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Faggot fucker

BDSM Phone SexLet’s talk about big black cock phone sex! Don’t be shy I know your faggot ass loves big black cock in your mouth. That’s what I heard! That you sucked the meat market managers cock. I heard he has it big like a fucking horse! That’s why you don’t fuck your wife anymore huh you worthless faggot ass mother fucker! Every time we drive by the meat market we see your truck parked in the back and we see your head bobbing up and down! Fucker we know what the fuck you are doing! You are sucking big black dick! One time I saw you bending over by your truck. Not only are you a little cock sucker! You are a little fucking faggot that loves big black cock up your tight little worthless white man pussy! Face is you wish you had a nice tight pussy like mine. Not like your worthless 2 inches of hard cock!

Your balls in your mouth

Cum Slut Phone SexWhats up mother fucker I’m a cum slut phone sex whore, but you will do as I say! The number one rule up in this bitch is, always stay on your knees. If you need to shit or piss you must ask me if you can. If I feel like it I will let you go use the restroom. Don’t you dare shit your self-fucker or I will make you clean it up with your mouth and eat it like a dirty bastard you are! Then I will take my baseball bat and ass fuck you so fucking hard you won’t be able to hold your shit in in weeks! You nasty mother fucker plus you know I always carry my butterfly knife to chop your fucking nut sack off since you are a worthless bitch ass little faggot. I’ma take those balls and shove them deep down your fucking throat!

Pain is pleasure

Ass To Mouth Phone SexThis is your Mexican queen Alanza, mother fucker I will fuck your ass up real good just the way you like it you old nasty faggot! If your Mexican queen tells you to take a dick up your ass you best do it mother fucker. Do not piss me off! I will beat that worthless dick between your worthless legs with a baseball bat hoping to make those balls pop the fuck out! Look how hard that cock is. I will make sure I keep it nice and hard for what we are about to do next with it! I’m going to be giving you head going all the way down chocking on it then you will feel me bite all the way through biting that dick off then I spit that hard dick on your face and grab it roll you over and shove your own dick in your ass!

Promise Ring

BDSM Phone SexBDSM Phone Sex with bad bitch Alanza mother fucker! I will give you what you deserve piece of shit faggot! I’m going to do to you whatever the fuck I want mother fucker! I’m going to grab you by the balls and squeeze them so fucking hard your fucking balls pop the fuck out one by one! Then I will shove one in your mouth make you bite down on the middle of the ball and drain right into your faggot mouth! Swallow all your nasty creamy cum. Now I will bend you over and start kicking your fucking ass stabbing you with my sharp black stiletto! Now you will give me a promise ring fucker. I start to cut around your asshole in a perfect circle to fit my pretty little finger. That’s right faggot your asshole is now my promise ring! Call me let me tell you what else I’m going to do to you! Don’t be a pussy!

Thin and sharp first

Black Cock Phone Sex Black cock phone sex is what this horny sexy slut wants to give you mother fucker. Don’t be a fucking faggot and let me get you fucked by a big black nigger cock. How do 14 inches of rock hard cock sound? I bet your mouth is watery and you are already savoring those 14 inches of hard cock deep down your throat and far up your tight faggot ass! I’m going to fucking tie you up, and ass fuck you with my stiletto first to get you used to the pain up your ass. You see I’m not that of a bitch! I’m starting with something thin and sharp first. Then I will cut that asshole open with my butterfly knife, and have my big black nigger friend penetrate your fucked up faggot asshole. Look at all that blood dripping out of your fucking ass. You love it don’t you?

Dick Smoker

Ass To Mouth Phone SexCum here cum here where ever you are you little fucking faggot. Stop fucking trying to hide from your Mistress juicy pussy tough bitch Alanza! You know your tiny small worthless dick is mine you little faggot fucking dick smoker! Plus that used and abused man pussy is also mine. What the fuck, don’t you dare question is dick smoker! I own your ass, and tonight I feel like watching you get fucked by my good friend Jamal with his 14-inch nigger cock! That’s right little faggot bitch bend over and reach back and spread those fucking ass cheeks wide open. Get ready you silly mother fucker no lube today I want to see you trying to get away from the good fucking painful pleasure my friend is giving you with his big black nigger cock! Fuck yeah, I’m laying in front of you masturbating my tight pussy with my pink double headed dildo!

Fuck you Faggot

Cum Slut Phone Sex Cum Slut Phone Sex whore Alanza loves Humiliation Phone Sex, and Incest Phone Sex. Call me don’t be a fucking pussy. I do promise to fuck your ass up fucker! Little faggot ass bitches just like you is what makes my pussy dripping wet. I’m going to do what ever the fuck I want with you asshole, not what you want. It’s my way fucker. I always get what I want. Right now I want you to bend the fuck over spread your ass cheeks wide open. Don’t you dare fucking move or make a fucking sound! Right now my friend is going to walk in with his horse size dick and ram it into your little faggot asshole you piece of shit little pussy man. Don’t move fucker or I’ll have that asshole get double penetrated while you choke on my big huge pink pretty strap- on. Fuck you faggot!

Creampie all day

Creampie Phone SexCreampie Phone Sex bitch whore Alanza! Thats right mother fucker this bitch loves creampie phone sex. I love walking around all day wearing your cum all over me! Call me for some nice Rim Jobs Phone Sex! Let this bitch take care of that nasty asshole of yours. You meet me at the corner where I work every night. I been looking at you driving your car around then you park and stare at me. You think I don’t know what you doing? Bitch please I could tell you are jacking off so I bend over for you every fucking time. Hoping you will grow balls and ask me to fuck you! You are suck a faggot boy. I walk towards you and knock on your fucking window. Telling you I know that you want this peace of ass baby. Take me home with you and let this puta make you cum!


Dominatrix Phone SexWhere the fuck are you mother fucker? I been waiting for you to fucking call me! Are you fucking dead? Or you are just to fucking pussy to call me, scared that I’ll super glue your dick head to your fucking asshole like last time? I knew it you fucking faggot! You are such a little fucking bitch, little fuck boy! That’s all you are a fucking little boy toy that loves big black nigger cock in your asshole and my butterfly knife cutting and stabbing your balls out your pussy sack. You piece of shit asshole. This time you are going to fucking get it. I’m so fucking horny and you haven’t called me to pleasure my needs. I need to stab your fucking asshole ass fuck you with my butterfly fucking knife so hard stabbing you through the inside. While I punch your worthless saggy fucking balls fucker!

Drugs Phone Sex

Drugs Phone SexDrugs phone sex is my favorite fucking phone sex. I want to get you all fucked up. Well honestly I want you to get me all fucked up. I’m a fucking coke whore. I love snorting lines from that long fat shaft you have bad boy. Fist I’m going to make you feel good and pleasing that big cock I love. Then bad bad Alanza the whore will take out my butterfly knife from my pussy fuck hole, start caressing your body your big balls. You will slowly feel me cutting into you nut sack right in the middle. Then I will finger you like the little bitch you are. Its not deep enough, I start fucking your pussy hole with the butterfly knife making it deeper. You are bleeding out like a little bitch. I start ass fucking you with a huge baseball bad making you scream like the good little bitch you are. You get a big nice surprise when you are ready to cum!

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