Age Play and Mr. Foot Man

age play phone sexThe girls started crying when I turned left on Sinder Street. They knew who we were going to see and they didn’t like it. But I’m the mother and I run the show. Mr. Frost pays so much money to spend a few hours with my little angels. Sinder Street is in the most affluent neighborhood in our city and Mr. Frost makes his neighbors seem like peasants. He has a strange fetish and it’s the reason for their tears. Mr. has a huge beautiful garden that surrounds his mansion and he walks on the soil barefoot. He makes my girls lick his feet clean while he strokes his huge cock. I think he loves their tears and the looks of disgust on their pretty little brown faces. He called me over and offered more money to suck his cock. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock while the girls sucked his toes. I’ll buy them new dolls and they’ll forget about today.

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