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Teenage Bukkake Slut

Gang Bang Phone SexSummer time is the best time for teenagers. Parents aren’t home and we run wild. Last summer, I was home alone with my two older brothers and their friends. There were at least 10 teenage boys crowded in our tiny trailer and my pussy was getting so wet. All of the roughhouse play and loud cussing excited me. I had to have all of them and I knew how to get what I wanted. I took off all of my clothes and crawled into the living room on my hands and knees. For a few seconds, the room was silent because everyone’s jay was dropped. But my brothers knew what I needed and pulled their cocks out for me to suck. All of a sudden the boys surrounded me with their cocks in their hands. They took turns filling my holes with hard dick and I was loving every second. It ended with me looking like a girl in the final scene of a bukkake porn. I had semen everywhere even hanging from my eyelashes. I love summer times in the trailer park.

Eat My Pussy

Blowjobs phone sexI need someone to lick my pussy. I want to hold your head against my wet cunt. I need you to lick my cunt so good that I run towards the headboard. You’ll feel me grind my wetness against your face. My pussy will get wet that I’ll drip down your chin. Can you make my thighs shake and my eyes rolls back? Because if you can, I’ll try to suck the skin off your dick. I’m the type of girl to always return the favor. You’ll love how I look on my knees with your hard dick in my mouth. Let’s maintain eye contact while I slob on your hard shaft. Or we can do 69 and suck on each other until we both cum. Lay back and let me sit on your face while I put your cock down my throat. And I forgot to mention that I always swallow. Baby, I’ll suck you dry.

Snow Day With My Brothers

Brother Sister Phone SexToday was a snow day which means no school. Daddy went to work leaving me home alone with my older brothers. As soon as I heard Daddy’s truck leave, I got completely naked and went to my brothers’ room. They were in their beds reading comic books. But when I bent over and grabbed my ankles giving them a perfect view of my wet pussy, the comic books were thrown to the floor. They took turns licking my pussy as my hands gripped my ankles. I knew they wanted to fuck me but I made them lick me until I was ready for cock. They slobbed on my cunt until saliva and my juices ran down my thighs. I knew then that I was ready. I let my oldest brother fuck me first and let my other brother have sloppy seconds. We fucked all day long until we heard Daddy’s truck pull into the driveway.

White Trailer Trash

Gangbang Phone SexI had a line of men from the street all the way up to my trailer door, waiting their turn to fuck my tight pussy. Man after man pounded my wet cunt. I was determined to beat my record of most men fucked in one day. I laid on my back with my legs spread taking hard cock. I’m a big slut and proud of it. Daddy’s going to be so mad when he hears about other men fucking his pussy. But Daddy and my older brothers aren’t satisfying me anymore, I need new cock. I love to fuck and suck. Daddy says I’m so good that I could be a porn star one day. None of the men are wearing condoms and my cunt is filled with cum. None of the men mind my sloppy pussy, and the wetness is making them cum faster. I’m not just laying there, I’m throwing my pussy and fucking them back. I guess I’m just white trailer trash

Wet Pussy

Adult phone chatI’m poor white trash and proud of it. I’m the sexiest bitch in the trailer park. Everyone wants to fuck me and I rarely say no. Daddy says my pussy is tighter than a vice grip. And my older brothers both say I have good pussy, too. I love to fuck and my goal is to fuck every man in the trailer park. I’m a slut and I love having a hard cock in my throat. Every day I get fucked by a new lucky guy. Sex feels so damn good. I like to be on top, bouncing up and down on a hard dick because it feels so amazing. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to feel my tight cunt? Call me, let’s have some fun. Have phone sex with me and I’ll let you hear my wet pussy.

Trailer Trash

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexThe trailers in the trailer park are so close together when I look out of my bedroom I can see into my neighbor Bobby’s room. This closeness had led to some really hot encounters. I leave my bedroom light on and get completely naked because I know Bobby is watching. I spread my thighs and finger fuck myself to orgasm. Just knowing that I’m being watched makes me so wet. I’ve been teasing him for years, tonight I’ll call him over and let him have my tight cunt. I’ll lay him down and ride his hard cock. I like being on top and being in control. I’ll grind my wet pussy back and forth until he fills me with warm cum. We’ll have to be really quiet because Daddy doesn’t like me to give “his” pussy away. Tonight’s going to be Bobby’s luck night.

Brotherly Love

Brother Sister Phone SexI woke up in the middle of the night with my fingers in my wet pussy. I needed to be fucked. I walked into my brothers’ room and they were sleeping. I noticed that my oldest brother had a huge erection. I couldn’t waste a throbbing hard dick so I pulled it from his boxers and started sucking. His pre-cum tasted like salty candy. Sucking his cock was making my pussy sloppy wet, I needed him inside me. I sat on his dick and started rocking my pussy back and forth grinding on his erection. My other brother was on the other side of the room jerking his cock as he watched us. My brother lifted me off his dick and put me on my back. He fucked me the old-fashion way and I dug my nails into his ass. The weight of his body on top of mine felt amazing. He long stroked his cock into my sloppy wet pussy, pulling his dick almost out of my tight hole then pushing it back inside. It wasn’t long before my pussy came causing my whole I love my brother.

A Sister and Her Brothers

Brother Sister Phone SexDaddy likes to keep me all to himself, so me and my older brothers have to sneak around. My brothers get my Daddy drunk until he passes out and then the games begin. I love having two brothers who keep all of my holes filled. I get on my hands and knees with a hard dick in my mouth and the other in my tight pussy. And of course sex is good with loud screams and sexy moans, but there’s something about fucking and suppressing the sexy noise. We had to be very quiet, we couldn’t wake Daddy. One brother kept my mouth too busy to scream. I sucked and slobbered all over his big dick, while my brother pounded me from behind. I was so wet you could hear the wetness smacking against his thrusts. It wasn’t long before they filled me with warm semen. I love my big brothers!

Dirty Girl

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexI’m a very popular girl in my trailer park because I’ll fuck anyone. I once fucked a guy for a 10-piece nugget at McDonald’s. I the feeling of a hard dick sliding in and out of pussy. Fucking sends a sexually current of electricity through my body. That’s the feeling I’m addicted to. I’m not picky about my sex partners. I fucked a mentally challenged boy because I heard he had a huge dick, and the rumor was totally true. I get passed around like a marijuana joint and I love it. I like having dirty rumors about me circulating around town. One more thing about, I never fuck a person more than twice. I like new dick. Do you want a turn with me? Can I rock your world? I’ll give you dirty memories to masturbate with for the rest of your life.

The Best Babysitter

Babysitter Phone SexMy friends at school are so jealous of me because I get all of the babysitter gigs in our neighborhood. They have no idea why I’m in demand. Let’s just say that I keep the fathers very happy. At the end of every babysitting job the father always offer to drive me home. And that drive home always turns X-rated. I suck the fathers’ cocks all the way to my trailer, and I always swallow. I have $5000 in my piggy bank from babysitting jobs and extra tips for my amazing blowjobs. I love having a cock in my mouth. And I love hearing men moan, it makes my pussy wet. I’m a dirty girl and I love doing dirty things. I never feel guilty because if their wives were doing their jobs the husbands wouldn’t need me. There’s a saying “Happy Wife Happy Life”. Well, Unhappy husband More Money For Me.

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