Anal fun

Anal phone sex

  Sometimes you just have to test your limits, my ex and play toy joined together to give me the best. They wasted no time fucking all my holes when they came over. My ass hole was pounded first while I was sucking Georges cock and playing with his balls. It was so good, that I could feel my pussy dripping so when he took it out of my bum it slid right in my vagina. That breakfast we had this morning gave them fuel I am guessing because they just wanted to keep busting nuts over and over. I told them that if they wanted this again that they would have to suck each other off while I finished my self. So, they did, and damn they could suck a mean cock it was delish watching them, then I made my ex take George’s dick he acted like he didint want it, but he totally did. It was so hot that mt clit was throbbing. i love testing limits. Do you?

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