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Bow down and cry bitch!

cuckolding phone sexLook at me, do I look like the kind of woman that has to settle for a wimpy little bitch boy like you? No sweetie, you are a loser so quit your fucking crying and bow down for your Goddess! You exist to amuse me and to fatten my wallet, that’s it. You certainly don’t get to touch me in any way other than to clean up my well fucked pussy. I only fuck real men, men with giant cocks and an alpha dog personality… you are nothing like that. You have a tiny little micro penis, a little bitty clitty, a useless little nubbin that could never satisfy any woman! Tell me honestly, has anyone ever looked at that pathetic specimen and not laughed at it immediately?? I know that the first time I saw it I laughed like crazy and all you did was sit there and cry. You are a useless little bitch boy and you could never have a woman like me!

humiliation phone sex

You and your tiny penis are pathetic

cuckolding phone sexLook at me, do I look like the kind of woman that has to settle for a little dick loser like you? No, I am the very definition of perfection so I can literally get any man I want… so why would I ever settle for you?? You have a tiny little limp dick and a wimpy, whiny personality, why the fuck would I want that when I can have a real man? Face it loser, the best you could ever hope for is to worship at my feet while I fuck a real man right in front of you… if you’re a really good boy, I may even let you clean his cum out of my pussy when we’re done fucking. Of course, that is only for good boys though, so if you aren’t a very generous lil cucky bitch, you won’t even be getting that!

Bow down for my Birthday bitches!

cuckolding phone sexBow down for my Birthday bitches! It’s time for all you little dick losers to show your appreciation for your Goddess… and I don’t mean by showing me that tiny little wannabe dick either! No, I want money and gift cards and presents and maybe, just maybe if you try really hard you may just earn yourself the right to be my clean up boy after I fuck a real man. I know my little slut boy Frank has certainly earned himself that privilege already, he filled my inbox with treats so he was rewarded with a nice well fucked cum filled pussy to eat… see how easy it is to please me? I’m a greedy Mistress that loves to be spoiled by little wannabe men like you. As long as you know your place of course…

I made him cry

humiliation phone sex“Awwwhhhh wookit the wittle bitch boy crying his wittle eyes out.” I said derisively, looking down at the wimpy little bitch on his knees in front of me; he was crying because he couldn’t handle the humiliation! I really don’t know what he was expecting, his dick was barely 2 inches long, did he really think I would allow a man like that to fuck me??? Ugh, there is no fucking way that I could fuck a man with a tiny little penis like that, I need a real man with a real cock not some puny little wannabe clit! I forced him to watch me fuck my stud, he was a big black man with a big black cock, the kind of cock that could really stretch me out! He was just jealous that he couldn’t fuck me too… he’ll just have to stay jealous too because he will never get this pussy!

Bow down bitches!

cuckolding phone sexBow down bitches because I am the Goddess and you are just a little bitch boy with a tiny penis! Did you really think that I would allow a man like you to be with a woman like me?? Not gonna happen buddy, I need a real man. A man with a big thick cock and an alpha male personality and you do not qualify at all. You are nothing more than a pay pig and a clean up boy and you will never be anything else so you better just get used to it now! That little dick of yours is of no use to anyone, honestly you would be better off as a girl and you know it as well as I do!

Sissies need humiliation!

humiliation phone sexLets face it, little wimpy sissy boys need humiliation whether they think so or not! I mean just look at you, you look ridiculous! You could never look as good as I do no matter how much makeup and girl clothes you put on. Clearly you’re just a wannabe but since you wanna be a bitch so bad, lets make you a real one! I am gonna whore you out and let you be the center of attention you’ve always longed to be… you’ll just be in the center of a bunch of real men with big thick cocks for your sissy ass to suck! Oh what’s that? Little sissy boy don’t like dick?? Well that’s just too fucking bad for you now isn’t it? You said you wanted to be a girl, well part of being a girl is wrapping your lips around a big thick cock and taking it deep so lets get it started!

What a wimpy little bitch he was!

cuckolding phone sexWell I had an interview for what I thought would be an interesting position but the guy doing the interview changed my mind as to what that job would entail. What a wimpy little bitch he was! He was this small man and I could tell right away that as much as he wanted to act like an alpha male, he was anything but! I immediately took over the interview by telling him to shut the fuck up. He was shocked but he obeyed and I knew then that he would be my new pet. I told him my salary demands and told him that I would be working from home and that all I would be doing was calling to humiliate him. He protested of course but I just cut him short and told him that he had no choice! The only perks he would maybe be getting if he were very generous is that one day I might let him clean my cum filled pussy… maybe. Well, he agreed to it so let that money roll on in!

Look at that pathetic little nub!

small cock humiliation phone sexHahaha look at that pathetic little nub you call a cock, what the fuck am I supposed to do with that??? Did you really think a woman like me… a fucking Goddess like me would ever touch that nasty thing? Go sit in the corner and think about your mistake while I find myself a real man to fuck! Someone bigger and stronger than you with a big thick cock, we’ll compare it to yours and you will see just how far you fall short. What woman would ever settle for something that small and unsatisfying when she could get something better? The only reason you’re even still here is because you have a nice fat wallet for me to empty… speaking of which, don’t forget all those gifts you need to buy me! If you’re a very generous loser I might just let you clean my perfect pussy up at the end, but you will have to earn it. Do you think that you can?

humiliation phone sex

Summertime is the perfect time to take a cucky’s money!

cuckolding phone sexYou know what I love best about summertime? Little dickie having cucky boys have all kinds of free time to spoil me rotten! It’s great for me because these losers have no choice in the matter, I get to decimate their wallets whenever I want… after all, I own them and their wallets! So far this summer my favorite little cucky boy has been a “man” named Frank, he’s very concerned about his privacy so he is extremely easy to take advantage of. Frank has a tiny penis and a fondness for creampies and sucking dick and I have plenty of pictures to prove it so he is very invested in keeping me happy. Right now we’re in a 5 star resort where he has indulged my every whim, he even brings back hot sexy men to our room for me, he knows I won’t be fucking him so he brings home real men instead! I make him watch and clean me up after we’re done too. He may bitch and whine about it but seriously, who the fuck is he trying to kid? He loves being my little bitch for the summer!

financial domination phone sex

He was the most pathetic little bitch I’d ever seen!

humiliation phone sexEvery now and then you meet someone that is just so fucking pathetic you can’t even understand how they have made it this far in life and Edward was definitely one of those kind of people. He is short and very small, the kind of guy that was picked on in high school but managed to make himself a lot of money as an adult. He was rich but so pathetic that even with all that money he couldn’t find himself a woman because no woman wants a man like that. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t give him the time of day either but I really love money so I agreed to let him take me shopping… but I never agreed that he could touch me! That little bitch had the nerve to grab my ass! I couldn’t let a thing like that slide, he had to learn his place! I made him get out my biggest strap on cock and help me put it on… and then I shoved it all the way down his throat! I forced him to get it all slippery and wet so that I could fuck his tight little ass and make him see that I am always the one in charge!

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