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Family Incest Fun

Family Fun Phone SexDaddy expects the trailer to be spotless when he comes home from work. He says housework is a girl’s job so my older brothers sit back and watch me clean. If Daddy finds dust anywhere he’ll bend me over his lap and spank my bare ass red. Then he’ll make me suck his cock with tears running down my face. My brothers pull their dicks out and watch me blow our father. The men in my family have huge cocks, and they all love my tight cunt. I get so wet when I suck on Daddy’s dick that my juices run down my thighs. If Daddy’s in a good mood he’ll let me blow my brothers, but I have to make him come first. Daddy likes to watch me behave like a pornstar. He’s controlling and directs us like we’re making a porno. He put me on the pill because he and my brothers love to cum inside my pussy.

Trailer Full Of Incest

Incest phone sexDaddy made me strip down to my panties when he came home from work. He says seeing me barely dressed relaxes him. My brothers find their way into the living room, they love watching Daddy order me around. And Daddy likes using my body to tease my brothers. I bring him a beer and sit on my knees between his thighs. It’s my job to pull his cock from his pants and blow him while he watches the evening news. I’m Daddy little cum slut and I drain his balls daily. My brothers sit on the sofa watching with us with hard cocks. When Daddy finally passes out they’ll both visit me in my room later. We’ll fuck all night long until the sun comes up. My brothers love filling my ass and pussy at the same time. I love being the meat in a big brother sandwich. My family makes sure my holes stay filled and my mouth is always busy.

Neighbor Seduction

,Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

A young couple moved into the trailer next to ours. My bedroom window is right across from theirs, but sometimes everyone would forget. They would fuck all day long like rabbits. I listened and my pussy would get so wet. I peek over and watch him pound her pussy. His cock is so huge. It’s long and thick, just the way I liked my lovers’ cocks. She’s so pretty with her dark hair and petite frame. I always left my windows open because her moans would turn me on. I had to figure out way into their bedroom. I wanted them both, husband and wife.
All day long I thought of ways to seduce them. My wet cunt would saturate my panties when I thought about us having threesomes. Excitement rushed through my body when I finally came up with a plan.
Step 1. Seduce her
I became really, really good friends with Kasey. Luckily she wasn’t from around here so she didn’t have any friends. I stepped in and became her best friend. I hung out with them all the time. We’d drink, smoke weed, and party. But behind his back, me and Kasey flirted with each other. She’s one of those women that really love having their tits sucked. Her breasts are full with really huge pink areolas. She likes the way I tugged on her nipples with my teeth. Whenever she had the trailer to herself she called me over and we’d sucked on each others’ cunts. Kasey was blossoming into a good rug muncher.Teen Phone Sex Step 2. Break the ice.
There isn’t anything better than ecstasy when you want to break the ice between a group of people. I bought the pills and knocked on their trailer door on a Saturday morning. Daddy took my brothers fishing so no one would notice that I was missing. We popped those pills and lustful feelings became the fourth member of our party. Kasey and I ended up kissing in the bathroom. She was trying so hard to hide her craving for girl-on-girl action. But Jackson wasn’t a dummy, he could see the lust between me and his wife. He burst into the bathroom and pulled me into an embrace. He abruptly lifted my shirt and revealed that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Kasey saw my bare tits and dove in to suck on my hard nipples. The ecstasy heightened every sensation to the 10th power. We ran to their bedroom and together they pulled my clothes off. Then took turns eating my pussy. Jackson kept giving Kasey a look that wanted to feel my tight cunt around his cock, but he needed her reassurance that it was o.k.. She knew her husband and she knew what he wanted. She grasped his cock and put him inside me. He pumped my pussy fast and hard. It felt so good to him, and a tear slid from his face onto mine. Kasey saw the tear and Jealously finally arrived. She angrily sat on my face and smothered me with her cunt. I licked her pussy so good that she eventually forgot why she was mad. I think the new neighbors and me are going to be great friends.

Family Road Trip

Brother Sister Phone SexEvery summer Daddy took me and my brothers to Six Flags. The amusement park was a four-hour drive away. Daddy and Mommy sat in the front and I sat in the back in between my older brothers. I never wore panties on those long drives and I made sure to wear a tiny skirt for easy access. My brothers took turns playing with my pussy. Then they worked together to make me even wetter. They knew exactly how I liked to be fingerbanged. I could see Daddy watching my sex faces in the rear-view mirror, he knew what was going on. My brothers pulled their hard cocks from their pants and I stroked them both simultaneously. I held them firmly and stroked slowly because I knew what they liked. My oldest brother pushed my head into his lap and I started sucking his big dick like a good girl. The men in my family have me well trained. I worked my tongue around his mushroom tip like a pro. It didn’t take long for him to fill my mouth with salty goodness. I love family road trips.

Quality Family Time

Daddys girl phone sexDaddy says that I have to walk around in my panties and a t-shirt. He says I have a beautiful body. He comes home from a long day of work and it’s my duty to help him relax. He sits in his favorite chair, I get between his thighs and give him a daily blowjob. He works so hard for our family and I want to make him happy. My cunt gets so wet when I suck Daddy’s cock. He makes one of my brothers check between my legs for moisture. If he’s in a good mood he’ll make my brother lick my pussy. We have a very special family. Daddy says a family that plays together stays together. I continue to suck Daddy’s dick until he fills my cheeks with salty warm semen. Last night, he made me ride my brother for entertainment. Brother’s cock felt so good in my tight cunt. And having Daddy watch us made it feel so damn good. I love my family.

Sisterly Love

Incest Phone SexMy older brothers love to tag team me. For as long as I can remember I’ve been sucking their cocks. I can remember needing two hands just to hold one of their dicks. My oldest brother says I’m the best dick sucker. He says no girl sucks cock better than me. I can spend hours on my knees sucking on my brothers’ cocks. Both of my brothers have really long and thick joy sticks and I love to play with them. There’s only one obstacle, Daddy. He doesn’t like me to give anyone a blowjob without his permission. But that makes things interesting, because sneaking around is so much fun. If you could be a fly on the wall of my brothers’ room at around 4 a.m., you’d see me on my knees with one brother in my mouth and my other brother in my pussy. I love my brothers!

Summer Is Cumming

Brother Sister Phone SexSchool is almost out and summer fun will begin. Thinking about long hot days alone with my big bros makes my pussy wet. I’m going to be a good little sister and do anything they want me to do. I know the days will start with morning blow jobs. I’ll have to get on my knees and suck my oldest brother’s dick first, then my other brother is next. They say that I’m not allowed to wear clothes and I don’t mind because it gets so fucking hot in Texas especially in a tin roof trailer home. I like walking around naked for my brothers, their cocks get so hard and then I’m back on my knees again. They fill my mouth with thick warm cum and it tastes so good. Every time they cum in my mouth it’s like receiving a reward after completing a job. I love their semen. Maybe this summer I’ll start a semen-only diet…

Daddy Daughter Day

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy kept me home from school again. He said that we needed some Daddy-Daughter Day. When my brother left the trailer to catch the school bus, Daddy made me take off all of my clothes. He says that the first rule of Daddy Daughter Day is “no clothes allowed”. He took his clothes off and held his huge cock in his hand. He pushed me down to my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. I’ve been sucking Daddy’s cock for as long as I could remember. I know what to needs to bust his load. His cum taste so delicious to me. I crave his thick milky semen every single day. I can stay on my knees sucking on his big dick for hours. Daddy loves me because I’m his princess and his private pornstar. I get so excited when Daddy’s ready for me to get on top. There’s nothing more fun than riding his dick. I love to grind back and forth on his cock it always makes my pussy wet. I love my Daddy!

Saturday Mornings with Daddy

Daddys Girl Phone SexI love Saturday mornings because there’s no school and Daddy takes me for long car rides around town. Our first stop is the donut shop, Daddy buys me glazed donuts and I slide them onto his hard cock. I have breakfast with my head in his lap, I eat the donuts, and slowly lick the glaze left on his hard cock. Daddy stops at different bars to visit his close buddies, he knows so many people. I know he likes to show me off, and I dress slutty because he likes to make everyone jealous. And in between bars I’m sucking his dick as he steers the truck around town. My pussy gets so wet because I’m sucking on his cock. I want him to pull over and fuck me hard. But he never pulls over until we reach the next bar. He waits all day to finally put a huge load in my mouth. He tastes so good it’s worth the wait.

Tummy Ache

Incest Phone SexI remember when I was a lot younger, I would get really bad tummy aches. They would be so bad that I would have to stay home from school. One day I had another bad tummy ache and Daddy had to check me out of school.
When we got to our trailer Daddy said, “All daddy’s make special medicine for their little girls.”
He pulled his cock out and told me to suck it. I was so innocent and dumb and I believed Daddy wanted me to feel better. I got on my knees and wrapped my young lips around his throbbing hard cock. He gripped my pig-tails and slowly fucked my face. I sucked and sucked as he guided the speed. I wanted to feel better and I wanted to be a good girl. When that salty fluid filled my mouth I swallowed the “medicine”. The weird thing is… I never experienced one of those bad tummy aches again.

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