand and I followed him upstairs. Entering a room with a bunch of other guys at least 10 standing around all of them quite excited to see what their friend brought. “Tonight’s entertainment fellows” he announced it was long before I realized this was supposed to be some sort of bachelor party. I smiled and approached that man sitting in the chair, asking his to unzip my dress. It feel to the floor revealing my black and purple lace panties. I pressed my tits up to his face, beckoning the other guys to come closer. I demanded for pants to come off, as I yanked this man’s pants down to reveal a nice slightly erect 8 inch cock. I looked around me at all the hanging cocks ready for some play time. I got on my knees crawling around I would kiss and suck each one nice and hard. I instructed them on how I wanted them to stroke them while I was busy. Getting them each hard I presented my ass to the man of the hour, letting him enter in my while I took cocks into my hands and mouth. Allowing myself to be fuck and showered in cum by all of them. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Trip With A Big Black Cock Part Two

Black Cock Phone SexIt was around 7 at night when I got a text with just a room number. Surely felt like a booty call so I found the sluttiest outfit I had brought with me. Something to really highlight my big juicy ass, to let him know his big Black Cock was more then welcome inside. He let me in his eyes glued to me and my body. To my disappointment he pulled out a folder to go over more points. If this was going to happen I would have to make it happen. I reached for the folder and snatched it throwing it to the ground. I sat back and spread my legs open pulling up my tight black dress, flashing him my puss. He acted quickly diving his face down into my juicy cream canal. Licking and sucking, I almost didn’t notice him sneaking that finger along my taint and into my ass. He certainly knew his way around my holes. I was dripping when he snatched me up and threw me on the bed, flipping me over and making me raise my ass high in the air. I heard him undo his belt and dropping his pants to the floor. Then I felt it, a warm soft head was grazing against my ass cheeks making me wiggle. He slapped it against me a few times before beginning to tease my ass, dragging the tip of his big Black Cock from my cunt, up my taint and wiping my juices on my asshole. He grabbed tightly onto my hips and slowly started pulling my ass back on his cock. I couldn’t help but let out a slight little scream of pleasure it was so huge. But once it was all the way inside all I wanted to do was bounce my ass all over it. He would thrust hard then slow really taking his time. Then he went wild, pulling me back and forth so fast I gave over full control I couldn’t kept up. Next thing I know his grabbing my hair and pulling his big Black Cock out my ass and forcing me onto my knees. He unloaded his thick cream all over my face without warning. So much hotter than I expected it to be.

Trip With A Big Black Cock Part One

Black Cock Phone SexSo my boss picked me to fly out with our VP of Operations to attend a meeting in Dallas tomorrow. He said it would also give me a opportunity to make a good impression with someone higher up. This was perfect for me, I did myself up really nice and sat waiting in first class to meet with our VP to go over the meeting details. I had never meet him before so I wasn’t sure who I was looking for. Then I saw the most attractive chocolate man I’ve ever seen in my life, almost took my breath away. He started heading in my direction and my own cunt ached to be his new cock warmer. He took the seat next to mine and offered his hand “You must be Ms. Betty, you look stunning. I’m going to enjoy getting to know you” he flashed me a stunning smile as I shook his hand. It took everything in me to keep my composure as he went over details with me. It helped having so many people around but it didn’t stop the dirty thoughts rushing in my head. I thought I was in the clear when we began to land but he said there was a few more things he would like to talk to me about later that night. We exchanged numbers so he could call me to his room when he was ready. I did my absolute best to give a polite smile when in my head I was thinking about all the ways I wanted his big Black Cock to fuck me tonight.

Cyber Sex Get Me Wet

Cyber Sex Phone SexI prefer a more personal touch that is always true. I love hearing a man when he erupts for me, gives me the ultimate satisfaction. However last night I got a very interesting message request. He request some of my paid time but he needed to be quiet and discreet so he wanted to just message back in forth. He promised it would be worth my time and effort. That he would truly make me feel amazing with just his written words. I couldn’t turn down such a promise so it began. In just a few short sentences he describe in perfect detail the way he would tease and lick my sweet juicy pussy lips until they were dripping. The description allow my made my pussy throb. It only got hotter in detail from there. I soon found myself using one hand to rub my clit reading his words over and over again, my other hand typing quickly to respond. I ache to have him tell me more. He had me begging for each new message. He even describe to me the moment he came thinking about me. How much he craved to know about my climax, which gave me just the push I needed to cum hard. I needed to take a moment to catch my own breath, observed the little mess my hot juices made. Then sent every detail to him, with a great for thank you for keeping his promise.

Relaxing My Boss- Part 2

Cocksucking Phone SexI squeezed his shaft in my hand it was warm and I was quite impressed by its thickness. I felt my own pussy tingle at it’s sight. I stroked his cock, rubbing my thumb lightly over his smooth swelled up mushroom head my mouth watering for just a little taste. I let my lips kiss the head gently feeling it’s softness tracing it over my lips before letting it enter slowly into my mouth. I continued to stroke him around the base while sucking his head and teasing with my tongue. Little squirts of precum were a pleasant and welcomed surprise as I continued to give him the best sloppiest blowjob of his life. He reached down and grabbed my arm to pull me up and have me straddling his lap, as his folded my skirt up. His fingers entered my panties just a bit to pulled them to the side. So he could have his cock head separate my pussy lips and enter inside of me. I let out a loud gasp feeling his thick hard cock entering me. My pussy pulsating around it as I began to bounce up and down. I started to get louder so he covered my mouth to avoid other in the office from hearing my moans. This only made me cum so much harder. After I finished cumming he flipped me over and started thrusting into me hard, keeping his hand over my mouth. Once his was ready his grabbed my hair and pulled my face up to his cock and crammed it down in my mouth, it throbbed at his sticky hot cum drained out into the back of my throat.

Relaxing My Boss- Part 1

Roleplay Phone SexSo a while ago we got this new very corporate type boss at work. He never really has spoken to me before. He came in fired a few people and does most of his communication with us through memos and his bitchy secretary. Well it was early morning not a lot of people were coming yet, I was only there cause honestly I had some work I procrastinated on yesterday. I went in the break room and started coffee. I was bent over looking into a bottom cabinet for some paper towels to put out on the counter, when he came into the room. At first he didn’t even say anything to me, but he walked over. As I made myself a cup of coffee I pretended not to notice him looking me up and down. He seemed to spend a lot of him time looking at my legs and ass. I offered him some coffee, he declined and invited me to come to his office. He had something to discuss. He lead me into his office and locked the door behind us. I don’t know why but I already got the feeling I was about to be fucked. He walked and sat down on the couch in his office, I walked over and he grabbed my hand. Using just a little force he yanked me down onto my knees in front of him. He started to under his pants, and my mouth began to water. He pulled out his slightly erect 10 inch cock and placed it in to my hand.

Cockingsucking Fun

Cocksucking Phone SexI was leaving the party a bit earlier then I normally do cause I had work to prepare for. When I realized I couldn’t find my jacket. Retracing my steps I found it on a recliner stuck under then passed out college boy. I attempted to shake him, slapped his face a little he wouldn’t wake up. One of his frat friends said I could always blow him that should work. He laughed until I got down on my knees. Apparently he didn’t think I would take him so seriously. Soon a group of this guy friends were surrounding us. I took his limp cock out of his shorts and slowly started licking around the base. Jerking my hand up near his head, making it rock hard. I sucked his head hard like a lollipop while massaging my thumb on his sensitive spot right under the head. A bunch on his buddies cheering me on. He finally started opening his eyes a bit, watching me sucking his cock. He woke up more when I started to deep throat his cock a bunch of his friends started high fiving with him. He cock started to convulse under my grip so I gave them a grand finish and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I jerked the shaft into my mouth so they could all see the cum shot emptying into my mouth and face. Then I took my jacket and left.

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