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hot ass sexwet bald pussyHot ass sex wasn’t in the plans for girls night. Then again the best times happen to be those that are spontaneous. After some time having fun and chit chatting we decided to order some food. We agreed on some Pizza and wine. There was a whole schpeel on how they guaranteed a 30 minute or less delivery.

We went on about gossiping and catching up that we didn’t realize over an hour passed on. Then it was a second hour. We were angry at this point. We waited a bit. Lone and behold the delivery boy showed up. We gave him some hell and teased him. We could tell he was nervous and worried. Great minds think alike, and we were all in synch. We were famished, and we wanted meat. We played around with him and had him begging to be taunted by us.

This young fucker enjoyed our attention. We were rubbing on the delivery boys cock together. I wanted a taste of that cum. I licked the tip and tasted all his pre-jizz. I smeared it right on my lips like lipgloss and worked my way to his balls. We passed him around like a hot potato. Not even his wildest dreams he would think this would happen. I was more than happy to have him explore my wet bald pussy. Girls night at home was quite satisfying after all.


We got our answer as to where he was the before making it to us. Our delivery boy was getting some pot and lost track of time — rookie mistake. After all of our fun, he left knowing he got the best tip ever.



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