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He turned out to be such a little bitch

cuckolding phone sexI had a date set up yesterday with a very wealthy man, I assumed that he would be a real man because he was clearly successful but he turned out to be a little bitch. As soon as I saw him I knew he was just a pathetic little cucky boy, his whole attitude was weak as hell, how he ever got so successful in business I will never understand. He couldn’t even look me in the eye! He kept his gaze lowered and just pulled out my chair and stammered that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. I just got straight to the point and asked him if he had ever been cuckolded before and he practically cried right there at the table! He was so surprised that I could tell what he was before I had even seen his tiny cock and he begged me not to tell anyone. I made him take me shopping and pay me for my time too and then took him back to his hotel room, he thought that he would be allowed to eat my perfect pussy but all I did was tease him, humiliate him and force him to bend over and take every inch of my giant strap-on cock too! He cried about it but he definitely loved that shit because he’s already calling me back for more!

You loved it loser

cuckolding phone sexI love making little dick losers like you cry all day long because you are really nothing special at all! I mean, obviously I love your money and all but if it weren’t for the fact that you pay me, I wouldn’t even talk to you at all! Did you really think that this was some kind of relationship? Hahahaha the only relationship I’m in is with your wallet loser. And if you want me to keep all your secrets, you better just keep right on paying me. You know I have pictures of you wearing my panties… you wouldn’t want those to get out would you? Or maybe you wouldn’t want your family to find out about all those times I fucked you with this strap on cock of mine? Awwhhh don’t cry loser, you know you love this shit!

What a little dick loser he was!

humiliation phone sexWhat a little dick loser this guy was! He showed up at this club I go to acting like he was cock of the walk but I could tell right off that he wasn’t any kind of real man. Anyone that acts that cocky usually doesn’t have the goods to back it up, you know what I mean? Well, he comes right up to me and starts talking about his huge dick, bragging that he’s got 13 inches for me and did I think I could take it all. I just laughed in his face! Come on guys, when you tell us your dick is some ridiculous size we all know you’re full of shit! I called his bluff and told him to pull it out and show me… he didn’t want to do that at all. So I laughed at him and told him that if it was really that big he’d have no problem showing it off! Finally,he opened up his pants and out came the smallest cock I had ever seen in my life! The whole club laughed at him,I bet he will never show his face there again!

I took all his money and more

cuckolding phone sexDo I look like the kind of woman that pays for her own things? I have wimpy little bitch boys for that! Just like Vincent, he’s a little dick loser with a fat wallet so I keep him around to pay my bills and buy me pretty things. But I never fuck him ever. His dick is barely 3 inches long and he can squirt in 2 seconds, why would I ever fuck a man like that??? I can get a real man with a snap of my fingers, and I do… often. I make Vincent watch me fuck them too and do you know what he does? He watches and cries and practically throws money at me. Why, just last night he was here, I had a stud with me and Vincent just sat there watching me suck that huge cock and cried like a lil baby. He begged me to fuck him but all I wanted to fuck was his wallet. He offered to pay my thousands to just touch my pussy so I took that money and made him clean my well fucked cum filled pussy clean! It wasn’t exactly what he wanted but who cares?

You have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen!

cuckolding phone sexYou have the smallest dick I have ever seen in my life! Why in the hell would I ever want to touch that pitiful thing?? No way loser, I won’t be touching your cock and honestly, I couldn’t give less of a shit if you ever cum again! You are nothing but a loser with a tiny penis, you are not the kind of man I respect, all you get from me is scorn and derision. The only possible way you could maybe make me give a shit if you cum is by sending me lots of gifts, money, spa trips, gift cards, you know what I want and if you want to be near me at all, you will give me whatever I ask for. So what’s it gonna be loser? Are you going to go to bed tonight with blue balls? Or are you going to spoil your Goddess and get to rub that pathetic little clitty of yours?

You’re just the clean up boy

cuckolding phone sexYou are just my little clean up boy, you’re far too pathetic a man to ever be anything more. I mean seriously, just look at that tiny penis! It can’t be more than two inches long and that’s being generous,why would I want that icky lil thing?? No loser, you’re going to be watching me fuck a real man, a man with a big thick dick… you know, the complete opposite of you. You’ll watch him fuck all my holes and fill me up with load after load of cum, I hope you’re hungry cus you’ll be eating it all up! You better not miss a drop either loser, cus if you want to be able to make that lil dickie squirt you better make sure I am very clean! I might even make you clean up my lover too… seeing as how you’re barely a man anyway I may as well make you a lil gayboy too!

I had him right where I wanted him

adult phone chatI have a lover named Ben and he is something really special. He wants me bad but you all know me, if you want this perfect pussy you gotta pay for it! For Ben, I make him pay per stroke, every time that big cock of his goes inside my perfect pussy he pays me a dollar. Now, I know what you’re thinking, one dollar is pretty cheap right? Well when you add that up to many many strokes that adds up to a nice little tip! Well, I got him real good today, I had him tied up to my bed so that he was completely helpless, he couldn’t move at all, he was mine to use as I pleased. I completely took advantage of him too, I hopped right up on that cock and started counting really fast, I wanted to take all of his money before he came! In the end we were both really satisfied…

He was such a wimpy little bitch

cuckolding phone sexOmg he was such a little bitch! The only reason I went out with him to begin with is because he was paying me well, otherwise I would never be seen in public with a little bitch boy like that! He’s a wimpy little thing, short as fuck with a tiny little peepee, he couldn’t satisfy a woman if he tried. Plus he squirts in about two seconds too so even if he managed to get some woman to allow him to fuck her with that useless dick, he would cum so fast she wouldn’t get any pleasure out of it anyway! The only thing this little bitch is good for is giving me money, that’s the only way I ever get any satisfaction around him. Of course, he never gets any satisfaction, why should I care if he gets off?

Bow down loser!

cuckolding phone sex“Bow down loser!” I shouted to the little cucky bitch that was standing in front of me, he was acting way too confident and I needed to take him down a peg or two. I forced him to pull out that tiny little dick of his and made him compare it to a real man’s cock and that stupid little bitch boy actually cried! He was so ashamed of his dick, he knew that he could never satisfy anyone with it and no matter how cocky he acted he was never going to actually be a real man! He had to watch while I fucked my stud, I made him sit right up close too so that he could see what it looks like when a woman is fucked the right way! Then I left him horny and unsatisfied, just like he deserved!

He was such a loser!

cuckolding phone sexHe was such a loser, I could ell as soon as I laid eyes on him. He came into the restaurant like a scared little rabbit, he practically had his tail tucked between his legs already, he was so shy and scared that he couldn’t even look me in the eye! It was ridiculous, here I thought I was being set up on a blind date with a sexy guy and all I ended up with was a little loser cucky boy that wasn’t going to give me any satisfaction at all! I made him pay for dinner and even suggested that we go back to my place, I was going to have some fun with him one way or another! He was surprised to see my stud there waiting for us… he was even more surprised when I forced him to his knees and made him suck my stud’s cock till it was hard! Then I made him watch us fuck all night long… and I never even let him touch his tiny peepee!

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