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He was so humiliated but he paid

humiliation phone sexOh I fucked with a loser hardcore the other day and I guarantee that he will never forget it! I totally set him up, I invited him over and acted like I was going to let him fuck me with his pathetic little toy sized penis and he fell into my trap so easily. He was blinded by his lust for me, he never questioned anything, he just showed up with a stupid little grin on his face. Well, I got him to undress and even gave him a little striptease to really get him excited… the I pulled out my strap on cock and told him that the only way I would let him fuck me was if I got to fuck him first. He was nervous but that pathetic little faggot agreed to let me fuck him and even spread his cheeks for me. I gaped that ass wide open with my huge strap on cock and that little bitch boy loved it! He was shamelessly begging for more until his tiny peepee finally squirted, he was a total whore. That stupid little bitch was completely blindsided when I told him I recorded the whole thing, he cried and told me no one could find out or he would lose everything. So I made him pay up, I took everything he had and made him go get more too. Now I’m on the payroll and he will be paying me well for a very long time unless he wants all of his business put out for the world to see.

What a little faggot

cuckolding phone sexOmg I met this awful little man the other day, he acted all superior but he was such a little faggot. I could tell within five minutes of meeting him that he was a little dick cucky boy, it was all in his attitude. He just gave off a wimpy trying too hard kind of attitude and I knew that I could have a huge dick in his mouth by the end of the night. I treated that little cuck like a bitch, I was so mean to him all night long but he still came up to my room at the end of it. He was very surprised b the big black man that was waiting up there for us tho, the look on his face was hysterical! I forced that little faggot to his knees and made him fluff that big black dick up and you know what? His tiny little peepee got super hard! I just knew he was a closet fag and I was right!

Sissy got fucked hard

sissy phone sexI have a new sissy and let me tell you this sissy is hard! She wants to be a whore so bad but she’s a little bitch about sucking and fucking dick, what else is a sissy even good for?? She had to practice even if she didn’t want to so I pulled out a giant strap on cock and told her to get to sucking it. She was resistant so I grabbed her by her hair and shoved that rubber dick all the way down her throat and fucked her throat till she was about ready to puke. Then I flipped her over and fucked that man pussy till she screamed! I broke it wide open and fucked that little sissy whore until she was begging for mercy and then I fucked her more! That bitch was all worn out by the time I was done with her, next time we will try it with a real cock!

I spent so much of his money

cuckolding phone sexMy little cucky boy was a very rude little man the other day so I punished him by making him take me shopping. He was crying about how he couldn’t afford it but I knew that was a damn lie so I just told him to shut the fuck up and pull out that credit card. We went to shoe stores and lingerie stores and I went shopping for cute bags to match my new shoes, I even made him go shopping for new makeup too! The totals were getting higher and higher and I just wouldn’t quit, I even made him take me and my lover out to dinner and buy us whatever we wanted. He cried the whole time so he didn’t get to be my clean up boy, he just had to watch me fuck my lover and then suffer with blue balls for the rest of the night. Maybe next time he will learn to have a better attitude!

Cuckolding phone sex for a little limp dick

cuckolding phone sexCuckolding phone sex for a little limp dick loser, honestly I can’t think of anything more fun… for me anyway, these losers probably don’t find it as fun as I do. I know that one of my little pets in particular always cries when I humiliate him, he whines like a little bitch boy and always begs me to let him rub his pathetic little winkie. I like to tease him tho, make him squirm and suffer and I pretty much never let him cum ever. Why should I? His dick is the smallest one I have ever seen in my life! Seriously, it is maybe an inch long if that so humiliation phone sex is what he gets whenever I allow him to call me. Plus he always cums so fast, like within a minute of anything touching his tiny little peepee he is squirting all over the place and it is just ridiculous! What kind of woman could ever get off with a man like that? No one could! That’s why I tease him, hell I have even tied his hands behind his back just to prevent him from touching his itty bitty dickie. The best part tho is when I bring over a real man, a man with a giant cock and an alpha dog personality and make little cucky boy watch him fuck me. And the whole time my stud fucks me, that little bitch boy can’t touch his pathetic little dick at all. Mistress phone sex is all about taking control and humiliating little wimpy boys like my cucky… even if they don’t always appreciate it. In the end tho, he always comes back for more because he knows that he deserves every single punishment I give him. He deserves to be humiliated and tormented and teased and he always will.

humiliation phone sex

I hate whiners and time wasters

humiliation phone sexYou know what I hate more than anything? Little limp dick losers that waste my precious time. I had a cucky boy messaging me for weeks trying to set up some time with me and every time I would make an appointment for him he would find a reason to cancel. Well obviously that just wouldn’t do so I set up the perfect punishment. I went to his house with my loverand forced my way in, turns out that little bitch boy managed to get himself a wife and boy was she pissed! She was a pretty woman, I asked her why she would settle for a bitch like that when she could have anyone, he was in the background whining but we just ignored him. Well, she couldn’t give me a good reason! I asked her was she satisfied sexually, she said no she definitely wasn’t so I offered up my stud to give her a fucking she would never forget and you know what? She took me up on it! We made her little bitch of a husband watch while my stud not only satisfied his wife but me as well and then all he could do was eat his cum from our well fucked cunts afterwords. Now I have his wife cucking him too and I couldn’t be happier!

Humiliation and a big fat creampie is all he’s getting

cuckolding phone sexMy little cucky boy was hopeful that he would be getting sex from me on Christmas but all he will be getting is a lot of humiliation and a big fat creampie to eat. I have my lover coming over and I am going to make cucky watch him fuck me over and over and over all day long. Cucky will probably cry like a little bitch, he always does, but I don’t care at all, in fact I hope he cries a lot! I love hearing him whimper and moan like that because he deserves to be miserable. My Christmas will be wonderful tho, cucky has already been shopping and there are lots and lots of presents under the tree and they are all for me. Cucky’s gift is the gift of being able to lick my pussy clean after a real man puts load after load of cum up in my pussy and ass. I hope he brings an appetite cus he will be eating a lot!

Small cock humiliation phone sex for Christmas

small cock humiliation phone sexSmall cock humiliation phone sex is all you losers will be getting from me this Christmas… but you’ll be giving me much much more. You all know how I am and you know how much I love presents so get out your fat wallets and get ready to spend, spend, spend! You know I’m worth it, that’s why you keep coming back to me even tho I treat you like shit. You know that I am far superior to you so to get my attention you need to worship me correctly. I’m not the one that will settle for some cheap ass bullshit from walmart sweetie, I need designer bags, red bottom shoes and lots of moneyyyyyy! I mean, you do want to make me happy right? And you know very well that your tiny little penis is not what makes me happy, money, presents and huge dicks make me happy! A girl like me is never satisfied so you will have to work really hard to please me this year, I hope you’re really ready for me!

I made him eat it all

humiliation phone sexLittle bitch boy came to me for humiliation and I gave him more than he could handle. He thought that I was going to just laugh at him a little bit or maybe compare my lover’s cock to his cock but I had a little more in mind. First of all I made him get down on his knees and suck my lover’s cock until it was rock hard, then I made him guide it inside my pussy too. He had to watch me get fucked for hours, every hole getting filled with load after load of creamy cum and in the end… he had to eat all that cum from my fuck holes. He cried like a little bitch the whole time but I didn’t care, he got what he came for! It’s not like I would ever be fucking a man like him anyway, he’s lucky he got to touch my pussy at all!

He had the smallest dick ever

cuckolding phone sexThis guy had the smallest dick I have ever seen, it was barely an inch long! He said it was hard but honestly how could he even tell??? There was no way I was gonna let that tiny thing come anywhere near me no matter how much he begged. That little bitch boy was such a whiner too, he was begging and crying and telling me how no one ever wanted to touch his dick, not even hookers he paid to touch it! Hahaha all I could do was laugh at that! I invited a real man over and showed little cucky boy what a real dick looks like and told him that no one would ever want his tiny little micro penis and he better just get used to it. He bitched and cried some more so I just had my friend hold him down and I fucked him with my biggest strap on cock. I told him that he better get used to being a bitch cus that was all that he would ever get!

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