Age Play with P-Momma Kenya Ch.3

Age play phone sexMy girls were busy making the man’s dreams come true. Two perfect little angels were slurping all over his huge cock. They took turns sucking on his bulging mushroom tip. Their big browns eyes stayed connected to his blue eyes. I taught them to always maintain eye contact while giving a blowjob. They tried their best to deep-throat his huge dick but their mouths are too tiny and they barely sucked past the tip. He thought his sexual fantasy would stay a fantasy but now he had two little girls fighting to suck his dick. Their small heads bobbed up and down on his shaft and saliva slid down his cock. He lost control and tore the clothes off their small bodies. My girls looked frightened because of his sudden aggression. He forced their legs apart and dug his tongue into their tiny holes. I sat in my chair watching the whole scene with my pussy getting wetter and wetter…to be continued.

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