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He was such a pathetic loser

cuckolding phone sexI met up with a real loser the other day. He was this big businessman and I thought he was going to be an alpha male type but no, as soon as he showed up I cold tell right away that he was nothing more than a lil cucky loser. I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed! I thought I was gonna get fucked real good and instead got a loser with a tiny penis so I decided that if my pussy wasn’t gonna get stuffed I’d make damn sure my wallet did! I told him that a man like him was going to have to pay for my time and by the look on his face I could see that it wasn’t the first time he’d heard that from a woman. He asked me how I could tell just by looking at him and I told him it was a gift.Poor thing was SO upset but you know what? I got to go shopping and got a big fat tip too so it was all good for me!

You wish you could get with this

cuckolding phone sexTake a good look at yourself and compare that to the pure perfection that is me… you don’t even come close do you? You’re a pathetic little man with a pathetic little penis, why would a woman like me ever want a “man” like you?? Let’s be real here, the only way I’d ever even be seen with you in public is if you paid me… and you would have to pay me a lot! Don’t get confused by that though, I still won’t ever be fucking you. I only fuck real men, men with giant cocks and a manly attitude and trust me sweetie, that is not you. But… if you are very, very generous to me I might just let yo watch me fuck a real man. Wouldn’t that just be a dream come true for you? You’ve gotta work for that privilege though and it won’t be easy to earn! Better get out that wallet baby, you gotta pay to play with me!

We took all his money and laughed in his face

2 girl phone sexVinny and I got together the other day and it was so much fun! We really have a lot in common, we both know exactly what we want and we won’t settle for less so when we go out looking for men to take advantage of it’s always a good time. We met up with Edward almost right away, he stood out from everyone else because he was just looking around like a scared lil mouse. He didn’t fit in with all the alpha male types that were there so we knew that he was ripe for the plucking. We convinced that little loser to come back to our place, he actually thought that he was going to get to fuck us both, can you believe that? As if we would settle for some boring limp white noodle. He was in for a big surprise once we got there, our big black friends were sitting there waiting for us and they helped us convince the little bitch boy to give up all his money or get fucked by someone he didn’t wanna fuck. We even made him watch us take on those giant dicks, they stretched out our fuck holes in a way that he would never be able to, that’s for sure!

cuckolding phone sex

I had to punish him

2 girl phone sexMy lil cucky has been a real bitch lately, he whines about taking me shopping and bitches about the fact that I won’t fuck him. Honestly it has gotten to the point that I needed to punish him and remind him of his place in life. I decided to really get creative with it so I asked Carla to give me a hand. See, Carla is a beautiful woman but she happens to have a big fat 10 inch cock and I knew that would shock the shit out of my lil cucky boy. We met him at a plush hotel, he thought that he was going to pay us a lot of money and that we would fuck his pathetic lil dickie but really we were going to take his money and Carla was gonna give him a fuck he would never forget! It was almost too easy, we blindfolded the little bitch and tied him to the bed, his lil peepee was so hard and he was just so excited to get this pussy right up until Carla shoved her cock right down his throat. Boy was he surprised by that! All I could do was laugh while he choked on her dick, I ripped the blindfold off him and told him that’s what he gets for being a lil bitch. He begged us to stop but it was too late for that, Carla’s cock was hard and she wanted to cum so I guided that big dick right into cucky’s tight ass. Boy did he ever scream! But you know what? He stopped all that bitching and even paid us extra so I think he liked it!

cuckolding phone sex

I made that bitch boy beg!

cuckolding phone sexI made this little bitch boy cry and beg, he pretty much humiliated himself and it was so funny! Poor lil baby had never been fucked with a strap on cock before so I forced him to bend over and take it like a bitch. He whined and complained of course but with a dick as small as his he should really get used to being the bitch you know? It’s not like he could ever satisfy a woman with that shriveled up lil thing, no woman I know would let a man fuck her with a dick like that! He would be laughed out the room real quick. You should have heard the squeals coming from him when I first pushed my rubber dick up in his tight lil ass, he acted like he was dying but his lil dickie was just so hard and leaking pre cum so I know that bitch was loving it!

He needed it

humiliation phone sexSome men just need to be humiliated, it’s almost as if they were born for it. I’m sure you know the type, meek little men with tiny penises, the kind of man that can’t even look you in the eye, that’s the kind of man Henry is. He likes to act like a big tough businessman but he is this tiny little short person that probably weighs less than I do! How am I supposed to take a man like that seriously? I laugh at him daily and all he ever does is beg me to stop, he’s so weak it’s truly pathetic to see. I like to tease him, torment him, and force him to watch me fuck real men. That’s why I gave him a little peepshow yesterday, I got all wet and naked and made him stand there naked with his lil dickie as hard as the tiny thing could get. He was begging to be allowed to touch me but he didn’t deserve it, I fucked a real man instead right in front of him. I forced him to watch that giant dick fill me up and only after my well fucked pussy was filled with cum was he allowed to taste it.

He turned out to be such a little bitch

cuckolding phone sexI had a date set up yesterday with a very wealthy man, I assumed that he would be a real man because he was clearly successful but he turned out to be a little bitch. As soon as I saw him I knew he was just a pathetic little cucky boy, his whole attitude was weak as hell, how he ever got so successful in business I will never understand. He couldn’t even look me in the eye! He kept his gaze lowered and just pulled out my chair and stammered that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. I just got straight to the point and asked him if he had ever been cuckolded before and he practically cried right there at the table! He was so surprised that I could tell what he was before I had even seen his tiny cock and he begged me not to tell anyone. I made him take me shopping and pay me for my time too and then took him back to his hotel room, he thought that he would be allowed to eat my perfect pussy but all I did was tease him, humiliate him and force him to bend over and take every inch of my giant strap-on cock too! He cried about it but he definitely loved that shit because he’s already calling me back for more!

You loved it loser

cuckolding phone sexI love making little dick losers like you cry all day long because you are really nothing special at all! I mean, obviously I love your money and all but if it weren’t for the fact that you pay me, I wouldn’t even talk to you at all! Did you really think that this was some kind of relationship? Hahahaha the only relationship I’m in is with your wallet loser. And if you want me to keep all your secrets, you better just keep right on paying me. You know I have pictures of you wearing my panties… you wouldn’t want those to get out would you? Or maybe you wouldn’t want your family to find out about all those times I fucked you with this strap on cock of mine? Awwhhh don’t cry loser, you know you love this shit!

What a little dick loser he was!

humiliation phone sexWhat a little dick loser this guy was! He showed up at this club I go to acting like he was cock of the walk but I could tell right off that he wasn’t any kind of real man. Anyone that acts that cocky usually doesn’t have the goods to back it up, you know what I mean? Well, he comes right up to me and starts talking about his huge dick, bragging that he’s got 13 inches for me and did I think I could take it all. I just laughed in his face! Come on guys, when you tell us your dick is some ridiculous size we all know you’re full of shit! I called his bluff and told him to pull it out and show me… he didn’t want to do that at all. So I laughed at him and told him that if it was really that big he’d have no problem showing it off! Finally,he opened up his pants and out came the smallest cock I had ever seen in my life! The whole club laughed at him,I bet he will never show his face there again!

I took all his money and more

cuckolding phone sexDo I look like the kind of woman that pays for her own things? I have wimpy little bitch boys for that! Just like Vincent, he’s a little dick loser with a fat wallet so I keep him around to pay my bills and buy me pretty things. But I never fuck him ever. His dick is barely 3 inches long and he can squirt in 2 seconds, why would I ever fuck a man like that??? I can get a real man with a snap of my fingers, and I do… often. I make Vincent watch me fuck them too and do you know what he does? He watches and cries and practically throws money at me. Why, just last night he was here, I had a stud with me and Vincent just sat there watching me suck that huge cock and cried like a lil baby. He begged me to fuck him but all I wanted to fuck was his wallet. He offered to pay my thousands to just touch my pussy so I took that money and made him clean my well fucked cum filled pussy clean! It wasn’t exactly what he wanted but who cares?

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