Adult Phone Chat with Cody

adult phone chat

My fantasy that I have brought into the bedroom is being tied up and helpless. I love being thrown onto my bed and tied down by my partner and forced to take his cock in any hole he wants. There is always the fear that it will go too far which I think make me even wetter. While playing around with being choked and tied up my partner said something to me which caused a reaction. “I am going to cum inside you. You are a dirty whore and I am going to fill you up with my cum.” It sounded so much sexier when I was gagged and hog tied and being choked by him. Just the fear that he could possibly get me pregnant and knowing that a part of him was inside me made me explode all over his cock. I left a river on our bed after that time.

phone sex

Call me tonight and tell me what some of your Fantasies are! The dirtier the better!!


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