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What a loser

cuckolding phone sexGod I can’t stand whiners and complainers and little bottom topping queers! So many losers like that contact me wishing to become one of my pets and you know what? Not everyone can make the cut. If the little dick loser is a whiner and a complainer and someone that thinks he is owed all of my time he will learn very quickly that I will not put up with any bullshit like that. I mean how can you really call yourself a subby if you are always bitching?? If I don’t want to speak to you I don’t have to so if you want to be a pet of mine you must be a very good boy… or you will just get nothing at all. Some people will never get the pleasure of listening to my voice and worshiping my perfection and they will just have to live with that. Sucks to be them huh?

His dick was way too small for me

cuckolding phone sexI met a new guy the other day, he is a very successful man who makes a shit ton of money so I was excited at first. Then I got him naked and all that excitement died instantly as soon as I saw his little dick. This dick was definitely a micro penis, it was barely a tip, there was literally no shaft on this thing at all! All I could do was laugh my ass off, he was all angry and bitchy and tried to tell me to get out but I just told him to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down so that he could listen to his better when she is talking. I explained to him what he should have already known, no woman on earth wants a man with a tiny peepee like that and that if anyone had ever fucked him it was only his money that made it happen. He didn’t like to hear that but I made him understand that his place is to serve a woman like me even if I never let him fuck me. I guess he got it cus he didn’t try to touch me and he paid me handsomely for my time too…

He learned not to mess with me

humiliation phone sexOh I made some little bitch boy so mad the other day! He came to see me for some humiliation, he knows that he is no kind of real man and pays me to make him feel like shit about it but he wasn’t expecting me to take pictures of him in all his little dick having, cock cage wearing glory. He was tied up at the time so he couldn’t exactly stop me from taking all kinds of pictures… I even got a nice video of him crying and begging me to turn it off. Why would I do all that? Well he has a very high powered job where he is in control of a lot of people, none of them would find him intimidating any more if they saw him all tied up and crying with his little dickie in a cock cage now would they? I made him pay me extra and take me shopping… and I took away the key to his little cock cage too. Now he has to do whatever I say or I will expose him to everyone and ruin his life.

Honestly, who cares what you want?

cuckolding phone sexOne of my cuckies asked me why I was always so hard on him, he said that I really hurt his wittle feewings and cried about it. Honestly who the fuck cares what he wants anyway? He’s literally nothing to me but an open wallet I don’t give one single little lonely fuck about his feelings or what he wants! The only dicks I care about are big ones, I’ll do anything for a huge cock. Little ones on the other hand do nothing at all for me so why should I care if they cum or not? What I care about is what these little dick losers can buy for me and how well they can clean the cum from my well fucked pussy and that is it. So when they cry and whine and beg, well I just ignore them because I don’t have to make them feel good, no matter how mean I am to them it never matters, they always come back for more anyway!

His cock was so pathetic

cuckolding phone sexHis cock was the most pathetic little useless cock I had ever seen… and that’s really saying something because I see little dicks all the time! He knew that his dick was useless too because he just stood there crying while I laughed at him, I even made him put his damn clothes back on so I wouldn’t have to see that tiny thing anymore. He whined about wanting to cum but why should I give a fuck about that? I only care if real men get off, I couldn’t give a fuck about that tiny thing, it could rot off for all I care. I made him call me a real man, I knew that he had to know someone who was an alpha male and I was right, his brother showed up and he was a very nice specimen indeed! He was tall and muscular and his cock was huge, he was everything I had ever wanted in a man and he was willing to humiliate his brother too. He fucked me in front of that pathetic little bitch and made him clean up the mess he made in my pussy too and even after all that we still didn’t let that bitch cum!

Sissy needed to learn an important lesson

sissy phone sexSissy needed to learn a very important lesson, Mistress Adriana is always right! It doesn’t matter what I say or what I do or what I tell sissy to do, she has to do it right then! She must obey me, that is the whole point of our relationship, I am the boss and she is my little sissy slave. So when sissy disobeyed me, she even went so far as to ignore my phone calls and emails, she needed to be punished and punished harshly! I showed up at her house where I found that little slut all dressed up with a huge dildo in her lil pussy can you believe that shit? Sissy is not allowed to masturbate without my permission! I was furious! So I snatched that dildo out of her lil pussy and shoved it down her throat. Then I made that little sissy whore lay down on the bed with her ass in the air then I tied her up. Then I called over a whole bunch of big dick black men and made sissy be a pay for play whore all day long! I left that whore tied up and covered head to toe in cum all night long too, I came back this morning and set her free, hopefully she has learned from her mistakes!

He was so humiliated but he paid

humiliation phone sexOh I fucked with a loser hardcore the other day and I guarantee that he will never forget it! I totally set him up, I invited him over and acted like I was going to let him fuck me with his pathetic little toy sized penis and he fell into my trap so easily. He was blinded by his lust for me, he never questioned anything, he just showed up with a stupid little grin on his face. Well, I got him to undress and even gave him a little striptease to really get him excited… the I pulled out my strap on cock and told him that the only way I would let him fuck me was if I got to fuck him first. He was nervous but that pathetic little faggot agreed to let me fuck him and even spread his cheeks for me. I gaped that ass wide open with my huge strap on cock and that little bitch boy loved it! He was shamelessly begging for more until his tiny peepee finally squirted, he was a total whore. That stupid little bitch was completely blindsided when I told him I recorded the whole thing, he cried and told me no one could find out or he would lose everything. So I made him pay up, I took everything he had and made him go get more too. Now I’m on the payroll and he will be paying me well for a very long time unless he wants all of his business put out for the world to see.

What a little faggot

cuckolding phone sexOmg I met this awful little man the other day, he acted all superior but he was such a little faggot. I could tell within five minutes of meeting him that he was a little dick cucky boy, it was all in his attitude. He just gave off a wimpy trying too hard kind of attitude and I knew that I could have a huge dick in his mouth by the end of the night. I treated that little cuck like a bitch, I was so mean to him all night long but he still came up to my room at the end of it. He was very surprised b the big black man that was waiting up there for us tho, the look on his face was hysterical! I forced that little faggot to his knees and made him fluff that big black dick up and you know what? His tiny little peepee got super hard! I just knew he was a closet fag and I was right!

Sissy got fucked hard

sissy phone sexI have a new sissy and let me tell you this sissy is hard! She wants to be a whore so bad but she’s a little bitch about sucking and fucking dick, what else is a sissy even good for?? She had to practice even if she didn’t want to so I pulled out a giant strap on cock and told her to get to sucking it. She was resistant so I grabbed her by her hair and shoved that rubber dick all the way down her throat and fucked her throat till she was about ready to puke. Then I flipped her over and fucked that man pussy till she screamed! I broke it wide open and fucked that little sissy whore until she was begging for mercy and then I fucked her more! That bitch was all worn out by the time I was done with her, next time we will try it with a real cock!

I spent so much of his money

cuckolding phone sexMy little cucky boy was a very rude little man the other day so I punished him by making him take me shopping. He was crying about how he couldn’t afford it but I knew that was a damn lie so I just told him to shut the fuck up and pull out that credit card. We went to shoe stores and lingerie stores and I went shopping for cute bags to match my new shoes, I even made him go shopping for new makeup too! The totals were getting higher and higher and I just wouldn’t quit, I even made him take me and my lover out to dinner and buy us whatever we wanted. He cried the whole time so he didn’t get to be my clean up boy, he just had to watch me fuck my lover and then suffer with blue balls for the rest of the night. Maybe next time he will learn to have a better attitude!

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