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A Very Loving Family

Incest Phone SexDaddy had a bad day a work and he wasn’t in a good mood. I hate seeing Daddy so unhappy and knew how to cheer him up. I went to my room and undressed down to my thong. I put on some music and danced seductively. I made my boobs bounce and my ass shake. Soon Daddy had a huge smile and a huge erection. He crooked his finger summoning me to suck his cock. I’ve been sucking Daddy’s cock for years and I know how he likes it. I stroke it into my mouth and make my tongue dance around the tip. My brothers walked in and stood there watching us as their own erections grew. Daddy was in a better mood and made me suck them off, too. I love my family and taking care of them sexually is how I care for them.

Daddy’s Cheerleader

Daddys girl phone sexI made the cheerleader squad and I couldn’t wait to tell Daddy and my two older brothers. Daddy gave me a really big kiss right on my lips. Daddy’s a really good kisser, he’s a better kisser than both of my brothers, too. Well anyway, Daddy was really proud of me and he wanted to see me in my new cheerleader uniform. I went to my room to change into my uniform and heard my brothers come home. I wanted to have some family fun and didn’t put on the panty-like bottoms that went underneath the skirt of my new uniform. I walked into our small living room and their jaws dropped and I could see the huge erections growing in their tight jeans. I did a quick cheer making sure to kick my legs high, showing them that I wasn’t wearing panties and I needed to be fucked. Daddy got out of his pants faster than I’d ever seen and nodded to my brothers giving them permission to get naked, too. They put me on my hands and knees and entered me at both ends. Daddy stuffed his huge cock into my mouth, and my oldest brother filled my tight cunt with a hard cock while my other brother stood to the side waiting for his turn. If I knew becoming a cheerleader would get this response from my family I would have joined the squad a long time ago.

My Daddy Loves Me

Daddys girl phone sexThe early morning sun was beaming through my bedroom window. My mind was filled with visions of my brothers fucking me and I slipped my hand into my panties. I rub circles against my swollen clit and it felt amazing. I opened my legs wider and pushed two fingers deep inside my tight, wet cunt. My eyes were closed so I didn’t notice my door opening, my Daddy was watching me play with myself. I worked my fingers faster and faster, you could hear how wet my pussy was because of the loud wet smacking noises of me finger-fucking myself. Daddy had his cock out, stroking himself as he watched me. The suddenly he rushed towards me and buried his face between my thighs. His tongue attacked my clit and slid inside my pussy. I ground myself against his face and held the back of his head. He ate my pussy for an hour and made me cum three times. I love my Daddy!!!

Video Games and Teenage Sex

brother sister phone sexMy older brothers love video games. They can spend hours playing video games and I feel ignored. I know how to get their attention…
I take my clothes off and stand in front of the TV. Their jaws drop and they pull their hard cocks out. I sit on older brother’s dick first because my other brother likes my pussy sloppy and full of cum. I ride on my brother’s dick and his eyes are memorized by my bouncing tits. Daddy gets mad if we fuck without his supervision, but I get so horny and I can’t wait for him to come home. I sit and grind on my brother’s throbbing hard cock because bouncing will make him cum too fast. He grips me tightly to his chest and moves my body up and down on his cock. He cums hard filling my cunt with warm jizz. My other brother pulls me up and slips his dick inside my sloppy cum-filled pussy. The only sounds were moaning and my wet pussy smacking loudly. I love my big brothers!!

My Brothers’ Love Fucking Me

Brother Sister Phone SexMy brothers both made it onto the varsity baseball team. Daddy was so proud and he decided that they needed to be rewarded. He told me to undress and dance seductively for my brothers. I removed my clothing slowly and bounced my ass like a black girl. My brothers pulled their dicks out and started stroking. Seeing their hard cocks excited me and I dropped to my knees and blew them both. Daddy sat in his favorite chair watching all of the action. I deep-throated and gagged on their dicks. I pulled my brother’s cock from my mouth and a long string of saliva connected us. I put it back in my mouth and sucked it just like Daddy taught me. My cunt ached because I was super horny and I needed one of them to fuck me. I took my brother’s cock out of my mouth and asked Daddy could one of my brothers fuck me. He nodded his head giving us the approval to fuck. My brothers argued over who would fuck me first. My oldest shoved his dick inside my tight wet hole and fucked me hard. He pounds my pussy and I pushed my ass back meeting each powerful thrust. He put his hand in front of me and rubbed my clit making me wetter and wetter. Daddy pulled his phone out and started recording our family fun. I love fucking my brothers!!

Blowing Daddy’s Friends

Daddys Girl Phone SexDaddy invited some his buddies over to watch the game. I had to serve the drinks and food dressed in a skimpy new outfit. Daddy likes to show off his control of me. Daddy’s friends were drooling as they stared at my barely covered body. I could feel their stares and it was making me wet. Daddy recognized my lust face and he knew I needed a dick in my mouth.
“Pull your dicks out, fellas, my princess going blow everybody”, Daddy ordered.
I got on my knees and crawled to the nearest crotch. I gripped his dick and stroked it a few times before putting it in my mouth. I sucked and slobbered so much that I created saliva bubbles. Daddy taught me well and he says the wetter the better. Someone got behind me and pulled off my tiny shorts. Whoever was touching my pussy had serious skills with his fingers. He played with my clit using the right amount of pressure and a circular motion. It felt so good that I was losing concentration on the blowjob. The men cheered me on and I loved the attention. Daddy raised a good slut and the night was just beginning…

When Parents Are Away Teens Play

Teen phone sexCindy wouldn’t stop asking for a threesome with one of my brothers. Every time we got together to fuck she would start bugging me for a threesome. She wouldn’t stop talking about catching me sucking my brother’s cock. I finally relented and made her dirty fantasy come true but both brothers wanted in on the action. We all waited for our parents to leave for work. Summertime is when most teens are left unsupervised and all sorts of things go on when there are no parents around. Cindy came over and my brother decided that we should compete in a dick sucking contest. Cindy and I got down on our knees and started sucking dick and then we switched partners and resumed sucking on their hard dicks. Things got so hot and heavy in my tiny bedroom. At one point, my brothers had us on our hands and knees facing each other as they fucked us from behind. It was a hot Texas day and you could smell pussy and sweat in the air. We fucked all afternoon until we passed out from exhaustion.

She Caught Me Blowing My Bro

Incest Phone SexCindy and I can’t keep our hands off each other, she’s so fucking sexy. Her family moved into the trailer next to mine and we’ve been inseparable since day one. Her bedroom window is right next to my bedroom window, and she saw me sucking my oldest brother’s dick. The next day, she confronted me with what she saw and I proudly told her that my family practices incest. I told her that I fuck my Daddy and my other brother all the time. She asked so many questions and wanted all of the details. I could tell she was getting turned on. I put my hand in her panties and she was so wet. I rubbed her clit in a circular motion and she got wetter. Soon we were completely naked with my face between her thighs. Her pussy tastes so good, I could eat her all day long. She says she wants a threesome with one of my brothers and I’m going to make it happen.

My Slutty New Best Friend

Teen Phone Sex A new family moved into the trailer next to ours. When I saw their teenage daughter I got excited. I’ve been dreaming about beautiful girls and now one has moved in next door. Her bedroom window aligned with mine and we were only a few feet apart. I touched myself and watched her undress so many times. When she started walking around her room topless it finally dawned on me that she was teasing me. I rushed next door to teach her a lesson. Her mom answered the door and I politely introduced myself. She called her daughter’s name, “Cindy”. And the object of my desire walked to the door. She grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into her bedroom. As soon as her bedroom door closed behind us, we erupted with quiet frantic passion. Before I knew it, I had her breast in my mouth and two fingers deep inside her cunt. The only noise was our rapid breathing because we didn’t want her mom to catch us. Thank God she wasn’t wearing pants and I only had to move her lace panties to the side. Oh and I forgot to mention this hot piece of ass is a redhead! I put my face between her legs and licked her slit. The soft red hairs tickled my nose. This hot slut was going to be my new best friend.

Incest With My Favorite Big Bro

Teen phone sexI give blowjobs to all the men in my family. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. There’s Daddy and my two older brothers and I’m the family cum slut. Daddy’s and my oldest brother’s semen tastes good but my brother, Rick’s tastes the best. Rick’s cum tastes the sweetest. Rick doesn’t have to verbally ask me for a blowjob. He just looks at me a certain way and I know he wants my mouth. When I want my brothers to fuck me they’re a package deal, I can’t have one without the other. But, Rick is becoming my favorite lover. Daddy and Andy don’t care about my sexual pleasure, their both really selfish. Rick gets so turned on making me cum, he loves eating my pussy. Rick is my favorite brother. I would put my tongue in his ass if he asked. No one knows inside our trailer’s walls our family engages in incestuous activity. If you could be a fly on the wall this morning you’d see Rick balls deep in my throat. We had the trailer to ourselves and took full advantage. As soon as we were alone he was all over me. I couldn’t get his dick in my mouth fast enough. I sucked him off until his salty-sweet semen filled my mouth. Incest with my favorite brother is always too good.

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