Adult Phone Chat about Tantric Sex

adult phone chat tantric sexAdult phone chat can really include any topic, from the vanilla to the extreme. A few weeks ago I did a call out of the norm for me. It wasn’t a submissive call, more of a sensual, romantic call. My caller is a yoga instructor; very new age guy into tantric sex. I was clueless about what it was honestly. Seemed like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, especially when I read that the focus was not about orgasm but reaching a higher level of physical pleasure. WTF? Could there be anything more pleasurable than a good hard cum? I didn’t think so until I was talking to my personal trainer about the practice of neotranta. He told me not to discount it as hogwash until I tried it. Fair enough.

phone sexNow I was super curious. Of course he offered to help me explore this higher level of sexuality. He introduced me to the Virsha, which at first looked like nothing more than the reverse cowgirl position. There was a twist, however. I needed to lean forward and grab his ankles. Harder than you think, even harder when attempting it on a yoga ball. But, let me tell you, my whole body was on fire. I understood what my caller was talking about finally. Every nerve in my body was in a heightened sense of arousal. My trainer said it was because I was using my chakras. Another term I had to look up. Essentially, we got 7 core centers in our body where our energy comes from. Tantric sex puts you in touch with your spiritual and sexual energy to give you an entire body orgasm.

big tit photosMy caller was right. It was mind blowing. I got a work out, but also had the best cum of my life. Not only did I squirt all over the place, but every fiber of my body was aroused and sensitive. I came so hard, my body was shuddering. I had to look like I was possessed convulsing like that. I was a hot sweaty mess, but felt totally relaxed and euphoric afterwards. My trainer told me there are over 100 tantric sex positions we can explore. I can’t wait. I went out and bought the Kama Sutra to get ready for our next fuck session. I know most men deny me sexual pleasure because I am a submissive whore, but even subby bitches deserve a good hard cum sometimes .

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