Adult Phone Chat about Big Beautiful Butts

adult phone chat big assAdult phone chat about big butts anyone? Are there men out there who love a big fat juicy ass? I know anytime I go walking the pups in my daisy dukes with my ass cheeks popping out from underneath men get hypnotized. I can feel their eyes moving with my milkshake. Kim Kardashian has nothing on my ass because mine is all real. No implants, just real humps, real lady humps. I picked up an ass man the other day walking my pups. Brought him home and sat on his face for hours while he not only smelled my beautiful butt, but licked it. Gave me the best rim job I have had in a long time. Drilled his tongue in and out of my butt hole like it was a tiny hard pecker. Licked up and down my taint, even licked my hairy beaver. My pussy was dripping wet, which I of course grinded all over him. I’m a squirter, so when he got his tongue in my ass and his fingers in my snatch, I sprayed his face like a fire hose. My musky scent will linger with him for days. I gave him some hot ass sex.

Are you an ass man? I love ass worshipers. Cum pray at my big fat alter. I smell like roses. I promise to anoint you with my nectar.

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