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When Daddy’s Not Around

Brother Sister Phone SexI love being home with my family. We’re a very, very loving family. Daddy’s been fucking my tight pussy for as long as I can remember. And if my brothers’ do something to make my Daddy proud he makes me suck their dicks as a reward. Daddy has no idea that when he leaves for work I reward my brothers’ bad behavior. Today they were playing video games and totally ignoring me. I knew what I had to do to get their attention. I took my clothes off and stood in front of their television. That’s all it took to entice my horny brothers. They jumped on me filling both of my tightest holes. I think they like feeling each other’s dicks inside me. They’re so strong, they held me up between them like sexual superheroes. We fucked all afternoon until we heard Daddy’s truck pull into the driveway. Daddy gets really mad if they fuck me without his permission.

Naughty Neighbor

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexMy bedroom window is right across from my neighbor’s window. I like to leave my blinds up and my light on because I like to tease my neighbor with my sexy body. I get completely naked and seductively dance around my room. I pretend like I don’t know that he’s watching my every move. If I’m feeling really devilish I lay down on my bed. spread my legs, and finger fuck myself to orgasm. It makes me so wet knowing that he’s watching with his dick in his hand. I can see him stroking his cock like a madman as I pleasure myself. I put three fingers in my wet pussy and I swear I can hear him groan. It feels really good to stretch my pussy with three fingers it rushes a sexual current through my body. I cum so hard that my pussy squirts across my satin sheets.

Nasty Girl

Bratty Girl Phone SexI’m trailer trash and proud of it. I’m the hottest thing in my trailer park. Women hold their men tighter when I’m around. But I don’t let that stop me because I love a man that’s already taken. I’ve been fucking and sucking my Daddy and brothers for years. All of that experience has made me an animal in the sack. I’ve made it a personal goal to fuck every man in my trailer park. I’ve been going trailer to trailer seducing men. I haven’t been turned down yet. Look at me, I’m young, blonde, and sexy. If I offer to drop to my knees and suck your cock, could you tell me “no”? I never wear panties and I wear the smallest skirts because I love to flash my pussy. Right now as I write this blog, my pussy is wet and throbbing for a hard cock. Call me, let’s get nasty!

My First Car

Blowjobs phone sexI need a lot of money because I want to buy my first car. I just got my drivers license and I need my own wheels. That’s why I came up with the perfect plan, I started charging men money for blowjobs. The men in my trailer park would stand in line to get a blowjob from me. I suck cock like a XXX-porn star. I’ve been practicing on my Daddy and brothers for years. Put your cock in my mouth and I’ll have you cumming a few minutes. I love sucking dick. Being on my knees pleasing you gives me great joy. I love looking up and seeing your pleasure written all over your face. And I always swallow because Daddy says semen is good for my health. I’ll suck the skin off of your dick and suck you completely dry. So come get in line and help me get my first car.

Trailer Trash

Barely Legal Phone SexAll of the women in our trailer park hate my fucking guts. I’m the hottest thing in the park and they’re so jealous. My goal is to fuck every man in the trailer park. It’s so easy getting men to fuck me. Just look at me, could you turn me down? I’m young and tight in all the right places. My Daddy taught me how to suck cock and I’m really good at it. Daddy says semen is good for my health so I always swallow. I love being on my knees with a big dick in my throat, looking up and seeing the funny faces you make while I’m pleasing you. I do things that a lot of women don’t do. I love giving rim jobs, I love putting my tongue in your asshole. And you can have me in any hole, I never say no. Having sex with me can turn into an addiction. Men in my trailer park fight over me because my pussy is so good

No Hair More Fun

Young bald pussyPicture me and you alone in a room. I’m sitting across from you in a tiny skirt and I spread my legs to show you my pretty bald pussy. I like to keep my pussy bald because it feels so damn good when you’re fucking me from behind and your balls are slapping against my bare pussy. And when you’re eating my cunt being bald allows you to lick all over my pussy and suck on my fat pussy lips. I spread my legs and your jaw drops and your mouth waters. I spread my legs and show you my young bald pussy and you’re putty in my hands. Have you ever seen a cunt as pretty as mine? Take your hard cock and tease me by rubbing it up and down my slit before slipping inside my tight wet hole. You can have me in any position that your dirty mind can come up with, and I’ll even let you take a picture of my young bald pussy to always remember me.

Bad Weather

Incest Phone SexThey canceled school today because of bad weather. My two brothers and I were left home alone while our parents were at work. Daddy doesn’t like me to fuck my brothers without him being in the room. But today I was feeling really horny and I needed some hard dick. Their room is right next to mine and the wall between us is paper thin. I knew they were in there playing video games but I had other plans for my big brothers. I took my panties off and started rubbing my clit. I made sure that my brothers heard my moans of pleasure. It didn’t take long for them to walk into my room naked with their hard cocks. They were all over me like white on rice. I had a hard cock in my mouth and one in my tight wet pussy. We fucked so hard that our bodies were covered in sweat and you could smell the sex in the air. The moment that will forever stick in my mind is them standing and holding me between them with a cock in my ass and pussy. We fucked all day until we heard Daddy’s truck pulling up in the drive way.

World’s Best Babysitter

Babysitter Phone SexI’m a really popular babysitter in our trailer park. I’m really good with lil’rugrats, but that’s not why my schedule is full of babysitting gigs. I give great blowjobs and the father’s really appreciate my skills. I put the lil’ones down for a nap then it’s time to please their Daddies. I get on my knees and wrap my lips around their hard cocks. I have no gag reflex and they can put their cocks into my throat. I’m really good at keeping secrets, no one will know that they come home early every day to fuck the babysitter. Bend me over and fuck me from behind, I want to feel your balls slapping my bald wet pussy. I’m young so all of my holes are tight. And the fathers aren’t the only ones that want a taste of my sweet pussy, some of the mommies love to put their faces between my thighs, too.

Special Family Time

Family Fun Phone SexDaddy pulled me from school today. He said he needed some special Daddy Daughter Time. As soon as I got in the car, he pushed my head down to suck his cock. I sucked his cock all the way to our trailer home. I’ve been sucking Daddy’s dick ever since I was a little girl. I know what Daddy needs and I always want to keep him happy. When we got inside of the trailer he wasted no time, he bent me over our cum stained sofa and fucked me hard. We didn’t realize that Mommy was home. I guess she heard my moans because she walked into the front room totally naked. She sat on the sofa with her legs spread and Daddy pushed my face into her pussy. I sucked and licked Mommy’s pussy real good because if I didn’t make her cum Daddy would be mad. Mommy and Daddy used me like a sex doll all afternoon.

Daddy’s Sex Doll

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy kept me home from school today. He said that he wanted to have some special Daddy Daughter Time. When my mom and brother left and we were all alone in our trailer he made me get on my knees between his thighs and suck his cock while he ran his finger through my hair. Then he gripped my hair in his fist and thrust his dick deep into my throat making me gag and my eyes water. Then all of sudden he stood up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me to my mom and his bedroom. He dropped me onto the bed, fell between my legs and shoved his hard dick into my pussy. All day long he fucked me all over our trailer home. By the end of the day, both pairs of my lips were swollen and sore from all of the sucking and fucking. Daddy treats me like I’m his personal plastic sex doll and I’m embarrassed to say that I like it.

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