Age Play with P-Momma Kenya

Age Play Phone SexToday was so beautiful, a perfect day to go to the zoo. I put my girls in pink sundresses with matching pink bows and barrettes in their long curly black hair. The zoo was full of little ones but my angels got all of the attention. People would walk up to us and compliment their beauty. I searched through the crowd for a financial opportunity because I got bills to pay. I noticed an older man following us from exhibit to exhibit. He finally got the courage to approach us and with sweaty brow told me my girls were the most beautiful precious little things he’d ever seen. I noticed his huge erection through his tight jeans and got right down to business. He was at the zoo all alone I knew what he wanted. He gave me a credit card and I ran it through an app on my phone for my phony cleaning business. We left the zoo looking like a family with little ones holding daddy’s hands. My girls got him in the back of our van and argued over who would suck his dick first. They helped him out of his jeans, then began taking turns slobbering on his huge cock. The slurping and moans turned me on and made my pussy throb and twitch as I drove to our house. I had to warn the girls not to make the man cum. I wanted to wait till we were behind closed doors and I was sitting in my favorite chair with a perfect view… to be continued.

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