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Quality Family Time

Daddys girl phone sexDaddy says that I have to walk around in my panties and a t-shirt. He says I have a beautiful body. He comes home from a long day of work and it’s my duty to help him relax. He sits in his favorite chair, I get between his thighs and give him a daily blowjob. He works so hard for our family and I want to make him happy. My cunt gets so wet when I suck Daddy’s cock. He makes one of my brothers check between my legs for moisture. If he’s in a good mood he’ll make my brother lick my pussy. We have a very special family. Daddy says a family that plays together stays together. I continue to suck Daddy’s dick until he fills my cheeks with salty warm semen. Last night, he made me ride my brother for entertainment. Brother’s cock felt so good in my tight cunt. And having Daddy watch us made it feel so damn good. I love my family.

Sisterly Love

Incest Phone SexMy older brothers love to tag team me. For as long as I can remember I’ve been sucking their cocks. I can remember needing two hands just to hold one of their dicks. My oldest brother says I’m the best dick sucker. He says no girl sucks cock better than me. I can spend hours on my knees sucking on my brothers’ cocks. Both of my brothers have really long and thick joy sticks and I love to play with them. There’s only one obstacle, Daddy. He doesn’t like me to give anyone a blowjob without his permission. But that makes things interesting, because sneaking around is so much fun. If you could be a fly on the wall of my brothers’ room at around 4 a.m., you’d see me on my knees with one brother in my mouth and my other brother in my pussy. I love my brothers!

Summer Is Cumming

Brother Sister Phone SexSchool is almost out and summer fun will begin. Thinking about long hot days alone with my big bros makes my pussy wet. I’m going to be a good little sister and do anything they want me to do. I know the days will start with morning blow jobs. I’ll have to get on my knees and suck my oldest brother’s dick first, then my other brother is next. They say that I’m not allowed to wear clothes and I don’t mind because it gets so fucking hot in Texas especially in a tin roof trailer home. I like walking around naked for my brothers, their cocks get so hard and then I’m back on my knees again. They fill my mouth with thick warm cum and it tastes so good. Every time they cum in my mouth it’s like receiving a reward after completing a job. I love their semen. Maybe this summer I’ll start a semen-only diet…

Daddy Daughter Day

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy kept me home from school again. He said that we needed some Daddy-Daughter Day. When my brother left the trailer to catch the school bus, Daddy made me take off all of my clothes. He says that the first rule of Daddy Daughter Day is “no clothes allowed”. He took his clothes off and held his huge cock in his hand. He pushed me down to my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. I’ve been sucking Daddy’s cock for as long as I could remember. I know what to needs to bust his load. His cum taste so delicious to me. I crave his thick milky semen every single day. I can stay on my knees sucking on his big dick for hours. Daddy loves me because I’m his princess and his private pornstar. I get so excited when Daddy’s ready for me to get on top. There’s nothing more fun than riding his dick. I love to grind back and forth on his cock it always makes my pussy wet. I love my Daddy!

Saturday Mornings with Daddy

Daddys Girl Phone SexI love Saturday mornings because there’s no school and Daddy takes me for long car rides around town. Our first stop is the donut shop, Daddy buys me glazed donuts and I slide them onto his hard cock. I have breakfast with my head in his lap, I eat the donuts, and slowly lick the glaze left on his hard cock. Daddy stops at different bars to visit his close buddies, he knows so many people. I know he likes to show me off, and I dress slutty because he likes to make everyone jealous. And in between bars I’m sucking his dick as he steers the truck around town. My pussy gets so wet because I’m sucking on his cock. I want him to pull over and fuck me hard. But he never pulls over until we reach the next bar. He waits all day to finally put a huge load in my mouth. He tastes so good it’s worth the wait.

Tummy Ache

Incest Phone SexI remember when I was a lot younger, I would get really bad tummy aches. They would be so bad that I would have to stay home from school. One day I had another bad tummy ache and Daddy had to check me out of school.
When we got to our trailer Daddy said, “All daddy’s make special medicine for their little girls.”
He pulled his cock out and told me to suck it. I was so innocent and dumb and I believed Daddy wanted me to feel better. I got on my knees and wrapped my young lips around his throbbing hard cock. He gripped my pig-tails and slowly fucked my face. I sucked and sucked as he guided the speed. I wanted to feel better and I wanted to be a good girl. When that salty fluid filled my mouth I swallowed the “medicine”. The weird thing is… I never experienced one of those bad tummy aches again.

My Brothers’ Reward

Brother Sister Phone Sex

My older brothers’ scored a record-breaking number of home runs in the game tonight and Daddy was so proud. And as a reward he made me put on sexy lingerie and dance for them. The number one rule in our trailer is: no one touches me without his permission. Daddy has no idea that I’ve been fucking my brothers’ behind his back for years. I danced seductively but acted a little timidly. I put on a surprised face when my brother started stroking their large cocks. I looked at Daddy for approval and he nodded his head giving me permission to please my brothers. We all got down on the cheap linoleum floor and got down to business. My oldest brother laid down on the floor and I squatted down onto his hard penis. Daddy stood over us watching his children writhe in ecstasy. My brother’s cock was way bigger than Daddy’s, it felt like he was in my stomach. I placed my hands on his chest and bounced my ass up and down every inch of his hard shaft. My other brother felt left out so he stood over my brother’s face and put his dick in my mouth. I stopped bouncing and begun to grind on my brother’s cock while deep-throating my other brother. Daddy pulled his phone out and started recording the whole thing. He cheered us on and kept telling us how we made him so proud. Daddy has to be in control of everything, he even controls when we’re allowed to cum. He made us stop and start fucking over and over again until we all were at the edge of having an orgasm. He finally made my brothers stand over my face and jerk their cocks until they squirted cum all over me. The whole time I fingered myself until I had the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had.

Daddy-Daughter Day

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy kept me home from school today. He said we both needed some special Daddy-Daughter time. I was so excited because Daddy knows how to make my pussy feel good. He made me sit on his face and got my pussy really wet. The way he sucked on my cunt made my legs shake. It didn’t take long before I came really hard and squirted into his mouth. But he kept licking and sucking until I begged him to stop. And when he finally stop then it was my turn. Daddy has me well trained, I know how he likes his cock sucked. I lick it all over until it’s covered in saliva. Then I suck it deeply and slowly. When he starts running his fingers through my hair I know I’m doing a good job. I suck and suck until his yummy semen fills my mouth. We have all day to make each other cum over and over again, and the day has just begun…

Rule Breaker

Blowjobs phone sexI got sent to the principal’s office because my skirt was too short. He said he would have to call my Daddy because this my was 3rd dress code violation. I couldn’t let him call Daddy because he has no idea that I dress like a slut. Daddy thinks he’s the only one who sees my slutty side. There was only one thing I could do to stop Principal Turner from calling Daddy…
I stood up and let fake tears fall down my face as I got up from the chair and placed my head in his lap. I could feel his cock through his pants and an erection was growing. I rubbed my head against encouraging it to get hard. He didn’t say a word when I unzip his pants and pulled his cock free from his boxers. I’ve had so much practice sucking my Daddy and brothers’ cocks that I’m a dick sucking professional. It didn’t take long to make him bust a huge load in my mouth. He didn’t call my Daddy but he does call me into his office every single school day. He says his wife never sucks his cock, but I’m happy to pick up her slack.

Poker Night

School Girl Phone SexYesterday was Daddy’s poker night and I was the entertainment. He invited four of his closest friends to our trailer. The alcohol started flowing and the game began. I was sitting in my room waiting patiently for Daddy to call my name.
“Bambi, baby, come to Daddy”
I walked into the room wearing panties and nothing else. I walked over to my Daddy and I could feel their lustful stares. I kissed Daddy on the lips went beneath the poker table.
“Suck Daddy first, princess”
Beneath the table, I could see their erections trying to burst through their pants. I positioned myself between Daddy’s legs and pulled his cock from his pants. I touched the tip of my tongue to his mushroom shaped tip and tasted his sweet pre-cum. Then I put his cock deep into my mouth to produce the gagging noise that Daddy loves. As I sucked on his cock my pussy throbbed and my panties got moist. I could tell that the game stopped and Daddy’s friends were waiting to see who would be next. I started sucking Daddy’s cock like a mad woman. I held it in my hand stroking it into my mouth, slurping and sucking until nut filled my mouth.
When you smoke weed with a group of people protocol says you should pass it to the left, so the man to Daddy’s left felt my fingers undo his pants. And I chose wisely because his cock was anconda-huge. I stroked it in my hands, feeling it’s long length and thickness. I started licking that monster cock. I enjoyed teasing him before putting it into my mouth. But when I finally started sucking on it, it didn’t take long for him to shoot semen to the back of my throat. By the time that I finished sucking off Daddy and his friends, my belly felt full of semen. I came from beneath the table and went to my room to finish my homework.

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