A Fathers day treat

Incest phone sex

Dad and I have always been close,  I took him to brunch today for Father day, while my boyfriend went fishing. My daddy is the greatest daddy ever! We ate and then I took him to play golf. It’s been so long since I played a game with him. I wore my white skirt and hot pink players shirt. My dad looked really nice to, his butt cuffed his pants so tight and so well. I thought to myself oh my god why am I looking at daddy that way.. But, Oh well I can’t help how good looking he is. After the game, he slapped my ass saying good game, he whooped my ass of course. I brought him back to my house so we could spend a little bit more time together, I put on TV, with some evening diner. He helped me cut up peppers and onions and he then cuffed my side and I turned to him looked him deep in his eyes and said “NO” we cant.. Mom would.. be. and he started kissing on my neck before I could finish my sentence,  he picked me up and bought me to my bed. Mom would be so upset I said with force. He said I don’t care I have been craving your body since you were in diapers. He picked me up threw me against my head bored and pounded my pussy and ass hole. I couldn’t help but love daddy’s cock. I got a a fathers day treat, Penetration in all my holes. I am officially daddy’s favorite dirty little girl.

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