A night of family fun.

It was a hot summers night at my uncles house in the country. Being late, I thought everyone was sleeping when I snuck in after a party but as I passed my aunt and uncle’s room I heard moans and groans. Biting my lip, I opened their door a crack and it was so god damned hot watching my aunt sucking my uncle’s cock. My hand moved down into the front of my jeans, rubbing at my clit.

I was shocked when I was looking up my uncle’s body that I found him looking right at me. Freezing, I thought I was about to get yelled at, but he motioned for me to come in. Stepping into the room, I was nervous but my aunt got up and came to me. She smiled as she reached out and started helping me out of my clothes. “How about you help me please your uncle tonight sweetie?” she asked softly. Once I was out of my clothes, she had me move to the bed. “Suck uncles cock for me.” she told me. Bending over I started taking his huge cock into my mouth when I felt my aunts tongue licking at my wet pussy lips. Moaning and shuddering, I gave into the pleasure. I sucked at his cock as my aunt ate me out. It was a wild night as we all fucked each other, uncle took both of us and I ate his cum out of her while he fucked me. We fucked until all three of us passed out on the large bed. Threesomes are the best! Teen phone sex

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