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Blackmailed by the Secretary

Naughty Secretary Phone Sex

My boss has been changing some of the books to make more money for himself, something that is definitely illegal. I had been his eye-candy for quite some time now, but he always remained true to his wife and pretended not to notice any of my advances. I know he thinks I’m hot, and that’s probably the only reason he gave me a job as his secretary. This was my perfect opportunity to crack him!

Shutting the door to his office, I set a stack of reports on his desk and told him I knew what he had been up to lately. He turned pale, took out his check book, and asked me how much it would take for my silence. Smiling, I told him I wasn’t out for his money. At first he looked relieved, then suspicious. After explaining I only wanted his cum filling every single one of my holes in a weekend of kinky fun, I had him rent a suite in a fancy hotel. Sitting across from me, he looked nervously at me as I stripped out of my clothes.

Gently, I kissed him and grabbed his tie as I stood him upright. Down on my knees, I sucked his cock until it was rock hard, which didn’t take long at all. Just as I suspected, he had himself a really thick, meaty dick. My pussy dripped with anticipation as I gagged on his girth. On all fours, I got up onto the couch and pulled my thong to the side as he pushed into me. Pushing myself back onto him deeper, I moaned as he stretched my pussy.

He had now forgotten all of his concerns and lost himself to the pleasure and lust overwhelming his thoughts. His raw fuckstick pumped in and out of me, getting slick from my juices. When I told him to fuck my ass, I barely finished the sentence before he was laying into me and wrecking my asshole. It felt so amazing to finally feel him inside me. With a few, firm smacks on my ass, he grunted as he unloaded his nut into my hole. I turned back and smiled. There was plenty more to come!

Blackmail Phone Sex

Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexYou lay back on the couch across from me. Soft music in the background calms and relaxes your body. You feel all the tension leaving your muscles as my hips sway to the slow rhythm dancing its way to your ears, don’t you? Every breath I take is charged with a sexual electricity that singes your nerves and excites you, doesn’t it? I lock eyes with you and you feel yourself slipping into a trance-like state. Oh, yes, you feel my desire as I crawl in between your legs. My hand strokes your big, throbbing cock as I take one of your balls in my mouth.

Slowly, my tongue massages it around and around to the rhythm of your breathing. You feel the lust bubbling up inside you, overwhelming your senses as I awaken the fullest extent of your arousal, don’t you? Yes, and when you finally get my lips wrapped around the head, you sigh from the relief of finally getting the touch you’ve been craving. My eyes stay locked with yours as my head bobs up and down, carefully fitting every inch down my throat. The steady beat of your rod disappearing into my mouth is mesmerizing and deepens the trance, doesn’t it?

I stand up and straddle you backwards, leaning back and sliding you into my wet cunt. Rising up and down, the tantric pace of my hips drives you wild. Reaching over, you rub my clit, matching my speed. My little moans of ecstasy heighten your desire, don’t they? I spin around and roll my hips, hitting just the right spot in my slit.

My titties methodically bouncing in front of your face is hypnotizing, and you lose track of where I end and you begin. Kissing you deeply, I am overcome by an immense orgasm, making my pussy convulse and contract around your fuckstick. This sends you over the edge as you bust a big nut inside me. Cumming together, we grunt and frantically grasp at each other’s bodies. You’ve been so good to my pussy, haven’t you? I’m always up for round two!

College Coed Sex

Lesbian Sex

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

I went over to my friend’s house to sleepover since she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She wanted to make him jealous, which I’m always ready for, so we wore slutty lingerie and got into her bed. It started just with naughty pictures of the both of us together being sent to his phone, but she said a video would really make him jealous. We recorded me in between her legs, eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

With her moaning in the background, it was sure to piss him off, considering she never agreed to have a threeway with him like he always wanted. But with us touching and licking each other for the camera, we got so into that we eventually forgot all about filming our naughty antics and solely focused on the pleasure we were giving each other. I rolled her to her side so I could spread her cheeks and lick her asshole. It drove her wild and her pussy was soaked by the time I slid my finger into that tight slit.

Cumming like a waterfall, she squirmed as the orgasm over powered her senses. After she caught her breath, she used a vibrator to fuck my cunt while she licked my clit. I pushed her face in deeper, loving the way she was making me feel. My whole body shook as I fell into a screaming orgasm and squirted all over her face. That night, we slept naked together, periodically waking each other up throughout the night to fuck again.

Sexy College Girl Porn

Almost Caught

Exhibitionist Phone Sex

Summer time is so much fun; I can wear almost nothing in public and show off my body. Surprisingly, almost nobody is at the pool on this sunny day, so I take a spot up in a shaded area so I can lay out and relax. I notice you sitting across from me and I can’t help but be attracted. Giving you a flirty smile, I am glad when you walk over to talk to me. We waste no time getting naked and groping each other’s bodies. I don’t think anyone can see up here, anyway.

You grind your throbbing cock against my clit, getting me even wetter. Stick it in me, yes! A little moan escapes my lips as you thrust into me while holding up my legs so you can go deep. I try my best to stay quiet but I just can’t. You feel so fucking amazing inside my cunt! I straddle over your rod, I guide it inside me and starting bouncing up and down, feeling it fill me up and stretch me out. Sucking on my titties, you send shivers down my spine, intensifying the sensations.

Rolling my hips, I bite my lip and clench my fists as I try to not make noise through the earthshattering orgasm I was experiencing. Squirting all over your dick, I can’t contain myself and let out yelps of pleasure until the feeling subsides. We don’t even care if anyone is looking now. You get me on all fours, stuff my asshole, and nail me like a fucking whore. Tugging on my hair, your balls slap my pussy as you dump your balls into my ass. We hurry up and get dressed before we run off giggling right before security was coming around the corner!

Anal Phone Sex

My Boyfriend is Out of Town

Ass to Mouth Phone Sex

It was a gorgeous day, so I had gone for a walk through a nearby park. Walking by the water, I bumped into someone I used to go school with. He looked me up and down and said it had been a while since we had seen each other. I could tell he wanted me, so I invited him over to my place to hang out. My man was out of town so I needed someone to take care of this pussy.

We got back to my house and I pushed him onto a chair in my living room. I couldn’t even wait long enough to make it to the bedroom. We lost our clothes piece by piece as we groped and kissed each other. Shoving my perky tits in his mouth, he licked my nipple, making my pussy drip with desire. I spun around to ride his cock backwards. He loved the view of my ass bouncing up and down on his throbbing dick. My juices dripped down his balls as I moaned from his girth stretching me out. It felt so amazing to finally get pounded like the whore I am.

I played with my clit, making me have a squirting orgasm with him still inside me. He felt my cunt convulsing around his boner, which turned him on even more. I got on all fours and moaned as he fucked me in the ass hard and deep. His balls slapped against my twat with each thrust. When he was close, I turned around and sucked him dry, cleaning off my juices from his cock. I watched as the cum oozed down his shaft before licking it all up. My man will never know!

Cheating Phone Sex

Extra Credit

School Girl Phone Sex Betty

I was having a lot of trouble in one of my classes, so I stayed afterwards to ask the professor for some one on one help. He was happy to help, but I didn’t come to class dressed like a skank for nothing! I knew this stuff was way past me, and it didn’t even pertain to my major, so I just needed to pass this class to fill the credit. Running my foot up his leg, I let him know I would be willing to find a creative way to boost my grade.

He was hesitant, saying something about academic integrity or some nonsense, so I walked around the desk and kissed him softly but in a deliciously seductive way. He may have been trying to be modest, but the raging boner ready to burst through his pants didn’t lie. Unzipping his pants, I pulled out his dick and started to lick and suck it, making him squirm. More and more of his length filled my throat until I was gagging on his thick meat. My pussy was already drenched in desire, so I dropped my skirt and kicked it to the side so I could sit on the professor’s throbbing rod.

Sinking down onto his shaft, I moaned as he filled and stretched my cunt. I bounced up and down while he grabbed my hips. I may have been bribing the teacher, but damn, I sure was having fun, myself! I bent over the table and spread my cheeks, telling him to stuff my ass. All signs of hesitation gone, he thrust into me and railed me with all his might. His desk shook as papers feel to the ground. Clenching his teeth and grunting loudly, he emptied his balls deep into my asshole. Needless to say, I passed the class and can now enjoy my summer, worry free!

Sexy College Girl Porn

Submitting to Master

Slave Training Phone Sex

Master provided the black fishnet dress that I was to wear when I entered his sex dungeon. I walked in and waited on my knees, as I had been trained to do. He came up to me with his cock out and already hard, shoving it down my throat. As I gagged on his big dick, he held my head in place so he could face fuck me properly. I loved being choked with his meat! My eyes watered more with each thrust.

Yanking me back up to my feet, he tore off what little clothes I had on and strapped me to this strange contraption that kept my legs spread wide. He pulled out a leather paddle and rubbed it against my clit in little circles. Then, he jerked it back and smacked my pussy with it. I yelped from the stinging pain as the blood rushed to the tender skin. Over and over again, he would caress my clit then punish it with a quick slap. My nerves screamed in pain, but my cunt was getting juicy and wet from the stimulation.

Now, he dropped his pants and came up in between my legs to my red, throbbing cunt. Rubbing the tip against my clit, he slid inside my fuckhole and plowed me furiously as he wrapped his hands around my throat. Grunting wildly, he pulled out and shot a huge load that went all the way from my slit up to my face! I’m glad I was able to please Master.

Pain Slut Phone Sex

Anal Creampie for Naughty Maid

Naughty Maid Phone Sex

Being a young woman, I find many sexy and odd jobs for some extra cash. I found a gig as a sexy maid, and while I was working on the kitchen, the wealthy bachelor came downstairs on his way out the door. He was supposed to be going to work, but he got one look at my ass while I was bent over and couldn’t resist grabbing it.

A little startled, I gasped, but then smiled. I expected this kind of behavior when I’m dressed like such a sexy little whore alone with a single man in his home. He pressed his hard cock against my ass as he kissed my neck. Reaching down, he started to play with my clit, feeling how wet I already was. His primal instincts took over as he ripped off my outfit and pushed me down to my knees.

I pulled out his cock and let him slide every inch down my throat. Massaging the shaft with my tongue, I gagged as he fucked my face deeper and deeper. Yes, make me gag on that huge boner! Throwing me onto the nearby ottoman, he laid me on my back and railed my cunt nice and deep. As I yelped with each thrust, he played with my perky tits.

Flipping me onto all fours, he jammed his fuckstick up my asshole, making me shriek with a mix of pleasure and pain. Yanking my hair back, he pounded my ass until he was ready to bust a fat nut. He pulled his cock to the very edge of my hole as he started to unleash his salty cream. Jerking the rest of his load right onto that rosebud, he turned my ass into a nice little creampie. I look forward to cleaning his house again!

Creampie Phone Sex

Lick My Asshole ‘Till I Squirt

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

Dressed in some sexy, pink lingerie, I beckon you over to me. You kiss me deeply as we fall onto the couch behind me. With your hands groping my body, you pull my tits out from my top and play with my nipples. I wrap my legs around you as your cock grinds my bare pussy through your pants. I’m already so wet for you, I need you now!

It drives me absolutely wild once you start kissing down my neck, over my titties, across my belly, until you reach my clit. Swirling around and flicking it with your tongue, you send me into spasms. The amazing sensation makes me push my hips harder into your face. I reach down and spread my cheeks for you, nice and wide, so you can give me the rim job I desperately crave. Your tongue dances around my asshole in a quick motion. My whole body squirms from how much it turns me on. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and starting to drip down.

Taking your fingers, you rub my clit while you continue to eat my tight, teen ass. By this point, I’m shaking and whimpering. Unable to hold back anymore, I squirt all over your face and it drips down your chin. It was such a massive orgasm, I am in a daze still when you flip me over, hold me arms behind my back, and shove that meaty cock deep into my cunt. I yelp with each thrust as you fuck me until you’re blowing a huge load inside my hole. Spilling out, your jizz turns my fuckhole into a nice creampie. Maybe we should invite a girlfriend over to eat it all up?

Hot Squirting Pussy

Lesbian Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Working as a naughty massage therapist, I walked in to start on my next client. When I got into the room, I couldn’t help but notice how perfect and cute her feet were. I could feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about all the things I would do with her. Starting at her neck, I worked my way down her back, rubbing my hands over her ass, against her legs, until I was down to her feet.

I pressed my thumbs into the arches, getting wetter at the way she moaned. I just couldn’t resist anymore, and I kissed and licked her toes as I continued to rub them. She clearly liked it, so we both stripped down before I hopped up on the table with her. On all fours, she bent over so I could lick her clit. Her foot happened to find its way in between my legs, so she played with my slit. It drove me absolutely wild!

I ate her cunt like it was my last meal, and didn’t stop until she was cumming all over my face. Spreading my legs, she returned the favor and licked from my ass to my clit until I was squirting on the table. She said our session really relieved her stress!

Hot Squirting Pussy

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