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Adult phone chatI was thinking earlier how hard it is to find the perfect fuck partner. I mean men get to pull out their cocks, get hard and stick it in a hole. But for me I actually need some stimulation. I need to feel something rub up against my clit, I need visual stimulation of some sort. I need to feel my orgasm slowly come on before I come all over. And although I am notorious for being able to squirt my pussy juice across the room when I come. That kind of dedication does not come from a quickie. I need the time taken to get me to optimal climax status where I feel the burn of wanting something shoved so far inside of me that I could scream from the urge to be stuffed full. Its so hard to get that ultimate rush and shoot it down between my legs for a good pussy squirt aiming straight for my target, usually his mouth. If I am going to eat your cock and swallow your yummy load, I want the same. Open wide!

Janelle the Babysitter phone sex

I have a lot of friends who ask me to sit for them occasionally. I would have to say my favorite though is my friend Dana’s guy.  He is such a polite gentleman and growing to be a very descent man. He knows that any time I come over to sit for him that we are going to have lots of fun. He is right at the age where tits and ass are making his cock hard. I have caught him looking up video and pictures to jack his cock off to.

Babysitter phone sex

I decided one tie while he was under my care that I would show him the real thing. I normally like well established men who can take me by force, but his innocence was appealing to me. I took him into his moms room, had us both strip down and I fucked the shit out of that virgin mind. I showed him things you would not even see in an extreme porn video. I heard him bragging to his friends about it when they were walking home from school a little while back. He will never forget my pussy that is for sure.

Cum slut phone sex: Janelle’s Holes

I have always been a hard woman to please. I cannot help it, I just have high standards and know exactly what I like in bed and what I like to look at to get my pussy wet. I love being completely full. I do not necessarily have to have multiple men fucking me, but I enjoy having my holes filled. I really enjoy shoving a dildo in my ass while I am being pounded by a fat rock hard cock. If a guy is thrusting his cock down my throat, I am the type of girl that will be banging my pussy up with a fat vibrating bunny dildo. Masturbation and sex go hand in hand and if I can come that much harder from having toys in an extra hole, well then bring it on.

Cum slut phone sex

I am a sucker for a man who can utilize his hands while ramming his cock in my ass. I love having him reach to the front and play with my pussy and clit. Let me help you, I will give you this big glass dildo and you can help me fuck myself while you fuck my asshole from behind. Spank me and caress my ass cheeks. Pull my hair and bite my neck too. Trust me, I can take it.

Phone Sex with Janelle

I tend to wake up in the middle of the night incredibly horny sometimes and I like to have someone to talk to. I think this is why I like making so many friends and giving out my number when I am doing simple tasks like going shopping, getting groceries, etc. I really just enjoy chatting and finding things I may have in common wit guys. It gives me the upper hand on nites when I am lonely.

Phone sex

I met this guy at the grocery store last morning and ended up giving him my number. He was really cute, had an accent I was unfamiliar with and I could see his bulging cock through his pants as we spoke. On several occasions he tried to discreetly adjust himself because I could see his cock get harder and harder as we spoke. His jeans were tight as is and I could not help but stare. I think I am going to give him a call right now. I could really use some company.

Fetish phone sex with Janelle

Phone sex fetish

I love being a nasty dirty whore. I get lots of action and its all because I am a hot piece of ass and I know it. I am a goddess. I take care of my body. I make sure my pussy is tight, I excersize my pussy and asshole on every cock I find available. But, make no mistake that my pussy is not freely given to every Tom, Dick or Harry. I need to know that you are going to take care of me, pamper me, give me what I want and make my pussy feel good like it needs to… then at that point I will spread my legs and show you my yummy pussy. Eat it, caress it and make me happy and I will leave you feeling like a king. Happy, satisfied and wanting my body every moment of every day. I am a goddess and I expect to be treated as such while I shower down gifts of my pussy upon you.

Hot phonesex with Janelle

When you go to the store and you run into one of your ex’s when you have not had your pussy licked in awhile, things can get interesting. I ran into my ex at the super market when I went shopping for dinner. I was in the produce section looking for vegetables for one of my favorite dishes to make and my really hot and massively endowed ex came around the corner. He stopped and said hi. I automatically looked down because this man has a nice fat dick that I miss riding and his tongue in between my pussy lips is pure magic.

Hot phonesex

I could not help it, I invited him over for dinner. He asked me what we were going to have and I told him it was going to be me. He gave a nice little grin, and as he told me he would be by later, while he was walking away, he stopped and gave my neck a little kiss and whispered in my ear ” I want you nude and wet for me baby”.

Cheap phone sex: Janelle is your nasty whore

Cheap phone sex

I am the nastiest little slut you will ever have ride your cock. I have always been nastier than any of my friends, my cousins and even out of my fucked up family. I cam from dysfunction and chaos and I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed being fantasy ass raped by daddy and his friends. I love having my pussy and asshole spread so far apart I can practically feeling skin rip from a huge cock or object pushing inside and pulling out of my cunt. I have some of the craziest ideas in my head and I want to try new things all of the time. Have you ever just had an exotic or taboo idea and needed a release, so you just go for it and it turns out to be the most exhilarating thing you have ever experienced? I have, I do every day. I am impulsive and open to any idea. Whats is your idea?

Cheap phone sex with freaky Janelle

Cheap phone sex

I got pulled over last night coming home for a friends house and the cop was a real dick. He said I was going 18 over when it was actually only like 6 miles over the speed limit. Needless to say it was not my first time getting pulled over for speeding. He started to write me a ticket and I begged him to please reconsider. I gave him a whole bunch of excuses but he kept writing. Then I did something whorish. I offered to suck his dick. He quickly stopped writing and looked up at me, as a grin started to crack across  his face. He told me to get out of the car, he spun me around, handcuffed me and walked me to his car where he asked me as he opened the back door to his police vehicle  “You don’t want a ticket, huh?” UI told him “no”. He pushed me in, lifted up my skirt, pushed aside my panties. He stuck his cock into my asshole and grunted as he fucked my pooper. He finished, helped me back out of his backseat, took the hand cuffs off and said “Get outta here, and drive slower.”

Ass to mouth phone sex with hottie Janelle

I was at a party last night and some of my friends wanted to play suck and blow. So we grabbed a deck of cards and started to play, if you dropped the card, you slammed a shot of vodka. Well, I had this awesome idea. Every time someone drops the card they must take and shot and lick a body part of the person to their left. Everyone agrees and thinks it will be fun so we start.

Ass to mouth phone sex

My friend john drops the card, so he takes a shot and licks Tina on the nose. It passes by four people and my friend Jim goes to give it to me and he drops it. Jim has always had a bit of a crush on me, and he is always complimenting my ass. He tells me he wants to kiss my asshole. I oblige him by raising my skirt, pulling my panties down and letting him lick my asshole in front of everyone.

Cheap phone sex with Janelle

I love getting my freak on and when I step onto stage I feel like a million dollars. There is something about when the music starts, I get really wet and start to cream my panties. I love giving private dances in the VIP room and making those bills. When a man shoves that 20 in my tiny little outfit and I shake my ass for him, I know I am the one making his dick nice fat and throbbing for my body. It is very exhilarating to know that he is hard because of me.

Its even hotter when they want to fuck my wet pussy and give me lots of money to do so. I love it when they fuck me from behind and raise m leg, shove their cock in and start thrusting that yummy fat cock into my cunt. I am just a giant slut but I know what I am worth and I want to be paid accordingly.

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