2 Girls and a Married Man

2 Girl Phone Sex

It’s as cold as a polar bears ass when I pull into work. I run in and use the handwarmer to warm up and I see my friend changing her panties. She said she just had a married guy finger her and he is gorgeous. I ask her who and she tells me about you and I come up with a plan.

We both enter your office with coffee and smile and flirt. You look at her to me and I can see the questions in your face. I tell you if you want to keep the boss and your wife out of this then I want to play too. We lock the door behind us as you tell us we can’t do this here. So, I slip off my dress and you cannot deny your cock at the sight of my huge tits. I pull her close and start making out with her as I undress her. My fingers find her pussy hot.

I have always wanted her and you. But since I know you play I get to have both. I lay her back and start licking her clit as you stroke your big hard cock. I motion for you to join and I stop licking her long enough for you to shove that cock in my mouth and I slide two fingers into her sloppy wet cunt. I am now getting face fucked as I finger her harder and harder.  Soon we are both on our knees sucking your cock and you are sliding between my huge breast as she sucks the head.  When you explode my tits are covered with sweet warm cum. You hand me some paper towels and we get dressed and leave you stunned, happy and knowing you have two office sluts at your beckoning.

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