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Guided Masturbation With Betty

Guided MasturbationI hope you are a stroker who likes the idea of a woman commanding him how to stroke that nice rock hard cock of yours. I get off having you surrender control of that cock over to me. I love the idea of you jerking off to my instructions. Let my voice guide your hands along your shaft pushing you closer and closer to completion. I am curious how long you will last to my challenge, how long do you think you can last on the edge? I’ll be making sure each stroke leaves you wanting more and more. Don’t forget to have lube for maximum sensation and fun! I can’t wait to make you cum for me big stroker.

Hot Office Fuck

Spanking Phone SexEarly this morning I had received a urgent call from my boss to come in early. Despite having to get up early I had appreciated being called in since he’s wife has been around, I hadn’t be at the office much at all. I arrived a little before seven in the morning, and only saw my bosses car in the parking lot. I smiled suddenly realizing what his plan was. I went into his office but it was dark. I reached for the light and a rough hand reached forward and pulled my arm. He pinned me up against to office door. I felt his hands slide under my ass, his cock pressing up between my legs under my skirt. It was rock hard teasing between my thighs, as he tore away my clothes. He stepped back a moment and pulled me over to his desk that he bent me over. He lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties to my knees. I felt his big hands rubbing over my ass, then he gave me 3 hard spanks. He grazed his cock into between my ass cheeks a little bit before pushing slowly into my ass. With each thrust he spanked me harder, he went faster and faster until he couldn’t stand it anymore and finally blew his load.

Sissy Boy Found His Way To Me From Tumblr

Sissy Phone SexWhen I picked up I found myself talking to a very shy individual who wasn’t sure what to say. The first thing he blurted out was “I saw your Tumblr post…and I haven’t done this before” I was at first a little concerned he might start crying he sounded so nervous. I guided him through the start getting our little chat set up, I was eager to find out why he seemed so anxious. I told him to go ahead and tell me what it was that got him so on edge. He said “I saw you on when I was looking for someone to help me…” he stopped there. “Help you with what?” I asked with a calm but slightly aggressive tone. “I want to be a girl…sometimes. I like panties and I like the idea of sucking cock but mostly I want to feel beautiful.”. He let out a deep breath, he seemed relieved to have gotten it all off his chest. Of course I was very willing to help him explore his femininity. We talked about colors and styles, the importance of bringing out the eyes. Especially if your going to be a cock sucker you want those eyes to pop when your looking up at the guy whos cock your sucking. Makes it so much hotter! By the end of the call he was all slutted up and ready to be fucked. Since it was his first time I went easy on him starting him off with me fucking his ass with a strap on. Just cause your a sissy you don’t want to seem like a complete bitch for a real man. I took it slow showing him how much he could enjoy with anal sex and in return he jizzed all over his new panties for me.

Anal Phone Sex

Catching The Panty Thief

Panty Boy Phone SexFor weeks I couldn’t understand how I was losing all my panties. Sometimes they would find their way dirty in the laundry and I could not recall how they got there, or how they got covered in stains. Still a few are completely uncounted for, mostly my satin panties are among the ones I can not seem to find at all. My roommate swears she isn’t touching them, she probably thinks I’m crazy for keep bringing it up. So I set up a camera in my room after I just went out and brought some more sexy pairs to see if I could catch the panty snatcher. When I got home and check my drawer and sure enough my new panties were missing. So I looked at the footage left on the recording. About a hour after I left home my door opens and there is my roommate’s boyfriend completely naked and he starts going through my drawer. He pulled out one of my newer panties in the video I could make out it was the black satin one, hipster style. His back was turned for a bit so I couldn’t see clearly until he turned and bent over my bed as he was jacking his cock with my panties. While I saw him bent over I could make out a butt plug up his ass. I smiled instantly knowing how I was going to get my pay back…

Naughty Part Time Maid

Naughty Maid Phone Sex
So my hours at the office were cut down a bit, which I assume has a lot to do with my boss’s wife showing up a lot more. Which is fine my friend set me up with this amazing gig. She cleans houses for a lot of high end clients. One of which is this man who has this huge house right across town. She told me the best part is he is hardly ever home, she sees him once or two every few months. But a few hundred is always on the table and he likes it cleaned once a week. So it would be a solid part time gig for me. So I went over there, and started cleaning off the checklist she gave me. It hardly looked like anyone even lived there, wasn’t much to do. I heard footsteps behind me when I was sweep in his kitchen. I turned around to see a nicely dressed business man staring down at me. “Your not the usual girl.” he commented. He looked me up and down and took out his wallet. He threw another wad of cash down and undid his pants walking towards me. “Can’t complain though, your prettier” he smiled pushing me down onto my knees as he pushed my mouth down on his cock.

The Intruder With A Big Cock

Home Invasion Phone SexI was getting ready for bed when I heard a loud thud downstairs. I assumed something may have fell over so I throw on my robe and took a look. My roommate may have come home drunk again is what I told myself when I saw a figure in the dark. My gut told me to run but I couldn’t help myself I flipped on a light, the man in the ski mask turned around. He pounced on me telling me to keep my mouth shut, I attempted to wiggle free. That’s when I felt his cock getting harder the more I fought him. Without thinking my hand reached for his cock and grabbed it. He let out a sigh of pleasure as I begin to stroke it. He stepped back and undid his pants letting them fall to the floor, his huge 10 inches hung out. He roughly pushed my head down, he grabbed by chin forcefully and shoved his cock into my mouth. He’s cock grew harder in my mouth, it’s throbbed giving me a taste of his precum. I thought he was about to cum when he yanked up my hair and turned me around to leaning me over the table. He forced off my robe and ripped off my panties forcing his cock into my ass. He fucked me hard and fast squeezing my hips tightly pulling my body into his cock. He busted inside of me pulling out quickly and took off. I’m sure he’s worried I would call the police but I kind of hope he makes a return one night.

Why You Should Come To Me

Cheating Phone SexSo what if you have a wife, or girlfriend that’s not all to important. Not when it comes to us. Don’t you want just few moments where it really is about what you want. You don’t have to hide your secret desires with me. I’m more than happy to indulge in your dark temptations. With me you can be whoever you wish to be and I’ll be anything you want me to be. What a obedient whore to get you off? You got it. Need someone to treat you like dirt? I’m right here. Want a sweet girl next door that you get to seduce? Well guess what, you can have that too. So how about me and you keep a secret just between us.

Babysitter Betty

Babysitter Phone SexI was watching my nephew for my sister cause she needed to go out of town. All I needed to do was wait around the house until her husband came home. I decided to slip into a shower while the brat was asleep. I heard Tim come home, he was looking for me. I called but to come into the bathroom. He walked in and quickly apologized for barging in, he thought I asked him too. I laughed and turned off the shower and stepped out in front of him. He froze with a stupid dumb smile on his face. I undid his pants, pulling them down slowly. I looked up at him taking his big swollen cock into my mouth. “We shouldn’t do this, your sister would be so pissed” he attempted to argue. I ignored him and deep throated his long monster. Finally he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face. I was getting so turned on while I played with my clit. He throbbed a little pulling me up and bending me over the counter. He spit and licked my asshole just a little before shoving his cock inside my ass. He fucked me hard until he came deep inside my ass. Honestly I just don’t think I can help myself when an opportunity to fuck comes up.

Making Him My Toilet Bitch

Toilet Slave Phone SexI did something that surprised me that I wanted to share. I had to work late the other night so I was already in a pretty foul mood. On top of that I had the task of training up one of the new Summer interns. He’s a young freshman in college and had been absolutely arrogant all day long. I attempted my best efforts to maintain my composure. I was getting up to excuse myself to the restroom. Then he started complaining that women pee to much and that he was stuck at work cause I wasn’t fast enough at my job. I snapped I grabbed him by his ear and dragged him down the hall into the bathroom with me. I locked the door behind us and demanded him onto his knees. I pulled up my skirt, and took off my panties. I grabbed the back of his head and tilted it back forcing his mouth open as I put my pussy right on top of it. He moaned as I started pissing into his mouth, his tongue licking my clit not once fighting. I continuing holding his face to my cunt until he made me cum then I finally let go of his head. I stepped back looking at him his shirt wet from my piss, he was breathing heavy but the bulge in his pants was obvious. I smirked. “Keep complaining if you like being a toilet slave” I left with that feeling relieved and refreshed.

BBC Booty Call

Black Cock Phone SexI was laying in bed and found myself fantasizing about a nice large Black Cock going in and out of my pussy. So I picked up the phone and called my neighbor to come over. I simple said that I needed some household assistance. A few minutes later there was a loud hard knock at the door, was only in my robe when I opened it. There he stood tall and strong in just his basketball shorts, I could make out the outline of his dick so easily. I locked the door behind him and lead him to my bedroom, he seemed to know exactly where this was heading. I turned around once in my room and quickly pulled down his shorts. His smooth mushroom head popped out of his pants smacking against my cheek. I turned and gave it a kiss, slowly licking along his thick shaft reaching my hand under and cupping his balls. I massaged his balls while I sucked on his giant head. Once he was super hard I stood up and let my robe drop onto the floor. I turned around and bent over on my bed, shaking my ass in the air. He gripped onto me from behind and slowly pushed his BBC into me, only halfway in I was already almost stuffed. I bounced my ass up and and down along his cock. Soon he shoved me down onto the bed flipping me over so he could jack off and blow his load onto my tits.

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