Adult Phone Chat: It Does Matter if You’re Black or White

adult phone chatMy friend Chelsea was over this weekend. I had to have a little adult phone chat with her about cocks. She is married to a white guy. Sure he makes a shit load of money. He is considered a good catch. I get that. But, what good is any man if he cannot provide for a woman’s sexual pleasure? When it comes to cocks, black is better. I’m trying to convince her to cheat on her husband. His little white weenie just can’t make her cum. She knows this. She has admitted it, yet for some reason she still thinks we live in the 50s.

black cock phone sexI invited one of my black studs over. He was more than happy to lend his cock to the sexual education of a white housewife. I pulled his cock out and watched Chelsea’s eyes grow big. “Yes babe, this is a real man’s cock,” I informed her as I devoured it down my throat. I let my black stud skull fuck me while she watched in amazement. She was impressed I could take that much flesh down my throat. Plus she was pretty amazed at the stark contrast between white and dark meat. I could see the wheels spinning in her head. With a little coaxing Chelsea was beside me taking her first black cock.

2 girl phone sex bbcSoon she was flying solo. Deep throating his black fat cock until her eyes were watering. “See what he is doing to your mouth babe? Imagine what he can do to your pussy,” I teased her. I started priming her cunt with a few of my fingers. I managed to get 4 fingers in her velvet smooth pussy. She felt amazing. I even tasted her too. I guided my stud’s cock into her warm wet snatch and sat back and watched my friend pop her nigger cherry. She was screaming and yelling. Her body was even convulsing. Clearly Chelsea needed my encouragement.

cheating phone sex BBCHe pussy was battered and filled with cum. But in a hurt so good kind of way. She passed out from pleasure as I cleaned the black spunk from her swollen cunt. My tongue soothed her slit. She thanked me like I knew she would. “I have never cum that hard before, Vinny,” she said with a glow. I kissed her. What are friends for, right? Friends don’t let friends fuck little white dicks.

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