Ass to mouth

Ass To Mouth Phone Sex

I love being fucked in the ass. I’m a nasty whore too, and unlike a lot of other girls I’m not afraid to go ass to mouth. I had my ass fucked nice and hard by a big thick cock last night . After sucking his dick and getting him nice and sloppy wet, he pushed me on my back with my ankles by my head and started working his big dick into my tight back door. Once he got the tip inside, he gave it a big push and shoved the rest of his length into me. I let out a big gasp and begged him to fuck me in the ass as hard as he could. Before he came, he pulled out of my ass and had me clean his cock off. I sucked all my juices off of his dick like a good little slut and then let him shoot his load into my mouth.

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