Adult Phone Chat about Tiny Dicks

adult phone chat slut wifeAdult phone chat about small dicks is so much fun. Guys think they can fool me by telling me they have more than 7 inches on the phone. They think there is no way I will never know they have a clit stick over the phone. WRONG loser. I can tell in your voice if you are a real man or not. It is not in your tone or even cadence. It is all about your confidence. What you say and how you say it. Plus, I can hear it in how you slap your meat. If you have a fat fuckalicious fuck stick, then I am going to hear you jacking it. Teenie weenies make no sound! They do however give me a case of the giggles. I never get tired of tootsie roll laughing. This loser who called me today tried to convince me he had 12 inches of thick meat for my pussy. Tried to convince me he was black with a name like Oliver. He sounded like a total sissy too. When I asked him to stroke his beef stick I heard nothing. But he heard laughter and a litany of humiliating names. You can’t lie to a professional size queen, so don’t even try. Just admit you have a tiny fuck stick and let the games begin.

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