A kickback

hot phone sex chloeI am going to a kickback tonight since there are no parties. I can’t wait to get my hands on some party favors. As I arrive at the destination I am greeted by a hot busty babe and several hot guys. I guess I came a little early and people were still arriving, but since I am here the get together will be more like a wild party. I decide to take off all my clothes except for my undies and bra. I go ahead and straddle the girl next to me as I begin to kiss her and undress her. Her tits are so huge I can’t help but suck them and bite them all over. I move down to her panties when I then begin to tongue her pussy and clit she is so wet she is squirting. She taste so yummy! I look up because I can feel hard cocks around me awaiting their turn. I turn up the music that is playing and dance over to a a cute guy and give him a taste of the busty girls pussy from my tongue. The party is just begging, you need to cum!

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