Accomplice for Daddy’s biggest cum shot

Biggest cum shotDaddy can’t get enough of his little blowhob whore, he trains me to suck his dick exactly how he deserves to have it sucked so that he can give me his biggest cum shot. Daddy brings along for a ride with him over to the local playground at the park where we scope out youngsters while I gag on his shaft. I help Daddy choose which little cunt I want to lure into the back of the van with us, we ended up choosing the mother who was breastfeeding her lil’ one on the bench. Daddy tied the mommy up and forced her to watch as he shoved his slippery cock into her daughter’s tiny little cunny slit. His dick was throbbing, you could see it piercing through her abdomen. I think Daddy’s cock was longer than her entire body all together, hehe. He pierced through her stomach and ripped her right open so that I could suck him off while it poked through. It was all bloody and gross but I didn’t mind one bit… anything to get my Daddy off and bust his nut! I love how much he loves little girls and I love being his slutty accomplice of a daughter! We always have the hottest family fun together. 🙂

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