A naughty secretary always swallows

Naughty Secretary Phone SexThere are many perks of having a hott and naughty secretary such as myself, not only am I the sexiest eye candy that you could ever imagine but you have the ultimate pleasure of using me as your personal sex toy all day every day! Little does your wife know about all the sexy and wild fun that we love to have with one another while you’re hard at work, hehe. So hard in fact that you need a sensual woman like me to handle you whenever your cock wants to pop up for some dirty play time! I absolutely love sucking on that throbbing dick that you have in your pants and as we both know, a good girl always swallows down every last drop of gooey cock cream! You’re not used to having a slut guzzle down your cum, your wife will barely even pay any attention to your perfect dick! That’s why you can’t get enough of me! I’m such a sexy treat for you to indulge in while we’re stuck in the office together!


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  1. Matthew

    Need you to suck on my dick you hott whore!

  2. Devon

    You are sexy as fuck and I would make you parade around my desk in short skirts, getting under my desk and suck my fat dick

  3. Jonny

    Hope my tasty cunt, you’re a FuckaliciousFreak for sure and I love it.

  4. Collin

    wish you were my secretary

  5. ron

    Damn can I hire you too?

  6. Trace

    I got a load for you to swallow

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