Artist hands

hot ass sex 

   My friends and I have been staying in this beautiful Condo on the beach. Being here only a couple of days, I have already had some hot ass sex. My girls and I were shopping when this ad caught my eye, It stated “looking for nude female models” for art. I knew that I had to be apart of this. Kim and Holly argued their point of it being a bad idea. I thought differently however. I thought to my self, ” My sexy body could inspire woman, even the artist. plus I’ll get paid. But most importantly, I can pose nude.” The thought of being naked while someone is staring at my smooth sexy being gives me the opportunity for erotic fantasies. My mind was made. I called, sent my picture in and the next day I got the call back. It was a male artist who had a stern, sexy, invigorating voice.

 I pulled up to the studio excited, horny, and so ready. My body was trembling from anticipation. When I saw my artist my cunt instantly started to drip my built up juices from all my fantasies that ran through my head over night. He was tall, gorgeous, talented, and clearly educated. A man’s intelligence goes far in bed. He spoke to me with professionalism, but looking deep in his eyes was purely lust. I sat on his couch with my heart pounding, eager for his steady, artistic, strong hands to feel my body. He positioned me exactly how he needed me to be. I was still for what felt like a life time. Finally, he walked over to me to re-position my legs. He looked in my eyes and said ” I just can’t hold back from having you, let me take you”. I kissed him softly while I ran my hand firmly over his bulge. I stripped him, got on my knees and ran my tongue from side to side on his balls while I stroked his long thick cock. It was sloppy and wet, ready to please me. He picked me up to pin my body to the wall, pulled my hair to the side to kiss my chin down to my pussy. His lips gave me goose bumps, he touched me so perfectly. My cunt was treated like It was his canvas. The work, the focus, and the talent that he had with his hands to paint, went perfectly with his tongue as he illustrated on my body parts.

 He made me have an orgasm with just his mouth. My body was shaking and my toes were numb. It was so my turn, so I started to suck his cock all over again. He forced it down my throat deeper each time and longer with no breathes just barley breathing through my nose. My mascara was running from my eyes watering. I needed to make him bust like he did for me. Groping his balls while I sucked for a few minutes, I then sucked my finger to fuck his ass hole while he was balls deep in my throat. I felt the build up and I pushed his hands on the back of my neck to force his cock further so I could swallow his load. He stayed hard so we could finally fuck and I bounced up and down on him tightening my pussy to make him cum once again. He rubbed my clit as he fucked me then worked it right in to my ass hole. Finishing up we were caught in our own world not noticing his paintings and drawings were all knocked over. My friends were so wrong, it was the best experience I have ever had.

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