All that Glitters is Gold

I love anything that sparkles – champagne, diamonds, stars in the sky. You spoil me with the gifts and jewelry and money, but it wouldn’t mean anything without your amazingly dirty mind. I know you only buy me these things to keep me fucking you. Its so obvious and I don’t even care. I get great cock and the finer things in life, and you get my sweet pussy any time you want it. Your house is glamorous, as are your friends and parties.

You love showing me off and you know that I will please all your friends in one evening if that’s what you ask me to do. I love being your bought and paid for trophy girl. The gold and diamonds dripping off my wrists and neck while they fuck me. Like golden handcuffs that I don’t want to escape from. You love me as your highly paid escort, and I give you bragging rights as you are the only one who really gets me off.

I love when you let them watch you fuck me. I see them staring at my tits as they bounce and they are so jealous of you. They would give anything to have a girl like me. But they aren’t you, and they can’t afford me. Their envy feeds your ego and your ego feeds your wallet. And of course, your wallet feeds me. We are the perfect power couple, and yet no strings attached. No one is allowed to call me a whore except you, and that’s because you say it when you’re fucking me just right. I love being your million dollar whore, and I believe that everything that glitters really is gold.

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