Adult Phone Chat: I Can be Your GFE or Your Bitch

adult phone chatDo you like adult phone chat? I am a chameleon of sorts. In this business that means I can be any kind of woman for you. I have a strong submissive side to me. That goes way back to my daddy when I was a little girl. I still gravitate towards dominant men. I guess you could say I have daddy issues. But there is this GFE inside me too. A girl who loves to be spoiled and pampered. I am very lucky that I have the best sugar daddy in the world, who treats me like royalty. He has shown me that I can be more than someone’s slave. I can be the woman who caters to your ever desire, even your dark desires. Or, I can be your princess who you spoil and pamper. Either way, I never mind some rough sex or a spanking. I have a body that can handle some hardcore fucking. And it is no secret that I can take an anaconda in my fuck holes. My two sides make me the perfect GFE. We can be making sweet love one moment and the next moment, I could be screaming for mercy when your big fat cock is tearing up my fuck holes. So, what kind of woman are you looking for today? A sweet GFE or a bad ass submissive bitch?

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