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Ugggggg! I hate car problems…. But I love mechanics. Before I take my car to the garage I put on my super small school uniform from 2 years ago. I look super-hot in it, very hit me baby one more time Brittney Spears. I pull into the garage, and cue the damsel in distress act. My normal mechanic, Gary, isn’t there today, but his super-hot super bad tatted up son is. When my eyes locked on his I was instantly attracted, if I was a popsicle I would have melted. He was the very definition of tall dark and handsome. His name is Kobain, seriously how hot is that!?! He came over to me, and towered over me. “What seems to be the problem?” I frantically reply, “I don’t know my car keeps making this ticking noise.” He says “you can stop the dramatics I can tell you’re faking it…. I think I’m going to call you trouble.” A little shocked, but a lot of flirty I reply “me trouble look at you. You could ruin a girls panties just by looking at her.” With his eyebrow raised he tells me, ” oh really, lets test that theory.” He reaches his hand up my skirt and smirks. He simply says, “can’t really tell when you don’t have panties on, huh?” I smoothly say, “guess not.” He gripped my hips tight and slammed his body against mine. He whispers, “I should warn you I’m a bit rough.” He really is the perfect man. He picks me up and sets me on the hood of my car, and walks away. He comes back with a tool box. I get really disappointed and hop off the car. I go to walk away, but he grabs me by the wrist and pulls me back. He bends me over the hood of my car and lifts my skirt. He slams a huge cold wrench down on my bare ass. Once my whole ass is bruised, and I’ve already cum from the beating, He finally sticks his huge hard cock in my dripping wet cunt. He groans, “oh my god, trouble,” as he shoots his warm cum all over my ass.

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