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When you go to the store and you run into one of your ex’s when you have not had your pussy licked in awhile, things can get interesting. I ran into my ex at the super market when I went shopping for dinner. I was in the produce section looking for vegetables for one of my favorite dishes to make and my really hot and massively endowed ex came around the corner. He stopped and said hi. I automatically looked down because this man has a nice fat dick that I miss riding and his tongue in between my pussy lips is pure magic.

Hot phonesex

I could not help it, I invited him over for dinner. He asked me what we were going to have and I told him it was going to be me. He gave a nice little grin, and as he told me he would be by later, while he was walking away, he stopped and gave my neck a little kiss and whispered in my ear ” I want you nude and wet for me baby”.

Cheap phone sex: Janelle is your nasty whore

Cheap phone sex

I am the nastiest little slut you will ever have ride your cock. I have always been nastier than any of my friends, my cousins and even out of my fucked up family. I cam from dysfunction and chaos and I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed being fantasy ass raped by daddy and his friends. I love having my pussy and asshole spread so far apart I can practically feeling skin rip from a huge cock or object pushing inside and pulling out of my cunt. I have some of the craziest ideas in my head and I want to try new things all of the time. Have you ever just had an exotic or taboo idea and needed a release, so you just go for it and it turns out to be the most exhilarating thing you have ever experienced? I have, I do every day. I am impulsive and open to any idea. Whats is your idea?

Cheap phone sex with freaky Janelle

Cheap phone sex

I got pulled over last night coming home for a friends house and the cop was a real dick. He said I was going 18 over when it was actually only like 6 miles over the speed limit. Needless to say it was not my first time getting pulled over for speeding. He started to write me a ticket and I begged him to please reconsider. I gave him a whole bunch of excuses but he kept writing. Then I did something whorish. I offered to suck his dick. He quickly stopped writing and looked up at me, as a grin started to crack across  his face. He told me to get out of the car, he spun me around, handcuffed me and walked me to his car where he asked me as he opened the back door to his police vehicle  “You don’t want a ticket, huh?” UI told him “no”. He pushed me in, lifted up my skirt, pushed aside my panties. He stuck his cock into my asshole and grunted as he fucked my pooper. He finished, helped me back out of his backseat, took the hand cuffs off and said “Get outta here, and drive slower.”

Ass to mouth phone sex with hottie Janelle

I was at a party last night and some of my friends wanted to play suck and blow. So we grabbed a deck of cards and started to play, if you dropped the card, you slammed a shot of vodka. Well, I had this awesome idea. Every time someone drops the card they must take and shot and lick a body part of the person to their left. Everyone agrees and thinks it will be fun so we start.

Ass to mouth phone sex

My friend john drops the card, so he takes a shot and licks Tina on the nose. It passes by four people and my friend Jim goes to give it to me and he drops it. Jim has always had a bit of a crush on me, and he is always complimenting my ass. He tells me he wants to kiss my asshole. I oblige him by raising my skirt, pulling my panties down and letting him lick my asshole in front of everyone.

Cheap phone sex with Janelle

I love getting my freak on and when I step onto stage I feel like a million dollars. There is something about when the music starts, I get really wet and start to cream my panties. I love giving private dances in the VIP room and making those bills. When a man shoves that 20 in my tiny little outfit and I shake my ass for him, I know I am the one making his dick nice fat and throbbing for my body. It is very exhilarating to know that he is hard because of me.

Its even hotter when they want to fuck my wet pussy and give me lots of money to do so. I love it when they fuck me from behind and raise m leg, shove their cock in and start thrusting that yummy fat cock into my cunt. I am just a giant slut but I know what I am worth and I want to be paid accordingly.

Freaky and Kinky

Queen of the freaks is what they call me. There is nothing I will not do, there is nothing too nasty for me. I enjoy the taboo sexual acts that people cringe at. I want to be fucked good so that I will remember it and come so fucking hard while I am fucking. I can not tell you how many new experiences I have had and enjoyed every single one. I have eaten scat, been pissed on, been tied up and raped fantasy by a huge cock in my cunt and my ass hole. I have been the dominant as well as the submissive and  enjoy both. I love having my cunt and my ass hole licked until my ass hole is so wet I would be able to lube myself up and get off over and over. I have always been a freak since I could remember when. Guys have always loved that about me that I was willing to try things that other girls were to squirmy about.

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life’s to short go ahead and try it

I love living life to the extreme. I mean really what is it worth if you can not say you have tried a little bit of this and a little bit of that at least once in your life. I really love experimenting sexually and finding new ways to get off. I do not mind masturbating and coming all on my own. I also love to be kinky and try new things my guy wants to. I am all for the new hip trends or old tried and true methods of fucking happiness.

Roleplay phone sex

I get really turned on when I find out there is a new toy out that is suppose to make you super wet. I get so fucking horny when he comes homes and says my buddy told me we should try this. I really do not have any taboos at all. I figure if it is going to make my cunt or asshole feel good, then why shouldn’t I try it.

Fuck my titties and give me my pearl necklace

Titty fucking is fucking amazing. I love cupping my titties together so a big fat firm dick can thrust in and out of my hot titties. I love it when I can feel the throbbing of the shaft muscles and the hot clammy skin rub up and down on my milky smooth breasts. I feel the sweat as he thrusts harder and harder and I smell the scent of sex off of his balls. I can taste the sweet sweat coming into my mouth off his dick.

Blowjobs phone sex

When he is pounding to the rhythm of his manliness and his sweet sticky jizz is about to give me a grand pearl necklace. I stick out my tongue to taste that gooey love cream. As he thrusts that final time before the eruption I look down and see him throbbing and find my body moving in syn with him, as I arch and await my creamy prize. I await my pearl necklace.

Til I’ve had my fill

I love the sound of a man who is being drained from his manly juices after a good old pounding session. At this point he has taken me out for a nice dinner already, and we have fucked like their is no tomorrow, but my favorite part of it is when he is just about to blow and I take away my pussy, get on my knees and stick my tongue out to him showing my kinky freaky side and I want him to shoot that load right on my tongue. I will wait and right as he is about to explode I will engulf his throbbing cock into my mouth and suck so hard I can feel him shiver. I then begin to move my head back and forth sucking so hard it hurts my jaw. I will continue to suck until I make sure I have gotten every last drop and drained his ball sac and fuck stick til I have had my fill.


Cum slut phone sex

My box of toys

When there is not s tiff hard cock around I tend to yearn for something in my sweet pretty pussy. Since I do not have a live-in fuck boy I must make do. That is when I bring out my box of nasties. That is the box I have all of my fuck goodies in. I have glass dildos, vibrators, anal beads, fuck machines and so much more in there. It is like my wonderland of pleasure when I do not have a big fat throbbing cock to ride on or suck.

Cheap phone sex

My favorite vibrator is my brown multi speed dildo. It purrs like a kitten and it is so powerful. It makes me come over and over. I slip it down into my panties or lay back ass naked, spread my legs wide open and run that pretty little slit open with the head of my toy. I hit my clit first and as I start to shiver in pleasure, I ram that dildo into my hole over and over fucking the shit out of my pussy.

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